15 Crazy Video Game Shoes We Need (And 15 That Are Just Embarrassing)

Shoes are awesome, and that’s something all of us can agree with now. Gone are the days when loving shoes was only stereotypical of girly girls. We now live in a world filled with shoe-makers who think of the rest of us!

There is an abundance of shoes out there based on popular video games. While some were created by manufacturers, others were dreamed up by individuals who put their art skills to the test in their living rooms. While all these shoes pretty wild, there are certainly some pairs that shine more than others. Wouldn’t you want to rock some kicks decked out in a retro Donkey Kong pattern?

From high tops to heels, we’re here to cover all the shoes in the book. If the game's been made, a pair of shoes has probably been made to go alongside it. Some of the most popular games have so many shoes they could end up with their own lists!

Better get those wallets ready, you’re going to want to own a few of these. Also, break out that art kit. Get ready to paint your favorite video game heroes on a pair Vans.

It’s going to pain us just a little to criticize some of these shoes, but we’re up to the challenge. Even the terrible shoes are exciting simply because they link back to the games we love to play.

Lace up your sneakers; It’s time to get started.

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30 Best: Knitted Mario High Tops

via: bitrebels.com

These comfy kicks are stylish and unique. How often do you actually see woven shoes? The colors are superb. The gray is neutral enough for these shoes to match with everything you own, but the red is bright enough to make them pop.

These probably took a while to make, but boy was it worth it. They manage to be retro and modern at the same time.

Why buy a sweater when you can buy shoes that are just as fuzzy?

29 Worst: Gucci Sega Sneakers

via: resetera.com

We’re not going to lie – these shoes bother us a lot.

Gucci created these shoes in collaboration with SEGA. The Gucci logo is actually printed on the shoe’s tongue in SEGA’s iconic font. It’s chunky, it’s full of jewels, and we don’t totally get it. The colors are pretty obscure and a little too light to match with anything in your closet. The worst part? A pair of these will run you $1,400.

Can you imagine dropping that sum of money on kicks as wacky as these?

28 Best: Toon Link High Tops

via: bravadogaming.com

I wish every pair of Nikes looked as rad as this one. Decked out in a cool green color and with Toon Link pasted on the side, these shoes are ideal for every Zelda fan. While these shoes are simplistic, they are still perfectly themed.

We like that these scream “Link” without being overpowering.

Nintendo art can be stunning and Toon Link’s shading here is no exception. His picture is high-quality and he looks as triumphant as you should feel while wearing these.

27 Worst: Minecraft Creeper Shoes

via: youtube.com (Kiwi Show)

These neon blue shoes were made by using a 3D Pen on a pair of Converse. While the way they were made is neat, the practicality of them is non-existent. We’re assuming they were just made to be one mega cool art project.

That being said, the colors are very bright and plasticy. So if some wearable shoes were to come out like this, we’d probably pass. The neon colors are fun but don’t particularly fit with Minecraft’s somewhat muted palette.

26 Best: Halo High Tops

via: bungie.org

Shout-out to the artist who made these shoes come to life. With Covenant characters on one side and UNSC characters on the other, someone clearly thought through their shoe-redo strategy. The deep teal color is fabulous, and the cartoons are done well.

These kicks look so professional, it's as if they could have been printed!

We like how sleek these are. How cool would it be to slay a video game and the world of style at the same time?

25 Worst: Rocket League Shoes

via: rageon.com

Rocket League’s great. Who wouldn’t want to play soccer with cars? Unfortunately, the coolness of the game doesn’t make these kicks any better.

Tne shoes are bright. Very, very bright.

Additionally, the shoes just don’t feel enough like Rocket League. Sure, there’s a car on them that looks similar to the cars in the game. But that’s it. The shoes are loud, yet somehow they’re still left begging for more. We’ll pass on these.

24 Best: Tetris Kicks

via: canvaswarriors.co.uk

Do these scream iconic, or what?

We’re huge fans of these Tetris kicks. For one thing, black is a solid Converse color. It’s the go-to you can’t go wrong with. Pair that with a few bright Tetris cubes, and it’s a win-win situation.

The red laces are also pretty bomb. While these shoes could have worked with any color tying them up, the red makes a freakishly bold statement.

These guys are classic. Yes, they do totally make us want to head to an arcade.

23 Worst: Fortnite Sneakers

via: pinterest.com

Fortnite is all the rage right now. There are over 125 million players across all of its platforms and that number just keeps growing. Its popularity is insane, as seen with Josh Hart's kicks while playing for the LA Lakers.

These shoes are also insane but not in a good way.

They include some of the neon purple and green colors that are seen in the game, but we’re not a fan of them together. It’s just too much.

Unless black’s your favorite color, you’ll have a hard time finding something that matches with these kicks.

22 Best: Kirby Cleats

via: kotaku.com

Who knew football could become so stylish? Thanks to this rockin’ pair cleats, it can.

