25 Video Game World Records That Are Too Crazy For Words

We've come a long way from just high scores. The world of video games is teeming with all kinds of unique and entertaining world records.

The high score. This is an outdated artifact of what games started out as. They weren’t about being thoughtful. They had no great stories to tell. They were there to entertain as one would be entertained by checkers. They were also quarter thieves. Games were simpler. This was in the arcades as you can guess by my description. As time went on graphics, gameplay mechanics, and overall ambitions changed the way games were made and seen in the public eye. Narratives and goals were introduced and scores became a thing of the past. You don’t see anyone competing for a high score in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time do you? Oh wait; there is a scene and a thriving one at that.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. We have come full circle. Games began as bragging rights, evolved into something more, and now the score chasers themselves are not only back, but they evolved too. It now doesn’t have to be about a literal score. Time is a valuable weigh to measure how good someone is. There are huge events, like Games Done Quick, that revolve around these speedruns. So that’s the most notable way people compete nowadays. Some games still have high scores, but again, video games are always evolving. Instead of doing a piece on the most impressive speedruns, or high scores, I picked up a copy of the 2019 video game edition of the Guinness World Records to see how other gamers are competing. The entries may surprise you. That’s my goal at least. My competition if you will.

25 Giant Game Boy

ABC13 Houston

The picture you’re looking at above is indeed real. Ilhan Unal from Belgium designed this giant Game Boy. It’s not just a prop either. This is a functioning handheld, but it gets even better. He installed a cartridge slot in the back that reads official Game Boy cartridges. How cool is that? I don’t have room in my gaming den/office at the moment, but boy would I love one of these. People are just amazing sometimes. Great work, Unal!

24 Best Selling Console

Road to VR

I already covered this in an article ranking the most renowned consoles by sales numbers, but in case you didn’t see/read it, here are the results. The PS2 is still the world’s best selling console. As of the printing of this book in 2018, Sony had sold 157.68 million units. It’s not surprising since it was advertised as a DVD player, prompting consumers to buy it for more than games. Can you believe DVD players were more expensive than PS2s at launch? Crazy!

23 A Marathon Of Terror


Another remarkable video game marathon was based on a survival-horror run. Lorenzo Ramondetti played Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 for 36:29:40. Being in a state of horror for that long is insane. Also, those games are only about 8-10 hours long so presumably he replayed them over and over again. Like the Just Dance marathon, the repetitiveness is what would really get to me. I think I could do this with a bunch of games though. Maybe I should try too...

22 PlayStation Trophies


Do you follow trophies on PlayStation games? I used to before I fell off after I got out of college and got a job in the industry. My time is more precious now. Anyway PSN user Roughdawg4 has the biggest trophy score. He is at level 266, with over 74,000 trophies making the score over 2.5 million.

I’m only at Level 26…

That’s an insane amount of games. Here’s the big question. What does he do for a living to have enough time to do this?

21 Crowdfunding Record


Do you know what Star Citizen is? It kind of goes in and out of the news mostly in regards to its current profits. You see this was a crowdfunded game that started in 2012. Currently, there’s an alpha build of the game released only to backers, but no release date has been made clear yet. It is the highest crowdfunded game to date and has made over $218 million. This game better be god-tier levels of insanity with that kind of budget. What’s taking so long?

20 Craziest Game Bundle


Did you think a couple hundred dollars for say Kingdom Hearts III’s limited edition was expensive? If so, then you’ve never heard of the Dying Light Spotlight Edition. How much did this package cost? Oh, only ten million. Yes, I did not stutter. This was basically a Hollywood version that got you into an acting gig related to the game along with other goodies. Dying Light was fine, but not good enough to spend that kind of dough on it. If you couldn’t guess it’s the most expensive special edition for a video game.

19 The Lord Of YouTube

ernanfloo YouTube

Who has the biggest YouTube account right now? If you guessed PewDiePie you wouldn’t be exactly wrong. He has over 82 million subscribers right now. If we’re talking pure game channels though, Fernanfloo has the highest amount of subscribers with over 32 million.

