Video Game Couples: 10 Best Cosplays

"Cosplay" is a portmanteau of the words costume play. People who do it dress up in pieces that represent a specific character. It's more than just dressing up though, cosplayers also portray that character's personality by acting like them, whether its through skits, smaller performances or even in photos. A lot of time, work, and money can go into making a cosplay as authentic as possible, there are even people who make a profession out of it! Whether it's for fun or someone's career, many cosplayers take pride in their work.

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You'll often see conventions full of people cosplaying as their favorite characters from movies, comics, television shows, and especially video games. Cosplay can be done alone or even as a group! Sometimes close friends or even couples will cosplay as a couple from a video game, making for some amazing photos. There are tons of great cosplayers out there, and here we have 10 of them cosplaying video game couples.

10 Cloud & Aerith - Final Fantasy VII

The relationship between Aerith and Cloud is a pretty big part of Final Fantasy VII, and whether you prefer the two of them with other people, you can't deny that they meant a lot to one another and had a deep bond. It was that bond with Cloud that made Aerith's death so heartbreaking. Wes_IRL and AdellaCosplay capture the heartbreaking moment of Cloud putting Aerith to rest, beautifully.

AdellaCosplay describes the photoshoot taking 6 hours and how difficult it was for her, and the photographer (Jan-Micheal Losada) to shoot everything underwater. But with how gorgeous this and the rest of the photos in the shoot look all that hard work was well worth it!

9 Leon S. Kennedy & Ada Wong - Resident Evil 4

Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong both premiered in the Resident Evil franchise with Resident Evil 2. The two of them ended up working together during the Raccoon City Incident, and though Ada was using Leon to help carry out her mission, the deadly situations they had to face began their complicated relationship.

They are one of the most popular pairings in the series. Even back in 2018 before the remake was released, people were still cosplaying as their RE2 versions. 2018's Wonder Festival had cosplayers Maki and Billy as Ada and Leon taking a number of awesome photos.

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8 Max Caulfield & Chloe Price - Life Is Strange

Being a teenager is hard enough, but one day Max Caulfield finds her life becoming even more difficult when she discovers she has the power to rewind back time. It's a confusing, exciting and sometimes terrifying situation she's in, but she has her childhood friend Chloe to help her figure things out.

Dash Cosplay and Mee Luffy Cosplay portray Max, Chloe and the rest of the characters in the game with their Facebook group LiS - Not This Time. It's a photo and film project that aims to translate many important moments of the game into the real world.

7 Claude & Fem!Byleth - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

In the Fire Emblem series, there was always an aspect of romance as you had the option to marry characters and have a child with them. Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes the romance to another level as part of the game is played pretty much like a dating sim to bond with your chosen beau of choice.

Players can pick either a male or female Byleth, though that limits your romance options. Like for example, only female Byleth can romance Claude from Golden Deers. And this photo with Rubyfia gives us a humorous look at Byleth and Claude together.

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6 David & Joseph - Dream Daddy

In the dating sim Dream Daddy, you get to create your own dad to charm seven delicious daddies whose neighborhood you move into with your daughter Amanda. Each dad is unique and covers the basics of most people's tastes from athletic jock dad to gothy vampire dad.

Robert and Joseph are two characters you get the option to pursue and though by looks alone they seem like two people who would never hang out with one another. But certain dialogue in the game suggests that the two of them had a fling. Cosplayers Leobane and Gatz portray Robert and Joseph and perhaps give us a little view of their past relationship.

5 Vincent & Catherine/Katherine - Catherine

Catherine is one of Atlus' more "adult" games, starring Vincent Brookes, a man who feels unfulfilled with his life and pressured by the expectations he feels is pushed upon him. Vincent finds his life suddenly thrown into chaos by sudden nightmares and a mysterious blond woman who tests his relationship with his long-time girlfriend Katherine.

The Katherine/Vincent/Catherine love triangle is pretty intense and twins ppk_patty and chibi_universe, along with jjphiii perfectly capture the tension between these three. You can find this cosplay picture and more on ppk_patty's Instagram.

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4 James Sunderland & Maria - Silent Hill 2

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland finds himself in Silent Hill after he receives a letter from his dead wife, Mary, telling him she's waiting for him at their 'special place'. While in Silent Hill he meets a woman named Maria who looks a lot like Mary and its possible for him to end up with Maria in one of the game's ending.

Cosplayers Nikolay Zharov and Maria Hanna make for stunning real-life versions of James and Maria and the photography of Kira Mitenkova really captures the eerieness of the game.

3 Tanooki Mario & Cat Peach - Mario Kart

There are some video game couples that just pop into most people's heads, there are Link and Zelda of course but one just as popular has to be Mario and Princess Peach. They're so iconic as a couple that they're a popular couple's Halloween costume nearly every year!

Majenstas cosplay of Cat Peach and Tanooki Maria from Mario Kart 8 is both adorable and also would make a killer couple's costume. She made both costumes herself, and you can see pictures of her progress and more on her Instagram!

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2 Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher - Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher's relationship has certainly had its ups and downs throughout the games of the Uncharted series, but they're the perfect match for one another and give the game some of its most touching moments. Elena isn't the damsel in distress, and Nathan isn't some bumbling idiot.

The two of them are intelligent, courageous and skilled in their own ways, and they often work together to keep one another safe. And this amazing cosplay by CrypticTeaseCos and SpielbergFan1 of Elena and Nathan captures the essence of their relationship. Even Naughty Dog thinks so, as they posted their cosplay on their official twitter!

1 Princess Zelda & Barbarian Link - Breath Of The Wild

The bond between Princess Zelda and Link is one of the strongest in video game history. The two are literally destined to always find one another and come together, as they're the only ones that can defeat the evil force of Ganon. And Breath of the Wild continues that story, set at the end of the Zelda timeline.

This awesome cosplay of Zelda and fem!Barbarian Link is done by Mica Burton and Jessica Nigri, who among many other things, are both avid cosplayers. The Barbarian Link costume and prop were made by Jessica Nigri herself and you can find the rest of the set of pictures (taken by FakeNerdBoy) here on her twitter.

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