30 Rarest Video Game Accessories (And How Much They Cost)

Video game accessories can be a bit expensive but these 30 examples are just out of control!

Everybody loves having a sweet collection to show off to anybody who comes over. Whether you collect baseball cards, action figures or postage stamps, a pricey collection is something to be proud of. Today we are going to be talking about a different type of collectible. Gaming accessories which have caused quite the dent in the wallets of the committed few willing to dish out the dough.

Gaming is known for being a hobby that appears to be unapproachable for the uninitiated. And this list will not quell any fears regarding that. New gamers have to navigate mazes of controllers, peripherals, and setups to try and get to the actual games. Usually, it is the games that are the main focus, but today we are going to be taking a different approach and give some accessories their day in the spotlight. Not just any accessories, these ones are not for the faint of heart.

Gamers are notorious for being a hardcore breed. We will drop any amount of cash to fuel our hobby/borderline addiction in some cases. And I am not just talking about special edition controllers, although we have those too. I'm talking full flight simulator rigs, ultra rare collectible consoles and even diamond encrusted gold peripherals. Yes! Diamonds and gold!

These all may be accessories but they certainly do not play second fiddle to the games themselves. Sometimes these "accessories" hog the spotlight and take the center stage. Join us as we take a jaunt through 30 of the rarest and most expensive video game accessories.

30 Nintendo PlayStation ($ ???)

via theverge.com

No that is not a typo in the headline and you do not need to adjust your monitor. This fabled piece of video game obscura really does exist and is a remnant of a short-lived partnership between Sony and Nintendo. This hybrid never made it past the prototyping stage, and never made it to retail. It is tough to say how much it is actually worth as it was only sold at an auction where nobody realized what this actually was. Without a doubt, this peek into an alternate dimension of gaming history is a priceless artifact of the industry.

29 Jupiter Platinum PC ($750,000).

via cnet.com

Behold! The true king of the PC. Like it's namesake, the Jupiter Platinum PC reigns supreme over all of its cohorts. Funnily enough, the hardware on the inside of this centerpiece is relatively bottom-end. 2 GB RAM, 256MB Geforce 8400GS and a 3Ghz Core2Duo CPU is the driving force behind the Jupiter. Of course, it's not the internal hardware that you are paying so much for, it's the diamonds encrusted on the outside that will catch your eye, and your wallet.

28 Wii Supreme (£ 300,000)

via stuarthughes.com

While not exactly an accessory per say, we would be remiss not to mention this gold plated beauty. Guaranteed to elevate any match of Wii bowling to diamond status, this ornate Nintendo Wii is fully functioning and ready to complete your games room.

2,500 grams of 22 karat gold encrusted with flawless diamond buttons.

It is no surprise that only 3 of these were made and getting your hands on any member of this triplet will cost you the GDP of a small country. Worth.

27 MWE Lab Workstation (Upwards to $15,000)

via touchofmodern.com

Looking at MWE Lab's website it is clear that their workstations are designed for exactly that, work. But I think this bad boy could be better put to use as a gaming station. They offer so many levels of customization, at varying price points, to make your head spin.

I managed to pick out a set up with capabilities for 5 screens, Bose digital sound, 2 laptop trays and of course, a leg rest.

Think about it. Watch a movie on one screen, play Civilization VI while doing your taxes, writing a novel and face timing with grandma. And you can even hook up a microwave and mini fridge to the power outlet so you never have to leave your cocoon.

26 VRX Racing Simulator (upwards to $60,000)

via precisiongolfsimulators.com

Now as far as the items on this list go, this one is #1 as far as commitment to gaming goes. The VRX Racing simulator is not to be trifled with. With many customization options including, but not limited to:

D-box motion systems, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and even ergonomic optimization for your VR headset.

The prices for these vary depending on how many bells and whistles you want to tack on. But rest assured, if you were looking to graduate from Mario Kart to something a bit more visceral, you have met your match.

25 Gold XBOX 360 Faceplate ($36,000)

via jeauxactu.com

Truly the only Xbox 360 faceplate that says "I have way too much money in my pocket" to anybody who comes over to play Halo, This faceplate blows all the other ones out of the water.

