Venom: The 15 Weakest Symbiotes (And The 15 Strongest)

Now that the new Venom movie starring Tom Hardy is out fans have a good idea what to expect from Sony’s own and new Marvel universe. Even though most critics have been quite harsh on the film so far fans have been a bit more enthusiastic about it and most have expressed interest in seeing a sequel and the planned Morbius film starring Jared Leto that will be based in the same timeline.

Even before Sam Raimi used his own interpretation of the Venom character in Spider-Man 3 the Symbiote is one of the most recognizable and villains and anti-heroes in the Spider-Man universe. However, the Eddie Brock version of Venom isn’t the only Symbiote character that comic book fans have become acquainted with over the years. As it turns out, the Symbiote backstory goes back several billion years before the black ooze first bonded with Spider-Man.

Whether we’re talking about the origins of the Symbiote also known as the Klyntar or the many spawns and clones of Venom the parasitic substance’s many forms have produced some of the most powerful entities in the Marvel universe. It can be agreed that Venom is the most famous of the Symbiotes but how does he rank against the others in terms of power?

30 Weakest: Spider-Carnage

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Spider-Carnage was the name given to the Symbiote after it attached itself to the Scarlet Spider who is also known as Ben Reilly the close of the Peter Parker. Reilly was forced into bonding with the Carnage Symbiote after it escaped from Ravencroft to stop it from harming anyone else.

When combined with the Scarlet Spider’s power Spider-Carnage was a powerful version of the Carnage Symbiote. However, Reilly’s will was too powerful for the alien life form to take over and he managed to control it until he nearly ended it with a microwave blast.

29 Strongest: Lasher

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Fans of the comics didn’t spend much time reading about Lasher but as one of the children of Venom and the result of a Life Foundation experiment, Lasher was significantly strong. Appearing the six-part comic book series called Venom: Lethal Protector it took both Venom and Spider-Man to defeat it.

Unfortunately, Ramon Hernandez the mercenary whom Lasher took on as a host wasn’t strong enough to control it and was easily defeated by one of the other Life Foundation experiments.

28 Weakest: Venompool

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Venompool’s addition to the weakest list may surprise some but considering it was totally unsuccessful in overcoming Deadpool it can only be considered one of the weakest versions of Venom.

However, Venompool was strong enough to devour and beat the extraterrestrial bounty hunters known as Killer Thrill, Coldwar and Guzz. The symbiote wasn’t powerful enough to control Wade Wilson during a battle with Spider-Man and was rejected before it moved on to Eddie Brock.

27 Strongest: Agony

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Another child of Venom and a Life Foundation experiment Agony attached itself to the mercenary Leslie Gesneria. A distinctive purple in color it was similar in strength and speed to its parent Venom.

It had distinct absorbing abilities and could regurgitate almost all projectiles fired at it in the form of acid. In addition, after being freed its control by Silk Gesneria maintained all of Agony’s strengths and eventually joined the Spider-Men under the guidance of S.H.E.I.L.D.

26 Weakest: Dr. Conrad Marcus

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Before becoming the host to another gigantic version Venom Dr. Conrad Marcus was a scientist that worked for the Roxxon Corporation on Earth-1610. This version of Venom was also a nemesis to the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man.

Even though this version is certainly bigger and stronger than Spider-Man on a physical level the symbiote on Marcus was mentally weak and easily defeated by Morales from the inside with Venom blasts after devouring him in battle. In addition, the scientist didn’t survive after he was separated from the symbiote.

25 Strongest: Phage

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Another result of the Life Foundation experiments Phage bonded with the mercenary Carl Mach in order to become a super soldier along with five others. It later gained the ability to manifest razor sharp blades that can cut through anything. In addition, it is immune to Spider-Man’s Spider-sense, has accelerated healing factor, and constituent-matter generation.

