The 30 Strongest Video Game Characters Ever, Officially Ranked

There are plenty of powerful video game characters out there. Any game you pick up will more likely than not, have characters that can pull off some extraordinary feats – be it jumping a certain distance, mastering a weapon, or using some magic. Although you don't  have to look far to find a character’s specialty, this naturally springs debates as to which characters are stronger. We’re going to be looking at it from a different angle, though, as we’re going to look at game characters that are just too strong.

There are plenty of powerful characters to consider and you can make a case for so many to be included in this discussion, but we’ve narrowed it down to 30. These characters aren’t all on the same level, but rather, are those that stand out the most in their respective series. We’ve also limited the majority of this list to video game characters only, which means no Goku or Superman. Still, there are some pretty imposing characters on this list. There’s everything from super soldiers, all-powerful sorcerers, celestial beings, and anything in between. With that said, here are the 30 Strongest Video Game Characters Ever, Officially Ranked.

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30 Alex Mercer: Prototype Series

via: deviantart.com/betti357

Alex Mercer might not be one of the absolute strongest characters on this list, but he certainly is one of the most ferocious you’ll see. After being infected with a strain of the Blacklight virus, which he himself worked on, Mercer turned into an incredibly resourceful and vicious one man army.

Mercer’s abilities allow him to take on all manner of foes, efficiently fighting through waves of enemies at a time. Mercer has a wide array of incredibly versatile abilities that make him an efficient fighter in both close quarter and ranged combat. His shapeshifting abilities allow any part of him to become a weapon and he possesses a number of superhuman traits such as strength, speed, and endurance, which when combined together, makes him near impossible to defeat by traditional methods.

29 Master Chief: Halo Series

via: vg247.com

One of the most iconic video game characters in the industry, Master Chief isn’t exactly the most souped-up when compared to others on this list. But, despite his lack of eye-grabbing abilities and mystical prowess, Master Chief has shown fans time and time again that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

That being said, he isn’t your average soldier. He has some superhuman traits and possesses a mastery of military weaponry and equipment that would at the very least, allow him to put up some kind of a fight against some of the stronger characters on this list.

28 Samus Aran: Metroid Series

via: wallpaperup.com

Samus Aran has one of the most recognizable designs out there, even without her famous Power Suit on. Despite being incredibly athletic and physically gifted, Samus’ place on this list is highly dependent on the use of her Power Suit.

The suit serves as Samus’ main line of defense and protection while allowing her the ability to change forms, apply upgrades, and navigate a myriad of different and potentially dangerous environments. It serves as her greatest means of attack and defense.

27 Kirby: Kirby Series

via: ign.com

As adorable as he is dangerous, Kirby is one of the most intimidating characters on this list. Think about it, Kirby’s abilities are all dependent on his capability to devour his foes. It’s all pretty cute in the games, but this little pink psycho is a serious monster when you really give it some thought.

Kirby can pretty much inhale anything, and once he does, he copies that being's ability for his own use. This alone makes him a tough challenge for many on this list. Though he isn’t invincible, he’s not someone who should be judged on their looks alone.

26 Doomguy: Doom Series

via: youtube.com

Much like the Master Chief, Doomguy is an incredibly gifted soldier, but instead of aliens, he takes on demonic forces. His ability to handle the supernatural singlehandedly is pretty impressive and he’s proven to be resilient throughout his adventures.

Doomguy is incredibly acrobatic and agile, which makes navigating a battlefield pretty easy for him. He’s able to carry a surplus of weapons and equipment without slowing down and he’s shown to have fairly above average physical strength. He may not be the strongest on this list, but he’s still one tough character.

25 Pyramid Head: Silent Hill Series

via: deviantart.com/c0le393

The Silent Hill series has shown us a number of vile, unsettling monsters over the years, but none have left the same impression on fans that Pyramid Head has. As violent and strong as it is unsightly, Pyramid Head is a force to be reckoned with.

Pyramid Head seems to be a type of monster rather than a singular entity who possesses raw strength that normal humans can’t hope to compete with. The giant Great Knife it carries around only makes it that much more of a challenge in close-range combat. It might not come off as the strongest character on our list, but this isn’t a foe that should be taken lightly.

