26 Video Game Whisper Confessions That Make Us Think (Part 2)

You’ve already read our fifteen confessions about video games that make us question humanity. Turns out, you want more! As gamers, we always want to look into the minds of other gamers and those associated with video games. We want to see if we have like minds or if others are even crazier than we are. Do people have nasty, dirty thoughts while playing Skyrim or Tomb Raider? Do they have withdrawals when they don’t play Minecraft for two days? Do they secretly own a copy of [Redacted] that they bought on the black market? Or maybe they have a crush on an underage character that they are ashamed of. These are the types of confessions that are best said when you’re anonymous or else you might run into trouble with those overly moral gamers who think it’s their job to control the outrageous gaming community.

Whisper was created not so long ago for these people who either want to get something off their chest or want to see if there’s anyone else like them. It’s constantly serving its purpose there, but we think that it also serves the purpose of entertaining us. Today, we’re going over more whisper confessions that make us wonder how in the world we’re still surviving? How have we not destroyed ourselves when there are so many people out there with these awful thoughts? I guess we’ll see in the near future if these twenty-five people will bring on the apocalypse. We sure think they will!

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26 Employee Benefits

Via: Whisper.sh

I am not sure if this is real because it sounds too horrendous to be so! The woman is cheating on her husband with a GameStop employee for the benefits alone. She gets her man free games, and a bit of Nintendo Switch stuff for herself? How low has this world gone that you would sleep with someone you didn’t like nor were attracted to just to get a video game for free?

How often does this happen? Because I sure hope it’s a once in a million thing. Did she tell Whisper because she’s proud or because she felt guilty? You really never know. Props to the employee who found out which woman would do the deed, he’s the real MVP. Unless he knows she’s married too…

25 The Worst Kind Of Depression

Via: Whisper.sh

This is heart-wrenching because video games are supposed to be fun! To hear that someone uses video games to get away from depression gives us mixed feelings. This person is so depressed that video games actually make them feel worse because they feel like failures when all they do is play them. That’s understandable when you’re an adult with responsibilities and you use your time to play instead of getting stuff done. But you don’t feel too bad about it because you had loads of fun and accomplished a lot in-game. Video games motivate you to do better…in game.

Feeling like garbage after playing is the opposite of what is supposed to happen. So, your room is messy? If you wanted it clean, you’d clean it. Most people would rather play than do laundry.

24 Fake Nerds Do Exist

via whisper.sh

Many of us logical gamers were foolish enough to believe that faker gamer girls didn’t exist. We had hoped that it was a myth used by abusive pigs. As it turns out, sorry world, but they’re real. They may be few and far between, but they are real! The worst part is, she doesn’t just do it to get attention. That makes sense. You have no friends, so you find some that are easy to make. No, she’s not doing that. This girl is actually using gamers to get some.

It’s disgusting that she’s manipulating men everywhere and it makes me wary of girls everywhere! There really are promiscuous gamers too! Only they aren’t even real gamers. One enlightening thought is that she said gamers are the best lovers. Crazy! But is it true?

23 Maybe It’s Not True

Via: Whisper.sh

Wait…is this a trick question? Why in the world would you like someone less because he’s a gamer? Or because he’s an IT guy? IT guys are the best. They’re smart, and they can help you with all your tech problems! As for gamers, we all know how we feel about them. It’s understandable if you don’t fall for a gamer, but to think that someone might decide to not like someone after they find out that he is one? That’s ludicrous! Do you like someone less after you find out they like football or are a doctor? Probably not. You might find out their lifestyle doesn’t coincide with yours, but it’s nothing personal.

I’ve given up after hearing this Whisper because it’s judgmental and makes no sense at all.

22 No Love After Mario Mishap

Via: Whisper.sh

This is hilarious! No offense, husband, but it’s highly entertaining! I’ve legit got into fights with my husband over what has happened in a video game. So trust me, I understand this woman. Learn to be a better support, my love! Sorry, where were we? Yes, Mario Kart! It was rude of the man to hit his dear wife with a red shell, but I admit (when I’m in my right mind) that shunning him has taken it too far.

Being mad and talking it out is one thing, but refusing to…talk to him (or anything else) is another. As I said, I 100% understand, but that doesn’t make it okay. What happens in Vegas and Mario Kart stays there! Leave it on the track and move on when it’s over.

