25 Very Cool (And Fun) Things In Fallout That Go The Distance

Gear up with your Geiger counter, because it's time to head back once more into the wasteland.

That's right, today's all about Fallout. The vast video game franchise explores an alternate reality where the most powerful nations in the world engaged in a nuclear war, destroying most of humanity and leaving those that survived a hellish landscape filled with mutated people, animals, and otherworldly beings. Throughout the series you have been given the opportunity to explore several areas of the United States after a nuclear war. From the Mojave Desert to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and even the capital wasteland of Washington D.C., these areas of the country have been ravaged by radiation and are filled with untold danger. While you are more likely than not going to be put into the shoes of a hero, set to save the wasteland from new threats, the game franchise is built upon the ability to choose.

You can choose how you play this game. From what your character looks like to the kind of morality they follow and whether they are going to help or hinder the survival of the human race. In this article, we are looking at the truly heinous acts you can partake in. Things like the eating of some unsavory meat or consumption of illegal substances. That's just the tip of the iceberg in this larger than life world of monsters and radiation, so get ready as we explore the twenty-five most shameless things you can do in Fallout.

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25 Eviction Notice

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

One of the big moments in Fallout 3 is when you are forced to leave the vault you called home for years. It's a bittersweet moment, as you've just discovered your father has left the vault and you are desperate to find him and learn what has happened to him, and yet your being told you can't return to the home you've known your whole life. People you considered friends or family are now hunting you down. It's an intense time. Later in the game, you get a distress call from the vault and are asked to help stop a vault wide mutiny. However, if you decide to become a monster in the wasteland, however, and you have a high enough hacking skill, you can sabotage the vault’s water chip. This will destroy the water filtration system and force the vault dwellers out into the harsh world of the wasteland.

24 For The Master

via ArtStation

A lot of modern-day gamers have never experienced the first two games in the Fallout universe. They grew up with the Fallout 3 type of gameplay, never knowing what began this intricate story, to begin with. Well for those not in the know, here's a little background on the first game in this incredible franchise.

The main antagonist for the first Fallout game is The Master, a powerful Super Mutant who runs an army of the creatures on the former United States West Coast.

In one of the game's endings, you can sell out your former home, Vault 13, and allow the Master to send his army into the vault. This allows you to watch as your former friends and family are being snuffed out brutally by The Master's army. It's a cruelty you never knew you had within you, and yet you watch it happen without so much as lifting a finger.

23 How’s It Hanging?

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

Who you align yourself with after the nuclear apocalypse is crucial to determining who you are and what kind of life you want to lead. The wrong choice could end up costing you big time. In the acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, one of the factions you could side with is Caesar’s Legion.

This is already pretty shameless as the legion is known for being cruel and slavers.

However, things get crueler when you are given the choice of how Benny, the casino-owning mobster who tried to end your life, will have his life ended in the process. Most ways seem not to phase him, until he is told that he will be crucified. This is the cruelest, most disturbing way to destroy Benny, who becomes frightened as it happens. You can always cut him down, but if you already choose that option, it doesn’t make sense to save him, now does it?

22 The Anti Anti-Substance Campaign

via Nexus Mods

First off, illegal substances are bad. They can damage your body and your mind, and eventually destroy your personal relationships, your job, and your life overall. People all around the world are affected deeply by these illegal substances, and it's kind of a known thing that they are bad for you. However, in this game universe, you can take several different Fallout versions of illegal substances to help you gain new abilities in the game. Yeah, you heard that right. It really is realistic to our society, as not even a nuclear war would deter the use of illegal substances that could damage the body and mind. Known as chems, the substances such as Jet give you the ability to focus and regain health faster. However they have the adverse effect of making you an addict, and it certainly doesn't promote a healthy illegal substance-free life.

21 So Long Megaton

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

Settlements are a crucial part of any survival in the Fallout universe. From small two house towns to large cities like Diamond City in the Commonwealth, these settlements are filled with people, food, and water.

They're also targets for nefarious enemies looking to loot or destroy what you worked so hard to find.

In Fallout 3, one of the first settlements you visit is Megaton, a major city with an undetonated nuclear warhead at the town's center. A religious cult known as the Children of Atom worship the thing, but the town's Sheriff wants you to deactivate it. Most people choose this, but others can choose to earn more caps by working for the seedy real estate mogul Mr. Tenpenny of Tenpenny Tower. He tasks you with detonating the bomb instead, destroying the town and most of its citizens, except for a ghoulish Moira who still is as chipper as always.

