30 Extra Sweet Fan Pictures Of Unexpected Video Game Couples

Video game characters need love too! Here are 30 pieces of beautiful fanart for some rather unexpected video game couples!

Romance is such a big part of gaming that we have our own romance genre in apps, visual novels, and such. In big games, we like to have options for romance like in Bioware’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age. We like the freedom of choice but sometimes even that is not enough to satisfy us.

Maybe the grass will always be greener on the other side. In other words, we will always want what we cannot have. We have many characters in Dragon Age 2 to choose from no matter if we choose to play as male or female. Despite this, tons of fans were dissatisfied that they could not romance the two only non-romanceable party members in the squad: Varric and Aveline. The makers even gave you options to flirt with Aveline despite not being able to romance her.

It’s bigger than just the gamers shipping the protagonists though. Like with all things, we ship characters together who don’t belong together with each other like it’s a soap drama where any two personalities can have chemistry. To keep making Dragon Age an example because so many characters don’t get along, a lot of fans ship Anders and Fenris. Spoiler: Anders and Fenris hate each other. According to fans though, love can find a way!

This list is for the dreamers who make fanart and fanfiction for these unexpected couples.

30 Peach And Pauline

via: deviantart.com/theskywaker

’Mario Odyssey’ alternate best ending where Mayor Pauline swoops in and marries peach and they become queens of New Donk City and world peace is achieved,” wrote the artist.

Fascinating fact, Pauline was actually Mario’s original love interest before Peach was introduced.

While Peach and Pauline are not known to interact much, they have a lot in common such as being female authority figures who are Mario love interests. Also while Peach is wearing a wedding dress in Mario Odyssey, Pauline is wearing a suit. Coincidence?

Art was made by theskywaker.

29 Nick And Sole Survivor

via: pinterest.com

Fallout 4 introduced a romance mechanic into the game and that was a total hit. You weren’t even limited to monogamy which made them very different from most other games that give you choices.

However, we could not romance Nick Valentine, the noir-aesthetic synth detective.

He was central to part of the plot for a time so it was impossible to avoid this character’s charm when he tries to help you find your lost son. It’s hard to not fall in love with this classic synth detective.

Art was made by uuyly.

28 Ulfric And The Dragonborn

via: deviantart.com/stephanyhardy

You could get married to NPCs in Skyrim, but not to anyone you wanted. Most players had to go online to see who they could and could not marry in the game. Ulfric was definitely not one of the characters you could marry because he was so central to the plot and for some people, was the main antagonist of the game. As the Dragonborn, Ulfric knows how to use the dragon’s shout power. Together, they really could be unstoppable.

Art was made by stephanyhardy.

27 Lillie And Protagonist

via: pinterest.com

Pokémon games are definitely not known for their romance. Some characters have been such hits though that we wish some romance could be involved. Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon was one of those characters.

She was mysterious, cute, and had decent character development for a Pokémon game.

You also end up saving her from a lot of situations, giving you a protective role over her. Protection can lead to romance, right? It was also obvious that Lillie cared about you a ton.

Artist is unknown.

26 Butch And The Lone Wanderer

via: pinterest.com

Fallout 3 was before we could romance characters. If we could though, imagine the possibilities. Butch would probably be a fan favorite since he knows the Lone Wanderer through their childhood. Of course, there is the whole issue that he bullied you throughout your childhood and pre-teens. We could say that’s just room for character development though. He is a total baby when it comes to radroaches so you would probably have to save him all the time.

Artist is unknown.

25 Rosalina And Peach

via: pinterest.com

People just love seeing princesses together. In terms of Rosalina and Peach, they have a ton in common. Both are leaders of people who would otherwise be helpless without them. Both are very like physically to the point that someone who has never seen them before would think they are sisters. However, the truth is that Nintendo just likes blonde haired and blue eyed princesses. Cliché, yes, but at least we have Daisy. Mario is not well known for diversity, is it?