21 Like James Or Kratos?

Via: Whisper.sh

What in the world? As in James from Fallout 3 or the god Kratos? This is strange, I agree. At first, I thought they meant dads in video games, not dads who play video games. In that case, this lady fantasizes about a hot video game-playing dad? Why would you fantasize about a dad? Thinking about adopting his kids after you get together? Because video game dads probably will put their kids above you and their game.

However, if you’re thinking about playing video games as a family with your future children, that I understand. Just picture you, your hot hubby, and your two little kids all gathered around playing Super Smash Bros. in the living room. Super-hot! He can even teach the little ones how to play the games!

20 This Explains So Much

Via: Whisper.sh

Have you ever felt like someone was lagging you on purpose? Because I sure have! When you have absolutely no natural reason to have 200 ping and yet you do. The thing is, when you were alone, everything was fine, smooth, and high ping-free! But now that your wife is home…could she be blocking the signal? Nudging the modem on accident? Did her phone automatically connect to Wi-Fi? Something is up! Did you ever think that maybe it’s on purpose? That is inconceivable because you could never be that cruel. Some people are heartless or have no understanding of you.

This made me cry, no kidding! Someone actually has the heart to mess with someone’s game because they’re mad? Probably because they aren’t getting enough attention. Wait…I think I know this girl!

19 Video Games Are A Waste Of Time

Via: Whisper.sh

This one pops up everywhere! “Video games are lame” or “why ruin your life with such nonsense?” can be found everywhere on Whisper. But this is one of my personal favorites for one good reason. Someone’s response to the Whisper. After hearing that this chick is bored of video games, they replied, “you’re playing the wrong ones. You have to play games that you have a genuine interest in. Just cause it’s a AAA title, doesn’t mean it will appeal to you. You know?”

He deserves an award for that answer! He restored our faith in gaming humanity! However, there's a guy that says, “very unpopular opinion: video games are time wastes for children and losers waiting to die.” Though I’m pretty sure he was a troll trying to get a response.

18 No One’s Below PirateBay

Via: Whisper.sh

Don’t lie, you have either done it or know someone who has done it. Games are way overpriced, and some people think it’s completely unfair that the lower class or even the working class can’t afford to game. That’s why they invented Bit Torrent sites that allow you to download anything you want, all for free. We assume that those who actually get paid to work on computers would think it was an awful way to take advantage of the internet. But I guess we’re all humans trying to make a living. And no one wants to choose between food and gaming.

Still, it’s hard to process the thought of someone working for a tech company using illegal download sites without a second thought. Who knows, maybe Bill Gates’ copy of Windows isn’t genuine either.

17 Your Big Behind Is No Longer An Asset

Via: Whisper.sh

Another attention-seeking wife. I don’t know who to blame here. Should we call bull on the woman who is trying to ruin the man’s life or shame the man for making the woman think the game is more important than her? I’ve never seen someone who actually prioritized their games over their loved ones. But maybe that’s because I’ve always understood how much they love the game. A lot! But it’s dumb to think they are “in love” with it, or that they would save it first in a fire. Yes, I’ve actually heard both of those things said.

Too bad I’m a little bias because I have a feeling that she is being a little bit of a witch and it’s only going to make his addiction worse. He’ll try to prove a point by not stopping his game…ever.

16 Amber City Gym Alert

Via: Whisper.sh

Remember when Pokémon GO released and everyone was happy and loved spending time together? That was the best! Those days are over and now we remember all of the awful things that happened when it was released too. Like, you know, when parents lost their kids! This woman actually woke up to a note that said, “we’ve gone hunting for Pokémon, call if problem.”

It is written in a child’s handwriting, and I’m pretty sure the mom should be worried. Yet, she isn’t. I hope this is a joke and that she also lives in a friendly cul-de-sac because I’m freaking out and this was over a year ago. Let’s just laugh instead of call the police, okay? And try to encourage her to play with them because moms love them some Pikachu.

15 SJWs Are The Devil

Via: Whisper.sh

Why in the world everyone thinks Social Justice Warriors are so evil is beyond me. Because 99% of the time, they have good hearts. Anyway, who confessed this? That they think that SJW, feminist, gamer girls are ruining video games? How are they doing this? If their ranting or “warrioring” is annoying you, then mute them. Easy and done! What else could they possibly be doing? Blogging? Don’t read their blog. You think they might change the way the gaming industry works and release a few clean, moral games that encourage equal rights? Who cares? Don’t play the games if they do!