24 Bayonetta: Bayonetta Series

via: wikia.nocookie.net

Next up on our list is Bayonetta, a character that many should be familiar with. As an Umbra Witch, Bayo possesses a number of physical and magical abilities that make her a tough opponent for anyone on this list.

She’s a master of the Bullet Arts and is proficient with pretty much any weapon she gets her hands on. Bayo is an agile fighter while also possessing incredible strength. Her magical abilities give her numerous advantages such as slowing down time, summoning demons, and increasing her power exponentially at any given point.

23 Galen Marek: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Series

via: wikia.nocookie.net

Long before Disney made him irrelevant by completely resetting the EU, Galen Marek seemed to be one of the most dangerous force users in the Star Wars galaxy. It’s something that both his fans and detractors point to whenever he comes up in conversation.

Marek has been shown to be exceptionally skilled when using a lightsaber – he was after all, trained by Darth Vader from an early age. However, it’s his mastery of the force and raw power that stick out the most. Marek has used the force to pull off incredible feats, from ripping a Star Destroyer down from the sky, disintegrating enemies, or throwing foes around him like ragdolls.

22 Senator Armstrong: Metal Gear Series

via: metalgearinformer.com

Nanomachines, son. An imposing figure, Senator Armstrong is a pretty intimidating guy without the nanomachine infusion. Armstrong is pretty adept at close-range combat and his massive frame makes him tough to fight one-on-one.

With the nanomachines, he’s a totally different monster. Hardening his skin, reattaching limbs, as well as the ability to generate flames and incorporate it into his attacks are just some of his souped-up abilities. He definitly isn’t someone you’d want to underestimate.

21 Cole MacGrath: inFAMOUS Series

via: wikia.nocookie.net

The inFAMOUS games let you run around while using a wide range of awesome superpowers that just get crazier as you progress through the story. Cole MacGrath already had great athletic ability before he got caught up in the blast. That, coupled with his powers, made him an agile heavy hitter.

Cole’s abilities revolve around electrokinesis, which basically allows him to control electricity. It’s a pretty versatile ability that allows him to impact waves of foes while also allowing him the option to heal himself during battle.

20 Sephiroth: Final Fantasy VII

via: wikia.nocookie.net

Probably the most well known antagonist in the Final Fantasy franchise, Sephiroth isn’t someone you'd want to mess with. A highly regarded member of the SOLDIER program, Sephiroth’s abilities are unmatched among his peers.

Though he is constantly brought up as one of the series’ most powerful adversaries, we don’t really have a full grasp on all of Sephiroth’s abilities. He’s incredibly strong, fast, and gifted in combat. Add that to his mastery of various Materia and you’ve got one tough customer.

19 Dante: Devil May Cry Series

via: wikia.nocookie.net

We’re not going to be talking about reboot Dante for this next entry as the original will suffice. Being a human/demon hybrid certainly has its perks, and Dante makes full use of them. He really shines in physical combat and can find his way around nearly any weapon.

Thanks to his demon half, Dante is able to take on powerful foes on his own and can even turn into a full-on demon, amplifying his powers significantly. You can bet he would be more than enough to handle for anyone on this list.

18 Albert Wesker: Resident Evil Series

via: youtube.com

A cunning madman, Albert Wesker was trouble long before his exposure to the prototype virus. A member of Project W, Wesker was a gifted individual whose abilities were amplified to superhuman levels, making him difficult to handle for most.

A confident leader with genius level intelligence, Wesker could defeat foes with his mind, as well as with his enhanced physical abilities. He’s one of the more cunning characters on this list who just so happens to be able to dish it out pretty efficiently.

17 Alma Wade: F.E.A.R. Series

via: comicvine.com

Even among the incredibly powerful members of this list, Alma Wade is a little unique. A powerful psychic and vengeful specter, Wade isn’t an enemy you can commit to fighting head-on, and that’s what makes her such a formidable opponent.

