30 Awesome Video Game Cars Fans Actually Made Real

When playing racing games like Mario Kart as a kid, I bet you wondered what it would be like to actually drive the kart and bikes in real life. Imagining the feel of the wind in your hair, the roar of the crowds and the triumph of crushing your opponent with a red shell and watching them crumble in your rear view mirror is something I've thought about a million times before. It seems unlikely that many of us will get to drive our favorite video game cars as they aren't being sold, and if they are they are super expensive. Not many of us have the time, energy, money, and knowledge, to craft our dream cars from scratch, which is a shame.

All is not lost, though; some amazing people out there have actually hunkered down and made our dream cars a reality. From Mario Kart to Grand Theft Auto to Final Fantasy, avid fans have dedicated themselves to bringing these famous cars to life and give us a glimpse of what it would be like to drive them. Try to restrain your inner child from grabbing your wallet and buying them or else your dream car may become your home. Let's take a look at some of the top video game cars in real life.

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30 Gran Turismo 5: Red Bull x2010

via: wikipedia.org

A fictional prototype, the Red Bull x2010 made its video game debut in Gran Turismo 5 and was so popular it reappeared in Gran Turismo 6. This real-life version of the sports car debuted in 2014 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was personally designed by Red Bull's chief designer after Gran Turismo's producer challenged him to create the car without any of the usual restrictions motorsport provides. The goal was to create the fastest F1 car possible and I'm sure the achieved that goal with this beauty.

29 Batman: Arkham Knight: Batmobile

via: youtube.com

My dad had a remote control replica of this when I was young and I was obsessed with it. Even though I don't have much knowledge of Batman's lore and the world, I know this car like the back of my hand.

If that is not dedication, I don't know what is.

This superfan spent years constructing his own personal Batmobile from the Arkham Knight game and made it legit - he can go get groceries in it if he wants.

28 Fortnite: Battle Royale: Battlebus

via: youtube.com

Everyone who has played Fortnite has wondered what it's like to hang out inside with all the other players just before you drop. It seems like such a party in there and it fits so many players.

Who is the bus driver?

Well, wonder no more because that battlebus is real. This version looks so legit like it's about to take off any second. The clamp on the wheel seems unnecessary since the battlebus does not drive, it flies.

27 Crazy Taxi: The Crazy Taxi

via: hemmings.com

This classic 1999 arcade game is a source of joy and nostalgia for many adults who are kids at heart. Seeing this car brings back memories of crazy rides, intense concentration, and trying to beat that other kid's high score. Calm your wallet, you don't have to dump all of your cash into the arcade machine to drive it anymore. While this is not an exact replica, it is pretty darn close to the original taxi that started it all.

26 Mario Kart 7: Mario Kart

via digital trends

Produced in 2011 as part of a collaboration between Nintendo and West Coast Customs, many karts like the original Mario Kart were created and were available for photo ops.

However, a month later, big video game retailer Gamestop offered up Mario's Kart as part of a giveaway for members of the PowerUp Rewards program.

Whoever won this is super lucky and had better ride it every day, I'm telling you.

25 Mad Max Game: Custom

via: whichcar.com.au

Mad Max was a pretty wild movie that inspired a lot of love for crazy custom cars. The movie was popular enough that a video game was released in 2015, The game featured many of the wacky cars from the movie and encouraged fans to go looking for them. Here we have one of the more low-key vehicles just hanging out. Nonetheless, I would not mess with the person driving this bad boy around.

24 Various Scooby Doo Games: The Mystery Machine

via: quirksee.org

It wouldn't be a Scooby Doo episode or game without the Mystery Machine. This absolute gem of pop culture is internationally known and is as big a star as the gang themselves. The Mystery Machine even featured in the title of one game, Mystery Machine Motor Madness, where you follow a bad guy and snap pics as evidence of their suspicious behavior. The Mystery Machine is the main reason I wanted a VW van when I was younger.

23 Sega Out Run: Custom

via: magixbuttons.com

Based on the iconic game that was a commercial and critical success, this custom car seems to merge the classic red car design with the shape of an arcade console and create an absolute gem. Contemporary artist Garnet Herz combined a golf cart with augmented reality and a Sega Out Run arcade cabinet to create a game that you can play while driving in the real world. Talk about going out and living the dream.

22 Cars: Lightning McQueen

via: youtube.com

So apparently the Cars movie got a game, not that I'm surprised. In this open world racing game, you can play as the movie's main character Lightning McQueen, a racecar who learns how to be humble and make true friends. The real-life driveable version of Lightning McQueen featured in the San Antonio Cars and Coffee event to much surprise and delight. This looks like a car that you could see in professional motorsports.

