15 Video Games From The 2000s That Are Totally Overrated (And 15 That Are Worth A Second Look)

We've seen a lot of video games that came out in the decade before this one, with many of them forming the modern foundation that has since created some of the best games that we've seen come out in this decade. That being said, we can often forget how bad some video games were, as we've got some nostalgia blindness going on. That's why people can end up spending too much time on games that aren't worth the bother while missing out on some of the gems.

What we've done is put together a list that shows just how underrated many games were from the past few years, while also pointing out which ones were never that good in the first place! This way, people will be able to stay away from the games they wrongly remember as good, while also going back to put some time into the hidden gems that they never got to the first time around!

So, we think it's about time that we got started and showed people just how overrated and underrated some of the games from the past couple of decades has been. There are a lot of great games out there, and we think that they deserve more credit than they got when they were first released. And, conversely, just because something was popular when it came out doesn't mean that it's good! It's about time that we got down to it, so let's get started already!

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30 Overrated: GTA III

via: gamebanana.com

At the time it was released, this game was truly groundbreaking. It changed the way that people saw video games, and in a way, it managed to create its own genre.

To this day, sandbox games are developed and this was the video game that laid the foundation for everything that has come since.

People have added to the formula, changed, and tweaked it for over a decade now, but every sandbox game owes a debt to GTA III.

29 Underrated: The Sands Of Time

via: kinja.com

Prince Of Persia was actually an older franchise, one that had been forgotten about, before Ubisoft came along and decided to make a fantastic platformer with the intellectual property. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time had a genuinely interesting story with believable characters, while also offering the player a chance to wall run like a madman.

Unlike the original games in the series, this one added the ability to rewind time, allowing players the option to make up for platforming mistakes, which was a stroke of genius.

28 Overrated: Gears Of War

via: microsoft.com

For anyone who enjoys games that allow the player to move with fluidity, this is a total nightmare. Despite the fact that many people enjoyed this game when it first came out, we always thought it was just clunky and slow.

Not only that, but it paved the way for other third-person games that forced the player to stick to walls if they want to survive.

We don't care what anybody says. This is a game that forces players to go slow, which isn't fun when it's an action game!

27 Underrated: Max Payne

via: wikia.com

While we know that a lot of people like this game, it often gets overshadowed by the other games in the Rockstar catalog, which just isn't fair. Not only did it create a chance for Rockstar to create an entire trilogy, but the first game managed to influence the video game company in a major way. Seriously, the bullet time that was used within the game has gone on to inspire many different video games to use this sort of mechanic!

26 Overrated: Modern Warfare

via: microsoft.com

We have got to a point now where Call Of Duty are reliably bringing out a video game every single year, which is no surprise when we think about the way that people loved the first modern game in the series!  However, despite the fact that this game may have been fun, it has created a sad reality within the video game business, which is that a AAA game can be pretty much entirely multiplayer with nothing else involved. It's a sad reality...

25 Underrated: Metroid Fusion

via: forbes.com

Attempting to try and bring us all back to the days when Super Metroid wowed the world of gaming, Metroid Fusion was a GBA game that brought Metroid to a younger generation.

While Prime is the Metroid game that everybody talks about, this is the one that people should be talking about more!

It was a great chance to take Metroid on the go. Yes, the famous Metroid formula, but in your pocket. It was almost too good to be true at the time, which is why we're amazed more people don't talk about it.

24 Overrated: Rock Band

via: cgmagonline.com

The chance to play in your favorite band is something that we would all like to have, but this game ended up quickly getting boring, despite how much it tried to stay interesting.

Guitar Hero was the first game to try this out as well, and while this game allowed people the chance to play more than just the guitar, it didn't feel different enough. Honestly, it was fun for a couple of days, but after a while, it ended up getting a lot more boring than we know they wanted it too.

23 Underrated: Eternal Darkness

via: gamespot.com

We love games that try something different, such as this one, which attempts to make people feel as if they're going insane by messing with the player in various different ways. A lot of people haven't bothered with this game yet, because it went under the radar, so we don't want to spoil any of it. Seriously, go and take a look at this game right now. All we'll say is that this game tries to show what it feels like to slowly go insane in a world that doesn't care about you.

22 Overrated: God Of War

via: polygon.com

While the developers may have managed to properly reboot the series recently, there was a time when the old school action game was making a comeback, with God Of War really being the foundation of that.