Rather than take someone on with brute force, she can completely break them from within. However, that isn’t to say that she can’t handle herself in a fight. You definitely don’t want to go one-on-one with her as she can deal with most enemies rather easily.

16 Jack Of Blades: Fable Series

via: wall.alphacoders.com

Never seen without his mask off, Jack of Blades is without a doubt one of the most well-known and recognized characters in the entire Fable franchise. Jack is an ancient being who uses the aforementioned mask to attain new hosts, thus, living on forever.

Aside from his human form, Jack possesses an intimidating dragon one as well. Jack can take opponents on in either form and fair well regardless – though the dragon one definitely does provide a considerable boost in strength.

15 Ciri: The Witcher Series

via: imgur.com

Ciri might not be the most experienced character on this list, but she still deserves to be in the conversation. She possesses great power that could make her one of the strongest beings in her world. Imagine what she could do if she mastered her powers.

Ciri has shown that she can handle a sword and keep up with most enemies; however, it’s her ability to teleport and travel through worlds that really makes her stick out. The latter has a much more practical use in battle than the former, but it’s her use of both that makes her so dangerous.

14 The Prince: Katamari Series

via: actualitesjeuxvideo.fr

A bit of a silly inclusion to our list, sure, but think about what The Prince can do. With the use of Katamari, the Prince can bunch up anything and everything he comes across. It all seems light-hearted enough, but those things can do some real damage.

It always starts out small, then gradually, it gets bigger and bigger. By the end of Katamari Forever!, the Prince had actually bundled up clumps of various planets. That’s one kid that you want on his best behavior at all times.

13 Ganondorf: Legend Of Zelda Series

via: digitaltrends.com

Ganondorf is easily one of the most recognizable characters on this list, and one that many recognize as a powerful enemy. Ganon’s immense power usually stems from his possession of the Triforce of Power, but he’s still incredibly powerful without it.

A powerful Gerudo, Ganon has shown that he is a skilled and dominant magic user, who possesses massive strength and the ability to transform as well. This makes him something of an unpredictable opponent for anyone facing him.

12 Xehanort: Kingdom Hearts Series

via: reddit.com

With KH3 on the horizon, you’re going to see plenty of hype floating around over the next few weeks. Let’s shift our attention now to the series’ most intriguing villain: Xehanort. We haven’t presumably seen his full strength yet, but we can only imagine what he’s really capable of.

Xehanort is able to teleport himself out of tricky situations, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t handle himself in a fight. He’s incredibly skilled with a Keyblade and is physically tough, despite his appearance.

11 Talion: Middle-earth Series

via: comicvine.com

There are plenty of characters to be found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels. But, one that particularly sticks out is Talion: a character exclusive to Monolith Productions’ Middle-earth games. As a non-canon character, the devs were able to make him a pretty powerful part of Mordor.

As a ranger of Gondor, Talion is more than capable of handling himself in a fight (be it close or ranged combat). With his wraith abilities, he’s able to pull off all kinds of wild actions. His physical power is amplified, he can manipulate enemies, stealthily teleport to them, and even raise those who have passed to fight for him.

10 Alucard: Castlevania Series

via: youtube.com

Like many on this list, Alucard isn’t human, and therefore, can do things that most just can’t naturally do. Half-vampire and half-human, Alucard definitely resembles the former compared to the latter, at least in terms of ability.

His magical ability might not be on par with his father’s, but it’s still something that sets him apart. He’s an excellent swordsman and possess’ incredible speed strength and senses that most can’t hope to compete with. What’s really impressive is how he uses dark magic,  and his shapeshifting capabilities are said to be similar to Dracula’s.

9 Shao Kahn: Mortal Kombat Series

via: wikia.nocookie.net

Not only is Shao Kahn very physically imposing, but he’s also a complete beast that can back up any angst he strikes into you. A formidable conqueror, Shao Kahn gets the absolute best of both worlds as he’s skilled physically and with magic. This makes fighting him head-on a daunting task.

He possess a wide array of moves, from absolute brute strength to incredible magical ability, meaning that he can take on pretty much any fighter in a variety of ways.

