23 Video Game Crossover Relationship Fan Pictures That Are Too Sweet For Words

Video game fan artists have made some incredible crossover art that everyone needs to see.

Crossovers. We love them. The entire Marvel canon is a testament to that fact alone. We just can’t seem to get enough of sticking things we like with other things we like. I’m not totally sure why that is, but I think it harkens back to our days playing with action figures and dolls. Everything always gets mixed together in LEGO boxes, and that has a corollary in our imaginations as well The franchise lines are blurred when playing with toys. You can have Zelda teaming up with Holden Caulfield to fight Vito Corleone on board the Death Star. It doesn’t matter. You can’t cease and desist my childhood, thank you very much.

But there’s one type of crossover that towers above all others. That’s the romantic crossover. Whatever impetus drives us to mix and match characters, it’s exponentially increased when it comes to playing match-maker. Since we become so attached to characters, we have an innate desire to see them date like-minded characters from other worlds. There’s a tragic component to these fantasies because they’ll never cross paths in their own universes.

Shipping, the act of pairing together two fictional characters, is insanely popular. So much so, competing shipper clans sometimes remove full wiki pages of pairings they don’t support. It’s a dangerous business. Lucky for you, you don’t have to deal with all those crazies because we’ve collected some of the best crossover shipping fan art all in one place. Most of this stuff is Nintendo, but there are entries from other franchises too.

23 Megaboy Becomes Megaman


Art by: KagomesArrow77

Megaman and Samus Aran are a couple that gets shipped together a lot. I guess the reason is that they’re both sci-fi characters in power suits? That’s really where it ends. It’s the same reason Samus gets shipped together with Master Chief or Elsa from Frozen gets shipped with Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. It’s a bit obvious. That’s not to say we don’t love the art though, especially when Megaboy here is turning into a Megaman by putting himself out there like this.

22 Modern Nintendo Girls


Art by: shmu-h

Once again, another Peach x Samus x Zelda selfie. Once again, this isn’t a relationship photo, barring some liberal fantasizing. We at TheGamer don’t condone using your imagination. I love this image as it portrays the Nintendo gal trio in a modern aesthetic. The art design isn’t realistic, but the details make this thing. It’s drawn to look like a polaroid. There are even signatures from each of the girls, like it’s a photo tacked on the fridge.

21 Palutena Needs A Plumber


Art by: Ladymid0ri

Oh, my. Don’t tell peach, but Mario has found a new belle. Not only is she his new girlfriend, she’s a literal goddess. Palutena hails from Angel Land, and she’s the patron deity of Pit. Perhaps more people would be religious with goddesses like Palutena too.

It seems that Mario is taking advantage of Peach’s latest romp with Bowser.

How is Peach supposed to compete with a literal goddess? It’s going to take a lot of cakes to get Mario back. Okay, that plan may very well work.

20 Your Princess Is In Another Castle


Art by: Docsinistar

To quote from the artist’s DeviantArt page: “Luckily your princess is in another castle.” Well said. Besides the fantastic cartoonish art style here, the details really make this thing.

Looks like it’s going to be called The Legend of Peach from now on.

Peach is handling that arrow the way Mr. Grey might handle a riding crop before going into his room. Similarly, the fairy hearts floating above Link’s head are a clever touch.

19 True Love


Art by: Mr-sfm

More Overwatch x Team Fortress shipping for you lucky so-and-sos. Here we have Heavy and Zarya being shipped together. The pairing is a little obvious. Both are the heavyweight characters from their respective games. Why do they have to be shipped together simply because they’re both burly? Regardless, this image smacks of cute. I’d still like to see Heavy or Zarya shipped with the tiniest characters if only for the lulz.

18 Little Mac After A Battle



Little Mac is a character who was reintroduced in the fourth Smash Bros title. According to the Smash Bros wiki, “Little Mac is currently ranked 44th out of 55 in the tier list, placing him in the E tier. This also renders him as the second lowest ranking mid-tier character.” Okay, a little sad. Know who DOES believe in Mac though? Samus. She’s the Adrian to his Rocky. He just needs to go the distance, which in the case means lasting longer than two minutes against your unreasonably adept little cousin who pummels you in Smash Bros.

17 Spaceship Princess


Art by: Freakishly-blue

Looks like Mario isn’t the only one playing Smash with different players. What doesn’t make total sense to me is that Peach seems to be enamored with Falco here, but she’s escorting him to a match where they’re going to presumably fight each other. You’d think she was dressed to sit ringside at the Colosseum, not find more people to brawl with.

16 !


Art by: Porcelain-requiem

Looks like someone else has her eye on Snake— Rosalina. Makes sense. Again, he’s like one the only grown-ups. Who else is she gonna date? Ness? It’s slim pickins.

An excerpt of what their relationship might look like:

Rosalina: “what are you up to, honey bunny?”

Snake: “I’m destroying my clone father’s bipedal tank before the secret founding fathers can activate my nano-machines and make me breathe through my skin in a bikini.”

Rosalina: Cute, I’m on a cloud.

15 Tracer And Scout Bridge Worlds


Art by: Kaizerivan

Adorable! Two of the most iconic characters from classic shooters have hitched their wagons. Many of you will know Tracer from Overwatch of course. She’s the twin pulse pistol-toting, time-skipping assassin. Then there’s Scout, a playable class from the Team Fortress games. Does that mean she’s dating every single Scout there is? That’s for you to decide. This image is so perfect because it matches the two art styles together.

14 Dating Damsels


No, this isn’t Carmen Sandiego as I— as some people might think. Pauline is the original damsel in distress in the old Donkey Kong arcade games. She was Mario’s ex-girlfriend, y’all.

It looks like Pauline has taken a cue from her villains and stole Peach’s heart.