Artist is unknown.

24 Sidon And Link

via: pinterest.com

When Sidon was introduced in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, fans could not help but fall in love with his character. He was a Zora prince, charming, confident, and loyal to Link. He seemed to always see the bright side of things and loved Link to the point that he defied his people when they blamed Link for Mipha’s destruction. Thus a million fanfictions and fan arts were born of Sidon and Link as lovers. What’s cuter than a small man with a giant shark prince?

Artist is unknown.

23 Shepard And Joker

via: deviantart.com/rabbitzoro

Sort of like Varric from Dragon Age, a lot of fans were upset that they could not romance Joker in Mass Effect. His loyalty to Shepard is similar to Tali and Garrus’s, being on the team for all three games without question. Bioware also just made him so likable through his jokes and not being very confrontational with Shepard. Unfortunately for some fans, he ended up with EDI. Some guys just fall in love with their ship's AI. That’s the risk of romance in sci-fi.

Art was made by rabbitzoro.

22 Protagonist And Rival

via: pinterest.com

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver gave fans much more insight to your rival and showed him in a more sympathetic light. It was hard not to love him when he’s a bad boy but he’s not pro-Team Rocket because he has daddy issues. Like Victoria and Max though, fans just love to ship rivals. We didn’t even need more sympathy for the man. He was also from back in the old days when rivals were actually jerks to you. Good times.

Artist is unknown.

21 A2 And B2

via: pinterest.com

Nier: Automata is well known for its beautiful white-haired characters. Just how the characters look probably sell the games. A2 and B2 were the two female protagonists of the game. They did not get to know each other like most people do since A2 had to end B2’s life on just the second time they meet due to B2 getting infected by a virus. However, they became close anyhow through A2 receiving B2’s memories. That’s as intimate as you can get.

Artist is unknown.

20 Kate And Warren

via: deviantart.com/domeninc

Life is Strange was one of those games that had romance options, though they were only limited between Warren and Chloe. Warren was a nice nerdy boy who went to Max’s school who could end up with Max depending on the character’s choices.

Kate’s life is determinant on your choices, ending with her jumping to her demise or deciding against it.

Fans loved her and could all agree she deserved better. Since Warren being sweet and protective and Kate being kind and smart, they would make a good couple.

Art was made by domeninc.

19 Marina And Pearl

Splatoon 2 is a brutally competitive game ruled by “splatfests” where an argument is solved by the best shooters. These arguments are stated by Marina and Pearl so it’s easy to think that the two would hate each other. Fans know that’s not true though.

They are friends who just disagree a lot.

Maybe away from the public eye, they can be even more than friends? Squids and Octolings have not always been so good to each other, but that would make this relationship even sweeter.

Artist is unknown.

18 Desmond And Shaun

via: deviantart.com/karaii

In the earlier Assassin’s Creed games back when Desmond was the protagonist, there was a character named Shaun that a lot of fans liked for his dry humor and wit. Desmond was obviously romantically invested in Lucy but we all saw how that turned out so what if he and Shaun became an item? Desmond is sort of a trickster who doesn’t know as much as Shaun while Shaun is more uptight but also funny. In that way, they’d make a pretty entertaining couple.

Art was made by karaii.

17 Zelda And Urbosa

via: deviantart.com/phi8

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Zelda seemed to have a special relationship with Urbosa. In any Urbosa scene, it became obvious that the Gerudo was more protective of Zelda than the rest of the champions. Urbosa was not afraid to pull Link aside and give him a special talk about Zelda.

In a way, she was like a mom to Zelda but other fans read it as romance.

Since the Gerudo are basically an entirely female race, it’s probably more common for lesbian relationships to occur than straight ones.

Art was made by phi8.

16 Joker And Mishima

via: pinterest.com

Mishima is one of Joker’s biggest fans in Persona 5. Some fans loved him while others found his obsession a little creepy. He wasn’t obsessed with Joker so much as his organization, The Phantom Thieves, though.