8 Ludger: Tales Of Series

via: pinterest.ca

Tales of Xillia 2’s Ludger might be one of the more obscure characters on this list, but he’s definitely up there in terms of fighting ability. He’s adept at dual-wielding swords and pistols and can even manage hammers.

But, it’s his chromatus ability that really sets him apart. Once he learns how to use it in battles, he gets significant boosts in his strength and endurance. He can also send enemies to a different dimension, which sounds spooky for anyone on the opposing end.

7 Kefka Palazzo: Final Fantasy VI

via: wikia.nocookie.net

As powerful as he is nuts, Kefka Palazzo is probably the most intimidating villain in Final Fantasy history. Kefka only gets stronger as VI’s story unfolds, and as his powers grow, he eventually reaches godhood. Suffice to say he isn’t someone you’d want to run into on the street.

Don’t let his appearance fool you, though, as Kefka is more of a threat than he appears to be. He eventually becomes so powerful that he can wipe out multiple espers at once, warp reality, and even smite down entire towns. He can even create his own personal army, though we all know he doesn’t really need one to get through a fight.

6 Arceus: Pokémon Series

via: bulbagarden.net

Until Pokémon fans were introduced to Arceus back in Gen IV, many thought Mew to be something of a creator, as was hinted at earlier on in the franchise. But, that all went out the window as Arceus is probably the Pokémon most likely responsible for creating the universe.

That’s pretty amazing, and kind of lets you know where it stands among the Pokémon hierarchy. Not only is it the most powerful creature in its franchise, but one of the most almighty on this list. How many of these entries can you associate creating billions of lives with?

5 Asura: Asura’s Wrath

via: wikia.nocookie.net

Things are just going to get weirder from here as we now turn our attention to Asura from Asura’s Wrath. Asura is a complete berserker who can mess things up on a cosmic level. Being a demigod and all, he’s definitely got some abilities others on this list don’t.

What really makes Asura stand out is his awesome strength and durability, as well as his speed. They put him in a class of his own. While others on this list might need to incorporate a little bit of strategy into their fights, Asura can get along just fine with strength alone.

4 Nyx: Persona Series

via: wikia.nocookie.net

The Persona series has had some pretty memorable villains; from antagonists like Adachi and Shido, to all powerful gods and deities. But, the danger they posed never felt as immediate and bleak as “The Fall” that Nyx sought to bring about in Persona 3.

Nyx is still one of the most daunting villains in the Persona games. Nyx is said to be the personification of death itself, and only fights through its avatar, which itself is fairly strong. It is said that Nyx lives outside reality and resembles a celestial body in size. That doesn’t sound like something you can take down.

3 Kratos: God Of War Series

via: pushsquare.com

Probably the most well-known character on this list, especially when you consider the massive success of the recent GoW title, Kratos also happens to be one of the strongest video game characters out there.

If you’re wondering just how tough Kratos actually is, just take a look at his resume. He has fought all kinds of powerful Gods and not only has he won, but in many cases, dismantled his enemy. We’re talking about some of the most powerful beings in his universe. That alone puts him high on our list.

2 Giygas: Mother Series

via: gamespot.com

Few video game characters inspire the kind of angst that Giygas does. It is a being that exists solely to eliminate reality and send it into infinite darkness. Anything that can do that has to be immensely powerful.

We don’t know what this is – and we don’t want to know either. Giygas is a huge threat to whoever is taking it on. It has an army of war machines backing it up and can even manipulate human beings. It causes anything around it to become violent and upset, which then leads to total hysteria. In terms of powers and abilities, Giygas is just on another level.

1 Deathwing: World Of Warcraft

via: wikia.nocookie.net

We continue with yet another mammoth-sized character that’s more than able to handle itself against nearly any type of enemy. Deathwing is big, strong, and too tough to take down. This powerful dragon is one of the strongest things you’ll see in WoW.

Aside from his huge size, Deathwing has the advantage of an armor-plated body to help him in any sort of combat situation. With complete control over the land, including lava, which the majority of his attacks consist of, Deathwing seems like one of the most  powerful gaming characters out there.

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