Start your own, “we want unclothed women, we want male dominance, we want girls in the kitchen” movement. Sound like stereotyping? Well, lookie there.

14 She’s Easy, Guys

Via: Whisper.sh

We all know the struggle of being judged for your difficulty level. This girl was so upset about it that she posted a Whisper confession to whine. Sad, really. Again, do we fault her or her boyfriend (assuming)? She is the one that is playing on easy, but he’s making fun of her for it. I mean, who plays on easy anyway? Normal isn’t hard…it’s normal. Playing on easy takes away from the experience. I don’t blame her for wanting a chill playthrough, but she also can’t blame her guy for making fun of her. It’s easy after all.

The catch is that she’s obviously upset about it and he should know that it would upset her. Maybe she’s playing a really hard game and needs a break from it. Or maybe she’s already beat it on expert and decided to focus on the story now.

13 Because “Gamers Are Shy”

Via: Whisper.sh

Um…no Whisper is not for gamers. The dude is probably stuck in the “gamer” section and doesn’t know how to get out or all of his Whispers are gamer-related and so his suggested ones are too. Besides, what does he want to see? Amish confessions? No, he wants “normal” people so, of course, none of those. What makes gamers not normal anyway? I’m seriously dying to find out the kind of Whisper that this dude wants to see on Whisper. Dirty ones aren’t “normal” and neither are the “let’s play a game," ones.

Normal people don’t use Whisper because they have friends close enough to them that they can tell anything to, deeming Whisper useless. Too bad the normal people are few and far between, leaving this guy stuck with a bunch of gamers and people looking for love.

12 The Harsh Reality Of Being Yourself Online

Via: Whisper.sh

This is so sad yet so relatable. Who doesn’t feel more accepted online? In the virtual world, you aren’t judged based on looks or status like you are in real life. You’re judged on who you portray yourself to be. You can be anyone you want to be. Face-to-face confrontation can be difficult for anyone, even the most extroverted of us. But when you’re in a chat room, a game, or private messaging, you feel free. What’s the worst that can happen if you say something stupid? People make fun of you…well, you can just leave, so it doesn’t matter.

The best part about being online is that everyone is on an even playing field. Something that needs to be brought to the real world. When this happens, equal treatment happens.

11 Even His Xbox?

Via: Whisper.sh

This actually does make sense. Why wouldn’t you keep all the gifts you got your ex? Just because it’s not useful to you, doesn’t mean you want them to have it. You can always sell it…or burn it. The point is, if your ex doesn’t want you, if they can’t treat you right, then, of course, you don’t want them to have anything nice. Sure, in time, you’ll forgive them and wish them the best. But at first, you’re going to hate them, and want to take everything good out of their life. Of course you will, you’re taking away the best thing that ever happened to them…you!

However, this girl may regret taking everything that ever entertained her ex all at once. It’s harsh, and will drive him crazy!

10 Merry Raging Christmas

Via: Whisper.sh

Picture spending the holidays with loved ones in your head. Do you see the whole Hallmark laughing as you sit around the table passing around mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie? That’s what most people see, and that’s what this girl pictured. However, what happened was her getting to watch him play his favorite games. That’s bad enough for a non-gamer, as it is. But it gets worse when your gamer is a rager. Even other gamers get annoyed by ragers. They rage and ruin games.

That’s why this guy is the worst of us. He neglects his girl on Christmas, and he rages online. He lost games due to his problem, and is about to lose his girlfriend too. Or her perception is off and he’s just fooling around.

9 Father Of The Year

Via: Whisper.sh

Here we go again, another man neglecting his family due to video games. I get it, people don’t understand our addiction and love for games, but there comes a point in life where you really do decide to man up. You take on the responsibilities that you literally created and put video games on the back burner. That doesn’t mean that you don’t play, it means that you prioritize your kids. Don’t have kids if you’re not going to take care of them.

However, I like how she added in the “I’m pretty sure he’s cheating on me too,” as if that’s completely relevant. Point for him on this one because that was a low blow on her part and made no sense whatsoever. Does gaming equal cheating?

8 Babysitting Like A Boss

Via: Whisper.sh

To be honest, this guy’s a winner too. He actually uses video games as a babysitter. That way, you always know where the kids are and they are always happy. Because every gamer is happy while playing video games. The sad truth is that he said he doesn’t interact with them. I don’t know if he means what I think he means, or if he’s just laying it on thick. Because when I play with my little family members, we definitely interact.

