Growing Up: 30 Video Game Characters Before They Were Adults

We could understand our favorite characters on a much more intimate level if we saw their childhoods. Sometimes it even leads to the greatest twists in games like in BioShock. It can make the difference between an antagonist and an anti-hero, like with N from Pokémon Black and White. Sometimes babyhood stories leads to those crazy “Who are my parents?” twists like with the Alistair royalty reveal in Dragon Age Origins.

Also baby and child versions of characters we know as hardened adults are just sweet. A baby Cloud from the Final Fantasy franchise? Adorable! Even more adorable? A little Raiden from Metal Gear. Are the children very difficult from how they are when they’re adults or do we see that same spirit in them? Did their dreams come true or did they get crushed and become jaded?

This list is to commemorate fan art that explored console characters before their adulthood. Some are cute, others are still cute but sad because they are tragic characters. Some of these have their parents in them, others do not. There is just one constant: cuteness.

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30 Freya With Baldur

via: journen.tumblr.com

This is from much happier times in God of War before Baldur grew up full of hatred for his mother. He hated her for making him immortal because he could never feel pain or happiness again.

That’s why he enjoyed fighting Kratos, because it’s the closest he could get to feeling alive again.

Freya looking so happy in this picture only makes it sadder that they had a falling out. That’s goes to show, never make your child immortal.

Art was made by journen.

29 The Little Princess Of Mushroom Kingdom

via: deviantart.com/kriscg

Baby Mario had been taken and it’s up to baby Peach to save the day!” wrote the artist of this piece. “Go little girl!” Baby Peach is seen far less than Luigi and Mario but who wouldn’t want to see a baby Peach trying to run around and save the day?

She’s dressed kind of like Mario. Is she wearing his hat? Maybe he was taken and his hat was all that was left behind. That’s very cute to see her wearing it while going on a quest to save him.

Art was made by kriscg.

28 Small Prince Noctis

via: pinterest.com

We get to see a bit of Noctis as a kid through dreams and flashbacks throughout Final Fantasy 15. Most of these flashbacks involved his fiancé, Luna, as a kid as well. Despite his dark and edgy outward look, Noctis appeared to be a pretty normal child with regular joys and fears. He’s lucky that the events of the game did not take place when he was actually a child, or the game would have been far different.

Art was made by nijuukoo.

27 Baby Princess Of Hyrule

via: deviantart.com/cam-miyu

It’s refreshing to see Zelda as a baby since we see them as teenagers a billion times. You’d think when they have so many games that we would get to see them as not young adults or teenagers just a couple times at least.

It does not take a fan to know this crib is for a princess.

The artist put a ton of detail in from the tri-force baby headband to the Hyrule crest on her blanket.

Art was made by cam-miyu.

26 Little Monsters, Papyrus And Undyne

via: pinterest.com

Many of the characters in Undertale already have child-like personalities, so what would they have been like as kids? They look like they probably were not so different.

Papyrus looks like a sweet boy who would never hurt a fly.

Undyne looks like an athletic kid with big dreams. Eventually both of them became part of the royal guard with Undyne as the commander and Papyrus as a gentle, funny, and kind buffoon who somehow got the job.

Art was made by bente36.

25 Tali In A Bubble

via: deviantart.com/doppelgangergeisha

There is a part in the Mass Effect franchise where you can learn more about quarian babies from Tali. As quarians are always in danger of infection or getting sick, they put their babies in bubbles instead of suits.

By the end of Mass Effect 3, we learn that quarians look a lot like humans (if you romance Tali).

So this fan art depicts Tali as a baby in her little safe from infection and virus bubble. It must be hard to not always be available as a mother to hold your baby.

Art was made by doppelgangergeisha.

24 Infant Winston

via: pinterest.com

The lore of Overwatch has lent us some images and knowledge of Winston’s babyhood. He was known as, “Specimen 28” He was cared for, and named after, Doctor Harold Winston. Harold took Winston under his wing due to how much Winston progressed from gene therapy.

His childhood was nice, seeing the scientists as his family. That’s all until the other gorilla subjects had an uprising and ended the scientists. By that time though, Winston was pretty grown up and took the name of a man he regarded as his father.

23 Little Link And Sidon

via: pinterest.com

Mipha hinted that she and link played as kids together in a cutscene. She looks sort of the same age as she is in Breath of the Wild in this fan art but what do we know about age and size when it comes to the zora race?

The real discussion starter is Sidon.

Does this mean baby zora start out as minnows? How smart are they? Do they grow legs later like frogs? It is normal to keep them in jars of water? Can they survive outside of the jar?

22 Little N

via: pinterest.com

N’s childhood is often explored since he was raised to be a puppet leader for Team Plasma. In fact, his childhood would probably make an amazing movie.

He was abandoned as a kid in the woods and was raised by Pokémon until he was found by a foster parent, Ghetsis.

As expected for a boy raised by Pokémon, he was very quirky and innocent and retained some of those traits as the adult we meet in the games. Child N definitely deserved better.

