25 Surprising Video Games That Are Exclusive To GameStop (And How Much They’re Worth)

Acquiring video games in today's modern age of gaming has never been so convenient. Most games are now available in a variety of formats, from consoles and PCs to handheld gaming units and even mobile phones. There's never a shortage of games to play on every platform. As if that wasn't convenient enough, gamers can even purchase games online from the comfort of their homes making gaming more accessible than ever!

Gone are the days of searching from store to store for an elusive copy of a highly-coveted new game title. Video games now exist in both physical and digital forms giving gamers more freedom in purchasing the games they love. Since that's the case, then what is keeping gamers from buying their favorite game titles? Here is where store-exclusive games come into the picture. Most video games are regularly available in retail stores such as Target, Best Buy, or even at the nearest Five Below discount bin.

However, some games can only be found exclusively in gaming merchandise giant GameStop. This meant that if players wanted that shiny new collector's edition game or a physical copy of a digital game, they would have to find their nearest GameStop branch. Some limited edition games, consoles and collectible merchandise can only be obtained through GameStop. There are even new titles that can only be purchased through this popular gaming chain since they themselves are the ones who published them! Here are 25 crazy video game products that only GameStop is offering along with their respective price tags that are at times ridiculously overpriced.

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25 From Fantasy To Reality (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ultimate Collector's Edition)

via geekculture.com

MSRP: $190

The game's developers weren't kidding when they named this GameStop exclusive package the “Ultimate Collector's Edition.” Surely enough, this is indeed the definitive version of Dissidia NT as it comes with a boatload of Final Fantasy collectibles including an epic 8.25 inch Warrior Of Light bust. What's not good is its equally-epic $300 price tag on eBay.

Its online price is quite concerning since it only costs $190 on the GameStop store and it's not exactly sold out yet. Regardless, it wouldn't be a surprise if someone actually pays even more for it given how popular the series has become.

24 Exclusively Controversial (Xenoblade Chronicles)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $50

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the Wii's most critically-acclaimed JRPG games but its Western debut has been marred by controversy. The game debuted in the West as a GameStop exclusive with an initial price of $50. However, its retail price soon rose in accordance with its high demand agitating dozens of fans in the process.

Selling a used game for more than its original price isn't right.

According to Destructoid, used copies of the game were being sold at GameStop for $90! Gamers won't just be paying more for a regular version of the game, they'll also be getting an already-opened copy.

23 Perfect For Keeping Radiation Away (Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition With PipBoy Construction Kit5)

via gear.bethesda.net

MSRP: $225

Fallout games let players feel what it's like to live in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. Although there are some gamers who are really into the role and would want to experience being a wasteland survivor first hand. The best way to achieve that is through this ridiculously-priced $225 Fallout 76 GameStop exclusive bundle which includes an actual life-sized PipBoy replica!

An exclusive like this is most likely already sold out. Aspiring doomsday preppers could still buy it on eBay but they would have to cough up hundreds on it, $335 to be exact. Wow! Talk about spending that bunker supply budget.

22 Unlimited Combinations, Limited Availability (Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $40

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is one of the flashiest and most popular fighting games of recent times and its improved Ultimate version only made it even better. It's only natural for developers to make such a successful hit available for next-generation consoles as well. However, if fans wanted to grab a hold of a physical copy of its next-generation port, they'd have to find their nearest GameStop.

Why do gamers have to go to a specific store to buy such an ultra-popular and widely-enjoyed fighting game? It also doesn't help that fans will be paying $40 for a port!

21 Expensive Things In Small Packages (Nintendo 2DS XL Hylian Shield Edition)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $160

The exclusive Nintendo 2DS XL Hylian Shield Edition costs deceptively high for such a small package. Despite not having the 3D capabilities of the 3DS, this handheld unit still goes for about $160 on GameStop. Although that's just its retail price, its price on eBay can go way higher than that.

eBay listings of the Hylian Shield Edition 2DS range from $250 to as much as $350 a piece. After all, that's not just the price of the unit itself, that's also the price of being a true Legend Of Zelda fan.

20 A Secret Not Worth Uncovering (Secret Of Mana)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $40

Gamers will have to scour the shelves of their nearest GameStop if they wanted to purchase the physical version of Secret Of Mana. Remakes are supposed to be better than the original but this game wasn't able to pull that off. This GameStop exclusive isn't exactly flooding game shelves either.

This is one secret that is best left untouched.

Only hardcore fans will go through the trouble of securing themselves a copy of a game that's limited and arguably not even as good as the original. Gamers who are unfamiliar with the series should just steer clear from this either way.

19 The Perfect Fighting Game Companion (Dragon Ball FighterZ Limited Edition Razer Panthera Arcade Stick)

via GameStop.com

MSRP: $220

An arcade stick is a must for gamers who play on fighting game tournaments. What better way to play a fast-paced fighting game like Dragon Ball FighterZ than with this jaw-dropping Razer Panthera arcade stick. For $220, gamers get a lot of value for something that looks good and functions even better.

Of course, a GameStop exclusive like this is susceptible to price increases and its limited edition status only helps skyrocket its price even more. In fact, an eBay listing is already selling this controller for more than twice its initial price!

