The 25 Most Expensive Video Game Accessories Ever Made

There is no doubt that growing up during the dawn of the video game revolution was an amazing thing for many of us, both in terms of experiencing the arcade at home and more. With the new video game consoles that come along every few years, there is also a slew of new accessories that also come along as well, and this is how many game systems have always been enhanced. R.O.B The Robot was one of the very first video game accessories that really took the world by storm, and as time went on there were even more items that came along such as the Nintendo Flash Gun and a slew of unique accessories from Sega and Sony as well.

What makes a video game accessory unique is both how it affects the gameplay and what exactly its direct function is to the game console. Some early adopters of gaming technology were either too far advanced or they just didn’t offer anything unique, and this is why you will oftentimes come across video gaming accessories that really don’t do anything or have an exact function. Other accessories such as the Sega Dreamcast VMU unit were revolutionary and providing a glimpse into what the future of gaming was going to look like, which in this case was the Nintendo Switch. We are going to be taking a look at some of the most expensive and influential gaming accessories that have ever hit the market, both retro and new.

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25 Nintendo M8 Demo Unit $3,499

Via: Bing

Unique classic gaming peripherals are constantly coming across the market with high price tags and extreme rarity, but one such Nintendo device has peaked a particular amount of interest. The Nintendo M8 Demo Unit is the original NES testing unique that developers used, and the device is quite simply one of the rarest and unique devices that you can find which is why it is going to set you back a pretty penny. The Nintendo M8 Demo Unit can be seen on eBay and a few other auction houses, which makes it quite unique. (Game Spot)

24 Intellivision INTV III 3 $4,995

Via: Bing

Believe it or not, there was a time when Nintendo was not the only game system on the block, and there were dozens of other game consoles which were sold at retailers all around the country. Although none of them ever reached the pinnacle of the Nintendo, some of the consoles are still quite rare and worth a fortune. The Intellivision INTV III 3 is one such example, which is going to set you back a couple of thousand dollars just to get your hands on one, but this is a rare example of gaming heritage. (Game Spot)

23 Original Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Sony Dualshock $12,999

Via: Bing

The original PlayStation console had some pretty unique peripherals back in its heyday, and one of them happened to be the Original Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Sony Dualshock. This extremely rare and one of a kind peripheral is not only bloody, but also quite unique looking to say the least offering a one of a kind glimpse at one of the rarest movie tie-in pieces to ever come across, giving the PSone a one of a kind piece of gaming history that is also quite an expensive asset to have. (Game Spot)

22 Nintendo Wii Supreme: $481,250

Via: Stuart Hughes

Sometimes the quest for the ultimate game console can seem never-ending, and the Nintendo Wii Supreme is the quintessential example of that notion. The Nintendo Wii Supreme which is manufactured by Stuart Hughes is home to 2,500 grams of pure 22ct gold. This is probably the most luxurious video game console that you will ever see, and if you think that the excitement stopped at the gold plating just wait until you see the actual diamond encrusted buttons. This entire experience is one of a kind, and probably something that you will never see on an actual Nintendo product. (Stuart Hughes)

21 PlayStation 3 Supreme: $323,000

Via: Stuart Hughes

Not a Nintendo type of guy? Well, the PlayStation 3 Supreme is also manufactured by Stuart Hughes and the model is geared toward the casual gamer who might not be a fan of Nintendo products. The PlayStation 3 Supreme also features a wicked amount of gold, which has been utilized to make the console one of the most luxurious things on the planet. This unique video game console also has a few diamond accents, which give it that one of a kind look that you would expect to find out of the world's most expensive game console. (Stuart Hughes)

20 The Emperor Workstation 200: $40,000

Via: Bing

There have been custom gaming chairs that date as far back as the nineties when the Sega Activator hit the market, but in recent times these advanced chairs have hit new highs for technological advances and one of a kind design. The Emperor Workstation 200 costs as much as a house in some states, and you can expect to get quite the gaming experience from this one of a kind chair that will take you to the next levels of gaming. The chair is also pre-wired to fit three 30-inch monitors. (Newegg)

