15 Video Game Fan Theories That Are Actually Real (And 10 The Creators Totally Rejected)

Video game theories can offer interesting ideas in how the characters or outcomes from the games themselves are interpreted. They can range from strangely hilarious to downright spooky. The research and speculations put into these video game theories are admirable and shows the dedication from the fans. After all, that is why we are intrigued from watching game theories from the likes of MatPat and others. Even if we do not necessarily agree with the proposed theories that have not been confirmed or rejected, they at least offer a different perspective in how fans think of the video games’ lore and characters.

There are crazy ones such as the Zelda timeline, the Pokémon War, Fallout and Skyrim taking place in the same universe, and so much more that connect the dots based on the games’ context. Then there are ones that do make sense with the way the games present the theories themselves, but it would change the entire point of the games, which will be referenced on this list.

Throughout the years, some video game creators are more than happy to come out and recognize the iconic theories that have speculated on the internet and video game community. Whether they confirm that the theories are indeed true or flat out reject them, it is nice to know that the creators are aware of these unique and sometimes silly theories. Regardless of the outcome, the theories on this list do have interesting points. Here are fifteen video game theories that are real and ten theories rejected by the creators.

25 Real: You Are The Son!

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Pokémon Gold & Silver have to be one of the best sequels in gaming period. With updated mechanics and adding in two new types, these games also brought speculation regarding the rival Silver and Giovanni.

In the remakes, it is confirmed that Silver is indeed the son of Team Rocket boss.

The context in the games revolve around Silver wanting to defeat Team Rocket in his own way. After all, he did steal from Professor Elm’s lab, which is what Team Rocket would do.

24 Rejected: Gogo = Darill?

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Even if the evidence is made clear and plausible for a theory, it takes one of the key people from the game’s development to crash the party. In Final Fantasy VI, fans have believed that Gogo is actually Darill. Among the fans who believe in this theory, a Reddit post has point out some interesting facts that brings the possibility of Gogo being Darill.

Yoshinori Kitase, one of the creators of the Final Fantasy series, stated in an interview that the theory is not true. Given that he is a scenario writer for Final Fantasy VI, we have to believe his word.

23 Real: The King's Involvement

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The 90s brought a huge wave of video games that would become one of the biggest franchises of all time. Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog became a rival to Nintendo’s Mario. What Sonic brought that revolutionized its third title is the music.

Fans caught on that Michael Jackson was actually part of the game’s music development.

However, due to allegations that nearly damaged his reputation, Jackson left the game development. While he has not been credited, his influences still caught the listeners’ attention.

22 Rejected: No More Of Him

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Albert Wesker is one of the most iconic villains in the Resident Evil series. You know that he is quite the troublemaker whenever he shows up, and it makes the games more impactful. Despite being offed so many times, he keeps coming back, and there is nothing wrong with that. Resident Evil 5 changed that aspect forever.

Fans loved him so much that they did not want to believe that he is permanently gone. They hoped that he is still alive. The game’s producer Masachika Kawata coldly put the nail in the coffin and announced that Wesker is never coming back.

21 Real: Armads The Savior

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A theory like this might seem a bit farfetched, but based on Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade’s story, there is evidence that confirms this theory. Near the endgame, Hector picked up the legendary axe Armads to help Eliwood and Lyn defeat Nergal. Having done this, he accepted that he would not pass away peacefully, but painfully on the battlefield.

This ended up saving Hector’s life.

His parents and older brother perished due to a disease. Knowing this, it would have been highly likely that Hector would get it too, but picking up Armads extended his life to have his daughter Lilina and be the Marquess of Ostia.

20 Rejected: From Bomb To Ghost

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Out of the theories that seem to be so silly that it can’t be true, it would be this theory from the Mario series. Because it makes sense for a Bomb-omb to turn into a Boo when they explode.

After all, why would Boos be born from Bomb-ombs? Sure, they have spirits of some sorts, but this just does not add up. Shigeru Miyamoto was glad to reject this theory with a simple headshake from himself.

19 Real: That Sounds Fun...

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Get ready for a gross theory that is scarily true. In Bloodborne, the game mechanics are… interesting to say the least. For instance, to gain back health, the player needs to drink blood. Where does the blood come from?

Got a trash can near you?