3,000 subscribers is also pretty good, right?

I’ve never even heard of him before researching this, but the numbers don’t lie. He may not be a big deal to me, but he is for all of his fans. He must be doing something right.

18 The Final Collection


I never thought I was the best Final Fantasy fan, but I did think my fandom was pretty high. That is until I saw Tai-Ting Tseng’s collection. He has the biggest Final Fantasy collection with over 3,700 unique items from games to CDs to toys. You name it and I’m sure he has it. I mean look at all that! I’d love to take a tour of his shrine someday just to find some hidden treasures I never even heard of.

17 Xbox GamerScore


Raymond “Stallion83” Cox has the highest Xbox GamerScore with over two million points. Based on the average point system for most Xbox games, that means Raymond must have played over 2,000 games to completion. Have I even completed that many games? I’m in the hundreds at least, but dang that’s a lot of gaming. That’s also an impressive suit he’s wearing. I wonder if it cools like the real Master Chief’s suit. I bet it’s a pain to get off.

16 Pokémon Card Rarity


The rarest, most expensive Pokémon Trading Card is the so-called Pikachu Illustrator. It sold for $54,970 at a California auction in 2016. The exact number of cards printed is not known other than it’s around the mid-30s.

That’s an expensive piece of cardboard.

Now, these cards were made to award winners of an art contest held at the 1998 CoroCoro Comic convention. That’s kind of a lot made for contestants. You would think only one would be printed, or at the most two. One for Game Freak and one for the winner.

15 Speedrunning Breath Of The Wild


A more recent favorite game of mine was 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I liked it so much on Wii U that I eventually bought it again when I got a Switch. That’s how much I adore it. That said let’s take a look at the record for beating it with 100% completion.

I will never get close to this record.

SpecsNStats did it in 25:24:57, which is completely astonishing. That game is massive! I’m not sure about this, but I imagine he must have played it before if not several times over to get that good.

14 The Best Rated Game Of All Time


Did you know that the highest rated game of all time, according to Metacritic, is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? It’s one point shy of 100. Of the 22 recorded reviews, the lowest is at 90 courtesy of Happy Puppy who re-reviewed the game in 2016. I don’t agree that this is the best game ever made, but it was certainly a key title in Nintendo’s repertoire for the N64. And if you were curious the 3DS version sits at 94, which is based on 85 reviews.

13 The Lord Of Twitch


Ninja certainly had a crazy year in 2018. He has the most Twitch followers for a dedicated video game channel at over 13 million. It’s all thanks to Fortnite Battle Royale taking over literally the world. When Saturday Night Live does a sketch on you and when phones advertise that they can play Fortnite, yeah, you know it’s a big deal. He has more than double the second placeholder, Shroud, who has over 5 million. That’s still very impressive.

12 Giant Pac-Man

PixelTail Games

Have you ever had the wish of wanting to play Pac-Man on a giant arcade cabinet? Well, good news, there is one. The console you see up above is the biggest Pac-Man arcade cabinet made. Want one? That’ll be $11,000, please.

I’ve got Pac-Man fever.

This is an official Bandai Namco creation so for real, if you want one, they’ll make you a custom order. This is a pretty impressive display especially with the range. It almost looks like a setup for a game show of some sort.

11 Giant Arcades

World Record Academy

Pac-Man was impressive, but not as much as this. The picture you’re seeing above is the biggest arcade cabinet in existence, which was built by Jason Camberis. He’s not associated with any company. He’s just a fan chasing a dream. Inside this custom model is a PC hiding a MAME emulator. Also, like Pac-Man, you can buy one of these cabinets for a mere $100,000. I don’t know why you’d want to. The size of this thing looks so unruly that even Tom Hanks would have trouble.

10 Nintendo Campus Challenge


Have you ever wondered what the most rare Mario game of all time is? No, it’s not that copy of Super Mario Bros. that recently sold for $100,000. That’s probably the most expensive Mario game now, but no, the most rare is the Nintendo Campus Challenge cartridge. This was a fun little tour Nintendo put on in 1991 and 1992, traveling to campuses to see who was the best. The cartridge was kind of like an early version of NES Remix. It sold for over $20,000 on eBay in 2009. It’s one of a kind. Every other cartridge was scrapped.