21 The Child Soldier, Raiden

via: deviantart.com/crimsonxcrime

Being Jack the Ripper and a child soldier, Raiden’s childhood was so messed up that he repressed nearly all of it. Metal Gear is famous for overdoing their characters, story, and action and Raiden is probably the best example of that. From Metal Gear 2 to his latest action game, he has been known for emotional turmoil and crazy action stunts. However, that’s something we love, as Raiden is a fan favorite of the franchise. We will never see too much of his childhood because it’s probably too depressing.

Art was made by crimsonxcrime.

20 Giving Away Alistair

via: aimosketchcard.tumblr.com

Alistair being half-elf was revealed in the Dragon Age novels when we realized is mother was Fiona. Poor Fiona had to give him away due to her service to the Grey Wardens and due to the fact he needed to be hidden since he was a bastard prince. From what we hear from the man himself, Alistair had an okay childhood but he still doesn’t know who his real mother is. The only one alive who may know now is Fiona herself.

Art was made by aimosketchcard.

19 Rosalina’s Story Book

via: pinterest.com

Fans actually get to learn a lot about Rosalina’s childhood from her storybook in Super Mario Galaxy.

It’s in her storybook that we learn how she got to space and that she was trying to help Luma find their mother.

She eventually settles with a bunch of Lumas in space before realizing her mother is dead and cannot be found and now she bears responsibility for the Lumas. So she grows up in space as a mother to all Lumas.

18 Baby Bowser

via: pinterest.com

Most players just see a big monster when they look at Bowser since he’s so huge, but he is a Koopa. Once he was probably a little turtle. What made him so big? That would make a good Mario story.

He was raised as a spoiled brat, as we can tell by Bowser assuming he can always get what he wants.

Baby Bowser can easily be confused with Bowser Jr. Sometimes even the Mario franchise is not so simple.

17 Infant Trico

via: deviantart.com/rynnay

We thought Trico from The Last Guardian could not get any cuter, but we were wrong. The artist did a good job making the salamander look like the ones from Shadow of Colossus that you can eat to increase your grip strength. As we know well though, Trico has different, much more horrifying appetites.

Next to that salamander, this baby Trico is so small for the huge creature it grows up to be. At what age do they stop growing?

Art was made by rynnay.

16 Just Hatched Yoshi

via: pinterest.com

Yoshi uses eggs to throw at enemies so it’s nice to see one actually bring something peaceful and adorable to the world. In Smash Bros., Yoshi can eat an enemy and then hatch them out in an egg. That’s a little weird.

Can a Yoshi eat a Yoshi and then hatch a Yoshi?

Is that different from a normal Yoshi? This is getting too complex.It’s also nice to see a baby Yoshi since Yoshi is often associated with baby Mario from Yoshi’s Island.

15 Twins Protected By Big Sister

via: deviantart.com/pheberoni

The Hawke family from Dragon Age 2 go through some really tragic fates. Depending on what class you choose, Bethany or Carver perishes in the tutorial. Depending on your choice as to whether take your sibling with you to the Deep Roads or not, the other sibling can die. If not, they’ll then get stuck in the Circle Tower as a templar or mage. Then, of course, their mother dies in the most horrific of fashion with necromancy and all.

Art was made by pheberoni.

14 Mario And Luigi

via: deviantart.com/babyabbiestar

Fans get to see their protagonists as babies a little more than others would expect. Baby Mario and Luigi make appearances in the Yoshi’s Island series, Mario Golf series, Mario Tennis series, Mario Kart series, Mario Baseball series, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and Mario Sports Superstars.

We even learn some about their personalities like Mario being a crybaby, playful, and energetic.

Since he’s smaller, he’s also faster. Not quite true to real world babies, but we’ll take it when we can get nice stats.

Art was made by babyabbiestar.

13 Estinien In Training

via: takagai.tumblr.com

Especially for an MMO, Final Fantasy 14 has created some memorable characters with the Azure Dragoon, Estinien, being one of them. Known for his short temper, tragic past, and very spiky armor, he is one of the most memorable characters you get to know in Heavensward.

In this fan art, a young Estinein is with the Azure Dragoon before him, Alberic. “Alberic likely told him to practice it 30 times but the kid did 100 times,” wrote the artist on their tumblr.

Art was made by takagai.

12 Junkrat’s Kid Dreams

via: deviantart.com/rungian

This answered the question as to which limb Junkrat lost first. The general assumption of Junkrat’s missing arm and leg is due to his passion for explosives. Does that mean the passion for making things go boom started when he was only five years old? It’s a disturbing thought to see a kid playing with bombs and blowing his arm off. It only makes is worse considering the fact that he didn’t learn after that one mistake and loses a leg further down the road.

Art was made by rungian.

11 The Cutest Baby Dragon

via: deviantart.com/zilleniose

“Felt like drawing something cute again, and I've been playing Spyro again,” wrote the artist. “Not the .remakes, the awesome original PS1 games. Spyro, you're such an adorable, arrogant little hero.”