Phage had similar attributes to its parent Venom but it became stronger after being allowed to bond with Deadpool. As a result of the bonding, the two were strong enough to defeat Carnage in battle

24 Weakest: Maniac

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Before taking on the name Maniac, Lee Price was a young man that took the Venom symbiote after ambushing Maniac and taking the power for himself. Unfortunately, Maniac never evolved any further than just being another B-grade Spider-Man villain with similar powers to the original Venom.

In addition, he was easily defeated by Spider-Man and Anti-Venom despite having control over other supervillains and superheroes at the same time which included Black Cat and her gang. Price does, however, have incredible willpower and is strong enough to suppress the Symbiote so there’s potential for the character to gain more significance in the future.

23 Strongest: Riot

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In the comics, Riot was bonded with a mercenary known as Trevor Cole with the intention of making a team of super soldiers. It was initially considered one of the weaker spawns of Venom but it’s physically faster and stronger than its siblings.

In addition, Riot is the main villain in the motion picture Venom starring Tom Hardy in Sony’s Marvel movie universe. Except in the film version the Riot Symbiote bonds with Carlton Drake the founder of the Life Foundation.

22 Weakest: Raze

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Raze is quite a unique Carnage Symbiote because it was bonded to former FBI agent Claire Dixon through magic called Darkhold. The Darkhold dates as far back as the adventures of Conan and Kull the Conqueror when they did battle with the Darkholders.

However, despite this interesting connection to Marvel’s Conan comics Raze wasn’t around for long and was easily defeated when a failed Darkhold ritual performed by Carnage was unsuccessful in making Jubulile one of his minions. She instead became a Darkhold enhanced Symbiote and absorbed Raze making herself stronger in the process.

21 Strongest: Scream

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Scream is very likely to be the most powerful member of the Life Foundation mercenaries that bonded with the spawn of Venom. The host Donna Diego like the others was a mercenary but she was far less stable and this quickly manifested itself ten-fold in the Scream Symbiote.

Turning on the other Venom spawned Symbiotes she absorbed all four becoming more dangerous and powerful in the process. She was eventually taken down by Spider-Man and the Eddie Brock Venom.

20 Weakest: Tarna’s Symbiote

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Tarna is Symbiote wearing Skrull and a member of the Agents of Cosmos and works together with another Symbiote user called Myntril. Tarna’s Symbiote was likely born on the planet Kylntar also known as the Planet of the Symbiotes.

Tarna was reluctantly put in charge of Flash-Venom’s training to become a member of the Agents of Cosmos but her Symbiote viewed Venom as an abomination. Sensing the animosity Venom went berserk and nearly destroyed Tarna’s Symbiote with relative ease.

19 Strongest: Hybrid

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The Hybrid Symbiote was considered the strongest of the Venom-spawn created at the Life Foundation. It was created after the Symbiote Scream destroyed the other four Life Foundation creations Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

The remaining four merged into one to become the Hybrid and bonded with a prison guard called Scott Washington. Unfortunately, despite the combined strength the four Symbiotes consciousness struggled to work together as one.

18 Weakest: Dr. Karlin Malus

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Another Symbiote hybrid that has emerged in the comics happened after Dr. Karlin Malus attempted to call himself the Superior Carnage after bonding with the Carnage Symbiote. It wasn’t before Carnage turned on him and attempted to devour Malus.

Instead of succumbing to Carnage’s feeding the doctor survived and reemerged as a human-Symbiote hybrid. However, despite his superhuman abilities, Malus would never be as powerful as Carnage or Venom or their offspring.

17 Strongest: Venom

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While Eddie Brock’s Venom may not be the strongest here, he is recognizable and the most resilient Symbiote compared to many others. Even though he started out as a pure villain, Brock’s Venom showed many heroic traits.

As an anti-hero, he has opted to do the right thing on many occasions even stopping mid-battle with Spider-Man to save civilians that have been caught the crossfire.

In addition, Venom has come out on top as the victor in many battles with Symbiotes like Carnage, Hybrid, and Scream all of which are arguably more powerful than he is.

