The 30 Strongest Hidden Weapons In Video Games (And Where To Find Them)

You may have heard it said that a man is only as good as his word. Well if we apply this sentiment to the world of video games, one would have to say that a gamer is only as good as his character’s weapons. The video game industry has changed a lot over the years. The industry is filled with games that feature a run and hide mentality, (mainly horror survival games), as well as puzzle, music or racing based games. These games have no weapons or enemies to battle, making weapons completely useless in the process.

Yet, there are still games in this world being made every day that feature some incredibly powerful weapons. From classics like The Legend of Zelda franchise to more modern franchises like Assassin’s Creed, the industry is filled with some truly magnificent, powerful and clever weapons to battle equally powerful foes. Whether it’s an alien invasion, demons or just survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, these weapons can mean life or demise for your video game character. So when you jump into these games, the question always arises: what weapon do I need in this situation? What sword will defeat the fabled dragon? What weapon do I take into battle against this alien horde?

That’s what we are here to answer for you guys today. We are going to share with you the thirty most powerful and strong weapons ever found in video games. Be prepared for a deep dive into the history of video games.

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30 Master Sword (Zelda: Breath Of The Wild)

via modojo

This sword can be found in the game near the Great Deku tree in the Korok Forest.

It’s iconic and incredibly powerful, as it’s know to be unbreakable and strongest against enemies affected by the great calamity.

However, you’ll need to complete 40 shrines or defeat four divine beasts and then complete 24 shrines (securing 13 heart containers along the way) in order to pull the weapon out like Excalibur in the King Arthur story. Otherwise, your health will be depleted if you try grabbing it sooner.

29 Whisper Of The Worm (Destiny 2)

via USgamer

One of the most coveted sniper rifles in the second Destiny game, the weapon is rare in that it only becomes available during a public event known as Taken Bright on Io’s Lost Oasis area. After defeating enemies with yellow bars, a portal will appear and you will need to jump into it. Then you’ll be in the Whisper secret mission. Complete it in 20 minutes or less and you’ll come away with the Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle. Happy hunting.

28 Windshear Sword (Skyrim)

via YouTube (TylerTheTiny)

The epic and amazing RPG game features an incredibly large sword known as Windshear.

The weapon is notorious for being able to hit and stagger enemies of all shapes and sizes, including large dragons.

You will find this sword lodged into a wooden beam in the Dark Brotherhood quest, “Hail Sithis!” Head down the stairs near the front deck of the boat to find this beam, and once you have the weapon you’ll be an unstoppable force.

27 Encore Schematic Staff (Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC)

via YouTube (Andrew Riley)

This is the kind of weapon you’ll want to have in the Dragon Age: Inquisition game. It’ll increase your attack speed, add bonus damage to your party’s attacks and will even regenerate health for your party. At the entrance to the Crossroads area you will see a skeleton with a treasure map on the left-hand side after you pass the first Eluvian. It’ll lead you to the location of four Halla statues in the Winter Palace. Collecting all four statues will grant you the weapon, and you will have a powerful weapon to wield indeed.

26 Aerondight (Witcher 3)

via GosuNoob.com

This powerful weapon can be found in the game’s Blood and Wine expansion pack.

Widely considered to be the most powerful silver sword in the game, the weapon increases in power by 10% every time you hit an enemy with it, building it’s charge until you are able to deal a critical hit every chance you get.

To gain this weapon, you’ll need to complete the “There Can Only Be One” quest, where you will need to display five virtues to a hermit near Corvo Bianco before defeating him in a duel, at which point the Lady of the Lake will bestow the mighty weapon to you.

25 Hand Canon (Dead Space 2)

via Zerochan

The terror and dread of the Dead Space franchise gets a little bit of fun in this next weapon. The most powerful weapon in the game is this giant red hand foam finger that uses unlimited ammo and will make anything it’s pointing at explode. In order to gain the weapon you’ll first have to beat the game on standard difficulty, then beat it on the new and much harder difficulty setting you unlock from the first time around. After two times through the game, fans will need to let loose with this powerful weapon.

