25 Incredible Video Games That Deserve Remakes

We are living in the age of remakes and remasters. With the technology powering video games growing in leaps and bounds in quick succession with each passing generation, a video game of old whose true potential wasn’t fully realized thanks to the limited capabilities of the hardware it was released on can be reborn with superior gameplay mechanics, re-designed sound, and shiny new graphics.

Re-releases of games have been common, with old generation games released on newer consoles in order to promote a certain franchise and give younger players the opportunity to play these games. Nintendo is notorious for this, with classic Super Mario, Final Fantasy, and Zelda games being re-released on later consoles, particularly their handhelds. The volume of “PlayStation Classics”—old PlayStation and PS2 games—available on the PlayStation Store is again indicative of the hunger for games of old amongst the player base. HD remasters of games like The Last Of Us, Shadow Of The Colossus, and Ico add a fresh coat of paint to previously released titles, with improved graphics and new gameplay features.

Remakes are a different breed altogether. Taking a game and redesigning it is a much more costly and time-consuming process. The tradeoff from this, however, is tremendous fan appreciation (assuming its done well!) With a slew of remakes just recently announced—Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, System Shock, and the re-imagining of Pokémon Yellow in Pokémon Let’s Go!—let’s hop aboard the hype train and look at 25 other games that we would love to see being remade.

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25 Final Fantasy VI

via: pastemagazine.com

Few series in gaming have as many installments as Final Fantasy, and fewer still have as many entries that are critically acclaimed, beloved by fans and hailed as classics in hindsight as the legendary RPG franchise.

It says a lot for the quality of the sixth entry then that it is considered, more often than any other, as the series' pinnacle.

It was also the last 2D Final Fantasy. Imagine then, in the wake of the Final Fantasy VII remake, how ecstatic fans and the industry would be if this got a current gen 3D remake!

24 Metal Gear

via: youtube.com

Given the criticism and controversy that has surrounded Konami with regards to recent releases of the Metal Gear franchise and the departure of its creator Hideo Kojima, a remake of the very first entry in the series would go a long way towards healing the rift among the fans. The Metal Gear Solid remake was beloved by fans, in spite of not really needing one. Conversely, the primitive gameplay, archaic graphics, and lack of voice acting mean that not only would the original Metal Gear benefit from a remake, it would likely be a completely reborn, infinitely superior version.

23 Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

via: culturageek.com

Metal Gear Solid saw Kojima’s vision for the series come to fruition in a wonderfully realized three-dimensional world. However, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was the game from which the classic PS1 title stole many of its ideas, mechanics, characters, and scope for storytelling. Heavily referenced in Solid, a remake would allow players to experience the adventure in Zanzibar through the super slick ‘Fox’ engine. It would also be a way to acknowledge perhaps the most underrated game in the franchise, as well as many forgotten characters, such as love interest Holly.

22 Half-Life

via: g2play.net

This may be a bit premature considering the fact that fans of Half-Life have been waiting literally over a decade for Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

Given the absolute devotion fans of the series have for these legendary FPS games, I hardly feel doubt that they’d be angry if this was announced.

Make no mistake, the original Half-Life was a great game, but given just how great Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes looked, sounded, and played, it does look slightly rough by comparison, so perhaps an update wouldn’t hurt!

21 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

via: tonyhawksgames.wikia.com

Tony Hawk 2 is often considered the best game in the skateboarding franchise, and for good reason. It contains arguably the best level design in the series, and one of the best soundtracks to boot. That being said, the graphics—like many other fifth generation games—look extremely dated. And the gameplay, while excellent, just lacks that bit of smoothness and fluidity that makes Tony Hawk 3 (although itself two generations old) still hold up tremendously today. Even a remake with the THPS3 engine and trophy/achievement support would do the trick (get it?).

20 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

via: youtube.com

Fewer games top more best all-time lists than Link’s classic Nintendo 64 adventure. When it released, it absolutely blew the collective minds of developers, critics, and fans alike with its (then) fantastic graphics, intuitive camera and controls, and the depth and freedom it offered its players. Still standing up well today, what makes this prospect so appealing is that a less-is-more approach here would not only suffice, but would be best. Given a current-gen graphical overhaul, tightening up some of the looser gameplay mechanics all while maintaining the sounds overall feel of the original would be magical!

19 Grand Theft Auto

via: imgur.com

The original Grand Theft Auto game had a more subdued, but no less significant impact on the sandbox adventure genre.

It laid the template in top-down two dimensions that would be fully realized in GTA III and honed in subsequent releases.