16 Weakest: Mac Gargan

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Mac Gargan is one of Spider-Man’s oldest and most familiar enemies and unsurprisingly he showed up as a boss in the recent Spider-Man game on the PlayStation 4. His most powerful iteration though is as the new Venom.

Gargan became a host to the Venom Symbiote after Eddie Brock passed away from cancer and rejected Don Fortunato’s son Angelo. This version of Venom is very strong and dangerous. Unfortunately, Gargan’s low intelligence prevents it from being the same threat level as the original.

15 Strongest: Mania

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Mania is another Symbiote and resulted offspring of Venom who is also known as “the daughter of Venom”. It’s the same Symbiote that Patricia Robinson as a host to become the She-Venom before moving on to Andrea Benton.

However, what makes Mania stand out from the rest and even Venom and indeed the She-Venom is Mania carried the Hell-Mark granted her demonic powers and some control over demons. Lee Price would eventually become the new host known as Maniac but didn’t inherit the Hell-Mark powers.

14 Weakest: Sleeper (Tel Kar)

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The Sleeper Symbiote is one of the youngest spawns of Venom and unfortunately suffered a difficult birth. It originally bonded with Scorpion but was eventually taken captive by a Kree soldier known as Tel Kar after forcing it to bond with him.

Despite Sleeper having unique powers it was far weaker than other Symbiotes and was never at full strength under the use of Tel-Kar because it wasn’t a true bonding. In addition, Sleeper lobotomized the Kree soldier in revenge for eliminating the Venom Symbiote.

13 Strongest: Space Knight-Venom

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When Flash Thompson bonded with the Venom Symbiote the two formed a relationship that was unlike all the others before it. Where the other hosts like Eddie Brock either struggled to maintain control over or completely succumbed to Venom Flash was different.

After becoming a host to Venom Flash found himself joining the Guardians of the Galaxy who helped cure Venom’s evil bloodlust. After this, Flash-Venom became a cosmic superhero called the Space Knight.

12 Weakest: She-Venom

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There have been several versions of the She-Venom, but the first Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying. She became a host to the Venom Symbiote after Anne was attacked with several others outside a courthouse by the Sin-Eater copycat Michael G.Engelschwert. Venom bonded with her temporarily to save her life.

She-Venom was unsuccessful in apprehending Sin Eater but put pay to several thugs instead. Anne’s time with Symbiote was short and her violent actions as a host left her too traumatized to carry on.

11 Strongest: Carnage

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Even though isn’t the number one in terms of pure power Carnage is one of the most dangerous Symbiotes in the Marvel universe. Carnage was created when Eddie Brock escaped from a prison cell that he shared with the murderous Cletus Kassidy leaving behind a piece of the Venom Symbiote.

It bonded with Kassidy and as a result became even more dangerous than Venom because of his unrelenting need for destruction was only enhanced by the Symbiote.

10 Weakest: Spider-Man

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The first time we saw the Symbiote bond with anyone was it did with the Spider-Man providing him with what many consider to be his best-looking suit. It was a great storyline in the comics and the 90s Spider-Man cartoons that showed a new Peter Parker literally struggling with his inner demons.

However, through their short-lived relationship, the Symbiote was no wear near at its full potential and never fully bonded with Spider-Man even though it enhanced his super abilities. It was only after it joined with Eddie Brock after being rejected by Peter Parker that we saw what the alien substance was capable of.

9 Strongest: Scorn

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Scorn was an accidental spawn-Symbiote of Carnage that attached itself to Tanis Nieves a psychiatrist with a prosthetic arm. Nieves bonded with a spawn of Carnage after unknowingly carrying it in her arm.

As a result, the Scorn Symbiote became a techno-hybrid because of its development in the robotic arm. In addition to Scorn being able to match Carnage in strength and fury, she had the added ability to be able to fuse itself to various types of technology.

