15 Video Game Characters Who Could Beat Goku In A Fight (And 10 Who Would Come Close)

There are a lot of conversations happening on the internet about how strong Goku is and how he could basically end any character from anything you've ever heard of ever. But that's just not fair to all the video games we've played growing up. Games with characters that we've either mastered or had a horrible time defeating the final boss need to be recognized as contenders against Goku.

So on this list are a bunch of street-wise fools who we think can stand up to Goku because they've either defeated gods in their own worlds, or became gods themselves. Some of the characters here are just so insanely awesome that we had to include them for fear of disrespect, and not showing props will affect our Karma. Gaming karma is a real thing. People who've experienced lag know exactly what we're talking about.

Take a moment to make it all the way to the bottom, and we guarantee you can't guess the number one on the list. Of all the characters in all the video games, this final entry might be the most savage and most ruthless of them all. Hopefully, Goku doesn't read this and tries to come take all my stuff. Not ready for that battle yet.

So, who would actually beat the Saiyan we all know and love? Well, as it turns out, a lot of people. Here are our picks. Let us know if we forgot anyone.

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25 Would Win: Kratos

via: powerlisting.wikia.com

Everyone knows that Kratos is the current favored video game character on the world stage right now. After his latest debut, he's back taking out Gods and getting more and more powerful. Even though it appears he's aging rapidly.

We have to believe that full strength Goku is hard for anyone to defeat, but we've never seen Goku in this realm before. He may be on par with the Greek and Norse Gods. After all, we've seen how some of them are portrayed in comics.

24 Would Win: Samus

via: polygon.com

Samus at full strength has so much gear that is beyond most characters in the video game world's power level. Once her suit is set up and filled with all of the power-ups, Samus is possibly the strongest, most capable female video game character.

She happens to be a favorite of many for that very reason. We're all waiting for her debut on the Nintendo Switch. It's a console selling series and we can only hope she gets some sweet new powerups in this version.

23 Strong Maybe: Master Chief

via: twitter.com

Now, a lot of people may not agree that this guy should be on the final list. But what you aren't realizing that other than Shepard from Mass Effect, Master Chief has ended the lives of more aliens than anyone we can think of.

Not only that, but one must take into account that Master Chief can respawn. Not that anyone in the gaming world has admitted that Chief is an immortal or anything. We're just saying that's one of his powers in the game. #Respawn

22 Doesn't Perish: Star Power Mario

via: pinterest.com

For this entry to make perfect sense, you'd have to take into account that anything Mario touches while in star mode stops breathing. We're not talking about blades of grass and bacteria either. We're talking about living beings with brains.

Mario only needs to touch Goku once while in Star mode and that's the last of the Super Saiyan. Unless of course, Goku is somehow way more powerful than the power of a star (sun) which he very well may be.

21 Winner: Dante

via: artstation.com

This guy, Dante, is always on the list alongside Kratos as one of the more powerful beings in the video game world. He fights all sorts of evil bad guys and ends up with loads of powers that would rival most gods of myth and legend.

Dante is the kind of guy that likes to wield a sword and pistol simultaneously with a bit of magic thrown in. We're talking dark demon magic. Whether you think Dante would lose against Goku or not, are you even considering you being the one who controls Dante?

20 Could Win: Triforce Of Courage Link

via: rebloggy.com

If you were to take all of the powers given to Link at the end of all the games he's involved in and then offer him his most powerful attacks, armor, and weapons alongside that, we think Link's going to win the battle.

The Master Sword alone is nothing to be trifled with and with being the manifestation of sealing evil, we think there's some power there. If Goku for some reason turned evil and went around wiping out the world, Link would be able to stop him.

19 Probably Win: Bayonetta

via: polygon.com

There's a lot of similarities in power when it comes to Bayonetta, Kratos, and Dante. The three of them are controlled by the gamer in a much similar way and sometimes against similar enemies. So she's made it to the list.

The problem with video game characters like Bayonetta is that you can't make them too powerful, otherwise the game is too easy. So as they progress through the story and strengthen, you can start to get a feeling about how they'd handle a real threat.