Not content with the standard white look? Upgrade to 999.9 ounces of 25-karat gold to really show the world you mean business.

Sold on eBay in the Xbox 360's launch year for $36,000, the golden faceplate will make sure that your Xbox 360 belongs in a museum and not the trash bin.

24 Gold Bullion Computer Mouse ($37, 000)

via dhgate.com

If you just gotta have everything gold to match your gold Xbox 360 then you need this wireless mouse to complete your collection. This 18 karat lump of gold, is not just any 18 karat lump of gold but is also a fully functioning mouse complete with wireless capability, making it the world's most expensive mouse. As you can probably imagine, this was not meant for pro Starcraft tournaments and probably won't contribute to your actions per minute. It'll be perfect for spreadsheets though!

23 Fully Functional NES Controller Coffee Table ($13,500 CAD)

via insidehook.com

With this glorious, handcrafted, custom made-to-order piece of art, you never have to compromise between having a giant NES controller or a coffee table. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, heck you can even eat it on your new NES controller. This  40" by 17.5" behemoth is built from a consortium of maple, walnut, and mahogany and is fully functional. It might take a small army of coordinated friends to make it through Battletoads but that's just part of the fun!

22 Optimus Maximus Keyboard ($1, 600)

via artlebedev.com

At that price point, you might expect this keyboard to actually be Optimus Prime in disguise, waiting for it to transform into a truck and drive away. Sadly, it's not quite that cool. The hefty price point for this keyboard comes from the fact that each programmable key is actually a tiny OLED screen, meaning total control over customizability options. With the press of a button, the symbols on the keys can switch between languages, or if you are feeling really saucy you can completely resort the typical QWERTY keyboard into a monster of your own making. And an SD card slot means you can take your preset keyboard functions on the road with you.

21 Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition ($2,500)

via vitoiuvara.com

Like Nathan Drake himself, this collector's edition allows those with deep enough pockets to get their hands on a rare treasure. Commemorating the release of what would become one of the greatest games on the PlayStation 3, the Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition not only comes with a great game but also a guide, art book, and a replica of a dagger featured in the game. Only 200 of these were produced, and thankfully you do not need to go tomb raiding to get your hands on one.

20 Nintendo 64DD ($2,000)

via engadget.com

You may not know it, but Nintendo attempted to gain a toe-hold in the disk-based game market before the GameCube with the Nintendo 64DD. As you could probably imagine, it did not catch on. Only 10 titles were released for the peripheral before it discontinued production. As such, there remain a plethora of these units which went unsold, a hot bed for collectibles. It gained a second life as a collectible item fetching prices as high as $2,000 at auction. Way ahead of its time? Probably not.

19 Elemental Gearbolt Assassin's Case ($2,000)

via game-rave.com

Have you ever wanted a fancy attache briefcase? Have you ever wanted this case to carry around a faux-gold light gun for an obscure PlayStation I title? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are the ideal audience for the Elemental Gearbolt Assassin's Case. Released as a promotional item for the release of Elemental Gearbolt on the original PlayStation, the Assassin's Case contains a nice briefcase for you to lug around your copy of Elemental Gearbolt, a light gun as well as your memory card (remember those?). Definitely beats the usual collector's editions we see these days

18 Famitsu Skeleton Gameboy Light (£749.00)

via play-asia.com

The Gameboy Light was an updated version of the Gameboy Pocket featuring a new backlit screen, talk about ahead of its time! This particular ultra-rare offering was handed out by popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. Only 5,000 of these were sent out those lucky few who mailed in or were present at special events. There are many Japan-only variants of all sorts of consoles, all of which will fetch a pretty penny especially to Western collectors and this is no exception.