19 Xbox 360 Gold Faceplate: $36,000.

Via: Bing

One of the most unique features of the Xbox 360 game console was the fact that it featured unique faceplates that you could switch out depending on the owner's desire. The Xbox 360 Gold Faceplate was a unique albeit a little over the top accessory that allowed the Xbox 360 to join the craze of “blinged” out electronics. This was not the first time that there has been a solid gold video game accessory, and with the way that people like to spend money on obscene essentials, this probably won’t be the last. (Game Informer)

18 VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator: $24,999

Via: VRX

Having a realistic racing experience is the dream of all gamers, and when it comes to spending a pretty penny the VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator is just about as real as you can get. VRX specializes in selling high-end tech gear to the technologically advanced crowd, and the VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator is used in professional race training as well as in other instances where the technology is a prudent alternative to actually driving a vehicle or hitting the open road. (PC Mag)

17 Gold and Diamond-Encrusted Game Boy: $29,500

Via: Bing

The Game Boy was a revolutionary piece of hardware that changed the way gamers interact with their favorite games on the go, and who wouldn’t want to bling one of these things out. This limited edition Game Boy is one of the most expensive devices in the world, and you can only imagine the looks on the faces of fellow gamers when you pull this one of a kind device out. The Gold and Diamond-Encrusted Game Boy has made its way around the gaming world for quite some time, so don’t expect to see it for sale on Amazon anytime soon. (PC Mag)

16 Rose Gold Xbox One and PS4: $13,600

Via: Bing

Of course, if you want to game in a new generation the Rose Gold Xbox One and PS4 is just about as good as you can get, and this is one of the more unique ways to style your console in a unique fashion that generally isn’t seen in the video game community. As with the complimentary rose gold iPhones that have become all the rage, a rose gold game console is something that is just as coveted in certain circles where status is everything. (Game Spot)

15 Gem Studded Xbox 360: $11,000

Via: Bing

Of course, if the whole rose gold treatment is a little too over the top, diamonds never hurt anything either. This gem studded Xbox 360 was another piece of over the top gaming culture that has made its way around the Internet, and if you want to spend a pretty penny to get something that is truly unique this is the quintessential way to do it. Saturated with real diamonds the Gem Studded Xbox 360 is going to cost you as much as a car, but the end product is something that is truly unique. (Game Spot)

14 Optimus Maximus Gaming Keyboard: $1,700

Via: Bing

Remember when PC Gaming was all the rage? Well, in some circles it still is and certain peripherals are going to cost you an arm and a leg. The Optimus Maximus Gaming Keyboard is among one of the most expensive keyboards in the world, and with good reason. With some of the best tactile feedback in the world, there is no way that you will lose a challenge with this keyboard, not to mention the one of a kind look that will make any office standout from your friend's setup. (Game Spot)

13 Resident Evil 6, Premium Edition: $1,338

Via: Youtube (funkyblackcat)

The entire Resident Evil franchise has become something of a legend and a phenomenon in recent years, spawning countless titles and even a few movies. What makes this game so unique is the action-packed gameplay as well as the unique storylines, and that’s why Resident Evil 6, Premium Edition is such a coveted title. This is one of the most expensive game titles in the world and with good reason because there is just about nothing that’s like it in the world. (Game Spot)

12 The World's Largest Pac-Man: $11,000

Via: Bing

If you’ve got a little money to blow and you love Pac-Man there is a unique game that’s got your name on it, and that is The World's Largest Pac-Man. This unique arcade-inspired game system is absolutely gigantic, not to mention the fact that the price tag is just as big. With all of the original levels and gameplay in-tact, this is just about the most unique way to enjoy all of the things that Pac-Man has to offer while still maintaining a unique feeling that no other game experience has ever matched. (Game Spot)

11 Next Level Racing GTultimate V2 Simulator Cockpit $799.00

Via: Bing

The racing genre has come such a long way in recent decades since the release of Gran Turismo in 1999, and there is always a new push to get new and realistic driving technology. The Next Level Racing GTultimate V2 Simulator Cockpit is another one of a kind way to take the reality of racing right into your living room, and with the price to match, you can expect a one of a kind experience like no other, complete with the technology to match. (Game Spot)

10 Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel $590.00

Via: Bing

Experiencing a realistic driving experience is a one of a kind thing that many gamers seek when they are playing video games, and if you cannot afford an entire cockpit driving experience the Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel is an expensive but fun way to really hit the track running. The Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel is a precision engineered and one of a kind peripheral that will take your virtual driving to the next level, carrying on the tradition of stellar Logitech racing products. (Game Spot)