18 Defeated Dracula: Alucard

via: wizyakuza.deviantart.com

Dracula would be on this list because he's super strong and in his various creative forms could probably stand to to to with Goku. But Alucard is the man who has defeated Dracula so we need for him to make it on this list. Stay true to Alucard, ya know?

Alucard has a wide range of attacks, weapons, techniques, and transformations that would certainly be a new battle for Goku. Most enemies of Goku just punch and kick. But how many of them throw fireballs at you and turn into a bat?

17 Maybe Survive: Jak And Daxter

via: reddit.com

So Jak and Daxter may be a bit of a stretch, but there are a few attacks Jak has that sort of make him a respectable warrior. Daxter is just kind of there for motivational purposes in case Goku vaporizes him with a Kamehameha wave.

Then Jak could turn into his divine or dark version of himself and use his morph gun. A morph gun that happens to have an attachment that holds a mini nuclear bomb. If Jak has the anger and ammo, he might put up a decent fight.

16 God Of Magic Win: Kefka

via: apptrigger.com

You all know the main man Kefka who ruins the world and becomes the God of Magic, right? He's a sick smooth cat that some would call the Makeup King of Crushing Dreams. Kefka is the most successful boss in any video game I can think of.

Kefka messed up the entire planet by pushing the goddess statues out of line with one another. Ruining the world of balance and making himself the proprietor of all magic in the world. His final form is that of a god. Goku wouldn't stand a chance.

15 In His Ship Maybe: Star Fox

via: starfox.wikia.com

Star Fox is one of those anthropomorphic animals that can really get the job done. He's a fighter pilot who's had his legs replaced with metal prosthetics so that when flying the blood doesn't rush to his legs. That's dedication.

There's a pretty solid chance that even if Fox had his ship in prime form and condition, that Goku would be able to blast him out of the sky. But we aren't so sure that would happen. There has to be a scenario where Fox gets a lucky Power Bomb shot.

14 Wrecks Goku: Sephiroth

via: forbes.com

Here's another Final Fantasy bad guy that everyone in this website should know about. Sephiroth, or rather the Sephiroth we're referring to is actually not the original Sephiroth. It's a version of Sephiroth infused with Jenova cells.

Sephiroth fell into the lifestream and assimilated with Jenova cells that made him way more powerful than anything on the planet. Maybe even the universe. Apparently, when Cloud and friends defeated him, he was holding back.

13 Might Pull Through: GTA Character

via: gamemodding.net

If you've ever been in the situation where cheating makes the game more fun, then you've probably played Grand Theft Auto. Going around and messing up cops seeing how much mayhem you can cause is the point of the series.

So if Goku were to show up, would he be able to defeat you in this powered-up state? We don't know. We don't know the extent of God mode in video games. Does the God mode cheat put a player on level with a Super Saiyan God?

12 The Force Wins: Galen Marek

via: starwarsmen.deviantart.com

Of all the Jedi and Sith able to be played as in video games, Galen is definitely the most impressive. After a while, he gets to be incredibly powerful and he even dual wields lightsabers. Something not many Jedi or Sith are seen doing.

Galen becomes the guy you want on our team in a fight regardless of the evil that's within him. He would actually challenge Goku to a fight if he had the chance. And Goku would have a good time fighting, but would Galen last?

11 Might Win: Arceus

via: comicvine.gamespot.com

Arceus is a pretty tough monster. Of all the stats in the games, Arceus has the highest total. With 120 base stats for every single stat available. That's a total of 720 base power when adding up Attack defense and speed.

We think that a fully unleashed Arceus would at least be able to withstand a few of Goku's attacks and definitely strike back with a few of its own. Arceus is a God like Pokemon, and only characters on god level deserve to be on this list.

10 Would Win: Akuma

via: pinterest.com

Akuma is a demon from a very awful place and is all about the martial arts. There's a pretty good chance him and Goku would start out trading blows but once Goku jumps to another power level, would Akuma keep up.

Akuma is a pretty nasty fellow. So it might be worth it for Goku to wipe him out and not hold back. Maybe Akuma could withstand the full force of Goku, but we're having some serious doubts as to how easy it will be to destroy Goku completely.

