25 Amazing Video Game Girls We've Never Seen Cosplayed Before

Everyone loves cosplay; it’s a way to express yourself, get in touch with your favorite characters and just have fun no matter what the event. While many cosplay at conventions, there’s never a wrong time to put on a cool costume and check out the amount of hard work put into it. Whether you bought it or made it yourself, it’s one of the many geeky guilty pleasures we all enjoy.

Most of the time, people choose to cosplay popular characters, which is understandable. You’re more likely to be noticed when you go out, people will definitely want to take your picture more and all in all you’ll always feel awesome. But cosplay shouldn’t be just about popularity. There are plenty of amazing cosplays out there that aren’t necessarily the most well-recognized in the community. If you’re a part of a fandom, you might want to consider cosplaying these lesser-known or more difficult characters; at least you know you won’t find yourself in a sea of the same characters!

There are tons of ways to make a cosplay interesting. And despite what a lot of fandoms think, simple cosplays can sometimes be the most fun. They aren’t restricting and you’d never have to worry about a convention or event’s safety protocols. We’ve found some unique female video game character’s we don’t see very often and we’ve brought them here for you! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next event, consider some of these underrepresented characters for your next cosplay!

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26 Rinoa - Final Fantasy VIII

via: deviantart.com/An0therSide

Despite being the lead female protagonist from Final Fantasy VIII, you might not see much of Rinoa. A large reason is because this game simply wasn’t as popular as it’s fellow Final Fantasy games; you’ll find a lot of cosplayers coming from either newer releases or original classics. FFVIII simply doesn’t have that kind of hype. In addition, Rinoa’s costume isn’t very out there when it comes to what some of the other characters are wearing. Fans of the franchise should be able to recognize this cosplayer though!

25 Genderbent Deathwing - World Of Warcraft

via: reddit.com u/ittta_pupu

There are tons of World of Warcraft cosplays out there; generally, we see a lot of night elves, if not some more popular humans like Khadgar. However, cosplaying the dragons is often a huge feat in armor-making skills. This cosplayer clearly put a lot of time and effort into making a genderbent Deathwing, one of the most fearsome antagonists we’ve ever seen in the franchise. Not to mention, many would consider dragons like Alexstraza or Yesera for a cosplay, considering how they’re more commonly seen in human form.

24 Princess Hilda - A Link Between Worlds

via: deviantart.com/YuukoScarlet

We see plenty of Sheik and Zelda cosplays, but it’s certainly rare to see the princess of Lorule. As the darker, more serious version of everyone’s favorite princess, it may be no wonder why people tend to stay away from her. However, this ruler loves her kingdom, no matter how broken it is, and seeks to restore it at any cost. While her means can be questionable, her dedication is admirable. Besides, the cosplays of her themselves are certainly beautiful; why not give it a shot?

23 Princess Daisy - Mario

via: deviantart.com/Rinaca-Cosplay

You probably saw this one coming if you’re a big Mario fan. Everyone loves Princess Peach; she’s been the icon of Nintendo girls since forever. Later, we’d also have women like Princess Rosalina to cosplay. But how could anyone ever forget the beautiful Princess Daisy? She’s not commonly seen as a gameplay choice, let alone a cosplay one! We love the kind of effort that clearly went into making this extremely cute Daisy and we’re glad to see her finally getting some recognition!

22 Mitsuru - Persona 4 Arena

via: deviantart.com/vandrob59

Mitsuru is a fantastic character from the Persona franchise, but she can be a little tricky to cosplay; especially this version. We often see Mitsuru in her school uniform, even during battle if you haven’t changed her into armor. That might be the simplest way to cosplay her, but this fur coat and all-black suit is really stunning to look at! It’s much more common to see girls like Aigis in cosplay, and now Ann with the most recent game release.

21 Cynthia - Pokémon

via: acparadise.com

People love Cynthia, but not a lot of people tend to cosplay her! Her debut came in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, which were widely successful. It’s amazing to see that such a popular character wouldn’t have more of a cosplay following; especially considering that her outfit isn’t difficult by cosplay standards. While we’re not sure what the lack of cosplay could be due to, we are glad this cosplayer took the time to put her together! She looks wonderful.

20 MC - Mystic Messenger

via: aminoapps.com Touko

This is actually a very creative cosplay, when you think about it. If you play dating sims, otherwise called otome games, you might be familiar with the joke that all of the main characters tend to look alike; long brown hair with bangs that cover the eyes. This isn’t uncommon because the hope is that it won’t break you out of submersion by choosing a generic-looking woman. While this can sometimes be true, it doesn’t always make a very noticeable cosplay. It didn’t stop this cosplayer who definitely looks like the art from the game!