9 Mario Is Everywhere


This is an odd way to phrase it, but according to this edition of the Guinness World Records, Mario is the most “ubiquitous” video game character of all time. That basically translates to Mario appearing in the most games, which are 215 apparently.

Does this count Punch-Out?

Now obviously there isn’t that many core Mario, or even spinoff titles. A lot of these, I imagine, are in the form of cameos and Easter eggs. I’m disappointed they didn’t write the list down in the book.

8 Hogglike


Nidhogg 2 released on August 15, 2017, on PS4. The hardest trophy in the game is called “Hogglike” a play off of Godlike. This is a great title because you have to beat the game without perishing in order to achieve this trophy, which if you weren't aware, you perish in one hit. So yeah, it’s freaking hard. The first person to get this trophy was on February 23, 2018, over five months after the game released. As of right now, only 0.03% of people who played the game have this trophy.

7 Hidden Combos

Via: GameCrate

This is a weird title for a record, but a YouTuber named Desk found a new combo exploit in Street Fighter II for Vega. This was in March 2017, 26 years after this game premiered in 1991. That’s incredible, no? I love finding records like this because it shows good games never fade away for fans. They only get better. This record, of course, was awarded to Desk for finding the longest hidden exploit in a game. Again, the title is kind of odd.

6 Failing To Impress


The first Bayonetta still holds the record for the most unique fail animations in a single game at 48. I think you know what I mean by fails. Anyway, this beats the previous record holder, Resident Evil 4, by just one point.

Let’s hear it for girl power?

Bayonetta came out in 2009 by the way. Someone needs to challenge her. And here I thought the new Lara Croft games had a lot of intense animations, but I stand corrected.

5 Speedrunning Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 holds the record for most attempted recorded speedruns. That number is currently over 6,700. What’s the current record for beating the game? Cheese from Spain got all 120 stars in 1:39:19. That’s the best altogether run out there which just blows my mind. The game isn’t that long, but it certainly is a lot longer than just a couple hours. Way to cheese the system, Cheese. Also if you’re curious, the best record for “beating” the game through glitches is just over 6 minutes via Drozdowsky.

4 A Tomb Of Laras


If I didn't make it clear in the intro I'll say it again here. This one proves you can hold the record for anything. Have you ever wondered how many Lara Croft cosplayers were gathered at once? Yep, that’s a record and I'm not joking. The current record is 316, which happened at the Chinese premier of the Tomb Raider movie reboot in 2018. That's a cool feat for a terrible movie. I wonder how many other cosplay records there are.

3 The Most Successful Video Game Of All Time


The best selling video game, currently, is Tetris at 170 million units. Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 did great for opening and continued sales, but they’re still behind big daddy Tetris. Although it has been around since 1984 so it has that edge. I would assume that one of those two will eventually catch up to it, but they would have to beat Minecraft first. That has over 150 million sales. People just love block games I guess.

2 Dancing Your Way To Victory


Out of all the records on this list I find this next one the most baffling. Carrie Swidecki played Just Dance 2015 straight for 138 hours and 34 seconds! This is the longest video game marathon of all time and it was achieved in July 2015.

Just dance, it’s gonna be okay.

The crazy thing about this record is that she had to move so it was a lot more physical than say the same time, but just sitting down. The monotony of the songs would get to me first I think.

1 Speedrunning Final Fantasy VII


One of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy VII. Even though I’ve played it several times over on PS1, my time stamps were usually in the 70s because I love getting absolutely everything. Well, when the PS4 port came out with all of the PC enhancements I was surprised to have beaten it, with nearly everything, in just 27 hours. That’s without turning invincibility on either. Fast-forwarding was good enough for me. It holds no candle to the current champion, Luzbelheim, who finished it in 6:59:56. That’s an any percent run, but that’s still better than me.

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