25 Video Game Plot Twists That Make Absolutely No Sense

Just like every other form of entertainment, many video games attempt to have an engaging narrative that will pull the audience along through the gameplay, not expecting the player to enjoy the gameplay on its own. The best games are able to meld gameplay with narrative and bring a satisfying experience and conclusion to the audience, but just like in books and film, they can miss the mark sometimes as well. This can sometimes lead to video game narratives having glaring plot holes that none of us can believe the writers missed!

What we've done is pulled together some of the most annoying plot holes in video game history, holes that end up ruining the entire narrative of a game. They pull us out of the experience by not properly explaining the hole to a satisfying degree. It's about time that these games were called out for offering an incomplete experience, one that doesn't give an audience the narrative that they were promised!

So, are people ready to have some of their favorite video game narratives ruined? We don't think that anybody will have noticed all of these plot holes in the past, so there's definitely something here for everyone that's reading! If we've forgotten any of the important ones, just let us know. As it turns out, a lot of video games really try to pull the wool over our eyes with weird plot twists, but we're finally on to what they're doing!

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25 Was Bayonetta In A Coffin Or Not?

via: bayonetta.wikia.com

Bayonetta is an incredibly popular game among players that want a fair challenge. One of the characters in the video game is a young girl that bears a striking resemblance to Bayonetta herself, a character that we then find out actually is Bayonetta.

This would be a good twist if it wasn't for the fact that the game has already told us that Bayonetta has been trapped in a coffin for the last five centuries.

It seems like this was a twist that came towards the end of development that people didn't have a chance to think about.

24 Mario Was Asleep The Whole Time...

via: gamesradar.com

Okay, so as many video game fans out there will know, Super Mario Bros. 2 was actually a reskin of a Japanese game called Doki Doki Panic. That being said, it also includes numerous enemies and establishes various bits of in-universe lore that would go on to appear later on in the main line of Mario games!

This is why it makes no sense that it turns out to all be a dream at the end of the second game. Why are all of these enemies then later used in Mario games if it was all a figment of his imagination?!

23 The Origami Shapeshifter

via: ign.com

Heavy Rain is considered by some to be a fantastic narrative video game, one that keeps players on the edge of their seat with a great twist! However, it's this twist that ends up ruining the rest of the game. When we find out that one of the player characters was the Origami guy all along, it's a genuine punch to the gut, but only until you start to actually think about it. For example, we actually play as this character while one of the crimes takes place, and yet we never see the character do it!

22 Why Didn't The Mutant Do It?

via: fallout.wikia.com

A lot of people love Fallout 3, the game that brought the beloved Fallout formula to 3D and introduced many to a post-apocalyptic wasteland that had not been seen in such detail before in video games.

However, many people had a real problem with the ending.

At the end of the game, the main character is forced to make a difficult choice about whether to enter a radiated area or not, conveniently ignoring the fact that there is a mutant with the character that could easily enter and do it for them!

21 Hope, Kratos? Really?

via: ign.com

We know that a lot of people turn to this game for the combat, ourselves included, but it also forces us to sit through a lot of story. One of the main strands of the narrative throughout all three games is Pandora's Box, an item that can take down a God.

Well, it turns out that the weapon in this box that can take down a God, is hope. Anybody who has played these games even for five minutes knows that this makes no sense within the themes and atmosphere of the game...

20 Bionic Commando's Woman Problem

via: hardcoregaming101.net

While this game allowed players to swing through a city on a mechanical arm, it ended up being quite the flop when it first came out. In the game, players were lead to believe that the main character would be reunited with his long-lost wife once he had completed his mission.

Many could see the plot twist coming from a mile off that his wife was no longer with us, but what they couldn't predict was that it would turn out the soul of his wife is within his bionic arm.

19 Female Empowerment Followed By Objectification

via: polygon.com

Once players had managed to finish the incredibly difficult first entry in the Metroid series all those years ago, they were treated with a different ending depending on how well they had performed.

Many players were surprised to see that Samus had been a woman all along, turning the concept that only male characters can be strong and powerful on its head. However, this is ruined by another ending that places Samus Aran in a bathing suit for the audience's pleasure...