That being said, we never felt that it did much new, which is why it makes no sense that people loved them so much.

Not only that, but they had an entire trilogy to try and do something interesting, but they decided to stay with the same gameplay throughout every single one of them. The story wasn't too good either!

21 Underrated: The Warriors

via: playstation.com

One of the biggest cult films of all time is The Warriors, so it's no surprise that the game went down the same route, but this one is well worth going back to look at.

If people can find a friend that wants to take part in some old school couch co-op, then this is the game that people want to be picking up on the cheap!

It may be a little clunky, but we don't think there's a game that has offered up a chance to fight as a gang against other gangs in the way that this video game does.

20 Overrated: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

via: polygon.com

The Tony Hawk games had a great start, but they quickly became derivative, offering nothing that people couldn't get from the earlier installments. As the series went on, the games got more and more ridiculous, moving further and further away from the core gameplay of skating. Other games have managed to bring gamers a much better skating experience, which is why we think this Tony Hawk Pro Skater game is very overrated.

19 Underrated: Shadow Complex

via: playstation.com

The Metroidvania is a respected genre at this point, offering people the chance to take on a world that slowly opens up as players take on newer and newer abilities.

Shadow Complex is Metroidvania based on a novel, a modern and flashy update to what was becoming a rather stale genre at the time.

Not only was the gameplay fun and challenging, but it also offered players a genuinely interesting story, one that was worth a second look if you ask us! Play it if you haven't already!

18 Overrated: Kingdom Hearts

via: polygon.com

Kingdom Hearts is known for being one of the most convoluted game franchises of all time, and yet people still find themselves buying and playing through the entire series.

With the new game coming out soon, we knew that we had to put this one on the list, as it's time that somebody makes a point of calling it out, which is exactly what we're doing. Not only does nobody understand the story, and quite rightly, but the gameplay is incredibly boring as well. It's almost unplayable if we're honest...

17 Underrated: Biohazard Zero

via: steam.com

Biohazard was able to make taking down zombies fun, while also being spooky and requiring a serious level of survival skills unlike many other video games on the market at the time.

Due to the fact that the first three video games in the series did so well, Capcom decided to put out a prequel setting up the circumstances that lead to the first Biohazard. It was a lot of fun and allowed the developers to mess with the foundation that had been laid by the original trilogy.

16 Overrated: LittleBigPlanet

via: mediamolecule.com

While we understand that the concept of a game that lets people create their own levels appeals to a lot of people out there, there's a reason there are only a few video game developers out there. In practice, most of the levels aren't worth going through, and people have to slog through most of the bad ones to try and find anything worth looking at. In the end, it was a fun game, but there was nothing here that wasn't already done better elsewhere.

15 Underrated: GTA Chinatown Wars

via: mobygames.com

GTA games are big business, and while most of them are massive affairs that loads of people end up buying and playing, we don't think anyone bothered with this one, which is a shame!

One of the odd things about it is that it was originally released on the Nintendo DS, which isn't a handheld known for grown-up games like this one.

It offered a top-down video game that was well worth playing, offering numerous systems that aren't found in the other games in the GTA franchise.

14 Overrated: Final Fantasy X

via: wikia.net

Final Fantasy is a major franchise, one that makes a lot of people happy, but with so many games in the series, some of them are going to be pretty rubbish. We were getting bored with the combat system in these sorts of RPGs, we didn't find ourselves being able to play this game for longer than a couple of hours before getting bored.

Throw in the fact that this game was known for having a very unsatisfying ending, and what you've got here is an installment that doesn't live up to the other titles out there.

13 Underrated: Beyond Good & Evil

via: polygon.com

This game from Ubisoft was a chance for the developers to really cut loose and make something different, which is exactly what they did in the end.

While the technology restraints at the time meant that the game couldn't be as big as they wanted it to be, it did manage to be a grand adventure.

It follows the life of a young journalist as she attempts to uncover the truth behind the way her dystopian setting works. It was an amazing adventure everyone should experience.

12 Overrated: Shenmue

via: microsoft.com

Look, we understand that this game was groundbreaking in the world of video games, but it is not fun to play anymore.

The reason people liked it is because it was very good looking for the time and had an open world that people could run around and interact with like never before. However, we've now got loads of sandbox games, as well as games that include NPCs that go off and live their own lives while the player character isn't around! We're past it now...