21 Back To The Future: The Game: 1982 DeLorean

via: dailydot.com

A true icon of pop culture, it is hard to find someone in the western world who has not seen or heard of the DeLorean. After Back to the Future came out, everyone dreamed of hopping in and traveling around time and space (hopefully without the dating mother part). Lucky for us, dedicated Redditer TheKingofDub transported the DeLorean to the future iPad controls and Google and Siri voice controls for smoother user experience.

20 Pokemon: Pikachu

via: magixbuttons.com

I cannot even with this car. Didn't think cars could be cute before now? Think again, buddy. This car seems to have been made with the sole purpose of making you say 'aaaww', take photos of it, and buy it while your inner child screams with joy. The red lights blending with the blush, the poke ball rims, the ears...this car is too cute for this world. Do you think you automatically get a boost to your Pokemon Go collection when you play while sat in this car?

19 Mad Max Game: War Rig

via: teamvvv.com

The second Mad Max entry on the list, this insane vehicle can be found submerged in the sewer during the Wasteland mission; a nice homage to the original movie. It's almost sad to see such an awesome car trapped underground, but at the same time, it almost fits the scenery in a weird way. It would be absolute carnage to drive this in real life, but that's what the creators would have wanted, I suppose.

18 L.A. Noire: Phantom Corsair

via: imgur.com

How slick does this car look?

It literally looks like it came out of James Bond's garage.

It also reminds me of Thunderbirds vehicles, which is crazy. This is exactly what I think of when I think of a sneaky vintage detective going around solving crimes and getting into some sneaky stuff. This must feel so good to drive down the highway at night - do you think it comes with a trench coat as part of the purchase?

17 Tron: Tron Cycle

via: pinterest.com

Nowadays if you slap colorful lights on a regular bicycle someone will start talking about Tron, but Tron's bikes are way cooler. This particular version takes more from the movie than the game, but it does not stop it from looking awesome. There is no way you could feel uncool while riding this beautiful bike. Luckily this bike looks rad enough that you could ride it in the day and still look great.

16 Final Fantasy XV: FF XV Audi R8

via: dualshockers.com

This is by far the most beautiful car on this list. Seriously, go Google this car and check out the finer details because they are ogle-worthy.

This wonderful car appeared in Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive and there is only one model in existence.

Unfortunately, us mere mortals cannot afford this car – I know it hurts, please stop crying – sadly we must settle for staring longingly at its promotional videos on YouTube.

15 Mario Kart 7: Bumble V

via: gadgethelpline.com

Produced alongside Mario's Kart during the collaboration I mentioned above, the Bumble V looks just as impressive as Mario's Kart. The Bumble V is usually Luigi, Yoshi, or Queen Bee's kart, but any character can use it. The speed and acceleration are generally pretty good, but the weight and handling put you at a bit of a disadvantage in certain situations. To be honest, I would rather have this one instead of the Mario Kart, but to each their own.

14 Need For Speed Movie: 900hp Ford Mustang

via: gtspirit.com

Back in 2014, Ford revealed that is partnered with Dreamworks animation and EA to create the star car for the Need For Speed movie. While this is not the only car that was made to be destroyed and raced in the movie, it was by far the best one shown. Need for Speed cars are just normal cars, so while it may not seem newsworthy for those who are not in the NFS fandom, this certainly was exciting for fans.

13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Party Van

via: pinterest.com

What do you think of when you think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Is it pizza? The sick roasts? The fact that it's weird that they are all named after Renaissance artists? After all of that, I think of the Party Van.

I just love its little face.

The first TMNT game was a side-scroller like a lot of games of its time and just thinking about it is giving me all the nostalgic feels. What's with the lego-looking pieces on the side?

12 Gran Turismo: GT

via: projectownersclub.com

A concept car that grabbed attention at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the GT by Citroen is one of only six cars of its kind. It is based on the cars featured in Gran Turismo and is rarer than a unicorn-dragon hybrid. It's as wide and long as a Land Rover Discovery and 42 inches tall with some flashy 21-inch rims under its arches. This car is interesting as it just seems like a cool car, but if you drove by a fan of Gran Turismo, they'd know what's up.

11 Batman Arkham Knight: Batmobile

via: autoevolution.com

An interesting addition to the hall of Batmobiles, this militaristic tank-like Batmobile featured in Batman Arkham Knight in 2014. Not only could you use it strategically in battle, but as Batman, you could summon and jump into it from a high rooftop.

