24 Video Game Characters Reimagined As Hipsters

These talented fan artists have reimagined our favorite video game characters in a way we've never seen them: as hipsters.

Here’s the thing about fan art: it doesn’t end—and I mean that in whichever way you like. There are oodles upon oodles of it and more coming all the time. So many franchises that have artistic fans and so many bottomless pits filled with the stuff they’ve made, and more coming all the time.

If you really want to see the width and breadth of the human imagination, look no further than DeviantArt, or Tumblr, or any one of the many places on the internet where fan creations grow faster than rabbits.

Video games, of course, produce a lot of fan art. Type the name of any game or game character into Google images and see them reimagined any way you like. Now, if I wanted to wanted to talk about everything there is to talk about here I could—but then you’d be here all day reading a 300-page book, so I narrowed the subject down a bit: let’s talk about hipsters.

Hipsters, y’know, those people you see hanging around Starbucks wearing designer hoser jackets, horn-rimmed glasses, and oversized headphones while hoping someone notices their carefully-crafted air of existential malaise. Those people. Well, some of them like video games, and lord already knows most of them can draw, and put the two together and… well… ever wanted to see what Ganondorf would look like if he lived in Williamsburg and played keytar for an indie rock band? Now you can find out, you lucky, lucky people!

24 Pipes Are So Last Year

via: kotaku.com

Mario has been everyone's favorite plumber ever since way back in 1985… but plumbing is so last year, right? Mario’s discovered the world of cafes and microbrews, ditched his plunger to start a plumbing blog instead and gotten a make-over to match. We’re not sure if he’s still going to be rescuing the princess or fighting any Koopa Kings: that’s pretty mainstream, right? He can be seen every evening at the Toad Town Cold Brew establishment blogging up a storm about fair trade mushrooms.

23 The Hipster Hero Of Time

via: causeimdanjones.deviantart.com

It looks like the hipster bug has caught on over in the Kingdom of Hyrule, too. Some of the results of this have been questionable, but let’s start with something more on the cute side: he’s little Link in his hipster gear, looking a bit smug. He’s added a few updates, but its more or less the same old look that’s always worked for him, and we appreciate that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

22 Infinitely Hipster

via: knowyourmeme.com

BioShock Infinite concluded the excellent BioShock trilogy … and what a conclusion! Arguably the best game in the series, the game puts us in the shoes of gumshoe Booker DeWitt, sent by the mysterious Lucette siblings to the floating city of Columbia to “bring them the girl and wipe away the debt.” Here are Booker and his companion (no spoilers!) Elizabeth chilling at some hip club, probably around this point in history, wearing convincingly hip and up to date garb. Nobody would think for a second that they didn’t belong.

21 Yeah, I Wear Pink, So What?

via: amanehatsu.deviantart.com

Peach has also joined the trend, but she still looks like her old, good-natured self. It appears she’s taken a trip to the eye doctor, or just gotten some frames for the sheer style of it. It's the hipster way, after all. We’re digging the look, and at least she’s laid back another to go for what we’re assuming is the Mushroom Kingdom equivalent of Starbucks instead of some crazy obscure Lavalava Island Yerba Mate or whatever. Peach is cool, we think: she’d probably actually show up to our party.

20 If Lara Croft Was A Bit Younger, And A Bit More Hipster

via: anastasya01.deviantart.com

Lara Croft was one of the hugest stars in the history of gaming way back at the end of the 1990s, but she didn’t really stand the test of time and, two decades later, she’s sorta disappeared. So what exactly has our favorite upper-crust British archaeologist been up to since her days of fame? Well, though we might not be too sure, we do know that she really rocks those amazing glasses. It takes a real hipster to pull off green shades, and Lara here is doing it well.

19 We're Sure His Mom Thinks He's Cool

via: diigii-doll.devianart.com

Dr. Robotnik—or Dr. Eggman, whatever you like—has followed the trend too. As usual, he is nowhere near as hip as his blue nemesis. We’re not buying it at least. He doesn’t even seem to be buying it himself, judging by the look on his face. Especially the Sonic logo ‘kerchief, probably… that was probably a bad choice, given that he’s the, y’know, arch-nemesis. He’s probably going to be the first one out of anybody on this list to ditch the look and go back to the tried and true.