24 Hadokan (Mega Man X)

via Pug Hoof Gaming

This next weapon is a bit of a crossover between two franchises, as one of the Street Fighter power moves makes it way over to Mega Man. This weapon allows Mega Man to use Ryu’s Hadokan ability, shooting blue fire balls from his hand cannon.

Yet to get this weapon is insanely difficult.

You will have to collect every boss weapon, heart tank, energy tank and armor upgrade in the game. Then during the armored armadillo level, you’ll have to ride the mine cart to the end of the level, jump off the wall at the end to another level and grab the energy power up. Then you will have to jump into the pit below and repeat the process five times, until finally the weapon is found in place of the energy power up.

23 Magnopulser (Far Cry 5)

via VGR.com

This weapon is interesting, in that it’s an alien artifact found in the highly popular latest edition to the Far Cry franchise. It’s bestowed to you by mad scientist Larry Parker, who is one of the citizens of Hope County, where you are trapped by the evil cult you were sent to stop. At long ranges the weapon allows you to throw objects and people around, but at close range it’ll vaporize enemies. However be aware vaporized enemies don’t leave behind loot, just weapons and ammo. To find this weapon you’ll need to find Larry at Parker industries, then complete the side quests he bestows on you before you can grab this weapon from him.

22 Hidden Weapon (Dark Souls 3)

via PC Gamer

This is a more literal translation of a “hidden weapon”, as it’s not that difficult to find in-game, but is actually invisible. You’ll need to buy a spell from Orbeck of Vinheim for a mere 1,500 souls after giving him the Golden Scrolls.

You’ll then need to use the spell on a staff or weapon that can cast spells, turning it invisible for about 45 seconds.

While not very practical in the single player campaign and more likely to lead to your doom, in multiplayer it allows you to keep your attacks secret from other players on the battlefield.

21 Prophet’s Bane (Halo 5: Guardians)

via Reddit

Not only does your damage increase while using this, but you will get unlimited camouflage and increased speed as well. Typically this weapon is found during multiplayer rounds at random, however this weapon can be discovered in single player campaign mode. To do this you’ll have to complete the Flaming Knives on Osiris Easter egg, which involves setting the first level Osiris to Legendary difficulty, then finding and lighting seven knives throughout the level. Doing this will cause the room to rumble, then your weapons will be replaced with the Prophet’s Bane and a plasma pistol just as a Promethean Knight and Warden Eternal show up.

20 Excalibur II (Final Fantasy IX)

via YouTube (Calborg)

The strongest weapon in the game is the most difficult to find of course. You’ll have to get to the end of Memoria, the last dungeon in the game, in under 12 hours, something that normally takes players 50+ hours to accomplish.

You’ll have to make some practice runs, decide ahead of time what stores to stop at, ignore the FMV’s as these count as in-game time, and possibly reset the game if you get too involved in minor monster battles.

However this is the most powerful weapon of all of Steiner’s weapons, so it may be worth it to dedicated gamers.

19 Weapons From Other CoD Games (Modern Warfare: Remastered)

via Call of Duty Wiki - Fandom

This is somewhat unique as it involves knowing how to read and explore game files. The game has 10 hidden weapons throughout the files that are from previous Call of Duty games. These include melee shovels, Modern Warfare 2’s PP2000 machine pistol and Black Ops’ Galil assault rifle. There was also a new weapon called the Kamchatka-12 shotgun. While you can try editing the game to include these weapons, finding the files is the easier way to utilize them.

18 Colt Peacekeeper Revolver (Battlefield 1)

via Reddit

This is a tricky one, as it’s a pretty cool and powerful weapon in the game, and yet it has a very slow reload speed that cannot be canceled once started.

Yet despite its slowness, the weapon itself is just really cool.

If you decide to get this weapon, you’ll have to complete the multi-phase Easter egg Mastermind, which involves seven stages of decoding Morse code, solving puzzles scattered throughout chateaus and locating hidden areas around several maps.

