Epic Engineer Confirms That All Vehicles Could Be Tweaked Ahead Of Fortnite World Cup

An engineer who works for Epic has confirmed the rumors that tweaks may be made to Fortnite's vehicles ahead of this summer's World Cup.

It feels as if things are either really good for the Fortnite world right now or really bad, and there is no real middle ground. On the bright side, the game's first ever World Cup is set to take place this summer, and qualifying has officially begun. On the downside, Epic is being flogged for its changes by those who matter most, and more than ever before.

The changes that have come under fire the most were the ones ushered in via Fortnite's controversial v8.20 update. Not only did it remove the bump in health and shield players received for eliminating an opponent, but it also rolled back the 40% bonus when harvesting materials. All of this after the promise from Epic that no big changes would be made ahead of major tournaments.

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As if professional Fortnite players weren't already riled up enough, an Epic engineer has now confirmed that work is being done on all of the game's vehicles. Following rumors that Fortnite's modes of transport would be tweaked ahead of the World Cup, the engineer took to Reddit to outline exactly what is going on.

"We're working on harmonizing controller input for vehicles so e.g. exit is the same button for all vehicles," they wrote. The comment also included information about Creative Mode content creators helping Epic out with testing the vehicles and potential changes to see what exactly works best. They did sign off by effectively saying depending on the results of the tests, things could well remain as they are.

With its biggest event to date looming, and technically already underway if you include the qualifiers, the last thing Epic wants to do right now is annoy players even more. There are more and more battle royale alternatives out there and if Epic isn't careful, there could be a new game sitting atop that pile by this time next year. A lot of Fortnite's future success will hinge on how well the World Cup goes, and how Epic decides to respond to all this criticism.

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