17 Development Prototype N64 Long Cartridges ($1,000 - $3,000)

via youtube.com (Dennis Fleaman)

We already covered the Nintendo 64's foray into CD-based games, but here is another interesting variation on the N64 that you might not know about. These funky long cartridges are believed to have been used by developers for prototyping and perhaps handed out to journalists for reviewing games pre-release! What makes these so interesting is that it is actually possible to write data to these cartridges meaning a savvy hacker can mod these cartridges to their own needs. Another exciting find in the deep vaults of Nintendo memorabilia.

16 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition ($1, 300)

via theverge.com

For the low, low price of $1,300 you too can buy the most-hated title in a long-running franchise! Of course, that's not all it comes with because this particular edition of Resident Evil 6 comes with a few extra goodies. Buyers can expect to find a handy set of tablet covers featuring series mainstays Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and newcomer Jake Muller. But the pièce de résistance is a replica of Leon Kennedy's signature jacket. Now you can enact all of your zombie kicking, president's daughter rescuing fantasies in style!

15 Diamond Encrusted Gold Gameboy ($30,000)

via pinterest.com

What's that? A super rare see through Gameboy only released in Japan isn't fancy enough for you? Well then, you must be in the marketplace for this particular bedazzled piece of extravagance. 18 karats of gold encrusted with enough diamonds to make Elton John blush, this legendary handheld is, unsurprisingly, going to dig a hole in your pocket to the tune of $30,000. It makes you wonder, who would actually take this thing to play on the bus ride to work?

14 Redbird TD Flight Simulator ($7,000)

via retail.redbirdflight.com

Growing up, I would always watch my brother play Flight Simulator with his dinky little joystick. Before you know it he upgraded to a HOTAS setup, then bought pedals and I was certain he was on his way to just buying a plane. The Redbird TD Flight Simulator is the next logical step for kids who were raised on a healthy diet of Flight Simulator, Xplane, and even Crimson Skies. Featuring accurate knobs, buttons, screens and indicators, this set up is not for the faint of heart. Only the most serious of armchair pilots need to apply.

13 Seafarer Keyboard ($1,650)

via datamancer.com

This whole list has been poking fun at the inherent absurdity found in spending exorbitant amounts of money on accessories, but here we have an item that I would argue is worth its price. The Seafarer Keyboard is not merely a keyboard meant for typing, but this is a work of art, plain and simple. Placated by old-fashioned keycaps meant to resemble an old typewriter, this bad boy is actually mechanical containing only the finest electronics and parts. All encompassed in a gorgeous package marked by a gold foil map and spiral patterns.

12 E3 1997 Legend Of Zelda Statue ($1,200)

via youtube.com (Herrconsolero)

1997 was a hell of a year to be at E3. For the uninitiated, E3 is the electronic entertainment expo held every year, and this particular year was a knockout. Between the announcements of Half-life, Metal Gear Solid and Goldeneye just to name a few, it was also a knockout year for collectors.

The hot item of the show was a 16-inch statue of Link sold to promote The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Of course, Ocarina of Time would turn out to be arguably one of the greatest games ever released making this a must-have for collectors. Coupled with the fact that only a few hundred were produced it is easy to see why it is worth as much as it is.

11 Wu-Tang Shaolin Style PlayStation Controller ($600)

via ebay.com

Wu tang clan ain't nothing to mess with! But they wouldn't mind you messing with their funky looking controller. The RZA, The GZA, and ODB slapped their name on this 1999 PlayStation 1 release involving all sorts of kung-fu violence. A special edition of the game came with a special controller in the shape of the Wu-Tang "W". As you can imagine, it is not a very fun controller to play with so it might fair better behind a display case than in your hands.

10 Omni Virtuix ($700)

via roadtovr.com

If dishing out around $500- $700 for a swanky VR set up is still not enough to immerse yourself, then you need the Omni Virtuix. As you might be able to guess from the picture, the Virtuix lets you fully run around your favorite games in VR. It uses an ingenious omnidirectional treadmill to account for the player's movements. Explore Tamriel, The Commonwealth and numerous other worlds at your own pace. Take a stroll, or go for a run -- away from Deathclaws that is.