Spyro is already adorable on his own, but the artist for this took him to a whole new level. Don’t you just want to put Spyro in a little cottage and take care of him? How sweet he looks can almost distract you from the fact that he would case a ton of trouble.

Art was made by zilleniose.

10 The Mayor Of Little Lamplight

via: deviantart.com/tentaprince

Maccready is an unforgettable kid of the Fallout universe. As leader of a village that completely consisted of children, he ruled with a sailor’s tongue and a talent for shooting any adult (or “mungo” as they called them) who messed with them.

Despite what the world has made him, he’s also still a kid.

If you have the “Child at Heart” perk, you are allowed inside because you and Maccready bond over butt jokes. Guess the slavers never thought of that technique.

Art was made by tentaprince.

9 Young Sora

via: pinterest.com

Kingdom Hearts fans get to see a good amount of young Sora, Kairi, and Riku in both flashbacks and in Birth by Sleep. It’s an innocent time before this entire destiny, Disney, Nobodies, Heartless, and darkness mess came down upon them.

All they really wanted was to see what’s beyond their island and they got way more than they bargained for.

One of the biggest questions for the three protagonists is...where are their parents? We actually hear Sora’s mom once in the entire franchise.

8 Cloud At His Smallest

via: deviantart.com/shiroineko-sama

There is something strangely satisfying about taking an edgy character, making them a small defenseless baby, and then putting a giant pink bow on their head. Specific? Yes, but fans just love to see the vulnerable side of their beloved characters and this is one of those moments.

This chibi look and emoji-like expression only makes him all the cuter. His hands are like little traffic cones just flailing around in panic about his a bow. Cloud, you will have much bigger issues in the future.

Art was made by shiroineko-sama.

7 Guzma And Wimpod

via: pinterest.com

Guzma is known to the lead the gangster-inspired Pokémon crime group, Team Skull. The team quickly won the hearts of Pokémon fans for their overdone hand signs, lack of direction, and their bad boy leader.

However, Guzma was not always like that.

The franchise has hinted that Guzma wanted to be a great Pokémon trainer, a captain even but was unable to. It seemed that the world just kept shooting him down, so he decided to shoot back at the world and defy the island traditions.

6 Animal Crossing Pups

via: pinterest.com

Digby and Isabella are two dogs known for their diligence and hard work mostly in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. While both are dogs, they are different breeds. Digby is a Bichon Frise and Isabella is a Shih Tzu. So no, they are not related, but some fans do ship the two together.

There is actually a third character in this, Stitches the cub. But maybe it’s just a look alike? Isn’t it weird that cubs and bears are different kinds of villagers according to the internet?

5 Meowsy

via: deviantart.com/donut-toast

Since unused Pokémon concept art was released from way back when Pokémon Silver and Gold were being made, a lot of fans gasped at the cute baby Pokémon that didn’t make it. These included pre-evolutions of Vulpix, Ponyta, Growlithe, and Meowth.

It was back when baby Pokémon were about to be introduced for the first time.

Behold Meowsy, the Meowth baby Pokémon that was never to be. Maybe in future games it will appear? Evidence has shown that other unused Pokémon from the released concept list have been used in later games.

Art was made by donut-toast.

4 Yuga Holding Ravio

via: deviantart.com/onisuu

It’s nice to see an antagonist’s more gentle side. “I'm always thinking about the villains' lives if they weren't being evil,” wrote the artist on their deviantart comments. They certainly are not the only one. Yuga and Ravio don’t get a backstory together in the games, which disappointed some fans.

The rabbit outfit looks almost like it was meant for a baby. Does this mean every time Ravio grows, he makes a bigger rabbit outfit? That’s a ton of work.

Art was made by onisuu.

3 BioShock’s Elizabeth And Jack

via: pinterest.com

The center of BioShock’s crazy twists are these characters, the protagonist of BioShock and the one you are trying to save in BioShock Infinite. Due to them having tragic childhoods and being in the same franchise, Elizabeth and Jack have a lot of fan art and fanfiction of them together.

The two would certainly sympathize with each other.

Since Jack was an experiment, that explains the medical tubes attached to him. Elizabeth looks nice, but she was taken as a baby and has a tyrant father.

2 Baby Nagito

via: pinterest.com

Before he was introduced in Super Danganronpa 2, Nagito lead a pretty interesting life due to his powers of luck. Maybe less interesting and more tragic actually. Luck is what got his parents ended in a plane accident and had him be the sole survivor. Well, how is that luck right? Actually, that led him to receive his family fortune. In a way, luck has ruled his life and has pushed everyone else away if his odd personality already didn’t.

1 Prompto And Chocobos

via: pinterest.com

Prompto’s love of chocobos is a running gag of Final Fantasy 15, from him gasping like a little kid when he visits the Chocobo ranch to him actually humming the Chocobo theme music. But who can blame him? They are one of the Final Fantasy constants and they are adorable birds you can ride.

This image would be even cuter if a Chocobo stood up and protectively sat on Prompto like he was their baby or an egg.

Art was made by rkcart.

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