Vermintide 2 Devs Working To Smooth Difficulty Spikes In Mid-April Update

The developers for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 are working to fix some of the more “extreme" spikes in difficulty caused by the random spawning AI.

Most people who have tried it have good things to say about Warhammer: Vermintide 2, but they all agree that at times the difficulty can become just a bit much. That mostly has to do with the way enemies spawn, which is never in the same spot twice and mostly random.

And while this means the gameplay is still fresh and exciting even after being on the same map dozens of times, it can also make things really hard when the random number generators all conspire against the player simultaneously.

A common strike against Vermintide 2 is how often the game seems to take all agency from the player and present them with a no-win scenario. That might be in keeping with Warhammer’s apocalyptic scenario, but it’s not very fun.

Developers Fatshark have heard the criticisms and are working on a solution. Speaking to PC Gamer, CEO Martin Wahlund says the team is working to smooth out the “extreme spikes" in difficulty.

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"We have already deployed tweaks in our first patches to make the game a bit easier on recruit," says Wahlund. "The first goal has been to remove the extreme spikes. We have for example adjusted the minibosses that was a bit too tough for new players.


"We have also reduced the amount of elite enemies in each pack on recruit but we will of course continue to monitor and do adjustments. Watching streams of new players playing the game has been a very helpful tool for us to understand what has been the largest obstacles for new players."

On top of improving the core gameplay, Wahlund also revealed that Vermintide 2 will get on Steam Workshop later in April.

"We've been working together with Vermintide 1 modders for the last six months to be able to build a system that both caters to the concerns our unmodded users have had with mods and offers our existing modding community more power to change more things," said Wahlund. "For instance, during the winter we have enabled Vermintide 1 modders to start altering and adding things like textures, character models and not only code.

"All this will carry over to Vermintide 2 with the previously mentioned ability to separate the modded realm from the standard realm that our unmodded users have requested."

Hot. Can’t wait for the Skaven to be replaced by Thomas the Tank Engine models.


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