24 2010s Video Game Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off Anyway)

As video games grow more visually detailed, cosplaying characters accurately gets harder but that didn't stop these artists from owning these cosplay!

Cosplay is a fun way to interact with people who share the same interests with each other. There are thousands of conventions that give fans a chance to be creative and dress as their favorite character from a TV show, movie, anime, or the topic for this list, video games. Even when a person is just getting started, over time, they will learn to improve, which is how there are many famous cosplayers all over the world. As video games evolve throughout the years, cosplay manages to do the same as well.

Ranging from the clothing, makeup, and props, cosplay is very tiring, but extremely rewarding when congoers are amazed at the end results when they see their favorite video game’s cosplay. How long did it take them to complete it? How much material was used, and money was spent? If professional cosplayers can do the impossible, so can newcomers.

The cosplay on this list will feature video games that are made in the 2010s and these cosplayers went all out to show their talent in making the costumes while maintaining a fanbase along the way. Are there some cosplayers you might recognize on this list? If not, then prepare yourself to be amazed at their incredible talent. Let’s take a look at twenty-five cosplays from 2010s video games that fans managed to pull off!

24 Mystical Oracle (Final Fantasy 15)

via: faid-eyren.deviantart.com

Lunafreya is one of the most beautiful characters in the Final Fantasy series. While fans were disappointed for her limited amount of screen time, her presence is that of an oracle who would ensure the safety of her people. She is a strong and graceful character, but if only there was more to her and more importantly, her relationship to the game’s protagonist Noctis.

From deviantART, Faid-Eyren captures the soft expression Lunafreya has while also looking gorgeous in her staple white dress. In her Lunafreya gallery, Faid-Eyren brings the scenes involving the oracle to life while capturing important moments in the game’s story.

23 Truly Psychotic (Borderlands Series)

via: sksprops.deviantart.com

The Borderlands series is an intriguing and fun first-person shooter with an open world setting, and the characters are unique and diverse. While the cosplay here is based on the first Borderland’s cover, the Psychos are recurring enemies in the series.

SKSProps did absolute perfection in recreating the Psycho’s pose with spot-on cosplay and incredible special effects to make the picture stand out. Even though he is known for creating props and not cosplay, SKSProps still shows that he can use that talent to be an incredible cosplayer.

22 Ruling The Seas (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag)

via: leonchirocosplayart.deviantart.com

Edward Kenway sets the standard when succeeding his grandson Connor as the main protagonist in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. He has more charm and personality, making fans resonate with him more and invested in traveling the seas. Leon Chiro from Italy is insanely talented in cosplaying diverse video game characters, and Edward is one of his best.

While the costume is outstanding, the photoshoot is beyond perfection. The background blends extremely well and recreates the video game into a real-life perspective. Not only has Leon done Edward, but he has done Ezio and Jacob from their respective games!

21 Hyrule's Sorceress (Hyrule Warriors)

via: nicacosplay.deviantart.com

Even though she’s only made her appearance in Hyrule Warriors, Lana managed to become a fan favorite for how strong and gorgeous she is. She is also rather energetic and has a lot of knowledge of magic and monsters. NicaCosplay brings the sorceress to life in this fantastic photo.

It is also a huge accomplishment for the number of book pages that have been taken out and thrown away just for one picture. Timing is always important, especially for cosplay. While Lana has made her only appearance in Hyrule Warriors, she has been a popular choice for Zelda cosplay.

20 Strong Commander (Mass Effect Series)

via: howla.com

Commander Shepherd from the Mass Effect series has become an iconic mascot for the Xbox due to being an exclusive at first. Thankfully, PlayStation owners were able to witness the customizable protagonist in later games.

Get ready to have your minds blown on who is cosplaying the male Shepherd.

It is the one and only Mark Meer, who also voices him in the games! It is rare to have voice actors dress up as the part but having the voice of Commander Shepherd cosplay as him is just outstanding. Mark looks great and did an excellent job in literally portraying his character.

19 Hyrule's Last Hope (The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild)

via: facebook.com/junkerscosplay

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link has been tasked to stop Ganon from breaking free and destroy the world. The recent Zelda title has garnered critical acclaim and fans wholeheartedly agree that this is one of the best of all time. Link’s design strays away from original green garb we all know and love but manages to still look great.

From Junkers Cosplay Inc., the talented Johnny looks dashing and heroic as Link. The look, the details, just everything makes him blend in the environment he’s in, capturing the game’s emphasis in an open world adventure.

18 Cheers Love! (Overwatch)

via: geeklandmagazine.com

Jessica Nigiri is the queen of cosplay, enough said. In one of her simple takes in cosplay, she brings the preppy and charming Tracer from Overwatch to life. She has cosplayed the game’s mascot on separate occasions, even portraying as her during the summer to come out as bi.

