10 Video Game TV Shows That Are Being Made (And 15 We Hope We’ll Never See)

There are a lot of video game movies on the horizon. Here are some that are coming, and some that we really hope they don't make.

Gameplay is important to most gamers, but others are more interested in the story. They were glad when developers began to develop more games where choices mattered or even options to turn off almost all action scenes. Players were more invested in the tales of the characters within the games instead of fighting the fights for them.

Others took notice of this shift in video game playing habits. Instead of releasing new games with story mode options, they decided to adapt games into movies and tv shows. These showrunners either changed the stories straight from the games or decided to come up with side-stories. Many developers can’t fit in every story detail due to time or other setbacks, so big screen adaptations seem to be the most logical choice.

Video games adapted into movies have had a history of having mixed reviews. Though initially, many remain cautiously optimistic, others remain negative. Many are unable to separate the game from the live-action series and expect a perfect adaptation. Others wonder why it was made at all since the video game concluded the stories. No matter how players may feel about the decision, developers and publisher may be thrilled at the opportunity to have their series come to life in a different form.

While players were busy playing video games, ten video game tv shows were announced. Unlike movies, these series will last for several episodes and perhaps multiple series if they are popular enough. We have also compiled a list of video games we hope we’ll never see adapted for tv.

25 Bad: We’d Rather Play The Sport

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The FIFA game series focuses on gameplay over a storyline. FIFA 17 introduced The Journey mode, where players take control of Alex Hunter, who dreams of becoming the Premier League's next star. Winter's goal is not unique to FIFA, either in the game or in real life. Many athletes strive to join the league.

Though FIFA always draws large crowds around the world yearly, many are more interested in watching the matches than they are personal stories.

Gamers may rather play a game with an entire team rather than watch a video game adaptation of the game as a tv show instead.

24 Bad: Leagues Of Issues

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League of Legends is an online multiplayer game. Players control a different champion in different game modes. The game features many different kinds of artistically crafted characters. The series has been adapted into novels and web series, but not a movie or tv series. Unless the game was changed into an animated show, it would be difficult to bring their costumes onto a tv screen. More viewers and players are interested in watching streams of gameplay and not for a storyline. League of Legends fans may have to wait before seeing their champions on a big screen.

23 Soon: A Boat Full Of Bad Dreams

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Little Nightmares is a horror platformer game with puzzles. It stars a young child named Six who is trapped at the bottom of a ship called The Maw. Six is desperately trying to find food while also evading evil adults. The Russo Brothers, Director Henry Selick, and Executive Producers, Dmitri M. Johnson and Stephan Bugaj, are working together to adapting the video game series into an animated tv series. Selick previously directed A Nightmare Before Christmas, so viewers know he can craft horror-themed universes. A release date and casting information are still pending.

22 Bad: More Enjoyable As A Multiplayer Game

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StarCraft is a sci-fi game series where three races are at war. There is a story mode to the series, but many disregard the option. They may rush to compete against other players across the globe.

StarCraft has had several novelizations, soundtracks, and board games adapted from the series, but no movies or tv shows.

A TV show may not be able to display each side of the war objectively. The epic space battles may not translate as well to TV screens as they do video games. Players are happily enjoying the franchise as is without a TV series.

21 Bad: Who Chooses The Fate Of The Protagonist?

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Fable is an RPG where players can decide their fates. Most of the decisions that are made in the franchise are based on good or evil. Creating a tv series from the series would be difficult. The showrunners would be forced to decide what path their hero or villain should take. They would also have to bring the fantasy world to real life, which could cause more trouble than its worth. For now, gamers are content with choosing their fates without watching it be selected for them on a big screen.

20 Soon: A Quest For Children

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Costume Quest is an RPG developed by Double Fine Productions. Players band together to collect costume accessories, candy, and help to take down a monster in Auburn Pines. A comic book series based on the series was already released.

In 2015, Frederator Studios announced they were adapting the video game into a tv series. The show has been picked up by Amazon. The 11-minute long animated tv show was developed for children, but the showrunners hope that adults will take an interest.

19 Bad: Better As An MMORPG

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World of Warcraft is an MMORPG series that has captivated gamers for almost two decades. Not only were players interested in the storyline, but also the multiplayer aspect. Gamers had fun teaming up with their friends to take down threats and collect loot.