18 Sort Of Like Elton John, Except He's A Turtle

via: pinterest.com

So, what does a Koopa King do when it's his downtime? Well, as it turns out, he's a lot like the rest of us. Here we see Bowser, with some pretty amazing hair, sitting down and enjoying a nice fair-trade brew. We can only imagine that the shop he's sitting is playing some great music and is full of people working on their latest unfinished manuscripts. We wonder if Princess Peach would actually fall for Bowser if she saw him like this.

17 Princess of Hyrule Makes Her Own Rules


Zelda looks a bit more intimidating. She looks like she’s been listening to a lot of the Violent Femmes (they’re from, like Milwaukee, right, this place in another reality? Like, you’ve probably never heard of them) and is so done with all that heroine of the Triforce stuff. She’s all about just being herself and, y’know, she like, just doesn’t really care. But she’s actually just really misunderstood, she’s working through a lot of stuff, and you should totally take a look at her sketchbook.

16 Toads Are So Last Year


Toad is one of the more underappreciated characters in gaming. He’s always there, but who actually gives him much thought? He’s even been a playable character on and off since the mid-eighties, and a decent one at that, but he hasn’t even been let in the Smash Bros club yet! But who needs clubs anyway? That’s so conformist. We’re not sure we really agree with his, er, “stylistic choices.” Toad’s always been cute, and this ain’t cute at all, but he’s certainly going to get noticed a lot more.

15 Second Place Is Best


Here is Tails. Naturally, he’s eschewing the more brooding side of hipsterdom. Tails is more attracted to the happier, lighter, more bubble-gummy side of the experience. Check him out rocking some red overalls and a snazzy purple bowtie. Isn’t he adorable? The new stuff he’s added just complements the Tails we all know and love. We can just picture him in his plane all decked out like that, looking for all the world like one of the Wright brothers, except with a smartphone.

14 Poké Balls Are Too Restrictive

via: sycophantman.deviantart.com

Pikachu is one of the cutest things ever to grace the face of the Earth. No joke. I didn’t have a teddy bear when I was a little kid, I had a stuffed Pikachu, and I’d take my adorable electric mouse over any rotten old bear any day of the week! But I guess Pokémon have to go up to and, now, the little guy looks like he’s going through a phase. It’s not like it’s that unusual and, weirdly, looks just about as cute.

13 A Dino In Bikini Bottom

via: the-quill-warrior.deviantart.com

There’s hipster Yoshi in all his glory, with his tats and his tunes, his shades and… apparently, dinosaurs can grow facial hair now. That’s pretty straightforward: it's the setting that begs more questions. Why is Yoshi in Bikini Bottom, and how is he breathing underwater? Some franchises mix like oil and water, and here is a case of that. It’s just jarring. The surrounding denizens of the deep seem just about as confused by this as we are.

12 Ganondorf's No Ganondork

via: buzzfeed.com

Ganondorf, master of the Triforce of Power and the king of all that is evil, has finally gotten tired of the same old look. Get sealed away for a few thousand years and the look you come back with is just gonna be a bit dated, y’know? So he went and got a make-over, and it's actually kind of working. Freakishly. He’s even got a phone, although we’re not sure of who exactly he’s going to call. But who uses a phone for a phone anymore? Mobile devices are for tunes, and Ganon’s gotta have his tunes.

11 Gotta Go Faster Than The Trends!

via: looj.devinartart.com

Sonic and his friends have already been down quite a long and winding road. Starting off life as Sega’s star mascot as a competitor for Nintendo and his Mario, the blue hedgehog was forced into something of an identity crisis when Sega exited the console wars, became a third-party developer and Mario and Sonic were forced to become the best of friends. We all gotta deal with change somehow—and the blue speedster has done so by going in for a makeover. The look kinda suits him too. Check out the Nintendo coffee!

10 He Was An Edgelord Before It Was Cool

via: dobermutt.deviantart.com

Shadow the Hedgehog is Sega’s attempt at an edgier, more T-rated version of their blue mascot. So, naturally, in order to keep up with the curve, he had to go hipster too… although he doesn’t look all that happy about it. He looks like he’s restraining himself from taking off the glasses and snapping them in two. Which could very well be the case: this is the very same hedgehog that went running around with a gun and moral ambiguity back in his own ill-advised self-titled game.