Mishima oversaw The Phantom Thief website and often helped get you quests that made you more famous.

Unfortunately, there were no male to male romance options in Persona 5, so having a romance with Mishima was out of the question while every woman was romanceable.

Art was made by an-na-ko.

15 K.K. Slider And Isabella

via: deviantart.com/sanoshi

Like Tom Nook, K.K. Slider is an old and classic face of the Animal Crossing franchise. He is a dog known to come by with some tunes and some down-to-earth words. What’s not to love about a down-to-earth musician? Isabella having a crush of him does not seem like it would be that far-fetched. She would be one out of a crowd of other villagers that would have a possible crush on the dog. Maybe Isabella will catch K.K. Slider’s eye since she’s so hardworking and cute.

Art was made by sanoshi.

14 Sebastian And Sam

via: pinterest.com

Stardew Valley has become a very popular game for its many characters, nostalgic mechanics, and its more recent multiplayer version where you and your friends can farm together. These two bachelors are Sam and Sebastian.

You can romance either of them, and it’s obvious that they are best friends.

The two have a band and they both often are found playing pool together in the local tavern. Yes, this may be a typical “what if they were more than friends?” situation, but they would be pretty cute.

Artist is unknown.

13 Thancred And Y’Shtola

via: artstation.com

These two members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn from Final Fantasy 14 are fan favorites because they get to be friends of the protagonist for a very long time. While it’s canon that Thancred had what seemed like an almost romantic relationship with Minfilia, he and Y’shtola have gone through a lot together. It’s Y’shtola who saved his life during the attempted life-taking of the Sultana. Thancred is a smooth talker too, but Y’shtola is calm and calculated and does not put up with his performances.

Art was made by Reema Andrade.

12 Ezio And Leonardo Da Vinci

via: deviantart.com/kurono16

While it’s unexpected to ship a historical figure like Leonardo with a life-taker, this is a popular ship in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Ezio has Leonardo to thank for a lot of his accessories and weapons and Leonardo is a total sweetheart to Ezio through the whole game.

You even get quick time events to hug Leonardo and if you miss them, Leonardo looks sad and you start screaming in agony over his puppy eyes. “I love Carnevale di Venezia! And...I love Leo&Ezio!” wrote the artist.

Art was made by kurono16.

11 Axel And Xion

via: pinterest.com

There are a ton of popular ships for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Among those are Axel and Roxas, Sora and Kairi, Sora and Riku, Roxas and Xion, Riku and Kairi, and Namine and Roxas. Notice that Axel and Xion are not among the popular ships. We’d say this is due to age difference, but that has never stopped the Axel and Roxas couple taking the internet by storm. Some scenes between Axel and Xion are the most emotional in the franchise, so we could totally see this shipment.

Artist is unknown.

10 Noctis And Prompto

via: deviantart.com/numinoceur

Perhaps unexpected since Noctis was to be married in Final Fantasy 15, but this idea of him and Prompto as a couple came into the minds of a lot of fans.

Obviously, we see Noctis associate more with his friends than his fiancé, so who can blame the fans for shipping him with those we see him spend time more with?

While Ignis and Gladiolus act more like dads to Noctis, Prompto treats Noctis more like an equal.

Art was made by numinoceur and bev-nap.

9 Eris And Cayde-6

via: deviantart.com/did-you-reboot

Destiny ships are not so widespread on the internet since the MMO does not really focus on character romance. Possibly the most fun character of the franchise, Cayde-6, is the character to look up though if you want to see fanfiction and fan art. He is the dashing sassy rogue character that’s hard to hate due to his funny one-liners. Pairing him up with a character that is much more serious, Eris, is what most fans would call a love-hate pairing.

Art was made by did-you-reboot.