I mean, they have a lot in common. They both get taken. It’s a lot of common ground upon which to build a solid relationship.

13 I Have Chills


Usually we only see her with other movie characters— specifically Jack Frost— but now she’s dating another iconic icy customer, Sub Zero.

It’s only a matter of time until she’s shipped with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze.

There’s a fanfic from the artist to go along with this image: “Theirs was a love that would never burn, because their hearts were encased in ice and they always kept their cool even when things began to heat up between them. They both had the power to fling icicles from their fingertips and survive sub-zero temperatures, but their totally chill personas melted away when they stared into each other's eyes.”

12 Meet Mega Ma’am


Art by: Nisego

Ah, another Megaman x Samus Aran ship. This time Samus is in her zero suit. Contrary to the last image, she’s embracing her Megaman this time. It's a very sweet pairing that shows a more evolved relationship between the two classic heroes. Interestingly enough, the two made their gaming debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System, with their arm cannons in toe of course.

11 Link + Ike = Like


Ever fall for a co-worker? That seems to be the fate for Ike here. Looks like sparring with elf boy every day brought on some new and unfamiliar feelings. What’s with Link though? Is he recoiling from Ike’s touch or is he upset by something he’s seen off-screen? Maybe in his mind their involvement is still in the complicated stages — we'll never know!

10 Lucario, A Regular Lothario


Art by: Navajo-girl

There’s big world of fan fiction out there. It appears that people have taken to shipping the Pokémon Lucario with other famous video game characters.

So it turns out Pokémon get more women than Brock.

I don’t know why shippers cling to Lucario. It could be because of his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Maybe it’s his slightly anthropomorphic quality — Samus likes it either way.

9 Puffs Of Love


Art by: K-6

Continuing in the tradition of lumping together two characters that resemble on another, I give you a classic fan-shipping pairing: Jigglypuff and Kirby. Jigglypuff is a Pokémon, but she could easily be from the same planet Kirby is from.

Here Kirby is pictured feeding Jigglypuff rememberries.

Is Kirby from a planet? It’s not really specified. Kirby enjoys sucking up his opponents while Jigglypuff likes to sing. It’s usually not until later in the relationship that your partner puts you to sleep just by their presence.

8 Noogies Of Love


Art by: MT3spark

Here’s another Mac x Samus pairing. This time Samus is geared up in full armor while Mac only has his classic gear. It’s not quite a fair fight. Samus is giving Mac a noogie— an endearing idea until you realize her arm cannon is a weapon.

Also, um, couldn’t all that motion accidentally set off her canon?

It’s a well-known fact that girls and boys who like each other will pick on one another. But if Samus accidentally lasers Mac, she won’t have a boy left.

7 Nintendames


Alright, so this isn’t exactly a relationship photo. I’m going to leave that leap to your overactive imaginations. Here the Nintendo princesses are gathered for a selfie. Well, only two of these are princesses— Peach and Zelda— but I think Samus deserves an honorary royal title, don’t you? I mean, Zelda and Peach are always the ones needing saving. Samus is actually kicking alien behind and getting things done. She was also the only one not overly objectified— until Nintendo introduced the zero suit. Not complaining, just saying.

6 Princess Just Want To Have Fun


Art by: Bellhenge

Princess Peach and Zelda look pretty in pink. Judging from the charge stare between them, something legendary is going to go down. Peach is holding a copy of Smash Bros. Zelda’s got a look that says, “Smash Bros? Chill.” There must be something about fighting each other for hours at a time, since everyone on this list is dating their co-combatants. It’s extra surprising considering that their jobs consist of fighting to the bitter end.

5 The Legend Of Steven Universe


Art by: Robtheartguy

Steven Universe meets The Legend of Zelda. Like many fine fan art submissions, it’s an unlikely but utterly successful commingling of different properties. Ruby and Sapphire have appropriated the roles of Link and Zelda. It appears they’re portrayed in the older NES version. On top of the fan service, there’s a blast of nostalgia too. We don’t know what the context is from this snapshot, but Ruby’s glee has us giddy— even if Sapphire isn’t looking too thrilled.

4 Marry Me, Mario


Art by: Jechibi-kun

Another Palutena and Mario shipping masterpiece. I don’t know why fans seem to match Mario and Palutena together, but there’s much about the fan-shipping world I don’t understand. I also don’t understand how Mario could ever get a girl like Peach even if he does save her life repeatedly.

Unfortunately for this lovely couple, Pit isn’t going to be too thrilled. He’s about to exact some revenge and become a fallen angel. Did I just come up with a cool sequel.

3 Solid Samus


Art by: Captainosaka

When Solid Snake was announced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl, fans wasted no time shipping the stealth super soldier with Samus. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that both of them are two of the only adult looking characters in the game? It’s kinda hard to imagine Snake going out on a date with Peach after all (but don’t worry, there’s a fanfic for that somewhere out there).

2 The Dragon Age Of Love


Art by: Anajuise.tumblr

Oh, my. Ciri from The Witcher is going out with the lady from Dragon Age. This development is particularly appropriate. Allow me to enumerate the reasons why. In Dragon Age, you can play as a man or woman. You can also date men or women. It’s a forward-thinking game, like Mass Effect with castles. Ciri has always been adventurous so it’s no surprise that she would follow her heart either way.

1 Exploring Our Feelings


Art by: Oxxxxxashxxxxxo

Ah, another perfect pairing. Nathan Drake was made for Lara Croft. Both are intrepid explorers in the Indiana Jones vein. Nathan Drake is also basically a Nathan Fillion clone— and we’re okay with that. These two are always scrounging around tombs and temples and finding implausible handholds. If their paths were to cross, it might mean the end for Nathan’s marriage. Fans would never stop screaming in delight if it were to ever happen, though.

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