24 Weird Video Game Couple Crossovers We Never Expected

Video game fans have taken their favorite characters and put them into situations, and couples, that we never would have expected.

From the likes of Nintendo’s Mario and Princess Peach to Life is Strange’s Chloe and Rachel, video games have always created eclectic couples represented throughout this form of entertainment. Even though video games are not always big on the love story side of storytelling, plenty of these video game couples have tugged at our heartstrings over the years. Surprisingly, some of the best love stories have come from video games and it doesn’t seem like that will stop any time soon.

Most video game couples seem like they are a match made in heaven for one another while others seem rather unlikely. Whether it is the courageous knight who wins over the princess in the end, or the less likely plumber who gets the girl, video game heroes always seem to have someone that they are a match with.

Many of these pairings in video games are iconic and go along with their respected games. The idea of say Pac-Man being with someone other than Ms. Pac-Man is baffling. Still, the internet fan art community has come up with thousands of crazy combinations when pairing up unlikely video game couples. Sure, we have seen plenty of crossovers before between popular video games, yet we rarely take a look at what would happen if some of these characters dated other video game characters from other franchises or even (gasp!) different consoles. With that said, here are some video game characters you might have never imagined being with one another romantically.

24 Moving On From The Past

via: QuizzicalKisses.deviantart.com

Kratos did not exactly have the best of luck with his family in the God of War series, but hopefully his future love interests work out better for him in his favor.

Bayonetta might be the fire that could help reignite that flame.

Sure, she might be a little bit too saucy for his tastes, but I can’t help but think that these two would make a fantastic duo when it comes to knocking down some monsters, despite them both being able to handle their own.

23 Who Needs A Hero?

via: ParSujera.deviantart.com

It is a tired cliché that princesses always need to be a damsel in distress and Nintendo might just be the guiltiest of following this trope. It seems that their iconic princesses have been being rescued since the 80s, only showing that they are capable of holding their own a handful of times. Princess Peach and Princess Zelda might prove better off without the plumber or the Hero of Time, however, and at the very least, they prove to make a cute couple.

22 A Perfect Storm


Lightning and Cloud might technically be from the same video game series, but it is rare that we see the different numbered entries cross over as each entry takes place it its own universe. While spinoffs have shown a gaggle of Final Fantasy characters interact a handful of times, this might just be the best possible match.

You can’t have lightning without a cloud.

These two may both be the introverted brooding types, but that is what makes them the perfect match for one another.

21 Sugar Overload

via: K-6.deviantart.com

Is there such thing as a cuteness overload? The idea of Kirby dating Jigglypuff is a fair indicator that there might be. It’s not totally far off that these two would date one another. After all, they are quite similar in appearance making us question whether or not Kirby is just a long lost Pokémon. But these two might just be Nintendo’s cutest video game characters and the sweetness factor of these two combined makes us wish we could actually get a weird crossover with these two at some time.

20 Fighting The Blues


We don’t really get to see the sensitive side of Samus Aran a lot, especially since we typically see her in bounty hunter, alien-busting mode. Even though we usually see Samus all geared up looking rather tough, she likely has a sensitive side as well. While Mega Man might seem like a weird dating choice (he is still an android, after all), this picture of the two is too cute for words. Still, there is nothing more obnoxious than a couple that dresses alike.

19 A Retro Mascot Couple


Spyro and Crash Bandicoot might be best known for being the most likely mascots for the PlayStation back in the 90s and even though we’ve never seen these two together, they still share quite a bit in common.

Strangely enough, both have seen major remakes of their glory days this past year.

It seems that these modern reboots may have been just enough to spark a kinship between these two, and while a dragon and a bandicoot seem like a strange combination, they seem like a sweet couple nonetheless.

18 Raiding Their Way To Fortune


Leave it to Lara Croft and Nathan Drake to take the most serious couple portrait of all time, despite both of their whimsical natures. The Tomb Raider and Uncharted franchises share quite a lot in common whether it be raiding tombs or finding lost treasure. While they may seem more likely to be rivals, these two would actually make a pretty good team as well. Even though I feel somewhat bad for Elena, Nathan might need someone who can keep up with him.

17 An Odd Dinner Choice

via: BrokenTeapot.deviantart.com

First dates are always a bit awkward, especially those done at restaurants since people typically don’t feel comfortable eating around others they are just getting to know.

But this has got to be the most awkward meal I’ve ever seen.

We know that Snake is pretty adventurous with his meals, but really? Bringing Samus to a restaurant that serves snake kebobs? Hopefully they have something vegetarian on the menu because if everything is served up like this, there probably won’t be a second date.

16 Tea For Two


Wheatley from Portal 2 and Halo’s 343 Guilty Spark are frustratingly similar in terms of design. Mechanical spheres with a glowing blue orb in the center might not be the pinnacle of character design, but I suppose each design serves its purpose. The idea of these two gents having tea with one another is hilarious, even if the two would be highly unlikely couple. Sorry Wheatley, but you might just be too daft for the far more capable Guilty Spark.

15 Covered In J-Pop


Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, there is no denying that Utada Hikaru’s pop beats throughout the series are quite catchy. And while we’re thankful we’re getting another hit single in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, we wouldn’t necessarily mind Hatsune Miku taking over the mantle should Utada ever tire of singing for the series. But with Sora typically traversing new worlds, there is always a possibility that Sora could eventually find his way into the arms of Hatsune Miku at some point or another.

14 A Love Written In Stars


The fan art community certainly has made a large number of couple crossovers in part due to Super Smash Bros. Without that game, who knows if couples like Shulk from Xenoblade and Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy would even exist? Still, we are very much glad we do. It seems that Shulk and Rosalina have been together for some time as well, as they are already celebrating an anniversary with one another. With the power of the gods and the stars, there is no telling what this cosmic duo is capable of.

