No No No No No - Steam Now Lets You See How Much Money You've Spent On It

Valve's Steam app will now let users discover how much they've spent on games through the app over the years.

Look out, Steam users. The service has got some new functionality, and you’re probably not going to like it. Have you ever wanted to keep tabs on how much you’ve spent on Steam? Of course you haven’t, but now you can.

Now, there are some things that we don’t need to know. Things that we should never know. How are those hotdogs made? How do airplanes fly? How is I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter so buttery, yet not butter? How can children refuse their dinner, only to complain that they’re hungry as soon as you’ve taken the plate away? You just don’t question these things.

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Another big one would be, how dang much have I spent in total on Steam? You don’t want to go there, or anywhere near there. Everyone who uses the service will be familiar with those oh-so-tempting Steam sales, which lure us into buying games we’ll probably play at some point or other. We rarely do, but they’re just so cheap.

The trouble with this mentality is that it all adds up. Over a few years, all this pocket change –plus the actual full price titles you’re buying in between, of course—can mean substantial spending. How much, exactly? There’s an option to check on that now.

Via: IGN

As Redditors have discovered to their peril, you can now log into Steam and check exactly how much you’ve spent on the service to date in your account options. You can see it by hopping into Help > Support > My Account > Data > External Funds Used. Three totals will appear, IGN reports: OldSpend, TotalSpend and PWSpend. The first refers only to money spent on Steam before April 17 2015, Reddit reports, while the second is your lifetime total.

What’s so special about April 17 2015? Nobody’s entirely sure, but it seems that this was the date that Steam implemented their accounts-restricted-unless-you-spend-a-little policy. PW? That refers to Perfect World Entertainment, a Chinese developer partnered with Steam.

Never mind persnickety details, though. The important thing is, this functionality is here, it’s now, and you do not want to use it. Try and resist the temptation. No good can come of it.

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