Although thin on story, the gameplay mechanics based on stealing cars and engaging in crime was introduced here, along with the three major cities—Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas—which have reappeared in every game in the series since GTA III. The time could be now to fire the ol’ girl up again...

18 Bushido Blade

via: shoryuken.com

While beloved old school fighters like Tekken and Street Fighter have had the benefit of a litany of sequels which replicate—or at least attempt to replicate—the mechanics, feel, and magic of earlier titles, Bushido Blade, released on the PSone, hasn’t been granted the same treatment. Which is a shame because the armed combat of Bushido is excellent. Combine this with its unique, more unforgiving approach to the genre—no time limits, health bars, and the opportunity for one-hit finishes and strategic body damage—it is more than worthy of a remake.

17 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

via: mobygames.com

Released exclusively on the original Xbox back in 2003, this title set in the Star Wars universe set a new standard in the action role-playing genre and, being developed by BioWare, plays like a precursor to the original Mass Effect trilogy. Chronologically a prequel to the Star Wars movies, it fulfilled the desire that fans of the series who happen to be gamers (we’d imagine that’s a conducive demographic) had, while also playing like a dream. A remake would be great, and would also diminish the sting left behind by the lackluster Mass Effect: Andromeda.

16 Vagrant Story

via: reddit.com

Vagrant Story was released at a unique and pivotal time in 2000. The fifth generation of consoles was coming to an end, and while they never squeezed more power from their titles than then, the next generation was such a huge step up in terms of power and capability.

That’s why a game like Vagrant Story, a fully voiced action RPG with revolutionary real-time combat and outstanding story, would not only benefit hugely from a remake today, but really deserves one in order to fully unlock its potential.

15 Mike Tyson: Punch Out!!

via: kotaku.co.au

After a rocky (no pun intended) period in the 1990s/00s in which Tyson’s personal, athletic, and public life was in turmoil, the former pugilist has never been more popular in the court of public opinion than today. Coincidentally, the combat sport genre of video games has seen better days, with players being deprived of a quality boxing or MMA game for a while now. The idea of remaking this classic arcade puncher, with revamped graphics but a remaining expertly challenging, would fill a void in the market while eliciting nostalgia from former players.

14 NCAA Football 2005

via: youtube.com (Free Emulator)

Often regarded as the greatest American football game ever made, NCAA didn’t have the NFL license that competitor Madden had, but it made up for it with fantastic on-field action, presentation, and a stacked roster of college football teams. Off the field, the game was praised for its revolutionary presentation style, customization, and attention to detail. On the field, its tackling mechanics and animations are still looked upon as the industry standard today, better than modern games. Licensing issues aside, if we never get a remake, then a new title would be much appreciated!

13 Crash Team Racing

via: geraldbecker.com

Created as PlayStation’s answer to Mario Kart, the main difference between the two titles is that, while Nintendo’s racer has had a variety of sequels across multiple platforms, Crash’s attempt at the cart racer saw no reboots.

Which is a shame because, far from being a cheap knock-off, this PSone title is still beloved by fans today, sometimes more than the original platformers!

And considering that those titles were just recently given a full HD remake themselves, the time is now to give this old girl a new coat of paint too!

12 PaRappa The Rapper

via: playstation.com

With the sixth generation of console titles, music rhythm games not only became commonplace, the became one of the most popular and lucrative genres in the medium. But before Singstar and Guitar Hero assisted in the mega-explosion of the genre, PaRappa was entertaining a large, but much more niche crowd in the previous generation. Although it received a sequel on the PS2, the second game just didn’t have the atmosphere or warmth of the original, so a remake is still warranted. Perhaps a microphone periphery could be introduced for a more fun and current-gen experience also.

11 Conker’s Bad Fur Day

via: imgur.com

Although it was later given a sequel on the Xbox, the original adventure of Conker the squirrel on the N64 is still beloved by gamers today. Released at the very end of the console's life-cycle, Bad Fur Day was received extremely well by critics and fans. Its rock solid gameplay, colorful visuals, and controversial humour—divisive but scripted and voiced brilliantly—ensured a unique cult status among players with a stronger stomach. The ageless graphical style and gameplay mechanics of platformers have made them extremely conducive to remakes, so this just makes sense.

10 Silent Hill

via: wtfgamersonly.com

Just like the first Resident Evil game, the original Silent Hill game played a pivotal role in defining the survival horror genre.

But just like its fifth generation contemporary, its also slightly hampered by uneven voice acting, a finicky camera and sluggish gameplay.

