Video Game Heroes Who Share Your MBTI Type

Every game has a main character and every gamer has a favorite type to choose among those characters. The reason for their picks might be spurred by an existing correlation between the two personalities.

If such a correlation exists, a surefire way to sort this out is to use a system called the Meyer Briggs personality indicator (MBTI) to identify personality types. And there are many types already categorized by it. If you have a video game hero are haven't settled on one, this list could help you to identify them.

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10 ENFJ - The Protagonist: Abe (Oddworld Series)

These are the natural born leaders of the pack. Diplomatic, idealistic, charismatic and enthusiastic, they can be swayful communicators. They are also caring which is the icing on the cake for any leadership role.

Abe might not appear as the most qualified candidate for filing this role but that's just the surface. Behind his frail and grotesque appearance lies a charismatic leader who would fart his way into gamers' hearts. Rising from the position of a mere janitor to emancipator, Abe would go on to lead his enslaved brethren to freedom without batting an eye.

9 ENFP - The Campaigner: Sonic The Hedgehog

ENFP types are cheerful go-getters. They are those who will enthusiastically take on tasks and don't hold back any smiles while doing them. Fueled with optimism and full of energy, they make for great companions to be around when work gets tough.

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When it comes to video game heroes who are enthusiastic, full of energy and bubbly, then look no further than Sega’s blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog. This bright and cheerful hedgehog loves his work and will enthusiastically run towards danger to save folks just so he can make them all smile.

8 ENTP - The Debater: Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney Series)

The ENTP type is the devil's advocate in a nutshell. They are natural debaters who will gladly make themselves at home in the middle of arguments. They are quite good at analyzing their opponents' arguments as they are logical and quick-witted. They also have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, making them broadly intelligent.

Phoenix Wright is a highly intelligent attorney who cross-examines his legal opponents like a pro, cutting through their arguments like a hot knife through butter. Although he is very knowledgable, he will often go the extra mile to seek the truth.

7 ESTJ - The Executive: Mike Haggar (Final Fight series)

ESTJ types are leaders who uphold their values. Orderly and traditional, they stick to what's right and expect others to follow their lead. They can bring people together, organize and guide them. That's why they make for great executives for organizations or even political leaders.

Mike Haggar is a champion of the people. Whether he's wrestling in a ring, running for mayor or cleaning up the mean streets, he never backs down. Whatever his profession, he believes in doing good and will rally those around him to join his crusade to stop crime.

6 ISFJ - The Defender: Amy Sage (Phantasy Star II)

ISFJ types are known as the warm and vigilant caretakers in the world. This MBTI type is filled with a strong sense of responsibility and can be quite pragmatic in their pursuit to protect those they care for as a result. That’s why this type makes for excellent maids, doctors, security workers, and other appropriate roles.

Amy Sage is considered a guardian angel among the Phantasy Star II cast. As a practitioner of medicine, she often rises above and beyond the call of duty to heal those placed in her care. What she lacks in combat is quickly made up for with her incredible ability to keep the real fighters in the party going in a fight.

5 INFP - The Mediator: Ryu (Street Fighter)

INFP types are idealists among their peers but are often misunderstood. Though they seem quiet and shy, they are actually passionate and outgoing. Often times, they help those around them. They will stand by their principles to maintain their honor, morality and inner peace.

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Ryu is a martial artist who travels the world to fight and refine his skills. On the road, he appears quiet, humble and reserved but has a strong fire burning within and can be very social. Oftenly, his helpful nature has him fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

4 INTP - The Logician: Winston (Overwatch)

This is the innovator in among those in the community. The logician is consumed with curiosity and endlessly toils away at finding solutions to problems. As such, the logician is naturally positioned pretty high on the list of valuable assets.

As far as logicians go, Winston is our man...err, ape. Born as a genetically enhanced gorilla meant for space exploration, a young Winston would crash land on Earth, to join the Overwatch organization instead. As a problem solver, he's quite dedicated to his work--his crowning achievement being a device that solved his teammate, Tracer's chronal disassociation.

3 INTJ - The Architect: Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid series)

INTJ types are strategic thinkers, highly logical and practical in their work. They are rational and open-minded--never settling with just one perspective. However, they are also highly independent which can be offputting to some who would prefer they not work alone.

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Solid Snake is a hardened soldier and a lone wolf. On the battlefield, stealth has become his greatest weapon--engaging targets with extreme caution and deadly precision on every mission. With a sound mind, he doesn't take any intel given or found likely and will make the most of it for success.

2 ISTJ - The Logistician: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

Not to be confused with the Logician mentioned before, this MBTI type is logical, practical and punctual with their work. They are fact-driven and will not settle for anything at face value. They also have a strong sense of responsibility and are straight-laced as a result.

As an archaeologist, Miss Croft is well knowledgeable and proactive when dealing with relics of the past. That's why she's able to save the world countless times from several threats ranging from petty grave robbers to megalomaniacs seeking ancients powers to be used to control the future.

1 ISTP - The Virtuoso: Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)

These are the tinkerers of the world. They are highly curious about their environment and can't resist picking stuff up, tearing it down and building something new with it. They also approach projects with rationalism, making them suitable for the tasks at hand. As such, they make for great mechanics and engineers.

Aloy is a jack of all trades whereas she can hunt, scale terrain, fight, and salvage. But she shines her brightest when building stuff with parts taken from dead robots. She is curious about the mystery surrounding the sentient machines she encounters.

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