11 Underrated: Skate

via: theverge.com

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater had been the major game series in the world of video game skateboarding, but this game came along and shook everything up.

Where Tony Hawk's became stagnant, offering the same bloated game every single year, Skate stripped everything back and focused right in on the tricks.

Yes, with a difficult controller layout, it offered real skateboarding fans a chance to set up their own runs.

10 Overrated: Uncharted 4

via: gamespot.com

We're not saying this game was bad, but we don't think it was really needed to be honest, as the original three games had done all that could be done with the formula and characters. We enjoyed it, but we don't think we needed it, and we would rather that developers spent their time putting effort into new franchises rather than plumbing the depths of a video game franchise that they've already put enough time into, to be honest!

9 Underrated: Silent Hill 3

via: babogames.com

Silent Hill 2 is quite rightly considered to be one of the greatest horror games of all time, but we think that this means the rest of the games in the original set of video games are ignored.

Silent Hill 1 is not as good as the second installment, but the third installment is still worth a look to this day. Not only is it fun, but it's very spooky!

The reviews were good back in the day when the game first came out, but it couldn't stand up to the brilliance of the second game, which definitely came across in the numerous reviews.

8 Overrated: Okami

via: polygon.com

A lot of people think that this one was overlooked, that not enough people played it or put in enough time to see how good it was, but we have to disagree with that.

The reason most people didn't get too far in this game is because the beginning takes way too long to get going.

Anybody who tries to pick up this game now will find a difficult few hours before it gets any good, and we would argue that people should be putting their time into better video games!

7 Underrated: NBA Street Vol 2

via: complex.com

We're fairly sure that nobody played this game, or any of them in this series, and that is a real shame as it offered some brilliant gameplay not seen in many other games.

This game tasked gamers with pulling together as many fancy tricks as possible, while also properly attacking and defending in a basketball game.

Rack up enough points and players can pull off some insane tricks! Go back and take a look if you're a basketball fan!

6 Overrated: Advance Wars

via: babogames.com

Honestly, there are a lot of strategy games out there, both with and without RPG elements, so it's no surprise that this one didn't stand up to many of the other ones out there. Yes, we know that a lot of people love this game, and this series, but there really isn't much here that isn't done better somewhere else. We suggest that everyone has a look at tactical RPGs and strategy games because they're brilliant, but these ones just aren't too good.

5 Underrated: Psychonauts

via: steam.com

There are a lot of people out there that have never played this game, and we think that this is a real shame. It's way too easy for people to get swept up in the usual game schedule.

This game went somewhere new, trying to create a world for players to enjoy something new.

In it, the player can force their way into the minds of others, and inside they often find their greatest fears. Players are forced to fight the characters literal baggage, while also being tasked with working through some puzzles...

4 Overrated: Dead Rising

via: steam.com

There was a time in the world of video games when developers became obsessed with zombies, adding them into anything they made. This game was primarily about a journalist who was attempting to survive in a mall for a certain number of hours, holding off a horde of zombies as they do so. At the same time, they're able to take photographs of the world around them, thereby adding experience points that can then be used to buy new moves.

3 Underrated: Katamari Damacy

via: polygon.com

At first, the concept of a video game that tasks the player with rolling around a ball into various different small items until the ball continues to grow bigger seems silly.

As it grows bigger, it takes on bigger and bigger objects, going from a matchstick to an entire building!

We know that it sounds weird, but anyone who hasn't played this game before needs to take a chance on it. Sometimes, it's the weirder games that manage to create an experience that couldn't be found anywhere else!

2 Overrated: Infamous 2

via: amazon.com

The chance to play as a superhero is something that we all love to see in a video game, which is why we loved the first game in the Infamous series, but the second one never really impressed.

It still had some of the best bits from the first game, but the story just didn't grip us in the same way.

Not only that, but the setting for the first game was much more compelling, offering a much grittier world for a gritty narrative!

1 Underrated: Luigi's Mansion

via: syfy.com

While Mario has been in the limelight for years at this point, his brother never really gets a proper look in unless it's as a supporting character, which is why we were so happy when the first Luigi's Mansion came out. He proved that he had an insane amount of character about him when he was offered the chance to shine, and Nintendo created an entirely new form of gameplay around him, one that hadn't been used by Mario and the time, and still hasn't been!

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