9 Might Stand A Chance: Zombies Level 100

via: assassinninja100.deviantart.com

Anyone who's played the zombie version in Call of Duty knows that after a while the zombies get so strong that you basically are running out of ammo just to wipe half of them out. And they just keep coming.

Now, most likely Goku would be able to wipe out wave after wave of zombies, but we don't think that Goku would be able to survive forever. Let's say the levels continue until Goku perishes. How long until the zombies get the edge? Because the answer isn't never.

8 Smash Time: Sin

via: reddit.com

Sin is an all-powerful city destroying force in the game Final Fantasy X. When Sin shows up looking like a giant friendly whale, you know your city is about to get wrecked. Even if you're a strong swimmer, you're in for a bad night.

Sin eventually gets defeated but the only way to do that is by heading inside of Sin and fighting the spirit on the inside. If Goku can't figure that out, maybe Sin would win. We feel even if Goku destroyed all of Spira, that would be counterproductive and may be ineffective.

7 Might Win: Sora

via: dualshockers.com

Sora gets pretty strong when you level him all the way up. He can fly and basically handle any attack thrown at him with nonstop magic attacks and sword strikes coming your way. There's also the few people on this list he's beaten.

Maybe he didn't beat Sephiroth one on one but we have to think that Sora would still stand a chance. It's possible. And we think that if Sora can defeat all the enemies he's beaten in life, then he can stick it up to Goku.

6 Would Win: Hero Cop From Crackdown

via: giantbomb.com

The cops from Crackdown, or agents, are on the strength level of Master Chief at least. Maybe even stronger, but definitely not more dangerous. After all, Master Chief has been designated as hyper lethal.

But this isn't about MC. This is about the comparison that Crackdown Agent can stand up to Goku. Maybe Goku in a bad mood would dominate this fight, but there's no way that Crackdown Agent isn't making Goku power up to Super Saiyan.

5 Could Win: Lavos

via: pinterest.com

Lavos is another endgame boss of a classic RPG that deserves the power recognition of being on this list. The only way to really beat Lavos is by traveling through time.

Goku might be able to take on full strength Lavos at any point in Lavos's life and still win. But we don't know how strong that actually is. Lavos is an alien parasite otherwise known as the destroyer of all life. He comes from parts unknown in the universe and would fight Goku. Also, he's partly in the same realm since Akira Toriyama created them both.

4 Would Win: Thanos

via: polygon.com

Thanos isn't really a classic video game character. That was until Infinity War had everyone wetting their pants and Fortnite decided to add a mode to the game where one lucky player could play as Thanos and demolish everyone else.

So that makes Thanos available for this article. Thanos would beat Goku because when I wrote about who could beat Thanos, Goku was at the top of the list. and since we'll never actually see this fight, we have to give these two warriors the respect they deserve.

3 Might Have A Chance: Pyramid Head

via: phoelixde.deviantart.com

Pyramid Head has two things going for him. He's super hard to defeat and he looks really really cool. And no it's not because he carries around a massive sword that he uses to execute fools with. His helmet's cool too.

But other than the super awesome pyramid... helmet... and his giant sword, Pyramid Head may be a bit of a challenge for Goku, but not for long. After a while, Goku would have no need to toy with such an evil fellow. It'd be time to turn it on and turn P. Head off.

2 Would Become Goku-Kirby And Win

via: samuelfavreau.deviantart.com

If you were to go with the idea that Kirby could absorb Goku's power and therefore his strength, don't you think Goku would have met his match? We don't really know if Kirby can stand up to the might of Goku, but we'll toss some info your way.

Kirby at one point was able to block the attacks of an evil dude who's life ending actually destroys an entire dimension. His life ending can destroy a dimension. And Kirby was blocking the attack. That's serious power even before swallowing and absorbing Goku.

1 Can't Lose: Indestructible NPC

via: youtube.com

So this character sort of follows the same rules as the God-mode character in GTA. But most of all, we're focusing on the unlimited defensive power of a child NPC in the game Skyrim.

In the game, you can't even attack the kids without putting a mod into the game to change the rules. So that basically means that Goku would have to input computer mods into his own universe to change the ability to be able to fight these NPCs. Sorry, But after a while, Goku is going to run out of power.

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