25 Video Game Characters Reimagined As Disney Heroes

Video games are fun and so is Disney, so why not mash the two together? Okay, for some it sounds weird, but there are a solid amount of fans who have managed to do this in different ways. For the most part, this idea has different Disney characters either dressed up as video game characters or styled to fit with the game of choice. Here’s a general example: Disney Princesses as RPG characters, like in Final Fantasy.

It's great to see how different Disney characters would look like if they were dressed in different game characters’ outfits. However, how about taking a turn and have video game characters as Disney characters? Compared to Disney characters getting styled into video game characters, video game characters getting a different art style isn’t something new. Really, the bar between the two has no comparison.

After all, not everyone can take on the game style and turn it into art without a good level of skill. There are so many games with different styles though and the same goes for fanart. Creating fan art of a game and its characters is one thing, but how about creating them in the distinctive style that is Disney? Specifically, the 2D style that many have gained nostalgic feelings for.

There are different artists who have succeeded in this in different ways and some who didn’t mean to but managed to give the character a Disney-esque look that is unmistakable. Here are some characters that look like they would fit right in the Disney world.

25 Never Trust A Smile Like That

via: alexa420911.deviantart.com

The way that alexa420911 has designed Monika here, you would think Monika was a cute regular student. With those big green eyes and little button nose, she just seems like a sweet little teenager.

And then we get to the smile.

It’s just a few curved lines, but for anyone who knows about this character, that ain’t no normal smile. The thing is, with how expressive the Disney style is, the artist somehow cranked up the character’s creepiness factor. Okay, those eyes are starting to feel a little piercing...

24 A Fitting Portrait

via: felitomkinsone.deviantart.com

So does anybody actually remember Monkey Island? It’s a pretty old game that didn’t have the biggest of impacts, but those who do remember the game, like felitomkinsone here, mainly remember Mr. Threepwood. He already has a cartoonish in the game but with the artist’s design here, he looks like a character that’d fit in Treasure Planet. Seriously, the artist was apparently just experimenting, but this really looks like a painting that would fit in the film, if not for the whole digital photos thing.

23 A Different Twist Equals A New Story

via: yohiri.deviantart.com

Portal is one game that really left a mark in the puzzle genre. And with how twisted the plot can get, it’s a sure thing that people get creative with their photos. With Yohiri here, they’ve created their own humanized version of the robots and basically Disney-fied them.

More than that, they cropped up a whole alternate story here.

The great thing about the Disney style is that it makes the characters highly expressive and basically tells a story without saying anything. Kudos to the artist for their creativity here; this is one photo that would bring a solid series.

22 She's In A League Of Her Own

via: erikathegoober.deviantart.com

Tracer was pretty much one of the main characters to launch the Overwatch game into high popularity. With her high energy and cute catchphrase, she’s captured the hearts of many players. If she were to be turned into a Disney character, not only would she most likely look like erikathegoober’s design here, but she’d be a real one-of-a-kind gal. She’d for sure get along with characters like Star and Mabel, but Tracer is the type of character that’s on a different level. Heck, she’d definitely rock her own series as a one-woman-show.

21 Aren't They Just Precious?

via: strawberrieninjarts.tumblr.com

Out of all the people to romance in Mass Effect, Garrus by far is the most popular of the lot. It’s easy to see why so many like the character; he’s funny, he’s loyal, and he’s got a great amount of depth to him. Look at these two, clearly, MarleeZ had the right idea in transforming these two into Disney characters. Does anybody else feel a cavity forming just from looking at these two? Sure they have a battle to get to, but moments like this are always lovely.

20 A Prime Disney Lady

via: moonlightrose17.deviantart.com

Let’s all take a moment to just appreciate the sweet Elizabeth before everything hit the fan. She even looks like she just finished her little spin. Okay, her hair is not the style it’s supposed to be, and MoonLightRose17 knows that, but she still looks so precious here. What’s more, the artist had said that the character reminded her of Rapunzel, and it shows here. Those big blue eyes and the general style really give her the feel of her wanting to be free and see more. Seems like she’s got most of the Disney lady staples locked down, at least.

19 And In Comes The Silliness

via: twitter.com

Does anybody even know that Disney had this style once upon a time? First, it’s called rubber horse style, and second, this artist had apparently decided to create this fun little work in commemoration of Cuphead’s success. Now that’s a solid art nod right there. And somehow, having Link in this style weirdly works. It’d be a classic yet comedic hero tale. Just imagine, all of his battles becoming slapstick scenes instead... you can already hear a piano rearing in the scene.

