The Vancouver Canucks Ban Fortnite From NHL Road Trips

The Vancouver Canucks are banning players from playing Fortnite and other games during season road trips so that the team can spend time together.

Add another story to the pile, it looks like another sports team is calling Fortnite out for being a distraction. This time it's the NHL's Vancouver Canucks who don't want their players squadding up or dropping in while they're on the road to their next game.

The proclamation came from the team's very own alternate captain Bo Horvat, who said in an interview that he thinks playing Fortnite instead of experiencing all the cities the team travels to is "a waste of your time."

“No more Fortnite," he said. "No more bringing your video games or anything like that. It’s strictly team meals, team dinners and hanging out with the guys.”

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To be fair, CTV points out that the Canucks aren't even just targeting Fortnite. The idea is to have the players stay away from gaming in general so that they can spend more time hanging out as a team, fostering bonds that will help them when it's time to hit the ice.

The official statement from the Canucks is that the ban's purpose is “to encourage being a social, close-knit group on the road.” The organization even insists that the ban was the players' idea.

While that seems to tie up the story in a nice little bow for the Canucks, one can't help wonder if the ban really was imposed at the behest of the players. As I alluded to earlier, there's been no shortage of stories that cast Fortnite as a detrimental phenomenon.

The game has already been called as addictive as a drug. It's also been cited in more than 200 divorce cases this year alone. And let's not forget the several times schools have outright said that Fortnite is distracting students.

This isn't even the first time Fortnite has been a problem for sports. Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price missed some crucial games after he developed mild carpal tunnel syndrome. While Fortnite was never confirmed to be the cause, Price did admit he played the game a lot and promised to cut back.

There is one person who found humor in the situation: Winnipeg Jets forward Patrik Laine. A Fortnite fan himself, Laine was asked what he thought of the Canucks' ban.

"I think they just needed something to blame after last year," he said, joking at the expense of the Canucks' unfortunate 2017-18 season.

Talk about ice cold.

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