Odell Beckham Jr. wore these a couple years ago as a receiver for The Giants.

He worked with a custom sneaker artist and wore Kirby’s pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They thought everything though, didn’t they?

We wish we could get a pair of Kirby shoes as great as these. Those trees and stars are looking super fine. Now if only we could afford a custom sneaker artist…

21  Worst: Sonic’s Shoes

via: geekytyrant.com

These shoes are meant to look like the ones Sonic wears. While they’re pretty close, they look a little too Christmassy for our liking. Can’t you see this as the type of boots Santa slides on before getting in his sleigh?

We don’t know when anyone would find a reason to put these on unless they’re cosplaying as Sonic. Even then, we think there are some better, rubberier copycats out there. Go and search those out instead!

20 Best: Portal Slide-Ons

via: deviantart.com (thetoaster)

I don’t think many would say that Portal isn’t amazing. This puzzle-platform game is nothing short of awesome.

We love this drawn-on representation of the game on these kicks. The colors are soft, but the orange drags us right into Portal’s familiar world. These shoes are fierce but sort of calming. And don’t they look comfortable?

We also like that each shoe is a little different. While they’re clearly a pair, they each carry some flair of their own.

19 Worst: Clash of Clans Canvas Shoes

via: pinterest.com

While these shoes are ones you certainly don’t see every day, they still come off as boring. Clash of Clans is enjoyable, but these shoes manage to be out-there without being artistic. What’s the fun in that?

It’s almost as if someone just took a background from Clash of Clans and slapped it on some canvas shoes. Actually, they probably did do that.

We’re into kicks that are a little more creative. Can we all mutually pass on these?

18 Best: Donkey Kong Kicks

via: cheap-hosting-web.co.uk

If you played the original Donkey Kong in arcades, on the NES, online, or literally anywhere, you’re going to want to get a pair of these.

The pattern is boppin’ and the images are iconic. The tongue of the shoes additionally features a tiny version of the plumber and a couple of barrels. Retro much?

Pair these kicks with some skinny jeans, and you’re going to be one gamer with style.

Now if only there were a way to get instant shipping…

17 Worst: Pokémon-Painted Shoes

via: etsy.com

Creativity is awesome and people should feel free to adapt characters however they like. That being said, it’s possible we’d be creeped out if we saw Pikachu staring up at us with these giant eyes.

Pokémon games are highly addicting. Just ask the millions of people who got addicted to Pokémon GO a couple years ago. So yeah, it’d be cool to have a pair of kicks that related back to the series. We’d just prefer a pair that isn't these.

16 Best: Atari High Tops

via: casepunch.com

We’re going retro with these kicks.

These shoes are patterned with some classic Atari games. Who’s down for a game of Jungle Hunt?

We like the contrast on this pair. While the pattern is busy, it’s also soft. What really screams to us is that bright logo. It’s so recognizable that it practically glows off the shoes.

If you’re longing for a time of simpler gaming, you’re going to want to pick up a pair of these.

15 Worst: Majora’s Mask Sneakers

via: etsy.com

To be honest, even the not-so-great shoes are actually pretty cool. That being said, these right here still aren’t our favorite. I could go on a rant about the neon colors again, but instead, I’m going to focus on what’s most bothersome – those giant eyes.

The Zelda theme is classic, but no one needs anything that huge staring into their souls.

Eyes don’t belong on shoes even if they do come straight out of a video game.

Let’s celebrate the less overpowering Zelda shoes, okay?

14 Best: Mario Heels

via: hiveminer.com

In a little bit, we’re going to bash some Nintendo heels that are entirely too high and basic. But for now, let’s celebrate a pair of video game heels that actually work.

These shoes don’t need Mario on them in order to scream “Mario.” Somehow they do that on their own.

They’re super classy and not overwhelming. Get a blue dress in the same color, and you’ll be the talk of every party in town.

13 Worst: Painted Link Shoes

via: devientart.com (jjsshoesxd)

As per usual, we’re not a fan of criticizing people’s art. Whoever made these actually did a pretty good job of capturing Link and those nasty chickens. It’s also the reason we wouldn’t want to actually wear these.

Those chickens are scary, man. Do you really need one of them on your feet all day? Must we constantly be reminded of how quickly they are to attack you in some of the most iconic Zelda games?

12 Best: Zelda High Tops

via: wewanaplay.com

Let’s come back from that low point by looking at a pair of Zelda shoes that are actually pretty fine. These shoes have been blessed by the incredible drawing abilities of some video game fan. Would you look at that detail? Not only does the wolf look realistic, but Link does, too.

High tops seem to be popular for video game art, and we’re sure happy about it.

It gives artists some decent canvas space to work their magic on.

11 Worst: Metroid Vans

via reddit.com

Let’s start with the positives. As per usual, whoever made these did a stinking fine job. Their artistic talents are off-the-charts. Just look at all the shading.