9 So Old He's Retro, So Therefore Hip

via: dorkly.com

Back to Nintendo for a minute, for proof that a new look doesn’t require a lot. Here’s Donkey Kong, as he appeared for his gala arcade premiere, way back in nineteen hundred and eighty. Except for one difference: check out those specs. You see folks, that’s all it takes! DK’s got it. Pick up a pair of reading glasses down at the dollar store and there you have it, there’s your new look! Nobody’s going to question his credentials when we walk into the Kong Kold Brew Kafe, and all it took was a pair of black frames.

8 Knew All About Umbrella Before Rihanna Made It Cool

via: DemonLeon3D.deviantart.com

Now let's move away to some of the lesser known, but still classic, gaming icons. Leon is one of the main protagonists of the celebrated Resident Evil series, starring in Resident Evil 2 as well as the much-acclaimed Resident Evil 4—and, frankly, he’s already pretty stylish, if you ask us. Here we see Leon has done just a little more than DK, putting on a pair of glasses but also adding a stylish scarf and leather jacket. It works, and he’s going to be the most stylish guy of the zombie apocalypse.

7 He Works With Google Maps Now


Tingle has always turned heads for his fashion choices—not for any good reasons, but heads turned. It looks like he might have figured out that his look had some problems—and he’s done quite a lot better the second time around, if we do say so ourselves. He’s preserved the same basic idea, but traded the unflattering tights for some loose-fitting streetwear, unpretentious hoodie, and jeans. But being a hipster, the pretentious has to come in somehow, so he gets to that with the accessories. So check out the glasses.

6 Kirby's Dream Land? Sounds Like A Pretty Good Band Name


Kirby has the ability to take on the form (roughly) and powers of anything he eats, and it looks like he’s had some hipster for lunch today. Y’know, for some of the characters on the list we know how we feel right away: love ‘em or hate ‘em. We’re not really sure what to make of our little friend Kirby here. He’s got a bowtie and two nose rings without a nose. How does he even grip his phone or his coffee? And yet, despite everything, he pulls it off.

5 Such A Shy Guy

via: mcgillustrator.deviantart.com

This guy might be shy, but his fashion sense definitely isn’t—he’s not avoiding any attention with that vibe he's giving off. We wonder if he actually knows that Koopa Troopa right there next to him. This little wallflower might not be the most outgoing guy out there, but he definitely is the kind of guy that we'd like to know. We hope that he found a hipster soulmate at this party, as he so rightly deserves.

4 Go K.K. Hipster!

via: hopelessromantic.deviantart721.com

K.K. Slider is already Animal Crossing’s resident hipster, but he’s updated his style just a tiny bit to go with the changing trends. Effortlessly cool before, effortlessly cool he remains. Maybe actually even a bit more approachable looking. He’s probably jazzed up his songs a bit too… or does he even need to? Surely his odd, quirky little ditties would be a hit in hipster circles. How less mainstream can you get? We also feel like there's a bit of romance going on here as well.

3 Uh... Hipsters Do Like Pizza, Right?

via: bstaru.deviantart.com

Five Nights At Freddy’s has been, for better or worse, one of the biggest things in gaming during the last few years. It’s actually reasonably frightening. You’re in the dark, and then there are animatronic animals that come out at you out of nowhere, and… jump spooks, you get the idea. Anyway, here’s one of the famous animatronic nightmares, Foxy, looking quite a bit better, and fleshier, than he does in the game. He can go to the karaoke bar now without anyone flipping out and screaming their lungs out at the sight of him now!

2 For Whom Cafes Are Strange Places


A decent boss rush/platforming game to begin with, Cuphead is entirely hand-drawn in the style of 1920s and 30s cartoons. It’s a masterfully done feast for the eyes, literally an extra stylistic replica of circa 1933, and is also insanely difficult. Doable, contrary to some rumors: we’ve seen it done, masterfully, with our own eyes. Anyway, the great depression is fine and all, but Cuphead and his pal Mugman decided to update. They've added some hip, so they’ll fit in with the cafe crowd a bit more … although that isn't exactly safe for them.

1 Player Two Is The New Black


Luigi has, as usual, followed Mario’s lead. Except, in true hipster fashion, he is claiming to not be following anyone at all—Mario is too mainstream anyway, right? Still, he’s come up with something, well, I guess, kind of original: he’s taken up photography. Vintage, retro camera. See the results of his craft on his Instagram; see his masterful documentation of various organic vegan restaurants. People still bring up Mario all the time, of course, every single person he talks to actually, but he’s quick to remind them that Mario is so last year, so plebeian.

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