18 It's A New Jungle Character

via: gunzcon.deviantart.com

Anybody else think that Donkey Kong here looks like a distant relative of the gorillas from Tarzan? The big muscles, the hair, even the expressions he’s making here are parallel to the characters in the film. GunZcon really locked down the Disney animal look here. Just imagine if the characters met though. Like, can you just see him and Kerchak sizing each other up and then going into this intense glare off or maybe some chest thumping. It’s just a sure thing that the two would have a personality clash.

17 An Enhancement Happened Here

via: squishymage.deviantart.com

Of course, the Disney style would look the best in rendering Phoenix Wright characters into a cartoon, and we have squishymage to thank for this lovely piece. You can practically hear the dialogue going on between the two here. It doesn’t seem possible, but Edgeworth seems even more snobbish than he is in the game. The way his lip is curled and that eyebrow is raised, you can just feel how his drawl is hitting Maya here. It’s fun how cartoon just enhances characters and their personalities.

16 A Most Believable Character Photo

via: eventhubs.com

Fans intentionally and unintentionally mashing Disney and video games is one thing, but having a straight up artist from Disney joining the fray is a whole different ballgame. Dylan Ekren is the character modeller for Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph and is apparently a fan of Chun-Li. It’s nice to see the character in a believable and athletic style. She looks like such an unassuming character in this style but we all know the truth. What’s more, the little details like the freckled and the eye style really ties the whole look together.

15 They Need More Family Time

via: felitomkinson.deviantart.com

You know what Last of Us needed more of? Downtime, especially for these two. Yes, it’s a zombie apocalypse game that’s meant to be filled with drama, but look at this. Photos like this one by felitomkinson.

We need more chill family bonding moments people.

Moments where they can actually sit down and have a good game. There’s so much being said in the photo with all the little details. From the activity board to all the clutter on the floor, this is chill and cuteness somehow combined.

14 Look At The Little Runner Go

via: ehh123.deviantart.com

The artist may not have meant to, but they managed to create a solid Disney look for the speedy hedgehog character. The image was originally meant to be a commission for a more realistic version of the character by rollingrabbit to EHH123. But honestly, this looks more like a picture of Sonic as a kid. The big eyes, the little snout, just about everything about him is so tiny here that you can’t but see this as some sort of childhood picture of the blue speedster rushing off to his own little adventure.

13 It's A Pokemon! It's A Dog! It's Both!

via: rollingrabbit.tumblr.com

We all know that Eevee originally looks like a tiny fox, but look at this. Instead of the expected fox character, Beth Turnsek gave us this adorable new breed of dog. You see it as well; the artist even mentioned that they saw the character as a dog. What’s more, a smile like that can only be described as the perfect dog smile. Let’s not even get started on those ears and tail. With this kind of design, you can easily see the character running around in some sort of countryside setting with big green fields.

12 Feel The Nostalgia Hit You

via: reddit.com

They look like an animal crew that would fit in one of the more classic animal films, if it wasn’t for their outfits and stories. Really, you can just see different films being featured here. From the way that Mae’s face looks to Gregg and Angus’ fur details, there’s a whole lot of old-style Disney to appreciate here. All that needs to be done is to dial down the darker elements and this could be a solid mystery cartoon series, heck, maybe something on par of Gravity Falls.

11 A Pure Cartoon Transformation

via: artstation.com

Disney may have only dished a handful of muscular characters, but they were some well-muscled guys. And for a character like Kratos, it’s only right that he gets the full-on buff treatment like Max Grecke did here. Even Atreus got himself a solid cartoon rendition.

This is basically the duo’s cartoon portrait.

From the difference in size between the two to the way their features show their personalities, the artist really went all out with this piece. Seriously, the artist wasn’t even aiming for a Disney style, and yet they did it with a mix of that and Pixar style.

10 Anyone Hear Music?

via: maloneyberry.deviantart.com

This was obviously meant to be Fenris having a brooding session during sunset but it’s got some clear Disney quality to it. Honestly, Maloneyberry has some great pieces that hold a Disney feel to them with the whole facial and visual style. Heck, Fenris here looks more like the typical Disney character who’s looking for more in the world. Those soulful eyes are just ready to leave someone swooning. That, or be featured in a music number. If you think about it, if he was given a Disney touch, he would have been even more extra.