While a Warcraft movie was previously released, Blizzard may not have been pleased with the outcome.

A tv show based on the MMORPG may see the same fate. Part of the thrill behind the game is the interaction players have together, which would be challenging to display on-screen.

18 Soon: The Blue Hero Returns On-Screen

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Mega Man has seen his fair share of tv show adaptations over the past decades. His most recent tv show debut is Mega Man: Fully Charged on Cartoon Network. The series was developed by Man of Action, who is well known for Ben 10. In the show, Mega Man must fight foes to absorb their unique skills, such as Fire Man in the first episode. The series is slowly releasing its 26 episodes on Cartoon Network's website, but only for cable subscribers.

17 Bad: The Fight Against A Villainous Sword

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SoulCalibur focuses on weapon-based fighters in their quest to destroy evil. Since its debut in 1995, the series has released several games with a growing roster. Sammo Hung announced a movie based off of the series. SoulCalibur: The Movie was planned starring only two of the warriors hand-picked from all the others to save the world, but the project was never completed. With so many vast worlds and fighters, it would be difficult to make all gamers happy. Players are content with experiencing the world of SoulCalibur without watching it on a movie or tv screen.

16 Soon: Choose Your Blocky Adventure

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Minecraft allows players to craft limitless worlds and experiences, either alone or with a friend. TellTale recently released a story mode, which made some gamers interested in stories that could be told with the game.

Netflix has announced Minecraft: Story Mode, which will be an interactive experience.

The show is adapted from the TellTale series with a twist. Gamers can choose what outcome they want to happen and watch as it comes to life. While Minecraft: Story Mode is not a traditional tv series, gamers will have an active role in what happens next.

15 Bad: War Will Have To Remain In A Game

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The Fallout series has evolved over the past two decades. Though each game has a primary storyline, players can craft their own side stories. Many prefer to spend time working on their settlements than saving Shaun. Many stories are being told in post-apocalyptic America, and showrunners may have difficulty choosing just one. Fans have become devoted to their custom characters and may have trouble watching a Vault Dweller accomplish the same tasks. They would instead experience the world on their own instead of watching a tv show or movie.

14 Bad: Too Crazy For A Big Screen

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Saints Row 1 and 2 had serious storylines outside of its gameplay modes. The series changed with Saints Row 3. The storyline became much less serious with a wilder cast of characters. More gamers grew interested in creating mayhem than they did working through the main storyline. Saints Row 4 only continued the wacky world from the previous game. Players could now become President or battle aliens. The gamers presented more action than story, which makes a tv show adaptation more difficult. More players would have fun playing the game than watching a show based on the series.

13 Soon: Another Attempt To Bring Agent 47 To Life

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Hitman was previously adapted into a movie in 2007 and again in 2015. The film received mostly negative reviews for its focus on action rather than the storyline.

Fox 21 and Hulu have decided to try to adapt Hitman one more time, but as a tv show.

The pilot was written by the creator and writer of John Wick, along with Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon on-board as Executive Producers. Hulu hopes that this tv show will focus more on the story of the long-running video game series. The series is scheduled to debut in 2019.

12 Bad: The Toys Will Continue To Fight On A Stage

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Super Smash Bros. focuses on toys battling it out on a stage. Gamers concentrate more on the competitive gameplay than a story. More players care about the characters that come from different Nintendo games. Adapting these characters into a tv series may be more trouble than it's worth. The showrunners would have to get permission from each property to bring these characters to life on tv screens. Some gamers may feel upset their favorite characters didn't make it on the roster. For now, players will have to be content with playing out their stories online.

11 Soon: The Battle Moves Onto The Big Screen

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Battlefield is one of EA DICE's most successful FPS multiplayer games. Gamers have enjoyed the combination of exciting gameplay and historical storylines. Paramount Television has announced plans to adapt the franchise into a tv series. Along with Anonymous Content, they will work with Executive Producers Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta to bring the series to life. No information has been released regarding which games the tv show will be based on, but we can expect there will be exciting action scenes along with compelling characters.

10 Bad: An Open-World Demolition Derby

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Twisted Metal's storyline often came second to the gameplay. Most players were more concerned with the open-world demolition derby-style gameplay. While the first game's storyline was simple, the last vehicle standing has a wish granted; the story has become much more complicated.