17 Electrified Little Evie (Borderlands 2)

via Reddit

This weapon is found after defeating Mr. Bubbles in the expansions pack titled Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty. The foe is found in the Magnys Lighthouse area of the map, and is a difficult boss to beat as he launches self-healing attacks on you. The key is to not engage in combat with Lil Sis but instead focus on Mr. Bubbles. She will give you the weapon after you defeat him. This is all a giant reference to another major gaming franchise, Bioshock, which features little sister’s who worked with Big Daddies they called Mr. Bubbles to collect Eve and Adam from the denizens of Rapture.

16 Golden Gun (Goldeneye)

via YouTube (IGN)

The infamous Bond game features this powerful weapon.

You’ll have to first defeat the game on 00 Agent difficulty, then unlock the Egyptian level, where you will have to solve a puzzle in a tiled room with no clues.

If you do this, you’ll have to take on Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die the film with the gun. Use proximity mines during the duel and activate them during the game’s final cutscene, and enjoy your reward.

15 Lancer Battle Rifle (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided)

via Megapanda.net

This scooped rifle features increased damage, the highest accuracy possible and even can be outfitted with a silencer. Typically the weapon is only available after Mission 12 when it becomes available in Mikael’s shop in northeast Prague. It involves reaching The Throat in Golem City, dropping into a trench and heading left. From there you’ll have to climb into a house on its side, find a ladder that leads to a lift, then follow yellow beams until you find the weapons case holding this weapon.

14 Chain Chomp (Bayonetta 2)

via PlatinumGames

You know that obstacle of the chomping monstrosity attached to a chain in the Mario games? Well, you can wield a version of this as a weapon in the game Bayonetta 2.

You’ll be able to string together powerful combos and attach the weapon to enemies to chase down.

It’ll also end up bursting open any chests in the vicinity of your attacks. To get this weapon you’ll have to beat the game on 3rd Climax difficulty. This’ll grant you the Angelic Hymns LP with a Super Mario 64 theme. Take it to Rodin who will create the weapon for you.

13 Secret Weapon Vending Machine (Fortnite)

via Hold To Reset

The biggest thing about this vending machine is that it’ll give you a minigun for only 250 pieces of wood, which is something players tend to have a lot of in the game. It’s in the center of the game map under Loot Lake, but sadly was found when a glitch sent a player under the lake accidentally. Players wanting to use this vending machine will have to try to recreate the glitch somehow, but that could take a lot of time.

12 Le Fusil Terribles (Fallout 4)

via YouTube (TheGamesEntertainer)

Now we’re heading back into the Commonwealth as we explore one of the wasteland’s most powerful shotguns. You’ll find this gun during the mission from the Institute to bring in a rogue Synth. This gun deals an impressive 25% damage.

It’s found on the floating city of Libertalia in the captain's quarters in a lootable crate.

However, you’ll have to get past the large force of raiders on the floating encampment. Oh, and many of them have mini-nuke launchers, so good luck with that.

11 Unlabored Flawlessness (Ninja Gaiden)

via YouTube (One3673241)

In one of console gaming’s most difficult games, you will have to work and invest a lot to get this powerful weapon. It’ll appear after you invest in the wooden sword weapon for the seventh time using your resources. It’s difficult as up until that point the weapon is pretty useless no matter how much you pour into it. However, the powerful weapon it becomes will grow in power the lower your health gets, getting to at least 200% damage at one point.

10 Experimental MIRV (Fallout 3)

via Mr. Crappy Lord

This classic Fallout 3 secret weapon is first discovered in the mysterious Keller Family Transcripts. Clues in the transcripts will lead you to the National Guard Depot, where you will navigate a maze until you find the Experimental MIRV.

This weapon was a mad scientist’s invention, which allowed soldiers to launch eight mini-nukes at once.

Although satisfying to take out several feral ghouls at once like this, the ammo is very rare and finding the weapon in the maze is incredibly difficult, so it’s worth is really up to you.