19 Reese - Animal Crossing

via: cosplay-life.com Virichocolate

There needs to be more Animal Crossing cosplays, period! The game is so innocent and sweet, it’s a wonder why there aren’t more people wearing their cutest outfits with adorable animal ears and tails. The only character that’s gained cosplay popularity is Isabelle, the mayor’s secretary and assistant that debuted in New Leaf. But who could forget about Reese, the adorable alpaca who runs Re-Tail with her husband? We love that this cosplay even added a little Brewsters coffee cup to really complete the feeling of the game.

18 Kairi - Kingdom Hearts

via: deviantart.com/mayumi-loves-sora

Everyone knows Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, but you’d be surprised to find that she’s not the most popular cosplay around. Most of the time, Sora is the staple cosplay for both men and women when it comes to the fandom. It may also be that Sora would certainly be more recognizable at your local convention; with that giant keyblade, it’d be a little difficult to miss them even in a crowd of people. But that doesn’t mean that Kairi can’t be just as wonderful, just as this cosplayer is showing us!

17 Lydia - Skyrim

via: pinterest.com Danielle Debs

Everyone knows Lydia to be one of the most popular followers you can get in Skyrim. Essentially, she’s a bodyguard and she’s extremely useful once players have her on their team. Despite her popularity, you probably won’t see many cosplayers of her. Lydia wears an awful lot of armor that can be pretty tricky to cosplay. While many can build stylish armor out of EVA foam and paint, Lydia also requires fur and a little bit of sewing skill to really bring her to life.

16 Zarya - Overwatch

via: deviantart.com/Edaine

If you’re a part of the Overwatch fandom, you probably know every character and their background story already; this should include Zarya! The Russian solider has been breaking down the stereotypes of strong women we usually see in video games by being much more bulky with muscle and having a really awesome pink haircut. Female characters like Mercy or Tracer may be more common to see, considering you’d typically need the outfit. What makes Zarya a little hard is her weaponry, but if you wanted to take it a step further and build your muscles to match hers, you're in for months of work!

15 Shield Knight - Shovel Knight

via: deviantart.com/Maspez

Shovel Knight was a huge success among the gaming community, bringing an absurd concept to serious gameplay. Shield Knight is one of the many knights in this world, mostly recognized for her bright red armor and extremely large shield. As one of the main characters and the love interest of Shovel Knight, it seems absurd that there’s not more cosplays of such a recognizable character! The armor is perhaps the most difficult task for any Shovel Knight cosplayer because not only does it need to be sturdy, but it has to have a more cartoon look to it; something this cosplayer nailed!

14 Max - Life Is Strange

via: deviantart.com/Ramenprincesscosplay

Max is the adorable, playable protagonist from Life is Strange. When it comes to this fandom, Chloe is usually the one we see cosplayed the most. This is probably because of her striking blue hair; it makes her easier to identify. Max, on the other hand, has a rather common hair color and style along with casual clothing. It’s a little difficult to tell who she is or what game she’s from without some tags or a caption. That being said, we could tell who this cosplayer is in a heartbeat; specially the camera strap she’s clearly wearing!

13 Alice Angel - Bendy And The Ink Machine

via: twitter.com/ink_princesses

Bendy and the Ink Machine is widely known for creating a game out of one of the creepiest topics; old school cartoons coming to life. As you go through the game, you find yourself often running into Bendy, a black and white cartoon turned demon who seems to be brought to life by the Ink Machine. Alice Angel was his competitor; she was created with sound, where he was not. The game is considered indie, so it’s not very common to find cosplays from it, let alone Alice Angel!

12 Senua - Hellblade

via: deviantart.com/EnotArt

Senua is, obviously, the main protagonist of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. This heroine was commended, and sometimes even criticized, for her portrayal of mental illness and how it effected the character throughout the storyline. Some people did relate to her through her personal struggles. Yet, despite all of this, she’s not a common cosplay to see. The biggest reason could be because of the smaller, more intricate details that go into her outfit. Consider her headpiece or the amount of scars and paint you would need to spend a while creating and putting on.

11 The Handler - Monster Hunter 4

via: damnwyverngems.tumblr.com

If you played Monster Hunter 4, you’ve probably heard from The Handler a couple of times! Her job as the Guild Receptionist means that players tend to interact with her frequently. She came to the New World in search of adventure, and it certainly looks like she’s found it! Because of Monster Hunter’s nature as a game, it’s often we see cosplays of specific armor or original characters rather than the NPCs from the game. We are loving that this cosplayer even included her journal!