9 Presenting A New Prince Charming

via: maloneyberry.deviantart.com

If there was anyone that would pull off the whole prince charming look, it would be Cullen. Even before Dragon Age: Inquisition, Cullen had more than a few people charmed. Maloneyberry just showed that Cullen would look even more charming in a Disney-esque style. Even if they didn’t mean to.

Really, with this look, he’s basically an honorary Disney Prince.

That smile, that eyebrow raise... heck, the hair alone gives him all the qualifications. When you think about it, he’s like a weird mix of Aladdin, Eugene, and Shang all at once, just blonde and more awkward.

8 From Mercenary To Bounty Hunter

via: artstation.com

There are all kinds of amazing photos created for Final Fantasy but surprisingly not a whole lot of theme stretch past the original style. Unless, of course, you count the cute and funny art. With David Ardinaryas Lojaya’s piece here, he basically took a jump outside the box with their Disney-esque styled Leo here.

Honestly though, take out the coat and he’d fit a western film.

Really, the outfit, the gun, and those piercing blue eyes? All that's missing is a desert setting and him having a steed. The hat is a debatable thing though. He’d make for a solid bounty hunter.

7 It's A Dream Team

via: jesskat-art.deviantart.com

What’s better than a simple crossover? How about a three-way crossover with an iconic thief, assassin, and prince? Out of all of the Disney crossovers that could have been made, JessKat-art’s piece is one that makes the most sense.

This would be the perfect desert trio.

Their stories may be different but they all have compatible skill sets and a knack for getting out of trouble. Just think, what if instead of meeting Jasmine, Aladdin had somehow met these two instead? The adventures alone would make for an epic tale. And of course, the banter between them would be amazing.

6 A Real Classic Villain

via: grey-aria.tumblr.com

We’ve got ourselves a whole bunch of heroes and other characters up on here, so how about adding in a villain? While Grey had meant for this to be an uncle version of Maxwell, everything about this screams a classic Disney villain. Those shaded eyes, the long face, and let’s not even get started with that outfit and dog. There’s no question he’d be the cunning villain who’d only have the hero suspicious while he charms the rest of the characters.

5 She's A Prime Disney Beauty

via: artstation.com

Lara Croft: there are very few who don’t know that name. Smart, strong, and a great adventurer, Lara is a true female icon of the video game world. Gushing aside, Marta Danecka’s has unintentionally created a perfect Disney version of the archaeologist.

How is it possible that she’s even more gorgeous here?

Seriously, she looks like she’s got an ethereal glow going on. Then there’s the hair and the facial details. Okay, she looks softer than she’s meant to, but it so works for this style. She’d still look amazing taking out her enemies.

4 Here Comes A New Disney Princess

via: disneyjam.deviantart.com

Daisy here looks amazing, and we have DisneyJAM to thank for this piece. Obviously, from their name, the artist has done more than a fair share of Disney and Disney-style pieces. With this piece here, she looks she’d fit right in the line-up. For sure she’d get along with a whole lot of the princesses with her cheerfulness and wit. Really though, she has a lot in common with the ladies, can we make her a Disney princess somehow? She’d fit the role perfectly.

3 Something Classic Turned Even More Classic

via: ashleynicholsart.deviantart.com

Of course, these two would get the Beauty and the Beast style piece, who else would? Take away the villain role and her being stolen, and the two of them would make for a solid video game version of the fairy tale. Just look at this piece by AshleyNicholsArt.

It’s the perfect reenactment piece.

We all know that this is the iconic scene from the Beauty and the Beast movie, but somehow it has a solid personal feel to it. Seriously, given the Disney touch, this looks like it could be a future photo of the two, after a LOT of communication.

2 Unexpectedly Precious

via: haylizbeth.deviantart.com

You know, take out all of the darker components of the game, Undertale would make for unique type of Alice in Wonderland tale. All the characters are so fun and colorful that they’d just make for some amazing Disney characters. Especially if they look like this. Courtesy of Haylizbeth, this looks like it’s a straight up movie or cutscene. Who knew that skeletons could look so pure? Seriously, who knew those eyeholes would be their cutest feature in this style? They look like little stars here.

1 Embrace The Disney Feels

via: haylizbeth.deviantart.com

Out of everything on this list, this is by far the most Disney photo that we could ever get. Of course it would be Undertale to achieve this and of course, it would involve Frisk and Toriel. Look at this, look at this precious piece by piece by Haylizbeth, it has all the makings of a true emotional or soft Disney scene. From the sunset tone to the way that Toriel is caring for Frisk here, there’s just so much to appreciate here.

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