9 Mr. Toots (Red Faction: Armageddon)

via Gamer Problems

This is one of the sillier and truly goofy yet powerful weapons in a video game. In order to obtain this weapon, you’ll have to beat the game at least once. Hidden behinds some walls and chasms in the second play-through, the weapon is a unicorn that launches flatulence that looks like a rainbow. However silly it appears, the projectiles are the most powerful force used by a weapon in the game franchise.

8 The Drake Sword (Dark Souls)

via Imgur

The first game in this franchise has lots of possible weapons that can be made from cutting off the tails of several creatures you may battle.

The first one is the one easily missed because the tail you need comes from a large dragon nestled under a bridge.

You can easily be eaten by this dragon, but a few well-placed arrows from up high into the dragon’s tail should grant you this powerful weapon.

7 Scarab Gun (Halo 2)

via YouTube (AEG xPredator)

This weapon is one of the most difficult to find. It’s so lengthy and frustrating to get to that it would take too long to explain in this single post. Anyone interested should go do a deep dive into the Halo Nation wiki here. The weapon is found after many obstacles and mazes. It’ll look like an average plasma rifle, but has unlimited ammo, continuous rapid fire and a massive splash zone that does crazy amounts of damage to your enemies.

6 Biggoron’s Sword (The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time)

via Amino Apps

While many fans believe the Master Sword to be the most powerful weapon in the franchise, others have looked at this next sword as the most powerful.

It’s also unbreakable, and has a larger quest line that involves 12 events involving fetch quests that begins with a random encounter involving finding a mystery egg.

The quests get more difficult at each level and the final reveal of the sword makes gamers feel more accomplished than before.

5 Sword Of Kings (Earthbound)

via Reddit

One character in the fan favorite game Earthbound is Prince Poo, who is known to be one of the only party members with royalty in his blood and the only party member who does not and can not wield any weapon in the game. That is, until you learn of the Sword of Kings. In the Stonehenge level, there is a powerful foe named Starman Super. This weapon can be found at random after beating the villain. Some players believe it to be a myth after beating this level hundred of times, while others have lucked into it on the first try.

4 Alien Blaster (Fallout 4)

via Mod DB

This blaster can be tricky. It’s got very limited ammo but lets out a powerful blast of energy in a very small weapon.

At some point, you’ll get a notice about a distress signal on your radio.

Following the signal leads to an alien crash site. Following a trail of alien blood, you find a hidden cave, and inside is an injured alien. Yet, he’s not so friendly and will open fire at you. Taking the alien out, you can recover the blaster he uses and have a pretty powerful sidearm.

3 EXPCalibur (Dying Light)

via Dying Light Wiki - fandom

This zombie-filled game is chock full of unique weapons to give you an edge over the  horde. Yet one weapon is so powerful, one hit will end a zombie: EXPCalibur. Located in the South East of the Slums, you’ll have to swim out to a small island and find a body with a sword impaled into it. The sword is not very durable however and cannot be repaired, but returning to the same spot will grant you the blueprints to build your very own.

2 Staff Of Sehetep (AC: Origins)

via YouTube (Video Games Source)

Now it’s time to dive deep into the world of Ancient Egypt. This powerful staff has a level 29, 226 damage base that can shatter and defeat your enemies in seconds.

The newest game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise really delved into a weapons upgrade system never before seen in the series, and this weapon proves it.

You get this weapon during the side quest Bad Faith in Krokodilopolis, and is considered a legendary weapon in the game.

1 Ashmaker (Fallout 4)

via Just Push Start

This is a pretty powerful minigun in the recently released Fallout 4 game. The weapon not only sends out a ton of ammo at the enemy but also gives you a chance to set enemies on fire when they are hit by the weapon. The only way to get this weapon is to side with Fahrenheit during the Big Dig quest. If you don’t side with her, say goodbye to that powerful weapon. You may thank me later when a horde of feral ghouls or behemoth super mutant comes attacking.

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