The vials of blood throughout the game are carried by women. And if a woman becomes pregnant, they are no longer able to carry a vial of blood. Add those hints up and you get a disturbing way to heal yourself.

18 Real: How He Feels

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Earthbound is a unique RPG released by Nintendo in the early 90s. If it weren’t for Ness being included in Super Smash Bros., then this game would not have gotten the recognition it deserved. In Earthbound, there is a character by the name of Tony who seems to feel close to his friend Jeff.

It is confirmed that Tony swings for the other team. He has feelings for Jeff and while it is not shown much, it gives a nice representation for the LGBT+ community. The creator, Shigesato Itoi, cites his friends who are gay as inspiration for Tony.

17 Real: Marshmallow Endures All

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If there is one thing that needs to be said, Kirby is someone you would not want to be as your enemy. He is an unstoppable force to reckon with and can endure just about anything. This is said because in Kirby 64, it is suggested that the game’s setting takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.

Specifically, the game has allusions to a place that used to be planet Earth in the level Shiver Star. Along those allusions are that there are no signs of human life.

16 Rejected: Unfortunately Not Coming Back

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Aerith has been a beloved and popular character ever since her appearance in Final Fantasy VII. Being a love interest for Cloud, we grew to love her and rely on her as a fantastic healer. When her demise came about, fans were heartbroken.

The theory revolving her being able to come back to life seemed like a dream come true.

However, this theory is just wishful thinking. There were so many “ways” to have her come back to life, but unfortunately, the story of Final Fantasy VII would not be as powerful if Aerith were to come back to life.

15 Real: What's In The Car?

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Silent Hill 2 has to be one of the scariest video games brought to us by Konami. The setting is filled with eeriness and the plot has to be one of the strangest conceived in a horror game. James Sunderland really endured a lot considering that he received a letter from his deceased wife and meeting someone who oddly resembles her.

This theory revolves around the whereabouts on Mary’s body.

If you thought this game was not spooky enough, but James had his wife’s remains in the trunk of his car the whole time. Masahiro Ito confirmed it in a tweet and we are still shivering to this day.

14 Rejected: Every Teenage Boy's Dream Crushed

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Lara Croft has become of the best female leads in gaming. Other than her bodacious figure, she is a brave and fierce woman who will stop at nothing to get whatever artifact she is looking for.

Being one of the iconic females in gaming, it is a given that some fans are expected to be treated with a certain cheat code. Rumors surfaced that there is a way to make her be in her special suit, but the developer, Core Design, rejected this supposed rumor.

13 Real: Bonds Throughout Time

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GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 paved the way for first-person shooters to become big as they are today. It was one of the party games that friends can get together to shoot until the last one stands. It is a revolutionary game and deserves its recognition.

This theory was something that game developer Rare proudly confirmed.

There was an idea that all Bonds from the films would appear as a cheat code. However, due to time constraints, this feature was never implemented. At least Rare did consider putting this feature in.

12 Rejected: Those 8-Bit Sounds...

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If you have not been on the internet forever, this theory was surrounded by creepypasta, the equivalent of campfire stories that are actually pretty spooky. In the original Pokémon Red & Green in Japan, there was supposedly a theory that had to do with a number of children going crazy.

Lavender Town Syndrome was what it was called, due to the music that would play when the player arrives in the eerie town. The idea of the Lavender Town theme causing kids to go crazy has to be the weirdest way for them to do something that can harm themselves.

11 Real: Oracle's Secret

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Persona 5 has been out for about a year now outside of Japan and the game is still getting a lot of needed recognition. The cast of characters are on par with its predecessor, Persona 4 and you can spend hundreds of hours playing this game and not get bored.

One of the characters, Futaba Sakura, has something about her that makes her stand out. It has been believed that she is autistic, given her reactions to certain things compared to the rest of the cast. Her English voice actress, Erica Lindbeck, portrayed her that way and did a fantastic job in giving us a positive representation for those on the spectrum.

10 Rejected: Amy Must Be Thankful

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Amy Rose has always been known as Sonic’s girlfriend, and she is incredibly devoted to the blue hedgehog. Although, before she was created, Tails was known to be one of Sonic’s faithful companions.

Originally, fans believed that Tails was intended to be female and as Sonic’s girlfriend. Yasushi Yamaguchi, the creator of Tails, denied this theory by posting a twenty-five-year celebration image of the cat and added information about the character. Ever since then, Tails is and always was intended to be male.

