Use This Wisely: Every God Of War Reaction Gif Sony Santa Monica Has Made

2018’s God Of War was an absolute masterpiece of a video game. Rebooting the classic action game franchise, and not only maintaining the series’ history, but also creating a well acted and well written story. This was also combined with updating the combat to feel more impactful, and sculpting a beautiful world full of things to discover. There’s a reason why it won so many awards, and has cemented itself as one of Sony’s best games.

Also, it created some really good gifs.

Sony Santa Monica has been hard at work, not only at making games, but also taking the characters from their world of Norse mythology and making them do things. Funny things. Like act out scenes from Anchorman:

In a post made on the PS4 subreddit, user Falconbox revealed an Imgur album he compiled of every God Of War gif made so far. To say it’s a treasure trove of hilarious images is an understatement.

The gifs include several pop culture homages that strangely seem to fit the gruff characters of God Of War more accurately than you’d think. Some of these have already been made widely available, such as Atreus’ positive reaction to a computer:

Meanwhile, in the eyes of Sony Santa Monica, Kratos seems to share some character traits with Park & Recreation’s Ron Swanson. There are two separate gifs that have the dad of war acting out familiar scenes from the show. This is actually kind of amusing and coincidental, since the actress for Freya, Danielle Bisutti, actually appeared on Parks & Rec as a love interest for Swanson.

But there are also some newly discovered gems that have only recently been released for public consumption. These include Freya giving herself a Liz Lemon-esque self high five.

And Loki tapping into his inner Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

There are others that are definitely worth checking out. This album is a true gift that we’ve been given, a gift of gifs you could (and should) even say. Just remember that these heavenly gifs are not to be used for evil, but for the greater good and betterment of all mankind. Use them carefully friends.

There’s no official word on what Sony Santa Monica’s next game will be as of yet. However, considering God Of War’s massive success, and the grand ideas that the game’s developers have, it does seem like another God Of War will be on the way eventually. Although likely not for quite some time. Hopefully when it releases on the PS4 or the rumored PlayStation 5, the subsequent gifs will be even more mind blowing.

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