What’s sad is that so many people see this as neglect and as something very wrong. But it’s not. There’s nothing wrong with spending time playing video games with kids. It’s better than leaving them to play alone. Keep kids monitored and you have nothing to worry about.

7 What A Weird Turn Off

Via: Whisper.sh

So I understand if smoking or rudeness turns you off. Or even the color green. But video games? Even him watching YouTube videos of gamers turns her off? What is wrong with people? I understand if it doesn’t turn her on, it doesn’t work for all of us. But turning her off? It’s what he likes to do, learn to love him for it. It can be really steamy to watch him play if you let it be. However, if you’re on Whisper telling about your own love life and how your boyfriend turns you off, then you’ll never ever have a good relationship.

Talk to him about why it turns you off (at the very least) maybe and then you’ll learn how to work through it.

6 LoL, How Funny

Via: Whisper.sh

Can totally relate to this one on a scary similar level. League is my game of choice and I am obsessed with it at times. Thankfully, my husband plays too. But if he didn’t, it might drive a wedge between us. This couple is experiencing that wall that is so often between a gamer and a non-gamer in a relationship. One doesn’t understand video games; the other doesn’t even see the hate the person carries. They may hear about it, but they’ll never really grasp the meaning.

At least this girl is trying to, or at least, she says, “settle on a happy medium,” which implies that she will let him play, just doesn’t want him to obsess. Got it, but if you hate video games, how are they ever going to be okay?

5 Cinderelly, Cinderelly

Via: Whisper.sh

There’s only one thing worse than feeling like you’re the only one who does anything constructive. That would be someone stealing the tv all day long when you want to use it. Of course, again, she should tell him this rather than Whisper, but oh well. It is what it is, and I agree with her. Just because you’re a gamer, doesn’t mean you’re incapable of cleaning or cooking. Sure, if you live alone, you can do whatever you want. But if you live with someone, and you know they clean, then get up and help them! Even do something on your own every once in a while. And share that tv! Let her watch Netflix sometimes or buy her her own tv. So many small problems that are made into disasters.

4 Losing Internal Battles

Via: Whisper.sh

The ending says, “Why are internal ones any different?” Like the girl struggling with depression, this one also wants to get away. We all do to some extent. We have all used video games as a means of escape. Whether it be from chores, bills, or the fact that we just lost someone dear to us. There are thousands of reasons to want to get away from the real world.

It’s tragic that some people have to use it for such extremes, but it’s a fact. People do tell you to choose your battles, but they don’t realize, sometimes, it’s internal battles that just aren’t worth fighting. They will want you to man up and face your fears, your struggles, but when it comes to reality, they want you to ignore it.

3 Uncalled For Aggression

Via: Whisper.sh

This is all personal…well, most of it. If someone wants to stay up till two playing video games, go for it. If they want to only get a few hours of sleep, then do it! But what you cannot do is take out your self-inflicted aggressions on the people you care about. It’s uncalled for, especially when they try to prevent you from getting exhausted, cranky, and sick. But even if they are jerks, it’s still not okay.

We’ve all irresponsibly stayed up too late when we had to go to work the next day. But we haven’t all been short and mean to those that are good to us. When we do something to ourselves, we aren’t allowed to blame others or treat them badly because of it.

2 Please Don’t Make This Game

Via: Whisper.sh

We all enjoyed the Windmill song and we all loved to watch the Gorillaz videos and pretend that we were high. Even those who have never smoked before know what it’s like after listening to the Gorillaz songs in the trance they create. But please don’t make a Gorillaz video game, it makes little sense. What would the goal be? No one even knows who the Gorillaz are or what genre of music they even sing. Their music makes you feel funny, and the idea of a virtual band is really cool, but a video game?

It could work, but who would buy it? Wait…could it be like Brutal Legend? In that case, count us in because that sounds like tons of fun. I call the short dude! Or was that a girl?

1 Someone To Second The Notion

Via: Whisper.sh

Whereas the other girl was very vague, this one’s pretty explicit. She is a single mom who has a toddler. She wants to find a guy who will play games so he can entertain her kid? Weird. She even admits that there’s “something about nerds” that is hot. Indeed, but maybe she just wants a babysitter so she can go out and have fun without worrying about her child. Either way, it’s a win-win. The gamers get to play games and she gets to watch two cuties play video games! Her new love and her gaming child!

The guy might even get free games out of the deal. This is the kind of relationship we should strive for. But if she just wants to use him…that’s no Bueno!

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