18 Big Colossus, Even Bigger Price (Shadow of the Colossus Exclusive Gaius Statue eBay)

via GameStop.com

MSRP: $250

Gaming consoles are getting more expensive over the years and so are video game collectibles. Nowadays, gaming merchandise cost as much as a gaming console! This $250 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus Gaius statue costs as much as a spanking new gaming rig but without the technological capabilities of one.

Why buy a new console when you can buy an inanimate statue?

If paying $250 for a statue sounds too much then buying it on eBay would be out of the question since its price can soar to a colossal $480. It still makes any desk look awesome though.

17 Old Yet Shockingly Expensive (BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition)

via GameStop.com

MSRP: $200

Who would've thought that BioShock could be compared to fine wine? The series might be 10 years old but its price keeps raising over time! BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition does come with a lot of collectible goodies which justifies its $200 price tag.

Not bad for an old series, eh?

According to Polygon, it's actually an “extremely limited edition release” and the only place it can be bought physically is, you've guessed it, GameStop! Its original price is expensive enough but buying something this limited on eBay is even pricier, sometimes reaching as much as $719.

16 As Limited As Its Name (The Last Of Us Post-Pandemic Edition)

via blog.us.playstation.com

MSRP: $160

It's quite fitting for a game like The Last Of Us to have a special edition that's as limited as the survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. According to PSLS, the Post-Pandemic Edition isn't just exclusive to GameStop, it's also limited to US stores. Everyone outside of the US won't be able to get a piece of this $160 package, which includes a sweet 12-inch Ellie and Joel statue.

Given its extremely limited quantity, its online price blew up to ridiculous proportions! It even goes for whopping $1,289 on eBay. Perhaps saving up for an actual apocalypse is a better option.

15 Heroes On Exclusive Work (Has Been Heroes)

via reddit.com(irondraggon)

MSRP $15

Has Been Heroes is one of the games that GameStop themselves published. Yes, the popular gaming chain went from simply nabbing rights to exclusive game content to actually publishing the games themselves! With that said, it's only natural for this roguelike action game to be sold exclusively by GameStop.

There's no other place these heroes would rather be.

While acquiring a digital copy of this title might be a lot easier, securing a new and unused physical one could be quite a challenge. Interested gamers better hope they have a GameStop branch nearby if they wish to nab this one.

14 Like A Ninja (Tenchu Dark Secret)

via eBay.com

MSRP $30

Tenchu is an iconic game series that have dominated the ninja stealth genre on the console platform. However, the Nintendo DS game Tenchu Dark Secret stealthily crept past the radar of most fans of the beloved series. Perhaps this had something to do with this sneaky title's exclusive availability.

Not only was this title only purchasable through GameStop, its release was also limited to just one gaming platform. Well, at least fans could find comfort in knowing that this handheld title was not even close to being as good as the previous games in the series.

13 Cute Yet Horrifying (Bendy And The Ink Machine)

via eBay.com


The cutesy appearance of Bendy And The Ink Machine's cover art is quite deceptive since it's actually a survival horror game! The game blends first-person horror and puzzles in one twisted episodic adventure. What's even more horrific is its exclusive GameStop availability.

The game's premise isn't the only thing that's weird about it.

According to the developers, GameStop is the “exclusive home” of the game's limited physical copies. What about the places that don't have a GameStop? Indeed, that limitation does sound as grim as the game's disturbing visuals.

12 Influence Is Power (Killing Floor 2)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $30

Some games find success on their own while others need to rely on the powers of gaming retail giant GameStop. Killing Floor 2 was a fun squad-based shooter but it couldn't survive the competitive gaming market on its own. Physical copies of the game were only sold through GameSpot and there's a good reason for that.

According to VB, the game's developers gave GameSpot exclusive rights since they believe this would help boost the game's exposure. Given GameSpot's influence and ubiquitous presence in gaming, it could very well be the right decision, just not for places without GameSpot stores though.

11 A Familiar Tale (Tales Of Hearts R)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $40

Series fans would find Tales Of Hearts R quite familiar given its signature stylized visuals and iconic fighting system. What's even more familiar is the practice of game publishers giving exclusive rights to GameStop to minimize their losses. This not only helped Tales Of Hearts reach a wider audience, it also helped popularize a game that's exclusively made for an unpopular handheld console, the PS Vita.

Fans wouldn't have any excuse not to get the game given its recent price drop. Unless of course, they either don't own a Vita or visiting GameStop is just out of the question.

10 Formed By GameStop (De-Formers Special Edition)

via eBay.com

MSRP: $20

There's a good reason why quirky multiplayer game De-Formers wasn't sold anywhere else. GameStop themselves actually published the game nabbing exclusive rights to selling its physical copies in the process. The De-Formers limited Collector's Edition comes with a SteelBook case, exclusive stickers, a disc of the game's original soundtrack and four figurine collectibles.

While that may sound like a sweet deal, its limited availability isn't. Purchasing a Collector's Edition copy of this game on eBay meant paying as much $84 on a single title.