18 Why Wouldn't A Phoenix Down Work On Her?

via: wordpress.com

This is one of the most famous plot holes in the history of video gaming. Fairly early on in Final Fantasy VII, a character named Aerith is taken away from the player by Sephiroth after the main character has gained a genuine emotional connection with her. This would all be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the player had already had to contend with this quite easily by applying a Phoenix Down to characters to revive them. Why wouldn't it work again?!

17 The Characters In Resident Evil Still Don't Know Zombies Exist...

via: microsoft.com

The Resident Evil games have a committed timeline, one filled with the same player and side characters that come up against the villainous corporation Umbrella and their various experiments that always end up in zombies. Why is it then that so many of them end up surprised when they see their first zombie in many of the games?! We don't know about you, but we think if we'd had to go through a traumatic event in which we had faced off against a horde of zombies, that's not something we would end up forgetting anytime soon!

16 Ocarina Of Time's Song Of Storms Paradox

via: zelda.wikia.com

It's easy to fall into a plot hole when people are allowed to move in time, which is exactly what happened with Ocarina Of Time. In the game, Link is taught a song called the Song Of Storms by a man in a windmill, which he then goes back in time and performs in that windmill to move the story along.

The man says he'll remember this song, which he then teaches to Link in the future. However, how could he possibly have known the song to teach to Link in the future if Link was the one who taught it to him in the past?!

15 How Did Talbot Survive In Uncharted 3?

via: uncharted.wikia.com

Talbot is an interesting character, one that seems fairly shrouded in mystery. In Uncharted 3, he messes with Nathan Drake's mind, forcing the player to go through some unpleasant hallucinations.

However, this doesn't explain how he is able to survive a bullet to the chest late on in the game's story!

Many have theorized that he was wearing a bulletproof vest which stopped him from dying, but there is nothing within the game's story to say that this is true. We don't think we'll ever know how this intriguing man was able to survive the unsurvivable!

14 How Can Mario Be In The Same Place As Shadow Mario?!

via: fantendo.wikia.com

Super Mario Sunshine is one of the most popular entries in the franchise. The story setup is that Mario is tasked with cleaning up Delfino Isle as an imposter Mario has been causing havoc by leaving a mess everywhere he goes.

This makes sense at first, but not once Shadow Mario is then seen in the same place as the normal Mario.

This would be more than enough evidence to prove that the real Mario wasn't the one who cause the problems in the first place. Unsurprisingly, this is never mentioned in the game...

13 How Many "Last" Metroids Are There?

via: metroid.wikia.com

We understand that writing can be difficult, but we really can't let this one go! The conceit of many Metroid games is that Samus is going on an adventure to finally rid the universe of the last Metroid, an alien species that is able to suck the life out of anything that it comes up against.

Despite this fact, there seems to be a Metroid in pretty much every single game in the series! We know it's in the name, but how many "last Metroids" can there possibly be?!

12 Why Did Desmond Take Down Lucy?

via: wikia.com

The Assassin's Creed franchise has had a lot of problems with story in the past. The first of these problems came at the end of Brotherhood. Players are forced in slow motion to take down their friend Lucy while under the control of a God named Juno. This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the narrative has already established that trained life-takers cannot be controlled by the Gods. It made for a genuinely tense end, but we don't think that it should take away from the fact that it is a massive plot hole!

11 The Resident Evil Characters Should've Turned By Now...

via: microsoft.com

Anyone that has played through the Resident Evil games knows that there are many inconsistencies in the way that the zombies are created and how they attack the characters. We know for a fact that many times in the series, all it takes is a lick or a scratch from a zombie to turn a human being, so why is it then that in some of the games this doesn't apply? The player will be bitten numerous times throughout the first game, and yet they're able to run away and heal themselves.

10 Why Is The Locust Leader Human?

via: gearsofwar.wikia.com

Throughout Gears Of War, we're told that the alien race known as the Locusts want nothing more than to completely eradicate the human race. Why then is their leader a human?

In Gears Of War 3, we're shown that the Locust leader is a woman named Myrrah who is pushing to get rid of the human race.

We know that there are a lot of human beings out there that have taken on other humans, but you would think that the writers would at least try to explain this little inconsistency in their plot!