8 Weakest: Carla Unger

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Carla Unger worked as a researcher at the Morse Laboratories working on a sample of the Carnage Symbiote after it was captured by Superior Spider-Man. The sample reacted to Carla’s angry reaction to a phone call from her abusive husband and took her as a host.

Unfortunately for Carla, she was nothing more than a means to an end for Carnage as he devoured her from the inside out until the Symbiote was returned to Cletus Kasady Carnage’s favorite host.

7 Strongest: Zzxz

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ZZxz is one of the most dangerous Symbiotes in the Marvel universe. It is also from the planet Klyntar and unlike other members of its race because it feeds on brains instead of its host's adrenalin and emotions – although Venom has shown a tendency to do this too.

Corrupted and predatory, it was classified as one of the most dangerous entities the Sh’ar Empire had ever encountered. The empire managed to separate Zzxz from its host and used it to destroy an alternate universe Professor Xavier who had mutated into a giant brain monster.

6 Weakest Patricia Roberston

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Patricia Robertson was part of a 2003 Venom comic book series and became the second She-Venom. She was a communications specialist in the US Army and was stationed in a Canadian radar station near the Arctic Circle.

Robertson was on a routine patrol to the nearby Ararat Corporation laboratory when she discovered that the scientists there had been wiped out by a Venom clone. The clone overcame Robertson but with the help of Nick Fury’s cybernetic collar, she briefly maintained self-control. However, she was easily manipulated and lost the cloned Symbiote in a battle with Eddie Brock who merged with the clone becoming even more powerful.

5 Strongest: Toxin

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Toxin is a Symbiote spawned from Carnage and is the 1000th Symbiote in the Klyntar lineage. It was young and bonded with the police officer Pat Mulligan and showed the ability to fight as a hero instead of a villain.

Toxin has the same powers and abilities as Venom and Carnage but is stronger than both combined. In addition, he has a toxic bite, limitless healing abilities, can double in size and is immune to Spider-Man’s webs and Spider-sense.

4 Weakest: Angelo Fortunato

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After becoming a born-again Christian Eddie Brock decided to sell the Venom Symbiote to the highest bidder for charity.

Unfortunately, the highest bidder was the mob boss Don Fortunato. He purchased the Symbiote for his son Angelo.

Angelo attacked Peter Parker’s school to initiate a battle with Spider-Man but was easily defeated because of his own cowardice. Venom was disgusted with how weak his new host was and abandoned him mid-air as he tried to escape Spider-Man falling to his doom.

3 Strongest: Anti-Venom


The Anti-Venom Symbiote was created when Eddie Brock’s illness was cured by a negative charge given to him by the supervillain Mr. Negative. His powers reacted to the remnants of the Venom Symbiote left behind after Venom debonded with him and created a new and powerful hybrid.

The Anti-Venom Symbiote is physically as strong and as fast the original Venom but its unique cleansing powers make it caustic to other Symbiotes. In addition, it is resistant to sonic-based attacks as well as fire and heat. It may not be as strong as Toxin but the Anti-Venom is capable of destroying all Symbiotes.

2 Weakest: Venom (Earth-50101)

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The Earth-50101 version of Spider-Man is based in India and instead of Peter Parker, the hero is Paviltr Prabhakar.

In this reality, the Symbiotes are black demonic entities that were summoned by a cult known as the Neo-Alvers.

They summoned them through the use of an ancient amulet which is also the source of their power. While this version of the Symbiote is equal in strength and other abilities to the original Venom they were easily defeated when Spider-Man and May Reilly destroyed the amulet.

1 Strongest: Knull

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In the new Venom comic series, it was revealed that the Klyntar were created by a deity that existed before the Celestials created the universe. As retaliation for bringing light into the darkness where it dwelled Knull destroyed one of the Celestials using a living sword called the All-Black that was created from his shadow.

In addition, Knull created an army of Symbiotes to conquer civilizations throughout the universe. Being a literal god of darkness, the ability to destroy Celestials and immortality Knull is easily the most powerful entry on this list.

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