20 Worst Of The Worst

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

I think it's safe to say that in our world, children are the most precious and innocent of us all. Without a single qualm or worry that most grown-ups and young people are forced to think about, they know no political strife and don't dive into the divides between people. They are truly innocent, and their lives are to be protected at all times. What's the one thing that would make the player of any Fallout game the worst? It may be hard to imagine, especially if you started the series with Fallout 3, but in the first two games, the developer gave players the choice to become true monsters. They did this by allowing players to choose to end the lives of innocent children. The consequence was that you would be vilified by both good and bad NPC's in the game, but it was a choice nonetheless. Very disturbing indeed.

19 Iguana On A Stick?

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

At least that's what's advertised. Food is a scarcity in the world of Fallout.

Finding enough to feed not only yourself but your family and settlement is a huge task.

One of the new food items that has swept the post-apocalyptic world is iguana on a stick. The reptilian creatures have somehow survived the radiation, and have become a new source of meat for people to consume. However, in the original Fallout, players will soon discover that a local doctor has been shipping human body parts to the local chef and store owner Iguana Bob, who has been using the human body parts to make meat served under the guise of being Iguana meat. However, as the player, you can not only choose to ignore the heinous crime, but you can blackmail Iguana Bob and get your cut of the disgusting meat business he's running.

18 Got Something On Your Face

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

Oh, that's just another face! Yeah, in the world of Fallout, players have the option of making a mask made out of a Ghoul's face. Ghouls are one of the various enemies or friendly encounters you can have out in the world of Fallout. However, ghouls are not just random animals here. Both the feral and non-feral Ghouls are former humans exposed to a large amount of radiation. At the end of the day, they're still people, albeit altered and scarred slightly. They had families. They had lives. They remember what it was like before the bombs fell and destroyed everything, and know what it's like to be a part of a functioning and law-abiding society. So by removing the Ghoul's face and making a mask, you are basically becoming a horror movie monster like Hannibal Lecter or Leatherface. You are sacrificing your own humanity in the process.

17 Tastes Like Chicken

via News Ledge

Survival is the key to any post-apocalyptic adventure. A world ravaged by nuclear war leaves behind some dangerous creatures and very few ways to survive. The most important things you can do in that scenario includes finding shelter that is safe and sound and getting access to running water and food to keep your energy and body up as much as humanly possible.

However, finding fresh grown food or even radiation free canned food is not exactly a simple task.

Some survivors have resorted to some very unsavory or monstrous ways of getting fed. One of the staples of the Fallout series has to be the fact that you can actually eat human meat in the games. The series is a post-apocalyptic world where food is scarce and you have to survive. However, crossing that line to eating human meat is a disturbing trait that occurs in the games.

16 An Unhelping Hand

via YouTube (mikeon)

One of the interesting yet sadder aspects of the Fallout universe are the tragic stories that you hear talking with random characters spread throughout the world. Each character has their own story, just as we as people have our own to tell. One of the more tragic stories from an NPC in the franchise has to be Mister Lopez. In Fallout 3, you meet Mister Lopez as he has been living in the common area of Rivet City for over a decade after the tragic loss of his wife and children.

He feels depressed and wants to end it all.

Most would try to convince him that he is still needed and wanted, but if you really are going for an evil playthrough of the game you have the option to agree with his assessment that he's worthless or even encourage him to end it all.

15 A Particular Set Of Skills

via YouTube (MahaloVideoGames)

Side missions help make games like Fallout the games they are. While you are invested in the main story, the side quests help drive the player further and further into this game world. It gives gamers a chance to explore the open world environment that the developers have brought to life, as well as discover new stories that can enhance the original story of the game. In the world of Fallout: New Vegas, players can find a mission that is as old as time itself. A parent has a missing child, and you are tasked with finding them for a small fee. It's a Taken situation if there ever was one. However, unlike Liam Neeson, one of your skills isn't always saving the child, but instead ending them. Yes, in the game's mission, you have the option of ending the life of this father's son, making you truly vilified.

14 Lack Of Equality

via Pause Geek

Learning who your friends are and who your enemies are early in a game is crucial. Sometimes you can be walking through an isolated stretch of land, oblivious to your surroundings, and suddenly be attacked by a large group of feral ghouls. It can be a jarring and eye-opening experience. While most are considered villains or just bad guys in the Fallout universe, some of the kindest, most loyal friends you can have in the game are actually super mutants and ghouls.

Not all are evil, and you can fight together with these beings to help save the day.