9 Life Is Strange Needs To Get It Right!

via: playstation.com

We've already pointed out that video games which mess around with time travel need to be careful. Life Is Strange is no different. At the beginning of the game, the player turns back time in class, which is how she finds out that she has the ability to time travel.

However, in the rest of the game she stays in the same place when using her powers, but in this instance, she turns back in time as well, going all the way back to her classroom. Why does it only work like this once in the entire game?!

8 Why Did Ethan Black Out?

via: heavyrain.wikia.com

Heavy Rain's narrative is filled with red herrings that try to put players off the scent. However, some of these red herrings end up creating plot holes which are never properly explained before the end of the game.

One of these plot holes is the fact that Ethan will black out regularly, waking up not knowing where he is, which makes him a suspect.

He also wakes up with incriminating evidence, but how would he have this evidence when we know that he had nothing to do with the crimes?!

7 Bane Would Remember Wayne!

via: batman.wikia.com

There were a lot of problems with Arkham Origins, the prequel in the Arkham series. However, many fans have pointed out a plot hole in the narrative, which is the fact that Bane finds out the real identity of Batman.

This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that Bane makes an appearance in the Arkham sequels.

It is never mentioned that Bane knows Batman is actually millionaire Bruce Wayne, which lead to widespread confusion amongst the audience.

6 Does The Microwave Corridor Make Any Sense?!

via: goombastomp.com

At the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, Old Snake is forced to crawl through a microwave corridor in order to stop Liquid Ocelot's plot, putting himself through some serious damage. This sequence is now remembered as a legendary moment in video game history.

However, many people have pointed out that he really didn't have to do this. We already know by this point that Raiden is a cyborg that can withstand serious damage and come back fine. Why is it that he doesn't go through the corridor himself to stop the plan from panning out?!

5 Is Niko Bellic Really That Remorseful?

via: reddit.com

One of the main narrative strands in the fourth installment of Grand Theft Auto is that Niko Bellic, the main character, is a man filled with remorse for his actions in the past.

He is using his move to the US as an opportunity to move away from all of this, which is why he's tentative about getting involved everything.

However, this doesn't make sense when placed next to the character's actions once they're set loose in the sandbox world of GTA IV, where they more than likely spend their time taking on police officers!

4 How Did Raiden Channel Lightning?

via: metalgearinformer.com

We all know that Hideo Kojima plays fast and loose with authenticity, adding in characters and villains that have powers nobody in the real world could ever have. However, one thing that Metal Gear Solid 4 never attempts to explain is the fact that Raiden seems to be able to channel lightning. He comes to the rescue of Old Snake when he needs his help, taking on enemies with just a foot mounted sword with his arms now out of commission. Where did this power come from, and why is it never utilized in Metal Gear Rising either?!

3 Who Taught Jack Marsten How To Shoot?

via: comicbook.com

While playing through Red Dead Redemption, we find out that we're working with some lawmen in the hope of being returned to our family, our wife, and child that we've attempted to start a new life with.

When we are finally returned to them, we see that our son doesn't exactly take after us, choosing a life filled with knowledge instead.

However, when John is eliminated at the end of the game and we take over as Jack years later, Jack is able to shoot just as good as his outlaw father. Who taught him how to shoot like that?!

2 Will Ridley Ever Pass On?

via: metroid.wikia.com

This is a cardinal sin that many video games commit, but we think that Metroid must have a Ridley boss fight in pretty much every installment in the series, and yet the beast continues to survive!

Many of these boss battles end with Ridley very clearly moving on from this world, and yet we're expected to believe that she can then come back whenever she wants to take on Samus. If we were Ms. Aran, we'd start to question just how it's possible this beast keeps coming back! Maybe Nintendo will announce that it's been a different Ridley every time?

1 How Did Jack Survive?

via: bioshock.wikia.com

BioShock was a huge success, and a lot of that was down to the fact that it had an interesting narrative that kept everyone hooked, while also offering a genuinely good twist at the end that nobody saw coming. However, how good is that twist really? Sure, none of us knew that our supposed ally had been controlling us all along, but this twist really adds a lot of questions that go unanswered. The main question is how out character managed to survive on the surface if he was created underwater and placed above to then come back later on!

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