10 Games With The Most Cheat Codes (& What They Get You)

While the idea of using a cheat code during a video game might seem like, well, cheating, the fact is that cheat codes have become incredibly popular within the gaming world. In fact, many games simply push them in just to have them, with some cheat codes not actually advancing things for the main adventure of a game, but providing additional bonuses and fun elements.

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Throughout history, some games have become well known for their cheat codes, adding tons in for gamers if they can work them out, and within this list, we will rank 10 games with the most codes and what they provide players.

10 Sims 4

The Sims franchise is one that is incredibly popular within the gaming community since players can create their own worlds and build a family. The games are incredibly detailed with tons of different things being available to buy. The Sims 4 is packed full of cheat codes, which allows gamers to do a variety of things such as being able to add extra Simoleons, allowing people to really enhance their gaming experience.

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Gamers can also change the weather, add pregnancy cheat codes, get promoted quicker, and even cheat death.

9 Goldeneye 007

The classic N64 game is one of the most beloved video games of all time, and even though James Bond is supposed to be a spy capable of anything, even he needs a hand every now and then. Goldeneye 007 provided some very fun cheat codes such as the classic DK Mode, which increases the size of the characters arms and heads which obviously made them look like Donkey Kong, adding some hilarious visuals to the game.

If gamers found the codes, they could get extra levels, unlimited ammunition, all guns, and even an invisibility mode.

8 The Legend Of Zelda

One of the NES' most popular games in history is The Legend Of Zelda. The game had its fair share of cheat codes. The game is quite a long one, but it can be played in half the time with a particular cheat code that can be found on the registration page. This code will actually take you to the second quest rather than the first.

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While skipping half of an entire game seems like a pointless task that would take away a lot of the storyline, it's an option if you want it, amongst many other smaller cheat codes in the game.

7 Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat has plenty of cheat codes, with the SNES and Genesis versions of the game both providing different experiences, especially when it came to blood and violence, with the Sega version taking things to the extreme. The "Blood Code" is considered to be one of the best cheat codes in the history of gaming, and if the cheat code was entered then you could actually make blood fly out of your victims with a major uppercut.

While this might have been a little too gruesome for some gamers, for a lot of people it was exactly what the game needed and changed it from a good game to a legendary one.

6 Tekken

It doesn't matter which version of Tekken you want to pick, every single one of them is loaded with cheat codes that will enhance the game. Tekken's are always incredibly fun to play, but when you add the cheat codes to the game they become even more incredible, with different fighting arenas, clothes, and even characters being able to be unlocked.

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While using cheat codes to complete a game might not be for everyone, Tekken was smart and brought cheat codes in that actually enhanced the gaming experience, giving people more opportunities.

5 Contra

The Contra video game series became incredibly popular largely due to a cheat code, "The Konami Code" to be exact, which is one of the most famous cheat codes. The classic cheat code would provide extra lives to the player if it was entered correctly, which made many people happy due to how difficult the Contra series was to play, although the code did pop up in other games as well.

Gamers actually attempted the code in tons of games, with varied success, with developers sneaking in extra lives to help people out if they needed it.

4 Mario Kart

That's right, even the family orientated Mario Kart has plenty of cheat codes available because the fact is that any game that forces gamers to unlock something tends to be full of cheats. Some gamers aren't patient and need everything available to them right from the start of the game, which is something that Mario Kart's cheats offer.

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Players can unlock characters, and different cars and bikes straight away, as well as cheating their way to winning trophies if they really want.

3 Super Smash Bros: Melee

Super Smash Bros: Melee is one of the most popular video games of all time, and it's also a video game that is packed full of various cheat codes, allowing gamers to speed up the process or enhance the gaming experience. Special attacks for each character could be unlocked with cheat codes, as well as being able to unlock every single character straight away, instead of having to earn them through gameplay.

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Cheats continued to be part of the Super Smash Bros franchise in other editions of the game as well, with gamers wanting to get characters quickly being the main reason.

2 Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot might seem like an innocent gaming series that wouldn't have any cheat codes as it's a popular franchise that provides family-friendly content to gamers, but that doesn't mean that it was free of cheats. In fact, the Crash Bandicoot series was actually loaded with cheats, with one even providing a totally different ending to the original PS1 video game, which is something many people may not have experienced.

As well as that there were cheat codes available to get through specific levels, and even to unlock totally new levels that couldn't be played without the code.

1 Grand Theft Auto V

While cheat codes are not as popular as they used to be, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been well known for being jam-packed with cheats that could add different benefits to the gaming experience. Thankfully, GTA V continued that tradition, with the open-world game having plenty of additional cheat options such as an invincibility code which allows gamers to cause as much chaos as they see fit, without being worried about the repercussions.

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There are other cheat codes available as well, such as being able to jump higher, having different weapons, unlimited ammo, raising and lowering the wanted level.

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