However in Fallout 3, if you're hatred towards any mutated creature is strong enough, you have the option to follow the leader of the Enclave, President Eden, and expose the water purification system to a chemical that will eliminate any mutated creature in the Capital Wasteland.

13 My Town Now

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

When I said the Fallout universe was all about choice, I really meant it. From the first time you're given control of your character, you are tasked with making decisions that will affect the entire outcome of the overall game. From the gender of your character to the personal traits and abilities they have, you are put in charge of the kind of person you want exploring this dangerous world. That can also mean making your character a sinister presence for all to fear. Early in the Fallout: New Vegas game, your first mission comes in the form of bandits looking to take over the town of Goodsprings. Most players are happy to help the nicest town in the Mojave Desert, but if you want to start out the game on a truly evil note, you can side with the gang and help take out the town's residents. It's pretty messed up.

12 Oasis

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

Most of the wasteland in the Fallout universe is pretty trashy. It's been hit with so much radiation that nothing can truly survive for long. The small town of Oasis is a paradise in the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3. It's lush greenery and running water is one of the rarest things the wasteland has ever seen.

However, the reason for this miracle of sorts is due to a mutated man that is stuck inside of a tree.

He's been living like that for hundreds of years, using his mutated abilities to help grow the greenery and provide the water the surrounding settlers depend on. He wants you the player to end his life of misery, and while you can go on a long journey to help this poor creature end and still help the settlers keep their Oasis, there is a much quicker solution: burning the tree man and the forest to the ground.

11 Mole Rat Cure

via Nexus Mods

The latest game in this iconic franchise really opened up the number of choices you are given in the game. Your actions have immediate consequences, and you are forced to watch those consequences play out before your eyes in a very seamless and fluid way. This could not be any more clear or crucial than when you are asked to save a young boy's life. In the world of Fallout 4, a random vault filled with citizens can call upon you for help. An innocent child is sick and in need of a cure after being bitten by a mole rat. The search for the cure leads you to a mole rat infested area, and you may get bitten in the process. Of course, there is only one cure left, and while most sacrifice the loss of a chunk of HP to help the young boy survive, you can decide to keep the cure for yourself.

10 Radio Hits

via YouTube (RonSuperJet)

The radio playing on your Pip-Boy in the world of Fallout is one of the more creative aspects of the game. Players can listen to old-time music while exploring the wasteland, with a bit of commentary from the radio DJ mixed into the music. This helps you see how you impact the larger world around you as you play, and lets you explore this radiated wasteland with a smooth beat from our musical past.

The DJ often talks about the heroic deeds you accomplish throughout the game.

It allows you to see yourself from the perspective of the random NPC's you encounter in the game, and how you affect their lives. However, if you manage to become vilified or go down a darker path in the game, the DJ still pushes positive reinforcement your way. It's strange they support you no matter what horrors you've unleashed on the wasteland.

9 Manchurian Candidate

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Something you learn pretty early on in New Vegas is that there are several different factions, and each faction has their own leader to help them survive and keep strong in the Mojave wasteland. One of those factions is the NCR, or the New California Republic. This new government has been working to keep Caesar's Legion out of the area and has tried to replace the former United States Government. They are the top of the food chain as far as power goes in the Mojave wasteland. One of the more disturbing aspects of Fallout: New Vegas has to be the moment you learn you can end the life of the President of the NCR. Whether you're a lone gunman in a high tower or you're looking to explode a bomb, not only are you taking out the President but ending the NCR's strength in the Mojave. Nice move dude.

8 A Bit Off Color...

via GamesRadar

The downloadable content you are able to get for the Fallout games are just as fun and engaging as the original game itself. The stories they contain not only enhance the world you know but take you to new areas that are even more mysterious, dangerous, and fun to explore than you ever thought imaginable.

From foggy New England towns to radiation ravaged valleys, these DLC packs are amazing!

In the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts, you travel to Zion National Park in Utah, where tribes have developed. If you are interested in turning your character into a major racist, then you can do so in this DLC with the Sneering Imperialist perk, which grants you the ability to speak down to the tribal members and even attack them. It's very reminiscent of the racist beginnings of several countries that abducted and enslaved people of different nationalities and ethnicities. It's awful.