9 1986 Nintendo Control Deck & Super Mario Brothers $18,749

Via: bing

The original Nintendo Entertainment System is credited with reviving a deceased video game industry during the eighties, and as such the original units go for a whopping amount of money. The original 1986 Nintendo Control Deck & Super Mario Brothers are going to set you back more than a car, but this is a serious piece of gaming history that should not be overlooked. Many gamers are going to shutter when they see the price tag of the 1986 Nintendo Control Deck & Super Mario Brothers, but hey, it's a classic. (Game Spot)


7 Orange Nintendo GameCube Controller: $229

Via: Bing

The Nintendo GameCube was never exactly a knockout success for Nintendo, in fact, the console actually sold quite poorly when compared to other consoles that were on the market. But, there are a few rare accessories which are worth nothing and one of them happens to be the Nintendo GameCube Controller in Orange. Much like the very rare orange console, this is a one of a kind accessory that is getting very hard to come by, and you can expect to pay a fair chunk of change if you want to get your hands on it. (Game Spot)

6 Super Game Boy: $1,599

Via: Bing

Released in the nineties as a way for gamers to play their favorite Game Boy titles on the big screen, the Super Game Boy has become quite the hot commodity. So much so that this little cartridge is going to set you back a couple of thousand if you find one in good shape from a serious collector. The Super Game Boy is a piece of Nintendo history so it's no wonder that this thing is such an expensive asset to have, not to mention how great some of the games look when you fire them up on the big screen for the first time. (Game Spot)

5 Rare Official Gold Nintendo Power 100th Issue Nintendo 64 Controller: $2,000

Via: Bing

The Nintendo 64 had a number of interesting peripherals that came along during the console's lifecycle, and some of these unique accessories have managed to gain an impressive amount of value over the last few decades. The Rare Official Gold Nintendo Power 100th Issue Nintendo 64 Controller is a probably one of the rarest and most expensive game controllers that you can buy, and while it has no special capabilities it is a rather unique piece of Nintendo history that will probably continue to gain value over time. (Game Spot)

4 Hori Mini Pad Controller: $2,999

Via: Bing

Looking back on my childhood during the nineties I remember that there was no shortage of custom game controllers for the Nintendo 64, and this is one of the things that really made the console stand out from the crowd. One of the most unique and oftentimes problematic controllers was the Hori Mini Pad Controller, which has actually been increasing in value as the Nintendo 64 emulation scene has been growing. The Hori Mini Pad Controller is arguably the most unique controller that you’ll ever see, and the unique looks are just the start of the fun. (Game Spot)

3 Retro Fighters Controller Brawler Pad 64: $105

Via: Bing

The Nintendo 64 was also strong in the fighting genre, with many unique titles that gave the console a unique sense of fun and design. The Retro Fighters Controller Brawler Pad 64 is a one of a kind way to play just like you were at the arcade, and the values on this unique controller have been rising since the re-release of the Nintendo classic consoles. Finding a Retro Fighters Controller Brawler Pad 64 is not an easy task, but this is one of the more unique ways that you will ever experience a Nintendo 64. (Game Spot)

2 Nintendo 64 Jusco Console Set: $250

Via: Bing

The Nintendo 64 was released in quite a few unique console variations toward the end of its lifecycle, and perhaps one of the most unique was the Nintendo 64 Jusco Console Set. This console was released alongside the fantastic colors series and featured a similarly unique design that was far ahead of its time and might remind you of the iMac in some ways. The Nintendo 64 Jusco Console Set has been rising in value in recent years, and you can expect to pay a pretty penny if you expect to find one in clean condition. (Game Spot)

1 Nintendo 64 N64 Fantastic Smoke Grey: $499

Via: Bing

Another unique console that has been rising in value is the Nintendo 64 N64 Fantastic Smoke Grey, which was released during the 2000 Christmas season to much fanfare. Although the console was overshadowed by the PlayStation 2 at the time of its release, the Nintendo 64 N64 Fantastic Smoke Grey has risen dramatically in value as the Nintendo 64 is now considered vintage chic. The Nintendo 64 N64 Fantastic Smoke Grey console will set you back a pretty penny, with many of them being sold as just the console by itself. (Game Spot)

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