8 Papyrus And Mettaton

via: pinterest.com

This ship is also known as “Papyton.” It’s popular, but still, a lot of fans don’t know why it’s popular since these two characters do not interact throughout all of Undertale.

According to some, Papyrus hints that he has a crush on Metatton because of all his robot figures in his room.

On one phone call, Papyrus claims he wants “bishounen” eyes like Mettaton’s. He’s obviously a fan of Mettaton. Maybe Mettaton would find Papyrus cute due to his naiveté?

Artist is unknown.

7 Nagito And Hajime

via: pinterest.com

A thousand fans squealed when Nagito from Danganronpa said to Hajime, “From the bottom of my heart... I am truly in love with the hope that sleeps inside you." The game pushes the fact that Hajime and Nagito do have a special connection. While they are not exactly canon, it’s pretty obvious that Nagito has some special feelings for Hajime. It’s definitely one of the most popular ships of the whole Danganronpa fandom. Some fans say that Nagito only loves Hajime’s hope rather than the actual man, and that’s the end of it.

Artist is unknown.

6 Fenris And Isabella

via: ellyshepard.tumblr.com/

“It’s Isabela and Fenris spoiling their half-elf daughter Bethy with a fancy hat… because mage cowls simply won’t do for a young pirate,” wrote the person who commissioned this fan art from the artist.

Isabella and Fenris from Dragon Age 2 show a special bond in certain playthroughs if you pay close attention.

Fenris respects Isabella for freeing slaves in the past and Isabella is attracted to Fenris. They flirt sometimes if you don’t romance either of them. It does not seem like a very serious relationship, but some fans dream it is.

Art was made by ellyshepard.

5 Javik And Liara

via: pinterest.com

Love blossoms everywhere in Mass Effect outside of the player. Joker and EDI can end up together. Even Garrus and Tali get together if you don’t romance either of them.

Liara is one of the most popular romanceable characters in the series since she can end up with you no matter what gender Shepard you choose. She has an obvious love of Javik no matter what though because he is the last survivor of an ancient race she has studied for her entire life.

Artist is unknown.

4 Max And Victoria

via: pinterest.com

Victoria is a school rival in Life is Strange to Max. If there anything we can count on fandoms for, it’s shipping rivals. Victoria is a classic mean girl from her name-calling to her queen-bee behavior.

With writing like that, you either love her or you hate her.

She is almost opposite of Chloe in terms of how much she cares for people to like her and to succeed at school. By the end of the game, she and Max can become friends. Some fans wanted more than though.

Art was made by chill-chinchilla

3 The Warden And Sten

via: pinterest.com

A lot of fans were over the moon when we could finally romance a Qunari in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Our first introduction to the race was Sten in Dragon Age: Origins who was definitely not interested in us.

At one point you can ask him if he’s hitting on you in the game, to which he says something along the lines of, “If I was hitting you, you would be [deceased].” Classic Sten. Morrigan does flirt with him a lot and he has zero interest in her too.

Artist is unknown.

2 Sombra And McCree

via: deviantart.com/squaffle

Also known as “McSombra,” this ship has some stuff to work with. For example, it appears that McCree and Sombra have met before based on a pre-game interaction and they also have been seen having drinks together in the Reflections comic. They are a little closer in age, both in their 30s. They also share anniversary voice lines about drinks, which they both love. What can be a better bond? That’s it, that’s what the fandom has to work with for this one.

Art was made by squaffle.

1 Varric And Hawke

via: deviantart.com/nateyou

Varric is a very handsome dwarf form Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Unlike the cliché dwarf, Oghren, from Origins, Varric inverts some of the typical traits of dwarves in fantasy. First of all, he has no beard. Second of all, he’s an archer.

What he does not have for a beard, he makes up for in chest hair which is a running joke of the series.

Being a charismatic writer, it’s hard for fans to not fall in love with his character. We also have yet to be able to romance a dwarf in the series.

30Art was made by nateyou.

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