15 Video Game Ladies Who Aren’t As Innocent As They Look

Aww. Look at her. So sweet. She's like if a bunny rabbit and a rainbow had a baby. And then dipped the baby in sugar. Wait… what is she doing? That's not very cute! Not very cute at all!

Video games developers love their tropes. The grizzled mercenary. The ancient sage. The innocent young girl who needs protecting. And sometimes, seemingly just to mess with us, the developer will choose to subvert those tropes. The mercenary turns out to have a heart of gold, the sage is actually an idiot, and the young girl… well, she's nowhere near as innocent as she lets on.

These young ladies spend a lot of the game blushing, or being overly cheerful and kind, or extolling all kind of good morals, or just being plain cute. Then comes the big reveal and suddenly they don't seem so adorable anymore. They let out their inner psycho and leave a trail of blood behind. Or you learn they're only here through a series of brutal backstabs and betrayals. Or perhaps they are just less innocent in one specific way, as shown by their growing interest in your main character.

Whatever the case, once these ladies let loose all bets are off. It's a serious lesson in not judging books by their covers.

Here are 15 video game ladies who are less innocent than they would first appear.

Oh, and spoiler warning, obviously.

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15 The Bi Spy And Assassin

via: dragonage.com

When Leliana first joins the Grey Warden's party in Dragon Age: Origins, she comes off if anything as little too good. She's training in the Chantry to become the rough equivalent of a nun. She's incredibly loyal to her faith and the whole 'doing good' thing. Besides for claiming to hear the voice of god in her head she's a perfect example of the 'good girl' trope.

And then we start to learn about her backstory. Turns out our party's most devout member was formerly working as a bard, a master of subterfuge, manipulation, and combat. Basically a master spy using all the tricks in the book, a life she only left when her former mentor tried to kill her.

Also, just because she has taken to the Chantry doesn't mean she's suddenly become a prude. She available for 'romance' for both male and female Grey Wardens. It is also possible to get her into a threesome... or a foursome. You know what they say about those religious ones.

14 The Harbinger Of The Apocalypse

via: play-mag.co.uk

Final Fantasy XIII's Vanille is so cutesy and upbeat that it borders on sickening. Her role in the party is to be the always positive one, the one to bring cheeriness to a cast of mostly glum characters. She's pink haired and doe eyed, and when she's not being happy-go-lucky she's giving you a look akin to childlike innocence. When she's not giving a bit of fan service via happenstance, anyway.

So it might come as a shock when you first meet her summon, Hecatoncheir, a massive war machine with many arms that pummels enemies into the earth with them. Oh, and there's the fact that she's been granted the power of Rangarok and been given the Focus to destroy Cocoon. So yeah, it's pretty much her job to end the world. But at least she's cheery about it.

13 Turning Pokémon Into Heartless Killing Machines

via: deviantart.com (Pichu Chan)

At first glance, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness's Lovrina seems like any of the other cutesy trainers you fight during the series. She has the same cutesy pose, ditzy attitude, and obsession with the most 'beautiful' Pokémon. Her party consists of Gardevoir, Roselia, and… Farfetch'd? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But underneath this cute facade is one of the most evil characters in the series. As a part of Cipher's Research and Development Team she is responsible for research into creating Shadow Pokémon, Pokémon whose hearts have been artificially shut, making them soulless fighting machines. And she turns just plain nasty when she's pushed.

Oh, and she spams status effect moves. Pure evil.

12 Soft Spoken And Timid… Until Her Inner Demon Comes Out

via fireemblem.wikia.com

Noire is one of the most timid characters in the Fire Emblem franchise. In addition to having a slight and dainty frame, she constantly looks like she's only moments from bursting in to tears. She's also a bit of a coward. This is because of her seriously messed up backstory… from the future. Awakening was a weird game.

But when the heat of battle is on, or when she's had enough of the nonsense of her comrades, her split personality takes over, what she calls her 'Inner Demon.' Suddenly she's a badass ready to take on all foes, even to the point of being a little over the top about it (BLOOD AND THUNDER!).

