Vampyr Getting Big Updates Soon, Including New Easier And Harder Difficulty Modes

Later this summer, Vampyr will be getting a big update, including performance boosts and new difficulty modes.

So, it’s safe to say that Vampyr didn’t set the gaming world alight when it arrived last month. Not to worry, though. In this glorious age of post-launch patch shenanigans, developers don’t need to get things right the first time around. Let’s take a look at the extensive updates coming to the game.

Vampyr is an action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment. It’s set in a fictionalised, distinctly Bloodborne-looking take on London, centering around the actions of Jonathan Reid. The protagonist is a doctor, who was inadvertently transformed in to a vampire. In this semi-open world, the player must choose how best to approach the NPCs, which are crucial to everything they do.

Are they a mere food source for levelling up? Do you surrender to your beastly instincts and devour them all, or try to maintain your humanity as a doctor? These sorts of moral choices are at the heart of how you approach the game, and they’re intrinsic parts of the experience.

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Now that we’re all up to speed, the first thing players are going to want to know is whether their gripes with the title have been heard, are being addressed. After all, despite the fantastic premise (and it’s an interesting take on the genre for sure), there are certainly those who feel that the game fell a little short of the pre-release hype.

Game Revolution, for instance, derided the performance issues and the low impact of the choice system, criticisms that many who picked up Vampyr have echoed. If you’re one of these players, fear not, because Dontnod have some patches in store.

As Destructoid reports, ‘optimisation tweaks’ are going to be implemented soon. Vampyr is a game that has struggled even on high-end PCs, so this is certainly encouraging.

Along with that, two distinct new modes are being added. One of these, story mode, will emphasise the narrative of Vampyr, while the other, hard mode, will dramatically increase the challenge of combat. Not only that, but the experience you receive will be reduced. As a result, players will have to prioritise taking some of that sweet, sweet blood from NPCs.

Granted, these aren’t the most dramatic of changes, but it’s heartening to see that the team are taking notice and making changes. This is a super creative game, at its core, and its potential warrants a little TLC.

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