13 Fellow Demon Hunters


We’ve already taken a look at Bayonetta dating another beast from the action genre, and while Kratos and Bayonetta might be a good fighting team, I can’t see them working out as the best couple ever.

Dante certainly seems like a good match for the witch.

While I don’t totally know how Dante would fair fighting for Bayonetta from the likes of Kratos, Bayonetta definitely has her pick when it comes to the brutish type. Hopefully she picks a guy that can keep up with her!

12 Aliens Don't Stand A Chance


Samus certainly is popular when it comes to crossing her over with other video game heroes, but what do you expect when you are one of the most hardcore female video game characters out there? Samus and Master Chief would definitely make quite the combo. Both are stoic and headstrong in nature. Even though they might have different agendas, neither of them are likely to take any garbage from any alien life forms and the two paired up would certainly give aliens a run for their money.

11 Going Indie Together


Even though Shantae and Shovel Knight have appeared in a game together as DLC in last year’s Blaster Master Zero, the two are still unrelated as a whole, other than the fact that they are both considered indie games. Still, these retro throwback characters seem like they might be a nice mix considering their similar play styles. Shovel Knight seems to have to problem lending his faithful shovel to his new lover as well as Shantae gleefully piggy backs onto her partner in crime.

10 Two Of A Kind


Even though Sephiroth might be known as one of the greatest RPG villains ever created, this portrayal of him sure makes him seem less intimidating than what we are used to. He just looks so lovestruck.

Perhaps he wouldn’t have turned to that whole “destroy the world” phase if he had someone to spend his life with.

Edea might not technically be a Final Fantasy villain as she was possessed by the actual antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, but it could be her benevolent nature that changes Sephiroth’s tune.

9 Stuck On You


Splatoon’s Marina and Cuphead’s Cala Maria don’t seem like they would really have much in common on paper. While one is hosting what is essentially a paintball sporting event, the other is taking to the high seas and wreaking havoc on anyone that tries to pass. Still, the two undeniably have similar attributes, switching the hair out for strands of octopus tentacles. Who would have thought that Cala Maria was actually an Octoling in disguise? Even though their worlds don’t match, these two could easily be a couple.

8 The Princess Was Never In Another Castle


There seems to be quite the story to go along with this picture. Link and Princess Peach don’t seem entirely likely to end up together and have a young Link of their own, especially when each has their own love interests.

But it looks like Peach has also given up her life of royalty behind.

No more servants and tending to the dishes on her own, it looks like a lot has changed for the princess. But what’s with that portrait on the back with Mario and Zelda included? Did Mario end up with the princess of Hyrule?

7 Puppy Love


Admittedly, I’m still a bit irked that Parappa the Rapper hasn’t seen a new entry in the franchise in almost two decades and that Animal Crossing still hasn’t been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Regardless, Parappa and K.K. Slider are definitely two of my favorite musically inclined video game characters and I could probably vouch for them being my favorite dogs in video games as well. Sunny Funny wasn’t enough for Parappa, anyway. He deserves someone that could serenade him and follow his own tune.

6 Pop Love

via: pinterest.com

The Sonic the Hedgehog fan community has pitted the blue blur with quite a few unlikely love interests over the years and the fan art community is pretty relentless when it comes to… well, rather strange images. Even though it might seem weird for Sonic to be dating a human, we’ve seen this odd kind of thing already happen in the 2006 video game, so why not get him with Hatsune Miku as well? Two Sega icons might make a good fit.

5 Man's Best Friend


Wait, what? Okay, so the artist of this image probably didn’t intend for Kratos to have Pikachu as a romantic love interest, but knowing some of the other weird stuff I’ve crossed on the internet, it is still a spooky possibility.

At least this shows that Kratos isn’t as stone cold as he comes off as.

While Kratos might not come off as the most affectionate person, seeing Kratos share a special moment with a Pikachu is a nice break from the more violent god of war we are used to.

4 Sweeter Than Before


Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. We already took a look at this sugar stuffed duo earlier in the list. Yet this adorable duo definitely deserved to make it on the list twice. Just look at them! No other unlikely video game crossover is stuffed with so much sweetness. And while these two love birds enjoy a picnic with one another over burgers and cake, I’m stuck in on a Friday night ordering a pizza for one. Yeah, I guess I’m just jealous.

3 Those Who Work Out Together Stay Together

via: pinterest.com

It’s kind of a shame that we probably won’t see much more of Little Mac or the Wii Fit Trainer in Nintendo’s future (because seriously, who wants to invest in another Wii Balance Board?) but you can’t deny that these two fitness gurus would be a good match.

Those who work out together stay together.

Even though we might get these two together in the Smash Bros. universe, these two have a lot of potential dating within the real world, especially since they are Nintendo’s most fitness oriented characters.

2 From Riku To Rikku


Sora and Riku have technically appeared in the same game together as Final Fantasy X’s Riku also made a cameo in the second Kingdom Hearts. Still, their actual worlds are technically separate from one another. Sora already has a Riku of his own (with an extra “K” of course) and the game implies that his true love is Kairi. Still, this fantasy duo doesn’t seem like too bad of a match, though both of their whimsical natures might be a bit much to handle.

1 Who Makes This Stuff Up?


So this is a thing apparently. Yes, Frozen’s Elsa might not technically be a video game character, but we might as well cut her a little slack since she has appeared in quite a few video games over the past few years and will be in Kingdom Hearts 3. The weird thing is that this isn’t the only piece of fan art that has put Elsa along with Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. Even though it seems like an unlikely match, people seem to like the idea of these two together.

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