11 She's The Master Of Gravity (and Kicking)

via deviantart.com (RaW-D-Coy)

When Kat wakes up in the beginning of Gravity Rush, she finds her memory gone and a world with many problems. Kat is naive (to an extent that not even the memory loss can excuse) but optimistic, cheerfully taking up a dwelling in the sewers, making friends with a local police officer, and never letting her string of bad luck get her down.

And also, controlling gravity. Yes, Kat is a bit of a superhero, with the power to shift gravity in any direction and… well, go flying in that direction really really fast. By doing a kick as she flies, she can wreck any enemies day. Not that she needs to be flying, necessarily, as even on the ground her powerful legs are a force to be reckoned with.

Despite her appearance, Kat is able to take on everything from a shape shifting super-villain to a giant satellite war-machine.

10 Popping Zombies Before It Was Cool

via: rickytozawa.deviantart.com

When you first encounter Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil she seems like a fragile thing that needs protecting. The short haired combat medic comes off as something of an innocent pixie, requiring Chris's protection if she's going to survive the horrors of the Spencer Estate. I mean, what could she do, heal the zombies to death?

Actually, before Chris and Jill even so much as laid eyes on a zombie, Rebecca was already fighting for her life against all kinds of unimaginable horrors. Leech creatures, plant monsters, and other monsters pulled right out of the nightmares of a mad man. And survived a train crash. Compared to all that, what are a few zombies?

9 She'll Heal You, Then Beat You Back Into Unconsciousness

via youtube.com (goldensun003)

Estellise Sidos Heurassein, aka Estelle, is the healer of the party in Tales of Vesperia. For the most part she hits every one of the tropes you would expect from an RPG healer. She's sweet and kind, super caring and totally selfless. Add on some naivety due to never being allowed to leave the castle as she grew up and you have what you might assume to be a defenseless, easy target.

And while you are assuming that you will suddenly find yourself face down in a puddle of your own blood. Estelle was trained in swordsmanship was a famous knight and actually became quite good at it. Unlike some healers who need to hide in the back lines, Estelle is quite comfortable taking the fight right to the enemies with sword, shield, and staff.

Course she will heal you right after, 'cause that's the kind of person she is. You'll just have to live with the shame of losing to that innocent face.

8 She'll Beat You In The Name Of Building A Theme Park

via fanpop.com

The fighter of Tekken franchise have many good reasons to enter the King of Iron First Tournament. Revenge. Honor. Money that is the last hope for their family. And then there's Ling Xiaoyu, whose sole purpose in life is to open her own amusement park.

Xiaoyu has a super bubbly personality that suits her young appearance. She loves steamed bums, amusement parks, and Chinese martial arts. Her dream is to open her own amusement park, and to earn the money for that she is ready to enter the world's most deadly tournament. She's not one to be underestimated, though. Despite her appearance she packs quite a punch and she's a master of her fighting style.

Also, she owns a panda. Not relevant, but adorable.

7 She Wants To Become God

via youtube.com (Starlight King 153)

The only character on this list that is actually the main villain of their game seems like the most unlikely candidate. I mean, look at Iris. She's small and cute and has that innocent smile. And her personality would seem to match this, that of a kind, innocent, yet mature for age young girl. But hiding under that facade is one hell of a god complex.

As in, she literally wants to be god.

Her true self is cruel, manipulative, and deceitful. She believes she has inherited absolute power and unparalleled brains. To her, everyone else is a lowly commoner, and whatever cruel things she does to them for her amusement is justified by her status as a god.

If you're in doubt, just take a look at the very unladylike breakdown she has at the end of the game.

6 She's Crazy In Love… And Just Plain Crazy

via disgaea.wikia.com

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice has as much of a strange cast as the other games in the very odd series. So when you meet Princess Sapphire Rhodonite, this cherub face, silver haired young woman with sparkling green eyes, you know something is going to be up with her. Turns out she's very much in love with Almaz, and you know what they say: love makes you do crazy things.