9 Big Price For Small Heroes (Mega Man 11 Amiibo Edition)

MSRP $60

Most games with limited edition amiibo versions are often GameSpot exclusives and Mega Man 11 is no different. The Mega Man 11 amiibo edition was originally sold exclusively at GameStop for $60. Unfortunately, it was immediately sold out in just hours after its pre-orders were made available, according to Destructoid.

Of course, fans can always opt to buy it on eBay but doing so substantially bumps its original price by up to $55! For a pint-sized hero, Mega Man sure comes with a hefty price tag.

8 It's A Steal (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost Edition)

via GameStop.com

MSRP: $100

The original Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost Edition GameStop exclusive debuted at $220. However, its value steadily depreciated over time and was subjected to constant price drops. Its price on GameStop went from an already discounted $115 to an even lower $100!

It went from being a good deal to a complete steal.

This just might be the perfect opportunity for fans of the series to nab this special edition. The package already includes embroidered patches including a statue of team leader Nomad. Whether or not the game itself deserves to be bought such a luxurious package is another story, however.

7 Dark Side Costs More (Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition)

via Ebgames.ca

MSRP: $100

Buying the Dark Edition of critically-acclaimed platformer Skylanders Swap Force will cost gamers a solid 100 bucks, according to Gamespot. This GameStop exclusive will also give them five special edition figurines, trading cards, sticker sheets and a character poster for all their troubles. Yes, the price of buying into the dark side can be quite expensive at the time.

As for players who can't find a GameStop in their area, they can always try their luck on eBay. The game might be old but its price can still go as high as $163!

6 Destined For More Spending (Destiny 2 Forsaken GameStop Edition)

via GameStop.com

MSRP: $100

Destiny 2 might have been a good multiplayer shooter but only true fans will be willing to spend extra on an expansion. The question is, how much are fans willing to pay for a Cayde-6 statue, exclusive Destiny 2 emblem and a plethora of DLC content? Only GameStop offers such a complete package that tests the fans' loyalty to the game.

True fans are destined to pay more than the rest.

The “Cayde's Last Stand” statue alone is the perfect item to commemorate the iconic character's passing. However, the steep $100 price tag might make fans think twice before buying.

5 Unsung Game Of The Deep (Song Of The Deep Collector's Edition)

via eBay.com

MSRP $15

Another title that GameStop published is the underrated Metroidvania adventure game Song Of The Deep. While the game can be bought digitally online, its physical copies are only sold through GameStop. The game also has a collector's edition which comes with a treasure trove of collectible merchandise.

While the deluxe version was only sold exclusively through GameStop, some are now selling it on eBay for as high as $178! The game's limited availability makes buying its physical copy seem like underwater treasure hunting, which is quite appropriate given the game's theme.

4 Resist The Temptation (Far Cry 5 Resistance Edition)

via reddit.com

MSRP: $200

Joining the resistance certainly costs a lot more than just giving in to the opposition and this GameSpot exclusive shows why. According to Destructoid, Far Cry 5 has a Father's Edition featuring a statue of the game's antagonist, and a Resistance Edition featuring a statue of the protagonist instead.

The game's Father's Edition retails for about $117 while the more expensive Resistance Edition costs $200. Of course, these versions are nothing compared to buying the game's Hope County Collector's Edition on eBay which costs $425! Oh yeah, that staggering price also comes with a stag head prize. Yippee!

Note: eBay listing not included in the header since the item in question was the Resistance Edition and not the Hope County Collector's Edition

3 Cloth Costs A Fortune (Red Dead Redemption 2 Blanket)

via GameStop.com

MSRP: $200

Fans of the Red Dead Redemption series know that its sequel is going to rock just as much as the name of its developers. However, are fans willing to spend $200 on a single merchandise way before the sequel even gets released? This GameStop exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2 blanket is the perfect way to test any fan just how much they love the series.

According to its product page, this item is “specially designed” in celebration of the game's release. As for the blanket itself, it's 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton. Seriously though, $200 for a blanket? Seriously?

2 Splurge Now Enjoy Later (Assassins Creed Odyssey Kassandra Edition)

via Ebgames.ca

MSRP: $150

We don't know if Assassins Creed Odyssey will be a good game or not since it's not even released yet. That being said, why not take a gamble and pay $150 for the GameStop exclusive Kassandra Edition? This includes a figurine of a character that gamers haven't even gotten to know yet, aside from her brief appearances on trailers, of course.

It's crazy but some fans just might be willing enough to jump in on this deal before even knowing how the game will do. Although interested buyers should act now, its price has already shot up to $290 on eBay!

1 Welcome To Raccoon City (Resident Evil 2 Collector's Edition)

via eurogamer.com

MSRP: $200

Buying the GameStop exclusive Resident Evil 2 Collector's Edition is like taking a vacation to Raccoon city since it comes with collectibles that fans will recognize. According to VG247, the package itself is “a reproduction of the familiar item boxes” that fans see in Resident Evil games. The $200 pre-order package is less of a risk too since fans already know what to expect in this gorgeous-looking remake.

However, what fans might not expect is an immediate increase in its value months before the game even releases. The price of this limited edition on eBay is already $140 more than its original price.

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