10 Video Game Characters That Deserve A Movie More Than Sonic

Anyone that has been on the internet within the past week or so will know that the trailer for the live action Sonic The Hedgehog movie has not gone down too well, and it's mainly down to the fact that the design of the main character is pretty unpleasant to look at.

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However, there are so many other video game characters out there that deserve a movie more than Sonic anyway! Let's take a look at some of the many video game characters that deserve a movie more than Sonic.

10 Solid Snake

There have been so many jokes made over the years about how these games often end up looking like movies anyway with the number of cutscenes that are involved. It only makes sense that they would give the guy his own movie!

It could follow the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, showing us exactly what retirement for a man like Solid Snake looks like. It only makes sense that he would end up being pulled back in for just one last mission, wouldn't it?

9 Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem comes from a time that is long past, one in which women were unfortunately portrayed as objects for men to look at and every single video game character out there seemed to be able to sprint at the speed of light.

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However, a movie that treated his character as tragic and capable of growth could be genuinely interesting. It could take a look at what it is like for a man that has been left behind by society and doesn't feel he is needed or wanted anymore, yet must continue to exist alongside the rest of us.

8 Ganondorf

One of the most interesting characters in The Legend Of Zelda series has always been this guy, as we know almost nothing about who he really is. At this point, he's an unknowable evil, one that just hangs over the world and constantly threatens to come back and mess with things again so that yet another Hero Of Time must rise up to take him down.

A movie that focuses on fleshing Ganondorf's character out would be genuinely interesting, giving us a look at him that people would never be able to see in a video game.

7 Samus Aran

Whenever Metroid players get a glimpse into the past of this womansomebody that was raised away from human beings and therefore acts differently to pretty much every other human video game characterit's fascinating.

A full movie would be a great chance for the writers to flesh out Samus' character, perhaps giving the audience a glance into an adventure that opens her eyes to yet another facet of humanity. Plus, the action scenes would be brilliant and offer the audience a chance to enjoy some real sci-fi action!

6 Nathan Drake

Anybody that hasn't seen the fake trailer for this character, starring Nathan Fillion, owes it to themselves to go have a look, as it perfectly captures what makes the Uncharted games so fun and enjoyable.

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It is pretty unlikely that a movie about this series would be made, but if it was, there's a chance the filmmakers could create something that rivals Indiana Jones if they played their cards right. They already have Fillion onboard to star in the main role, which would be enough to get a lot of people who haven't played the game to come along to see it!

5 Guybrush Threepwood

This mighty pirate hasn't had a video game in far too long, so it's about time that somebody picked him up and gave him his own swashbuckling feature film!

Just like every Monkey Island game, it could just be yet another look at one of the many adventures that this man finds himself ona snapshot into a life that is far more varied than pretty much every other video game character out there. With the right people involved, this could end up being a very funny movie that even non-gamers could enjoy!

4 Waluigi

More than anything, Waluigi deserves a movie because he is criminally overlooked by Nintendo. However, another way of looking at it is that he's one of the only Nintendo characters that doesn't have a fleshed out backstory.

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This is a chance for a writer to really delve into what makes this character tick, as it seems that Nintendo would like to leave him as a blank slate. It doesn't have to be serious, but there is a lot of freedom with this character to write whatever somebody wants and get it on the big screen!

3 Niko Bellic

Of all the characters that Rockstar has forced their audience to play as, this is the one that came the closest to having any sort of humanity. It's all relative, as this man could still do some terrible things, but there is a lot of potential waiting in this character.

Niko had more empathy than any other GTA protagonist, showing genuine remorse for the things he had done in his past. A movie showing players what happened to him after his attempt to go clean failed would definitely be an interesting one.

2 Andrew Ryan

This image should perfectly encapsulate why it is that the world needs a movie about Andrew Ryan, and it's because Johnny Depp would be able to play the character perfectly. It would be great to have a prequel to show all of the BioShock gamers out there how it is that Ryan ended up creating Rapture.

It could have been a single moment in his life that made him do what he did, or maybe it was a chain of events that didn't sit right with him. Show us how Rapture came to be, before it ended up going up in flames...

1 Dante

Okay, so some people just aren't going to agree with this, as they feel that the character from Devil May Cry is a ridiculous stereotype with little more to him than the ability to kill things while looking cool. Those people are definitely right.

However, with all of the movies out there at the moment that make a spectacle of action and violence, it only makes sense that Dante would be able to find a market if he was given his own movie. Forget the storyjust give people a chance to see this guy performing some absolutely insane stunts on the big screen!

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