Unless the series focuses on a few fan-favorite characters, a tv show based on the series could be challenging to manage.

A tv show could also quickly become expensive since it involves modified vehicles and lots of explosions.

9 Soon: Vampires Reawaken

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Vampyr was recently released in June 2018. The video game captured the attention of many players, including tv executives. The show will be an adaptation of the game starring the protagonist Jonathan Reid, a doctor who has turned into a vampire. He must choose between his oath as a doctor, and his new vampire urges. The tv show will be developed by Fox 21 Television Studios and Directed by McG along with McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision, and DJ2 Entertainment. Additional casting and release date information are pending.

8 Bad: An On-Screen Battle Royale

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massive battle royale multiple player game. Players parachute into a single area to be the last one standing. The game quickly became popular among competitive gamers. The game doesn't have a serious storyline or essential characters. A tv series based off the game would be a difficult feat. Either the showrunners would have to use the characters used in the promotional material or create all new characters. Since players only focus on their single character, it can be difficult to make them feel invested in new characters within the universe.

7 Soon: Bison Returns. Again.

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Street Fighter has been adapted into anime movies, comics, a live-action movie, and tv shows in its 30 year period.

Entertainment One and Mark Gordon have recently secured the rights to adapt Street Fighter II: The World Warrior into a tv series.

If you enjoyed the live-action Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist project, you'd be happy to learn the team has announced they're working on this upcoming tv show. The series will focus on Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Chun-Li as they attempt to take down M. Bison once and for all.

6 Bad: Who Knew It Had A Storyline?

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At its core, Tetris is a puzzle game. The purpose of the game is to eliminate lines of blocks before too many gathers at the top. The series eventually added a Story Mode, where a Mino Tetrinaut has to work to save their friends. A Sci-Fi Adventure film trilogy was planned for the game but never came to life. The film never went into production. A tv show for this puzzle game would likely suffer the same fate. More gamers have fun getting a high score and competing with friends.

5 Bad: Not All Decisions Are Equal

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Mass Effect is an epic Sci-Fi adventure that relies on players to make important decisions. The storylines change depending on what choices the gamer made. Adapting the video game trilogy into a tv show would be difficult. BioWare has to decide on which decisions are "canon," which may alienate some players. Others worry that the massive story would be condensed too much to fit a tv series. One of the best parts of playing Mass Effect is how many decisions can be made. It's best BioWare focus on the future of the series instead of worrying about a tv show.

4 Soon: The Covenant Returns

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Many gamers hoped to one day see Master Chief on a movie screen. Though a Halo movie is still possible, a tv show has been announced.

Showtime has ordered a 10-episode season of Halo.

Kyle Killen has been hired as showrunner with Rupert Wyatt working as Director for several episodes. Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television will produce the series with Showtime and 343 Industries. The futuristic story will expand upon the fight between the Covenant and humans. Production for the series will begin in mid-2019.

3 Bad: We’d Rather Play With The Virtual Dollhouse

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The Sims series has been described as a virtual dollhouse. Gamers can change their characters outfits and the layouts of their homes. The series is similar to reality, as Sims have families, friends, jobs, and enjoy hobbies. A movie based off of the series was teased over a decade ago but has never come to life. A tv show based off of the show would not impress gamers nor non-gamers. There are already several realistic tv shows based on drama and romance. The Sims would have a difficult time trying to stand out from original shows.

2 Soon: The White Wolf Makes His TV Debut

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Netflix is planning another exclusive series just for their users. The Witcher is an upcoming eight-episode tv show based on the novel series by Andrzej Sapkowski. Though the video game series was popular among gamers, the tv show will not include characters who made their premiere in the games.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who previously worked on Daredevil and The Defenders, was announced as the showrunner in 2017 with Sapkowski working as a Creative Consultant. Casting for the series has already begun. Netflix is hoping to release the show in 2019 or 2020.

1 Bad: Rockstar Games May Not Be Ready

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Grand Theft Auto is one of Rockstar Games' most well-known franchises. Each game is based on a different set of characters with a dramatic storyline. Many gamers disregard the story to have fun with the gameplay. The online multiplayer mode has continued to thrive, even though a new sequel has not been released since 2013.

The series has been so popular with players because they can make their own decisions on how to play.

Rockstar Games has already turned down a movie adaptation starring Eminem. They seem content with keeping the series a video game for now.

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