10 Mono - Shadow Of The Colossus

via: deviantart.com/LobaLemu

The Shadow of the Colossus series was an incredibly beautiful game with a meaningful story. We see what the power of love can do as Wander fights off giant colossi in hopes of returning his love, Mono, back to the land of the living. The art for this game was extremely intricate and, occasionally, you might see some cool cosplays of the colossi themselves or Wander. But because Mono is out for the count the majority of the game, it’s rare to find such a nice cosplay of her!

9 Alphys - Undertale

via: youtube.com/MitternachtCosplay

The most common female cosplay to come out of the Undertale game is probably Undyne; the fish-humanoid knight is a little easier since she’s the only monster that doesn’t require anything extensive other than body paint and maybe armor if you’re feeling lucky! But Alphys can be considered just as easy, especially if you do it the way this cosplayer has. The nerdy dino scientist is extremely cute, but considering some of her more reptilian features, it can be a little difficult to cosplay her properly. This cosplayer replaced that with a nice wig and it looks like she’s con-ready!

8 Krystal - Star Fox

via: krystalarchive.com

We might not be seeing many Star Fox cosplays in general because the characters are known for being humanoid animals. Some people can opt to create a human version of them by wearing the proper outfit and then adding ears or a tail, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get much recognition. One of the best ways to cosplay them would certainly be to invest in a fur suit, which can be a little pricey regardless of if you buy it or make it yourself. It looks like it paid off for this cosplayer!

7 Blaze - Sonic

via: deviantart.com/Jamberrii

If you don’t want to invest in a fur suit for an animal character, the next best thing is to create a more human version! This is usually a very common thing to do when it comes to the Sonic characters; this is because they have more exaggerated features than your average humanoid animal, making a fur suit hard. While Amy usually gets all of the attention as the female lead in the series, there are still other girls to cosplay, like Blaze the cat!

6  Kara - Detroit Become Human

via: deviantart.com/maryydixon

Detroit Become Human is a very new game; it was just released in May of 2018. Cosplaying as Kara, the lead protagonist, would not be a difficult feat, should you choose to use her more “human” look. The reason we don’t see a lot of cosplays for her yet is simply because the game is so new, and the fan base is still growing. This cosplayer caught onto a trend early! We hope to see more wonderful cosplays from this game as the fandom increases!

5 GLaDOS - Portal

via: geeknative.com Lainey Cat

How do you cosplay a computer? Well this cosplayer might give you a few ideas! GLaDOS is perhaps one of the most famous, and pretty evil, computers out there as the main antagonist from Portal. While the concept of the puzzle game was a little creepy, we all loved her sarcastic humor and its dry delivery. Because we don’t see a physical body of her, cosplayers will really need to get creative in making a human version of her; it looks like this cosplayer did it right!

4 Ashley - Until Dawn

via: deviantart.com/ClajreFay

You’d be lying if you said Until Dawn wasn’t one of the creepiest survival games out there. As one of the eight main protagonists, Ashley is also one of the easier people to cosplay. We don’t see nearly enough Until Dawn cosplays and part of that could be due to the horror aspect of the game; maybe around Halloween we’ll see some! Not to mention, if you cosplay a human, it’s a little hard to tell who you are. But the beanie should tell any true fan who this cosplayer is!

3 Piper - Fallout 4

via: deviantart.com/ver1sa

Everyone’s favorite reporter in the post-apocalyptic world, Piper is one of the craftiest characters throughout the game. Being a reporter in Diamond City, especially an investigative one, you knew that she was certainly up to trouble. Her want to discover the truth usually comes with a lot of risk. That being said, the lack of Piper cosplays could be because of the kind of clothing she wears. The style is a mix of vintage with futuristic hints, meaning you’ll most likely have to tailor or make your own costume.

2 Estelle - Tales Of Vesperia

via: deviantart.com/Noriyuki83

Estelle is certainly one of the cutest girls from the Tales ranches, especially since she has the pink-princess look going for her. While she is certainly a cheerful character, you won’t find that many cosplays of her. A lot of anime-style costumes can be difficult to recreate on your own or extremely pricey to purchase online, which could contribute to why we don’t see as much of her. We usually see her in the battle gear the cosplayer here is wearing, but we almost never see her in variants, meaning there’s no real cheap alternatives to wearing her.

1 Eirika - Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

via: deviantart.com/cinnamon-chaii

When you think of the Fire Emblem series, you might think of Lucina for the more popular girls. However, there are a lot of amazing female characters to choose from, especially if you’re looking for a great cosplay to take to a con. Eirika is a great example, especially this cosplayers version. Because she is from an older game, she’s not often a popular cosplay even though she was a lead protagonist. Lucina is a great cosplay, but if you want to put in all the effort for armor, dress and weapons, you might want to consider some of the other great female characters in the franchise as well!

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