9 VR Headset ($400-$600)


via fortune.com

Whether you decide to go with the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, you are making a steep commitment to the future of gaming. Having had the privilege to try out one of these platforms, I can personally vouch that whatever the price is, it is totally worth it! By putting you in the shoes of the protagonist, instead of merely controlling them, the first generation of VR technology is very promising. The prices are expected to drop as the technology gets more efficient and commonplace but for now, you could do no worse than siding with either of these two products.

8 Steel Battalion Controller ($500)

via reddit.com

In the same vein as the racing simulator above, or a sweet HOTAS flight simulator set up, Steel Battalion seeks to put players right in the cockpit of a sweet mech. Released for the original Xbox and carrying with it a controller that meant business, Steel Battalion spared no expense to immerse the player in mech action.

How immersive? How does  2 control sticks, 40 buttons, and 3 pedals sound?

As you can imagine, this full set will run you a bit higher than your average gamepad. If you have $500 lying around and your original Xbox is still in running condition, then you too can pilot a weapon to surpass metal gear.

7 BioShock Big Daddy Statue ($450)

via store.irrationalgames.com

BioShock is a game that should need no introduction. Between being a critical darling, and one of my personal favorite games ever, BioShock has reserved a place in the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere. Now you can own a collectible immortalizing BioShock's most iconic characters. Only 200 of the Big Daddy and Little Sister statues have been made and they stand a whopping 14 inches tall. Now would you kindly rush out and buy this lovely piece of gaming memorabilia?

6 GameCube ASCII Controller ($300)

via ebay.com

This controller deserves a spot on our list simply for the sheer hilarity of it. Never again will you have to make the choice between having a keyboard handy instead of your controller because now you can have both! Whoever designed this new innovation deserves the Nobel prize of gaming. Of course, it comes at the cost of gaming with your hands spaced way far out, oh and about $300. On second thought, I think I will stick with PC gaming.

5 24K Gold Xbox One Controller ($299)

via colorware.com

Continuing the trend of overly opulent products which nobody really needs, here we have a golden Xbox One controller. Sadly, it is not solid gold, it is merely gold-plated but still this 24 karat functional bling is sure to be a big hit at your lan parties. Although this is something only a Saudi prince would want to game with, it is surprisingly cheap for something that is plated with gold. Just try not to get too much cheeto dust in it.

4 NES Power Glove ($500)

via wikipedia.org

Remember the power glove? Remember how you were the coolest kid on the block wearing this, before it's time, ingenious invention? Yeah me neither, that's because the power glove was not exactly the glove of the future that Nintendo was hoping for. That being said, if you happen to have one of these lying around still in the box you stand to make quite a bit of money. It's nice to see the Power Glove is finally living up to its hype.

3 NES ROB The Robot ($500)

via wikipedia.org

ROB The Robot, was an interesting attempt by Nintendo to bring to life a cutesy little robot buddy for NES owners. A true novelty item whose life was short-lived, ROB would play along with certain games grabbing at colored blocks and stacking them up at the player's behest. ROB got a second wind with the younger generation by being featured in Mario Kart DS and many of the Super Smash Bros. titles. Still, have your ROB in the box in mint condition? Well then, you can expect a nice ebay payday.

2 Razer Panthera Street Fighter V Edition Fight Stick ($200)

via razer.com

Pro Street Fighter players never settle for second best when it comes to their fight stick, and neither should you. Sure you could dish out $50 for a cheap hunk of plastic, but in a fast paced duel where every split second cannot go to waste, you don't want to cut corners. Not only does this special edition Street Fighter V fight stick have top of the line hardware specs, but it is also decked out with a uniquely commisioned piece of art on the front cover featuring series favorites Ryu and Akuma.

1 Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw GameCube Controller ($200)

via drewturpin.wordpress.com

The only word that can be used to describe this controller: Groovy. This gory GameCube gamepad is a far cry from the family-friendly image that the GameCube, and Nintendo, is associated with. Bundled with special editions of the fantastic Resident Evil 4, this controller is admittedly a bit awkward to play with, but it will definitely win you some style points. It is very rare to see controllers like this that try to play with unorthodox shapes, it is nice to see how these experiments play out!

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