Aside from being a horror originator, there are many things that make this game great: a terrifying atmosphere, great location, and a brilliantly creepy soundtrack. Keeping the vibe of the original, while revamping the dated gameplay elements and graphics, would make for an outstandingly terrifying adventure.

9 Medal Of Honor

via: twitter.com

One of the first truly great WWII first-person shooters, the first game in this once great series was released at a time when the war shooter was still a relatively niche genre. With world war shooters back in vogue now, and the last two games in the Medal of Honor series putting a damper on the once proud (but now practically defunct) series, now would be the perfect time to revisit the series’ origins. Landing on Normandy again in glorious HD would make for a terrifying trip down memory lane.

8 Skies Of Arcadia

via: destructoid.com

This 2000 Dreamcast title flew mainly under the radar upon release. However, with its tight story, traditional JRPG turn-based gameplay and the ability to man an airship to get from place to place, it became an underground sensation among role-playing enthusiasts. While it was re-released on the GameCube in 2002, it was practically the same as the original with only minor tweaks differentiating the two titles. It would go a long way towards redeeming such an underrated title if it was given a revamp on a modern day engine, perhaps for the Switch.

7 Timesplitters 2

via: timesplitters.wikia.com

One of the best first-person shooters of the sixth generation, its cartoony graphics, quirky humor, and sound design gave it a unique look and feel.

Meanwhile, the GoldenEye-inspired shooting mechanics and razor quick multiplayer gameplay made it a highly addictive experience.

Keeping the core gameplay the same while giving it an HD sheen, the idea of taking this legendary local multiplayer shooter online is a tantalizing prospect. It would stand out today for its originality and could garner a whole new slew of fans.

6 Super Mario 64

via: bleedingcool.com

It may be blasphemous to suggest that Mario’s first, and beloved, romp into 3D be remade. However, given the same delicate treatment as fellow N64 alumni Ocarina of Time, and this old title could be given a new lease of life in the current gen. Again, things like soundtrack, basic level design, and overall content could remain untouched. However, there is no doubt that Mario’s platforming action gets smoother and more fluid every generation—especially in 3D. Updated graphics and a light tune up would do the job just fine.

5 Bully

via: vexoid.com

Assuming that this title doesn’t get a sequel—and let's face it, it has been 12 years—a full remake of one of Rockstar’s most acclaimed games would go some way towards quelling the desire of many fans who wish to revisit Bullworth Academy. While this PS2 title was remastered on the 360, it remained mostly the same (a few additional mini-games and a slight graphical touch up aside). Current gen graphics, more new content, and an overhaul of the mostly solid but slightly clunky gameplay would please those wanting fans.

4 Jade Empire

via: gamezebo.com

Another Xbox game developed by BioWare, Jade Empire is an RPG like Knights of the Old Republic. But unlike that Star Wars spinoff, this adventure is set in an ancient society inspired by Chinese mythology.

Aside from a very different setting, it also places much more focus on a real-time combat system, making it more action heavy.

The morality system that made Knights and Mass Effect’s stories so deep and affecting remains here, however, meaning that current-gen players would be at home with an upgraded version of this game.

3 Shenmue

via: pushsquare.com

The SEGA Dreamcast can oftentimes be forgotten these days. While faring much better than most consoles which attempt to break into the ultra-competitive market, it just couldn’t hang with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in the long run. However, it had some great games, and few games were as well received then or, are looked back at with as much fondness now, as this action-adventure classic. The excellent combat system and open world exploration made unfolding Ryo Hazuki's tale of revenge an absolute joy, and a quality remake would only enhance that joy!

2 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

via: adventureclassicgaming.com

The remake of the original Resident Evil game, first released on the GameCube, was so amazing it did what every remaker secretly aspires to do: make the original game redundant. REmake basically tweaked and improved every aspect of the PSone survival horror title. And with the remake of Resident Evil 2 officially on the way (and looking good), surely lightning will strike twice as Capcom looks to improve upon an already stellar game. Perhaps—and hopefully—then, a current-gen Resident Evil 3 is more foregone conclusion than anything, being the final fifth generation title without a remake.

1 Chrono Trigger

via: usgamer.net

The fan-made Chrono Resurrection aside, there hasn’t been a true remake of the SNES classic. Often considered the greatest RPGs of all time, its multiple endings, character development, and story were hugely influential on the genre and the industry as a whole.

The only issue here would be doing a remake correctly.

Chrono Trigger is a huge, multi-faceted game, and doing a three-dimensional, fully voiced and scored remake would be a huge undertaking. Without question, there would be a market for this, and if done right could evolve one of the greatest games ever made.

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