10 Most Useful Planet Coaster Cheats

Planet Coaster is a game that seems to have bottled a feeling of pure joy and made a game from it. There's an infectious level of happiness that seems to radiate from it, coming from the soundtrack, the atmosphere, the guests, the rides, and so on.

But, have you ever looked at your park and wanted just a little bit more control over it? Has there ever been a rollercoaster that is awesome looking but doesn't quite work? Have you ever wanted to drive one of your Go-Karts? That, and a lot more, are options using some of the cheat codes in Planet Coaster. Here's a guide to every cheat code in the game:

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I'm sure all of us, at some point, have looked down at a Go-Kart track in Planet Coaster and had a strong desire to jump in on some of that action oursaelves. Well, just rename the Go-Kart track “BOLLARD”, and go for a drive whenever you want by going into the first-person ride camera! The kart is controllable you W A S D, with SHIFT activating your horn.

I mean, you'll definitely have an unfair advantage over the other guests considering you designed the course, but they don't need to know that, do they?


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If you've got a favorite guest making their way through your Go-Kart course, you could always give them the advantage. Rename the guest in question to “ANDY CHAPPELL” before they climb into their kart, and they'll have a noticeable increase in speed as compared to their counterparts. Create your own high-speed race by giving all the drivers that bonus, if you'd like! Just know that, no matter what happens, Andy Chappell is going to win. (And lose, you get the joke)


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Think the criminal pursuit chases are a little too subdued in the game? Spice things up a little bit with the “LOCKETTMAN” cheat! This turns on physics for these chase encounters, enabling guests to go absolutely flying when they come in contact with the security guard. Just rename a security guard “LOCKETTMAN” and wait for someone to inevitably break the law.


via: planetcoaster.com

Or, if you don't necessarily want to wait for someone to break the law to see the LOCKETTMAN cheat in action, you could go ahead and push your park a little bit over the edge. This cheat increases the spawn rate of miscreants in your park by, like, a lot. You'll want to make sure you have plenty of security guards around before you activate this cheat, but once you do, you'll get to see some awesome Benny Hill-style chases all throughout your park. Simply rename a staff member “DAVID GETLEY” and get ready for the mayhem to start.


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Your coaster is almost there. But it's just not quite extreme enough. The good news is, this is a solvable problem. Enabling this cheat lowers the coaster friction a little bit, allowing your coasters to reach some higher speeds, and probably make some guests that much sicker in the process.

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Don't worry, if you're catering to the “young adult” demographic in the game, they love the more extreme coasters, so this is actually kind of useful depending on how you're advertising your park. Just rename a guest “JAMES TAYLOR” to activate.


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Okay, now it's getting out of hand. Less friction is one thing, but no friction? Get ready for some truly crazy rides. Renaming a guest “ANDY FLETCHER” removes coaster friction entirely, meaning you probably won't really have to worry about whether or not your ride is viable at all; it's likely just going to work. There are some serious possibilities for absolutely bonkers rides being made with this cheat enabled.


via: forums.planetcoaster.com

While I can see the appeal of the previous cheats, this is one that I'm not sure that I understand, unless you're making a funny video. The MCLINTHE cheat makes every guest in your park start vomiting on the spot. You'll want to make sure you have a veritable army of janitors around and ready to get to work because the park is going to be a complete mess after a few seconds. To activate this cheat, just rename a shop “MCLINTHE” and watch the magic happen.


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Just want to take a stroll around the park from a guest's perspective, but be in control the whole time? You totally can! Activating the TEGIDCAM cheat does just this, enabling you to wander around your park at your own pace, looking at whatever you'd like to see, riding whatever you'd like to ride, and so on!

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In my opinion, this cheat is absolutely awesome; I can spend hours just walking around the park I made having a good time hanging out in it. Just rename a guest or staff member “TEGIDCAM” and take a tour!


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Looking for a little bit of an extra challenge? The STEVE WILKINS cheat increases the likelihood of a ride breaking down, meaning you'll need to have more than a handful of mechanics around to keep up on the place. This cheat isn't going to immediately reduce all of your rides to useless piles of scrap metal, but you will definitely notice an increase over time. Just rename a staff member to “STEVE WILKINS”, and ensure you're prepared to have some unhappy guests.


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If you're on the complete other side of the fence, you might prefer to not have to worry about your rides breaking down at all. You'd like to run a nice park where you don't necessarily need to micromanage everything; you just want to build some cool rides and not really have to worry about them very much afterward. That's totally cool! That's what's great about Planet Coaster; there's really no wrong way to play it, just do what makes you happy. If this does sound like you, then you can rename a ride to “FRONTIER” which disables any ride from being broken down at all!

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