10 Most Iconic Video Game Monsters You Can Cosplay As This Halloween

It's that time of the year again and we're not talking about Oktoberfest. No, we're referring to something more fun and exhilarating: Halloween! We're in that period of the year where tons of new horror entertainment (including games) are usually slated for release; oh and you now have a green light to scare people to death with a significantly reduced risk of getting sent to jail.

You don't even have to resort to some invasive pranks just to scare people; you can actually do it creatively and faithfully to some of the most nightmare-inducing icons of the horror genre of gaming. These are the monsters you usually ran away from like a scared toddler in video games and now, you can finally feel how they felt like while chasing innocents.

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Dead Space took the gaming community by storm back when it was first released in 2008. It was a game that's ahead of its time both graphically and when it comes to gameplay. Part of that is due to the A.I. of the Necromorphs. Their obvious inspiration is the Xenomorphs from Ridley Scott's Alien movies but more relatable and gruesome due to their zombie-like appearance.

Anyway, these guys are insane and always keep you on your toes. They have a penchant for hiding in vents and ambushing you while others even feign death only to attack you when you come near. The key to faithfully recreating that same fright in your victims... er, your audience, is to copy their elastic limb movements and their creepy walk.


Let's dial back down the hardcore factor a bit and go back to something that won't disturb people: Minecraft's Creepers. These are the most popular enemies of the Minecraft mythos and they're a lot more sinister than they look, trust us. They are stealthy and hostile mobs and players usually do well to avoid them in-game.

Even worse, they tend to explode shortly after attacking or rushing to their victims, making them quite notorious in the Minecraft community. You can treat them as a low-cost cosplay as well. All you need are some boxes and green and black paint then voila! You now have something you can chase children away with.

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Move over Nemesis, a classier and more stylish big scary strong dude is in town thanks to the renewed popularity of Resident Evil 2 (mostly the remake). We did want to feature Nemesis, but his cosplaying as him can be difficult because of all the appendages and the facial prosthetics, so we went with something more doable but also equally scary.

In any case, anyone who has played Resident Evil 2 will know firsthand the trauma that this well-dressed gentleman brings to the game. He mostly patrols around the vicinity trying to look for something to turn into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which happens to be you most of the time. Don't be fooled by Mr. X's fashion sense, he's not reasonable and will not listen to your begging.


Psychological fear is often more terrifying and damaging than in-your-face jump scares or scary imagery and Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Solid franchise is a master in that regard. He knows your most recent secrets and is not afraid to use it against you. Heck, he can even take "move" your controller for you.

Such a boss fight was considered in the gaming community to be the most unique one ever, it's not often a creepy skinny bald man in a gas mask gets to break the fourth wall and spook you. These days, the gimmick has been shattered and people are smarter these days but back then, Psycho Mantis was the craziest boss fight ever. Make sure to bring a PlayStation controller when you cosplay as him.

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What we have here is a creepypasta who became a video game antagonist and eventually got its own movie, that's a tall order for a made-up internet monster. Nevertheless, Slender Man has shown the world that you don't have to be grotesque or disgusting to be scary; you only have to be faceless and quiet... and really tall.

As it turns out, Slender Man's origins were influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and his weird cosmic terror mythos. Hence, one of his forms can be seen with abyssal black tentacles at the back in case his victims aren't scared of a lanky man in a tux. Cosplaying as Slender Man should be easy too.


The first Bioshock game remains to this day, a peerless masterpiece after it successfully combined first-person shooter (FPS), horror, and roleplaying (RPG) elements on top of great story and presentation. Of course, the poster boy of Bioshock remains the imposing Big Daddy.

Their lore was also a little hardcore; you see, Big Daddies are actually heavily-spliced (genetically modified) beings whose bodies were grafted into their armor. That armor just happens to be those freaky diving suits of old, giving a Big Daddy a sad but horrific appearance. It's a hard cosplay set-piece to imitate but worth it in the end.

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For many fans of the gaming sub-genre, Dark Souls might as well be part of the horror genre. They certainly have moments that make your heart race out of fear, desperation, and adrenaline, which can even be more taxing on your heart than actual one-trick-pony horror games.

To this day, the fallen Knight Artorias remains the poster boy of the Dark Souls franchise. He was a noble being who became corrupted and got turned into an obscene vandalism of his former self. He's no slouch either; once you enter his arena, prepare to get flattened like a panini over and over again by his giant blade. You'll surely strike terror in the hearts of any Dark Souls player you encounter.


Simple, yet unsettling, these are the zombies of the Half-Life games. These things are just humans who were unfortunate enough to be victimized by Headcrabs, parasitic aliens who tore through Earth after a science experiment opened a volatile portal. As you can imagine, these things are in pain and are freaky at the same time.

The first Headcrab zombies were scientists whose most precious assets got eaten and replaced by Headcrabs. Funny enough, they sound like Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants if he was being burned alive... which is still utterly disturbing. Be wary though, assuming this as your cosplay piece puts you in danger of getting hit with a crowbar wielded by a random geek.

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A monster from Doom being here is already a given. After all, it's one of the longest-running horror FPS franchises ever in gaming. While not many could match the Doomguy's angst and badassery, the Revenant can still give him some nasty burns or dismembered limbs depending on your skill.

The Revenant, true to its name, is also undying. You see, whenever a Revenant dies, a demon picks it up and fuses some rocket launchers and a jetpack onto its back, then it's ready to go ruin your day again. In a way, they do have a lot in common with the Doomguy. Now, don't you go cosplaying the Revenant without speakers playing heavy metal riffs on repeat.


Of course, how could we forget the king of cosplay nightmares: Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill games. What we mean is, if there was a prom king reward for the most horrendous horror creatures, then Pyramid Head would take the crown... violently perhaps.

They are the resident butchers of the Silent Hill games and you happen to be the animal in their slaughterhouse since all they do is chase you around and chop you to pieces no matter how hard you cry for your life. In any case, cosplaying s Pyramid Head should be standard fare, you can even make the costume from scratch. With this as your costume, you'll surely slay that Halloween party... figuratively, mmkay?

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