In this case it comes in the form of random, psychotic outbursts. While a lot of it is played up for laughs, there's some truly terrifying moments, like hen she tries to open Mao's heart with a chainsaw. She is seriously not stable. In fact, she has supposedly 'lost' the ability to cry. That is not a sign of someone who is healthy.

Hopefully Almaz manages to keep himself from being the center of her wrath for a while.

5 She Can Kill You With A Thought

via: hectorandres.deviantart.com

Despite being 106 years old, Liara is considered incredibly young for an Asari, barely old enough to be considered an adult. This shows in her behavior. She's incredibly naive, a little on the innocent side, and highly excitable. Her entire life has been dedicated to her pursuits of archaeology and research into the Protheans. In short, nerd.

But this nerd is also an incredibly powerful biotic (Mass Effect's version of a telepath). She can send entire platoons of enemy robots flying to the wind, and crush tanks with just her mind. Her obsessive personality also serves her well, allowing her to track down (and even replace) the notorious Shadow Broker.

A nerd, but a scary nerd.

4 She Wants Attention And Will Kill For It

via: deviantart.com (RitsukoAkizuki89)

K-Sha of Megadimension Neptunia VII has all the workings of the cute schoolgirl trope that Japanese games love so much. She small and slender, her outfit resembles a school uniform, and she has that flowing black hair. To top it all off, she's really shy while still being very popular. She also idolizes (and perhaps is romantically interested in) Noire, so much so that she goes just a little bit crazy about it.

And by 'little bit' I mean she tries to kill her sister. She was getting jealous that Noire's little sister, Uni, was spending so much time with her and distracting her when needed Noire's attention. Combined with a couple of bad dreams and she decides to best way to make sure can have Noire's undivided attention is to kill Uni.

Unfortunately, this plan fails so we'll never know if she was right or not.

3 She Builds A Killer Robot For School, It Goes As Expected

via deviantart.com (amelcore)

Borderlands 2 is full of eccentric, over the top characters with a lust for blood and violence. Hell, they're the only people who can survive the world of Pandora. But as you're picking between the big solider, the bigger soldier, and the cyborg soldier, you might notice one who seems a little out of place: Gaige, a young woman with a quirky smile, pigtails, and goggles.

Gaige was in a high school science fair and decided to build an anti-bullying robot. When her rival beat her in the competition they got into an altercation, which caused her robot to step in and, due to a 'miscalculation,' caused her to explode. Gaige escaped arrest by fleeing to Pandora, where with her killer robot and a cheerfully unhinged attitude she kills lots and lots of people.

2 If She Can't Be With L'Arc, Might As Well Cause An Apocalypse

via pixiv (Hakono Mitsuru)

At the beginning of Arc Rise Fantasia Adele fits all the standards for 'adorable white mage' character. In addition to being small and petite and wearing a magical girl style outfit she has a bright, booming smile that really lights up the mood in any situation. She is a kind and cheerful girl who cares a lot for friends. She also has a thing for L'Arc, who unfortunately has eyes for someone else.

She does not take it well.

Adele joins the game's evil cult and does a complete personality 180. Now she's brash and sultry, and also trying to bring about the apocalypse. For some reason this does not bring L'Arc closer to her so she nearly kills him a couple of times.

Ah, young love.

1 Kimmy Howell Wants to Prove She Is Worthy of Her Hero By Beheading Him

via: hanshee.deviantart.com

How do you prove to your idol that you are their biggest fan? Fanart/fanfiction? Start a fanclub? How about writing them a letter stating your intentions to behead them.

This was Kimmy Howell's strategy in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. She is Travis the Great's biggest fan, such a big fan that she took up fighting with lightsabers to imitate him and began to compete in the United Assassins Association.

On the surface she seems so sweet and innocent, with those golden pigtails, friendly smile, and schoolgirl uniform. Once she pulls out her dual-bladed lightsaber she is quite a deadly opponent. She fuels her fighting with her obsession with Travis, obsession which borders on insanity.

Travis chooses to spare her, so maybe she'll have the opportunity to gain a little sense. Or not.

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