Jessica sometimes might amp up the attractiveness of characters she cosplays, Tracer included, but she owns it by being passionate in her cosplay, regardless of what people say. Even though Tracer might not be her most standout cosplay, Jessica still does her justice and has fun at the same time.

17 The Ocean's Gray Waves (Fire Emblem Fates)

via: tinu-viel.deviantart.com

Fire Emblem Fates would become the best-selling game in the series that was near the brink of extinction due to declining sales before Awakening thankfully saved it. One of the alluring characters that appeared in the fourteenth installment is Azura, a songstress who was originally the princess of Nohr.

Tinu-viel takes on the darker attire of Azura, who wears her garb in Fire Emblem Conquest while Huyana Cosplay dresses up in her white and default clothing. These ladies are both beautiful, capturing the mysterious princess whose powers rely from her singing.

16 Gorgeous Mission Provider (Borderlands 2)

via: azhp.deviantart.com

With Borderlands 3 just announced, why don’t we show a cosplay of the lovely Mad Moxxi? Sheiva Yazdani looks stunning as the fan-favorite mission provider with her outfit being from the second game. She really makes for a fantastic real-life version of the non-playable character.

The makeup, the clothing, even the expression gives off an accurate portrayal.

Mad Moxxi is considered to be a femme fatale, and she knows it. Let’s hope that she will be returning in the third game! Whether she has a bigger role or not, it will be a pleasure to see this lovely lady return.

15 Experienced Soldier (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

via: envisageu.deviantart.com

Raiden has become one of Metal Gear’s most recognizable characters. After all, he got his own game to boot! Jeff Siegert really brought this cosplay to a new level. Not only is the cosplay great, but the special effects for the picture are well done. It reminisces the atmosphere in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and it is exhilerating to look at.

While the game itself lacked a concrete story, it is nice how a video game like Revengeance brings out the best in Raiden. We probably would not have this fantastic cosplay thanks to Jeff.

14 Allusive Wyvern (Monster Hunter Ultimate)

via: facebook.com/rynoki

Monster Hunter 4 was originally a Japanese exclusive until Ultimate arrived internationally in 2015. A variety of creatures were incredible to hunt down and battle in the latter, adding more monsters. One of those is the Seregios, which is a flying wyvern who is fierce and aggressive. Rynoki takes flight as a Seregios and the cosplay is topnotch.

It is amazing how cosplayers can dress up as something they are not, and this picture proves that cosplayers can be anything that is not human. While Rynoki might not look aggressive, she makes the wyvern look beautiful to watch.

13 Realistically Gritty (Tomb Raider)

via: themanwiththehat.com

When Tomb Raider got rebooted for the second time, that time would be where Lara gets into more imposing situations. Instead of being an experienced archeologist, she is new to tomb raiding. From Reku Cosplay Corner, we have a fantastic rendition of Lara preparing for the worst in the wild.

She really sets the standard of having the exact look by including makeup that blends her in the environment. It would make sense for Lara to not always be clean due to being out in the rain and dirt trying to survive.

12 Ready To Fight (Mass Effect Series)

via: angelabermudez.deviantart.com

The female version of Commander Shepherd is just as beloved as the male counterpart, if not more popular. Her romantic interests including Garrus is one of the best written in Mass Effect 2 and 3, while being voiced by the incredible Jennifer Hale. Angela Bermudez takes on the mantle as female Shepherd and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

The pose and perspective give the character a dynamic angle and highlighting the incredible details in the costume.

Cosplay like Female Shepherd’s show that women can be insanely attractive despite being fully covered, and Angela certainly nails it! This is without a doubt one of the best cosplays for Commander Shepherd for both genders.

11 Saving The Future (Fire Emblem Awakening)

via: facebook.com/cosplaylux

Fire Emblem Awakening’s Lucina quickly become one of the series’ most recognizable characters due to the massive success with sales and positive reception. Lux Cosplay is featured wearing Lucina’s Great Lord costume, which is a promoted version of her original Lord class. Lux looks so serene at a first glance, but knowing Lucina, she is far from vulnerable after what she went through in her time.

Even though her sword, the Parallel Falchion, is not exactly realistic, the effort to make it resemble the franchise’s iconic weapon is good enough. For a Lucina cosplay, this is one of the best we have seen.

10 Quite Chilling (Mortal Kombat)

via: danquish.deviantart.com

Sub-Zero is one of the iconic characters from the hit fighting game Mortal Kombat. In general, it is simple to cosplay as the Lin Kuei assassin, but for the definitive look, this talented cosplayer has got it down.

DANQUISH from deviantART pulls off a fantastic take on Sub-Zero and the way this photo was taken gives it a dynamic approach to the character. With the familiar stance where he is about to freeze his opponent, DANQUISH does a great job in bringing this fan-favorite character to life.

9 Dedicated To Science (Overwatch)

via: youtube.com

If Mercy proves how powerful science can be, then Moira takes it to another level. Being one of the fighters added to the updated Overwatch roster, this Irish support character has an intriguing design that fits her role and what she can do. How was this cosplay so good?

