The 5 Best Video Game Villains (And 5 That Are Useless)

From Pokémon to Resident Evil, gamers been introduced to a variety of villains over the years — but who is the best, and who is the worst?

Sometimes it’s the villains that are the show-stoppers in video games. The villains can be more remembered than the heroes for their powers, backstory, and/or personality.


But does that mean a memorable villain has to be good at being evil? Actually, no.

There are useless villains that are loved because it’s their uselessness that makes them memorable and even lovable. So we are listing the best of the best and the best of the useless villains in video games.

10 (Best) Sephiroth

Sephiroth is not only one of the most memorable and recognizable villains of the Final Fantasy series, but he is a big name video game villain in general. His character design is unmistakable with his exaggerated features of long silver hair, cat-like eyes, and an impossibly long sword. If that does not make it him stand out enough, his theme music is bound to catch your attention.

Sephiroth is a no-brainer for this list, as he will be found in most other lists about amazing video game villains. He made a big cultural impact on the video game community and it will not surprise anyone is we see more of him in the future of Square Enix creations.

9 (Useless) Waluigi

Waluigi’s uselessness has made gamers utterly fascinated by his existence to the point where he is a subject for many internet memes. Despite being first created just so Wario could have a partner in Mario Tennis, Waluigi has a cult following of fans. He stirs up many emotions, with fans either adoring him or absolutely hating him.

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An amazing postmodern analysis of his character has pointed out that Waluigi is literally a reflection of a reflection since Luigi is a reflection of Mario and Waluigi is a reflection of Luigi. His existence is completely dependent on them. He’s never the focus of a scene and is always dependent on those around him.

8 (Best) GLaDOS

GLaDOS is often referenced as one of the most likable video game villains. This A.I. has the best lines in the Portal franchise and has a ton of personality. She’s manipulative like an ex in a toxic relationship, often going from gentle to hostile to apologetic.

What’s most amazing about her is she’s a villain and yet many gamers could not help but start to like her. In a way, the players are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome with their captor. How cool is that?

7 (Useless) Pokémon’s Evil Organizations

Are there any human villains in Pokémon that can be taken seriously? Even when they begin to succeed in their goals, something always goes wrong. Some of their goals are completely out there too, like with Team Aqua and Magma basically destroying the planet’s ecosystem. What is their benefit in that? It’s easy to wonder if even they truly know what they are doing.


As for the most useless of them? That prize should to go Team Skull from Pokémon Sun and Moon. That organization does not even have a goal. They just hang out and cause trouble for the aesthetic of it all.

6 (Best) Ganon

What makes Ganon one of the best villains is that he is like a force of nature at times but in other times, he’s a person. His motivations are varied from an irrational instinct for destruction to personal desire to rule. He can be a demon thief in one game while also being a giant pig monster in another.

The introduction of him in all the Zelda games are epic. Link and Zelda are the same soul being reincarnated. Ganon is not a soul, but a curse. He is the manifestation of a dead god’s lingering hatred. Now that’s cool.

5 (Useless) Fatman

It was a little hard to choose just one of Metal Gear’s strange villains. Their bizarre personalities and powers often get a laugh or a jaw-drop moment. Fatman was from Metal Gear Solid 2 and he was made quite a scene since he was a bomb-making fat guy on roller-skates. The fight with him was among the most ridiculous as he skated around and hid bombs everywhere.


The best part? Once you defeat him and he’s on the ground, he laughs as he hid one last bomb and is sure you cannot find it. Where do you find it? It’s under him. He is just sitting on it.

4 (Best) Dormin

This villain is less known, but deserves to be on this list. Shadow of the Colossus is a story where art meets video games. Dormin is surrounded by mystery even after the game is beaten. Fans theorize that he was a powerful dark god that elders sealed away into a temple.


The protagonist actually works with Dormin in order to bring a dead girl back to life. Dormin even warns the main character that he is going to pay a heavy price and the character still follows through with Dormin’s suspicious demands. One of the most memorable things about this villain is his voices. Yes, that’s voices, plural.

3 (Useless) Demyx

Demyx is one of the Nobodies of Kingdom Hearts. He is known for being lazy, easily scared, and being left out of the big-picture. Fans could not help but fall in love with him. He is terrible at his job and often manipulates others to do the work for him.

In 358/2 Days, he even says the line “Sweating is gross” and proceeds to do nothing while Roxas (a much younger and new Nobody) does all the work.

What’s really fun is that despite this personality, he is known to be one of the most difficult fights in Kingdom Hearts 2.

2 (Best) Dark Samus

What better foil for a main character than to have a being with similar abilities?

Dark Samus was created a by an evil alien combining itself with Samus’s high tech power suit. Samus’s power suits are advanced tech created by the extinct Chozo who raised her. While Dark Samus is not the only being that uses Samus’s suit as a way to commit evil acts, it’s definitely the most memorable.

In Metroid Prime 3, Dark Samus takes control of several of Samus’s fellow mercenaries and forces her to kill them.

1 (Useless) Zevran

For Dragon Age fans, Zevran is not remembered as a villain. That’s because it’s easy to forget that he tried to assassinate the main character and failed. It becomes even easier to forget that he was going to kill them when he typically becomes friend or even lover.


One of the best dialogues is between him and Loghain if Loghain joins the party after the Landsmeet. It’s Loghain who paid Zevran to kill the Warden. Zevran reminds Loghain that he was the assassin sent and then says, “I want you to know that I failed my mission.” To which Loghain just says, “You don’t say.”

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