7 The Underground

via USgamer

In Fallout 4, the game pays tribute to a remarkable group of people during the Civil War era that helped free and protect former slaves escaping imprisonment and forced servitude. They were known as the underground railroad, and helped escaped slaves become free and flee to the North. Well, the game developers came up with a story and concept that could emulate that concept and translate it into modern gaming. They do this by adding The Railroad, an underground movement dedicated to freeing synths that wish to be free and live as humans. It's a great metaphor to battle racism. However, in the game you can make the choice to become evil and side with the Institute instead, helping destroy the Railroad and imprison the Synths once more. It's a cruel choice to make, as it makes you feel like the slavers back in the day who captured escape slaves. Yikes.

6 The Boogeymen

via Escapist Magazine

That's what the Commonwealth will refer to you as if you side with The Institute. To learn the true story of the Institute and the horrors they have unleashed on the world all in the name of science, and to still choose them is a truly monstrous act. In one of the four endings of the game Fallout 4, you can side with your son Shaun and become the new director of the Institute, helping destroy the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel. Now just to brush you up on your facts, The Institute has been causing mayhem for years, using enslaved synths and kidnapping men, women, and children and replacing them with lookalike synths. Their synths sometimes malfunction and go on a rampage, snuffing out the life out of entire towns and revealing their hidden agendas. They are able to justify this with the scientific work they are doing, but it's downright evil for sure.

5 The Slaver

via Fallout Wiki - Fandom

With the collapse of modern civilization and the destruction of the world at the hands of a nuclear war, it's easy to see how savage people could turn back to the old ways of slavery. As despicable as it is, without law enforcement or a large body of government to stop them, the more vicious and cruel people in the world have no one to stop them from enslaving the innocent and selling them as if they were property.

One of the worst things you can do in the game franchise is become a slaver.

Yes, you are given the option of taking on quests for slavers, selling people to slavers (including children), buying slaves to protect you, and even working for a major slaver army. Slavery is despicable, and by choosing to side with slavers you are becoming a villain yourself. It's disturbing to watch unfold.

4 Myron The Creep

via YouTube (Dave Oshry)

Even though the nuclear war ended a lot of aspects of life in the world of Fallout, it didn't take away all of the problems we ourselves must face in real life. For instance, creepy people with no boundaries still exist in this radiated world. In Fallout 2, you meet the creator of the addictive substance Jet, Myron. A teenage genius who works for the Mordino's in New Reno, the graphics of the game give him a much darker and creepier look than you could have imagined. In this game, if you are a female with low endurance and low intelligence levels as a result of your choices in the creation of your character, then Myron will have the opportunity to spike your drink, and then take advantage of you while you are passed out. It's a really sick and disgusting line that the creators of Fallout 2 crossed.

3 Experiments

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The Vault-Tech company is the brain behind the invention of the Vault system. While most saw these vaults as a means of salvation from the radiation bombs destroying the world, the true purpose was much darker.

These vaults were used as a testing ground, gathering data and getting the vault dwellers to perform insane and disturbing tasks.

People fled to the vaults as the bombs began to fall, hoping to protect not only themselves but their families from the harsh radiation storms that built after the bombs fell. Can you imagine fleeing to this place of protection, desperate to save your family, only to learn you have been forced into a grand experiment? In Fallout 4, you are able to help build your own Vault, appointing an Overseer and even giving secret directions to the vault dwellers, which can be good or bad, depending on what kind of person you are.

2 Andale

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The quaint little town of Andale is every wastelander's dream town. A town rebuilt like it was before the fall of the United States, with friendly people who seem to only want what's best for you. They greet you with a smile and welcome you as neighbors. It's the first settlement where no debris, poles with human body parts and certainly no cages or bags filled with human remains can be found. It's civilization at it's best. However, things are soon discovered that the town is a front for the citizen's disturbing secret. The town's people are actually human meat eaters, ending the lives of wandering wastelanders and serving them to the rest of the community. Most people decide to stop them from doing this again, but you do have the option of ignoring this little tidbit of information and walking away forever, dooming the Capital Wasteland to years of suffering.

1 Lack Of Faith

via Reddit

In Fallout 3, you meet a couple in Rivet City named Diego and Angela. Angela loves Diego, and yet although he likes her, he's dedicated to the ship's church and their faith.

She then asks you to steal queen ant pheromones to help her trick Diego into leaving the church.

This in itself is disturbing, as not only is she tricking this man into a life he may not want, but they proceed to get married, building a life on a lie. The other despicable thing you can do in this scenario involves lying to Father Clifford, the head of the church, and telling him that Diego is spending intimate time with Angela, which will result in Diego's expulsion from the church. Either way, there are two sinister ends to Diego's story, unless you resist the urge and actually help him live the life he really wants.

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