Vancouver Titans Release Bumper Following Fissure Signing

Bumper was released by the Vancouver Titans following their signing of Fissure at main tank.

The Vancouver Titans said goodbye to a player that was the face of the team in the 2019 season - Sang-beom "Bumper" Park. They had recently announced the signing of Chan-hyung "Fissure" Baek who also plays main tank so it was unclear if the Titans were going to part ways with Bumper or keep both players to decide who will be the starting heading into 2020. Unfortunately, the former won out.

Bumper was a larger than life personality for the Vancouver Titans. His extremely aggressive play style bordered on lunacy at some points, but the Titans were able to support him no matter how much he tried to feed. This helped set the tone for Vancouver as they were arguably the most aggressive team in the league who would attempt to assert their dominance on any team they faced.

His aggressive play was only matched by his ability to trash-talk opponents. The Titans were able to back up everything he said, though, as they held a league record 19-win streak and finished with the best record in the league at 25-3. Unfortunately, the Titans fell short in the Grand Finals against the San Francisco Shock, marking an end to their incredible 2019 season as an expansion team.

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The Vancouver Titans largely enjoyed success due to their spot-on team chemistry. Of course, they had some of the best players in the 2019 season, but they were able to thrive off working together. This was a main factor in Bumper's success. The team came into the Overwatch League after playing together in Apex and Contenders as part of RunAway where they found a lot of success.

It will be weird not seeing Bumper play with many of his teammates from over the years. It is unclear at the moment where he will end up in the 2020 season. One of the reasons he was able to be so successful was because he was supported by some of the best players in the league. Bumper might not find the same success with another team. All that being said, it's an end of an era for RunAway turned Vancouver and it will be interesting to see how the next season plays out because of it.

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