An unusual but useful piece of kit.

This Batmobile almost served as a secondary character in battle, with you being able to throw enemies at it to finish them off or use its weapons to suppress enemy fire.

10 Daytona USA: Hornet

via: twitter.com

Budget DIY at its finest. The Last Gamer managed to deck out an old car and transformed it into the Hornet, the iconic star car of Daytona. The total cost of the paint, insides, and car supposedly came to around $400 which is a really good deal. The attention to detail is amazing and he even 'signed' his name on the windscreen. This project proves that you don't have to have millions in the bank to make your dream car come to life.

9 Twisted Metal 2012: Sweet Tooth Truck

via: andysowards.com

Imagine seeing this in the street when going to get some ice cream. A formidable beast in battle, the Sweet Tooth Truck was definitely not kid-friendly. Generally driven by Needles Kane, this truck tended to favor armor and power over speed or agility. The clown head could fire itself at opponents and it could turn into a Sweet Bot mecha. This version of the truck is more in line with the 2012 incarnation of the truck but is still amazing nonetheless.

8 GTA V: Banshee

via: jalopnik.com

This is probably my second favorite car on this list. Look at how slick and cool it looks. GTA is another game where, to a layman, the car just seems normal, but fans who see you driving it will know the truth. Some may say it's boring to feature these kinds of cars instead of ones from other wilder games, but a lot of effort goes into making these cars. Well done to the person who made this, it's truly incredible.

7 Need For Speed: Undercover: Undercover Cop Car

via: flickr.com

I love Need For Speed. When I was younger, I used to spend many nights watching my Dad play since I totally stunk at games back then. I will always have fun memories of playing NFS and loved running from the cops even though I got wrecked really quick.

This is a pretty cool cop car and I love the matte finish.

I wonder what a real police officer's reaction would be if they caught us driving this...

6 Halo, Xbox - Warthog

via: youtube.com

A classic car from a classic game series. Every Halo player remembers the first time they saw this bad boy roll into view. This is the type of vehicle you just want to take to some remote terrain and put the pedal to the metal. It would be an absolute blast to drive this and it seems I am not alone in thinking this. I wonder how much this would cost to buy, for no reason, for a friend. What? You were thinking it too!

5 GTA V: Mercedes G Wagon / Dubsta

via: reddit.com

Okay, so this is not the official Dubsta, this is the Mercedes G Wagon, however, the Dubsta is based on the G Wagon, so they are almost the same thing.

This picture was snapped by a GTA fan and posted on Reddit to much hype.

The owners chose a very nice color and the car looks cool even just parked in the middle of nowhere. Imagine going pedal to the metal in this and shooting over a grassy hill - awesome!

4 Need For Speed: Most Wanted: M3 GTR

via: youtube.com

Another classic from the Need For Speed games, this time we have an entrant from my favorite NFS of all time; Most Wanted. You get this pretty early on in career mode. This is a GT class BMW based on the M3 E46 and is a front-engined rear-wheel-drive that can be taken racing and on secret missions like the Burger King Challenge. It was briefly taken out of racing but has thankfully returned to the circuit in recent years.

3 Ridge Racer: Raggio

via: ign.com

Ridge Racer is one of the OG racing arcade games and continues to be influential to this day. It survived multiple console ports and survives to this day on PC, Xbox, and the 3DS. This is another slick entry that you could totally see being driven at a drag race. I wonder if all of these real cars are as fast and nice to drive as they are in games? Are they all legal to drive in real life or do you have to get a permit? I don't know, I don't have a license.

2 Need For Speed: Super Snake

via: es.pinterest.com

This is so freaking cool! This beauty first appeared in Need For Speed: World as a tier three car and has featured in every game since as a class A car. The Super Snake is a modded Ford Shelby GT500 and I love it. It has better handling and grip than Ford Mustang Boss 302, but it has weaker nitrous boosts and acceleration. Weighing in at roughly 1725kg, this baby would be a wonderful addition to your collection if you could make or afford it.

1 Fortnite: Battle Royale: Battlebus

via: youtube.com

While this bus does not initially look like the Fortnite battlebus, the shape and model is pretty darn similar. I do not know the name of the person who made this, but they definitely let their imagination run wild while decorating the grounded bus. The small details are funny, like calling it Miss Daisy and the 'can we park at your house?' are so funny to me. You can totally see this being a design in a Fortnite summer event or maybe as an exclusive.

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