Valve Must Now Approve Submissions To Steam Workshop (But Not For Every Game)

After a bit of confusion among the Steam Workshop community for various games, Valve has stated that Workshop items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2 will now require approval from Valve moderators before going live.

The change came as a result of numerous individuals who exploited the old system, scamming players by promising that they would receive “free skins” or other cosmetic items if they subscribed to various Workshop items. For the unfamiliar, these cosmetic items can range in value from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Although these games will now require approval, modders who have a sufficient number of voters or subscribers will be exempt from moderation, as the intent is to prevent scamming, and being a known part of the community already accomplishes that.

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The submission requirements for those games is now based on a simple, two-step moderation process. First, a new item must be verified by email to ensure that the correct user is making the submission. After that, new submissions will go into a moderation queue for individual approval by Valve.

Updating existing items will have a similar process, but users will still have access to old items while new ones are officially approved.

While this may irk some of those within the modding community, the move is far narrower in scope than was initially thought. At first, there was no formal announcement of any change and it appeared that the change was being made to all games. This would have affected all 197 games according to the most recent count of active titles with Workshops.

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Although this may bother some gamers, it is in line with how Valve tends to handle matter relating to security and scams.

This change comes hot on the heels of another recent update aimed at developers. Until recently, developers were able to change the upcoming release date of a title as often as they liked. However, this led to some abusing the feature to constantly appear on the list of Popular Upcoming Releases.

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Similar to how mods will now require verification, developers will need to submit a request directly to Valve with an explanation regarding the change, all in an effort to avoid exploiting the old system and misleading consumers.

Both efforts are likely to enhance the consumer experience in the long-run, as dishonest tactics are weeded out. This may be a part of Valve’s ongoing plan to make its platform better, or it may be a direct result of needing to remain competitive with the rise of the Epic Games Store. Either way, consumers come out on top.

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