9 Real: The Hero Of Time's Return

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During the events of Twilight Princess, Link meets up with someone who might have sparked up some references to another Zelda title. This skeletal warrior taught him some valuable moves and his posture is very similar to Link’s.

That is because Link is facing against his past incarnate.

Theories have surfaced around this moment and it was indeed confirmed in the Hyrule Historia book that expanded upon the games’ lore. It must have been a joyous celebration when fans found out they were right all this time.

8 Real: On The Spectrum

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Overwatch might be a simple FPS with simple tasks like moving the payload and attack or defending the objectives, but the colorful cast of characters are what make Overwatch spectacular. The beautiful Indian Symmetra has been shown with traits relating to someone from the autism spectrum.

Jeff Kaplan responded to a fan letter, which confirms that Symmetra is on the spectrum. It is amazing to have fans who are also on the spectrum to be able to look up to an interesting character like Symmetra.

7 Real: All The World's A Stage

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Super Mario Bros. 3 has interesting level designs that have been staring at us in the face for so long, that we didn’t think of it until Shigeru Miyamoto brought it up. With the hanging blocks and curtains displayed, it makes a ton of sense that the game itself is all a play.

Miyamoto proudly claimed that it is indeed true that Super Mario Bros. 3 was all just a play and we the players were the audience. Stylistic choice? It was way more than that!

6 Rejected: Their Legs Are Safe

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Ever since we first saw the four main characters in Star Fox, their designs were definitely futuristic and fit the tone of the games. What we were not ready to think about is the fact that they amputated their legs, giving them metallic ones. Logically, it makes sense due to pilots doing them to prevent blood flow problems that can cause them to faint.

Miyamoto does it again with rejecting this theory. He was aware of MatPat’s game theory about the Star Fox cast and their legs, but referred that the legs were made that way for the characters to look more human.

5 Real: The Five Stages

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Majora’s Mask is perhaps ones of the darkest games in the Zelda series. It is still a fantastic game that anyone can relate to with the characters’ struggles as the end of the world is upon them. The theory suggests that Link has passed on and is going through the five stages of grief.

The locations Link goes to has a connection to the stages and they were portrayed relatively well. While there is not an exact confirmation on this theory, the Zelda timeline does refer to this version of Link being the one where the hero does not survive.

4 Rejected: The Failed Clone

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Mew is one of the most mysterious Pokémon to date. Ranging from its origins in South America to being able to learn every single move, Mew has one of the best lore in the series. To add this up, another Pokémon by the name of Ditto has been connected to Mew.

They weigh the same, have the same shiny variant, and can transform into any other Pokémon. That’s what lead to fans claiming that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew, but that theory has been dismissed. Junichi Masuda denied the theory in a unique and classy way.

3 Real: Yoshi Deserves Better

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Who doesn’t like Yoshi? Ever since his debut in Super Mario World, he’s been the lovable and awesome companion to Mario and the gang. If a player were to look closely, they can see that Mario actually punched Yoshi to go faster when running.

The freakiest part is that it was actually intended.

The point of this was to have Yoshi be shocked when Mario attacked him that the dinosaur’s tongue would shoot out. While it still does look like Mario is doing that to Yoshi, Nintendo realized that it would not have been good if the original idea was kept in the game.

2 Rejected: Twisted Dream

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This theory has been one of the biggest in the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy VIII’s theory features protagonist Squall supposedly being departed from life throughout the second disc of the game. With the bizarre effects in Squall’s perspective, it gives fans the implication that this section was all just a fading dream.

While this ingenious theory impressed Yoshinori Kitase, he denied the theory being true. However, he has stated that it would be an interesting idea to incorporate this idea if Final Fantasy VIII were to get a remake.

1 Real: A Toy Story

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Created by the legendary Masahiro Sakurai, Super Smash Bros. has been a beloved series with Ultimate just around the corner. Having Nintendo and a few third-party characters fight is like a dream come true. There is one theory that has been staring us in the face since the very first game.

Master Hand, in a way, represents Sakurai playing with the Nintendo characters as toys.

It makes sense since the Nintendo characters are being taken out of a toy box or stand as collectible trophies. It takes the imagination of a kid at heart to have Mario and Kirby fight.

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