5 Video Game Couples That Are Real-life Relationship Goals (& 5 That Are the Worst)

Romance and couples have become an increasingly more popular aspect of video games. This goes hand in hand with the fact that storytelling is also becoming a bigger part of video game culture. There are now enough of them that you can find relationships of all kinds. You can find LGBTQA relationships, relationships that cross the boundaries of class and race, and relationships that have two characters not even speaking the same language.

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Some of these relationships are absolutely sweet, believable, and you just want a poster of the cute couple on your wall. However, there are others that can make you cringe from how bad they are for each other or just from bad writing.

So here is a list of some of the best and worst video game relationships.

10 (Goals) Alistair And The Warden From Dragon Age

Dragon Age: Origins is getting along in age, but it's still well loved and remembered by gamers for its amazing romances. One character that made so many swoon was Alistair, one of the first companions you get in the game. The best word to describe this man is "adorkable."

He is full of jokes, gossip, and one-liners. Once you get to know him more though, he's very romantic. There are multiple endings, and there is one where he sacrifices his life for you. Fans loved Alistair so much, that they even created a wedding mod.

9 (Worst) Sonic The Hedgehog & Princess Elise

This romance lives at the top of the uncanny valley and is among one of the biggest things Sonic the Hedgehog fans want to forget. It's not like many of the later games in the franchise were all that great, but the moments between Sonic and Elise went beyond being 8unbearable to being just plain uncomfortable.

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These two characters look like they are from utterly different games. It's like Sonic is in a relationship with a Final Fantasy character.

8 (Goals) Ico And Yorda

ICO is definitely a game that deserves another re-master. The plot is pretty simple, two prisoners in a castle meet and attempt to escape together. However, what makes their relationship interesting is that they do not speak the same language.

So much of the game is about the two leaning and trusting one another to get through the puzzles. There is even a hand-holding button.

7 (Worst) Leonard And Princess Cisna From White Knight Chronicles

This is probably one of the most uninspired and cliche romances ever in a video game. What really does not help is that the protagonist, Leonard, is just plain unlikable. His single driving force is a princess he does not even know, Cisna. He falls in love with her at first sight as he is bringing wine to a party and strives to save her after she gets taken away.

Compared to Cisna, nothing seems worth anything to Leonard's attention despite traveling with a group of other interesting characters. He and Cisna are also never really together except for about two scenes in the entire game. Everything in this games' romance is all the old tropes that are better left behind.

6 (Goals) Commander Shepard And Garrus

"There is no Shepard without Vakarian," is probably one of the most popular quotes from the Mass Effect trilogy. The inter-species alien and human relationship that is Shepard and Garrus is one of the most popular choices when it comes to FemShep romances. Why?

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Well, a lot of fans have talked about why they like Garrus. He is kind, awkward, funny, vulnerable, and has a very attractive voice. Being an alien was also a factor, because why would you date a boring human in a video game about space travel?

5 (Worst) Guzma And Lusamine

Did not expect Pokemon characters to be on here, did you? Well, if you played the Sun and Moon games, then you know this was a bad relationship. These two may have been villainous characters, but they were complete opposites in terms of what they care about. Lusamine is a mother of two children who has lost her mind to the point that she will freeze her Pokemon to keep them protected and the same for all eternity.

Guzma is the leader of Team Skull, and the best way to describe that team is "bad guy wannabes." They are honestly just a bunch of misguided teenagers, and Guzma cares a lot for them.

4 (Goals) Undyne And Alphys From Undertale

Fans of Undertale may boast that Alphys and Undyne are one of the best LGBTQA couples in video games. Something wonderful about these characters is that they are emotional, funny, and cute while also not fitting the typical standards of beauty.

Sure, they are monsters, but if you played Undertale then you know it's a deeply human game. These two characters have crushes on each other but Alphys is utterly terrified of her love being unrequited. (Spoiler: It is requited).

3 (Worst) Emily And Matt From Until Dawn

To be fair, almost every couple in Until Dawn could be on this list. Emily and Matt got the biggest reaction out of fans though since Emily is constantly bossing Matt around and putting him down.

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If anything is clear in Until Dawn, it's that a lot of these characters do not respect each other. We know Emily could likely sell Matt away for a single corn chip. Most fans will ask the question, "Why are these two characters together?" the moment they hear these two talk to each other and get into an argument.

2 (Goals) Chloe And Rachel From Life Is Strange

Since Life is Strange: Before the Storm was centered on how Chloe and Rachel met, it made sense that their relationship was strong. Both of them are not afraid to live on the wild side, from jumping on trains to playing around in a junkyard.

Both dream of leaving their hometown due to having a lot of issues with their families. As you play, it's hard to not fall in love with their love as the two learn to lean on each other.

1 (Worst) Jodie And Ryan From Beyond Two Souls

In a game about choices, this relationship was infuriating since it was forced upon you until you can finally cut it off in the end.

Fans just couldn't buy Jodie having feelings for Ryan since he is the one who tears her away from the only family she ever knew (and was incredibly cold and rude about it). While the game is about choice, you have to deal with Ryan and Jodie constantly flirting with a romantic relationship. Those who have played the game found deep satisfaction is any way they could rebel against David Cage's creepy romance narrative, such as ruining their dinner date.

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