The problem is that most of us don’t want Mother Brain on our shoe. That pink and orange alongside that green and red isn’t something we’re feeling. Good luck finding clothes that match both your left and right foot. We’re pretty sure it’ll be a challenge.

10 Best: Pacman All-Stars

via: pinterest.com

This is a solid example of how retro shoes are supposed to be made.

We love seeing our favorite arcade characters chilling on the sides of these kicks. The ghosts are sporting some nice colors and everyone who sees you wearing these Chuck Taylors will know that you have good taste.

These shoes rock the simple art. It doesn’t take much for them to level-up, and we like that.

They’ll match with almost everything you own.

9 Worst: Angry Birds Shoes

via: esbe.in

Remember that time almost ten years ago when it seemed everyone was downloading Angry Birds? Time flies, doesn’t it?

These shoes are a little too nostalgic for our liking. While the art is superb, these kicks are the definition of extra. The colors are loud, the shoelaces are thick, and even the rubber parts are as wavy as whipped cream. The primary color palette fits with the game, but we couldn’t imagine walking around in these. We’re not looking to be that noticeable.

8 Best: Mario-Luigi Vans

via vansaustralia.net

These are great, aren’t they? If you combine the classic looks of Mario and Vans, you get this winner right here.

We love the bright colors on these and how Nintendo they feel.

If you’ve been playing with these characters from the beginning, you should probably own a pair by now.

While it’s always fun to see everyone’s artistic takes on video game heroes, we like that our favorite set of brothers look like themselves here. It makes these shoes a little more iconic.

7 Worst: Mario Basketball Shoes

via: dunkplus.com

These Mario high tops are clean and bright. They’re out of the ordinary and look like they’d be fun to shoot some hoops in. What we don’t like is the way Mario looks on these. His placement on the side of the sneaker is a little odd, making him look pretty cut-up. It just doesn’t work.

Why not go for a different Mario-themed shoe? As you saw literally one entry ago, there are tons of cool Mario shoes out there. These are not your only choice.

6 Best: Kingdom Hearts Kicks

via: spreadshoes.com

Kingdom Hearts is known for its stunning in-game art. But these shoes? Wow, they’re almost too much for us to handle. The sides of these high tops are decked out in some gorgeous drawings of Kingdom Hearts characters.

The colors here are soft and smoky, and the ombre effect is too cool for words.

These subtle shoes make a big statement, and we’re liking that. Sometimes it only takes a couple colors and some mad art skills to create something great.

5 Worst: Pac-Man Shoes

via: bstreetshoes.com

We don’t get these. Really, we don’t.

These Reeboks shoes are supposedly inspired by Pac-Man, but where is our little chomping yellow friend? These kicks are too minimalistic. If you pass someone on the street, they’re not going to know that these are Pac-Man shoes unless you tell them.

We like out kicks to have a little more to them.  The $499 price tag also isn’t appealing. We’ll paint some Pac-Man shoes ourselves, thank you very much.

4 Best: Pac-Man Slide-ons

via: twitter.com

We just talked about a bad pair of Pac-Man shoes, so why not slide into a good pair? While those Converse we talked about earlier were pretty swell, these are the shoes you’ll want to be wearing when you want to dress it up a bit.

The pattern is classic. The game is literally on your shoe. How can you beat that?

The shape of this pair is also pretty unique, and we’re digging that pointed tip. I guess you could say these are for the snazzy arcade junkie.

3 Worst: Princess Peach Vans

via: cheap-hosting-web.co.uk

Peach is fantastic and there’s no doubt about it. She manages to rock the color pink and kick butt at all the same time. You probably won’t be doing that if you’re wearing these, though, as the yellow and pink combination probably won’t match with anything you own.

Secret: Some of us don’t own any clothing that’s yellow or pink.

While we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing our favorite princess on a pair of shoes, this is a little too much of her.

2 Best: Animal Crossing Kicks

via: brewstersroost.com

These shoes are too cute for words! If Animal Crossing was ever your jam, you’ll probably recognize these two villagers right away. How could you ever forget Rosie or Bunnie?

The hand-painted style works, especially because the Animal Crossing series is supposed to feel a little more organic and homey. We’re digging the way these Converse have been redone.

We also like that the strip of black that has been left in the middle. The blue is prominent but not overpowering. Kudos to whoever has these painting powers!

1 Worst: Zelda Heels

via: hiveminer.com

If you’re a Zelda fanatic who's been invited to the Oscars, make sure you strut out in these. Otherwise, it’s probably time to bury them deep in your closet.

The main problem with these shoes is the practicality. They’re too uncomfortable to wear when hanging out with your friends on a chill day, but too nerd to wear to most black-tie events. Really, I don’t know when you’d wear these guys.

They’re also not very artistic. It’s just a copy-and-paste a few symbols deal. We'll stick with some of our favorites instead.

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