Because Blizzard actually commissioned Henchmen Studios and hired Libby Ives to portray the scientist!

The end result is perfect due to the great dedication the cosplaying studio and a talented young woman who does not do cosplay on the regular. It will be a privilege to see Blizzard ask the studio to provide another cosplay for the next BlizzCon.

8 Starcraft's Star (StarCraft 2)

via: kotaku.com

Sarah Kerrigan might have made her debut in 1998’s StarCraft, but the sequel, which arrived in 2010, has her return as one of the greatest villainesses of all time. Tasha from the South Korean cosplay group Spiral Cats managed to do a cosplay that looks entirely impossible.

Fun fact: StarCraft is extremely popular in South Korea!

That hair must have taken a while to perfect. The amount of makeup and special effects to bring this iconic StarCraft character to life also must have taken a long time to get right.

7 Enduring The Darkness (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

via: narga-lifestream.deviantart.com

Once she made her debut in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Aqua has unlocked the hearts of fans who admire her strong will and determination to save her dearest friends Terra and Ventus. Her appearance in Kingdom Hearts III made so many fans gasp in shock or cry from what she became.

Narga-Lifestream does an amazing job capturing the seriousness of Aqua, while maintaining grace and charm. The keyblade she wields is also replicated perfectly. Will we see Narga-Lifestream take on Aqua’s dark form? That would be a sight to behold!

6 Meet The Phantom Thieves (Persona 5)

via: youtube.com

Persona 5 stole the hearts of fans old and new, thanks to the amazing cast of characters! The Phantom Thieves are a fun and engaging group that fight those with corrupted hearts in order to provide a better society for all. The YouTube channel Rescue the Princess! features talented cosplayers from Japan to form the key members of the Phantom Thieves.

Their look and take on the characters are spot on, making them look like real-life superheroes. If Persona 5 were to get a live-action treatment, this group of cosplayers would be absolutely perfect to play their respective roles.

5 Genderbending Can Be Fun (Overwatch)

via: okageo.deviantart.com

Cosplay has given people a lot of creativity, and genderbending is one of the most fun ways to cosplay a character people love. Okageo is a famous cosplayer who has done some male versions of popular video game characters, and here we have him as Mercy from Overwatch. This fan-favorite medic is perhaps one of the most cosplayed characters from the hit Blizzard game.

His hair might have some Final Fantasy influences, but for being a male version of Mercy, it fits perfectly. Okageo is a perfect example of a cosplayer who can motivate new cosplayers to take on their favorite characters regardless of gender.

4 Alluring Savior (Final Fantasy XIII)

via: facebook.com/alysontabbithofficial

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has become one of the strongest female protagonists in gaming. Her popularity rivals that with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and she is one of the most recognizable characters in the series. Her design from Lightning Returns is cosplayed by the beautiful Alyson Tabbitha.

Making armor for cosplay is challenging and frustrating, but very rewarding in the end. Alyson has been kind enough to provide a video tutorial on how she made the cosplay, and that is an amazing contribution to the cosplay community.

3 Beautiful Edenian (Mortal Kombat X)

via: instagram.com

Kitana has been a staple character in her respective series ever since her Mortal Kombat II debut. For someone who is an assassin, she is the combination of beautiful and dangerous. One of her best designs is definitely in Mortal Kombat X. Ju Tsukino could have had us fooled as the real-life Kitana with that perfect cosplay.

The bladed fans have an insane amount of detail and it shows how far a cosplayer will go into making sure the character’s props are accurate and faithful. Ju did such a fantastic job in bringing the Edenian princess turned assassin gorgeous.

2 Handsome Redesign (DmC: Devil May Cry)

via: leonchirocosplayart.deviantart.com

DmC: Devil May Cry might have the controversial redesign of protagonist Dante, but for cosplay, it has been done exceptionally well. Leon Chiro appears on this list again rocking Dante’s rebooted look and he looks mesmerizing. The clothing is more casual and easier to replicate, but Dante’s weapon has been crafted beautifully.

The scar also manages to look exactly the same in the Nephilim’s design. Even though the original Dante will always be preferred by fans and critics, at least we got some great cosplay and fan art from the short-lived reboot.

1 Doing The Impossible (Overwatch)

via: worldcosplaymagazine.com

Out of all the Overwatch characters that just seemed impossible to be cosplayed, it is the enduring German warrior Reinhardt. Yet, this talented man from Australia managed to make the tank character’s costume work.

Dave Barnes is a master at his craft in cosplay.

He has been making tons of cosplays throughout the years, but Reinhardt has to be his best. He put a lot of love and dedication to make sure the armor is a mirror match to the original design. The cosplay might not be complete since he lacks his hammer, but maybe in the future, he will be appearing alongside it!

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