10 Sci-Fi Games To Play If You Love Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica was beloved by its fans, and here are ten sci-fi games they can play with similar themes, concepts, and environments.

Battlestar Galactica is getting the reboot treatment for NBCU's new streaming service with Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail at the helm. Even though the new series is getting a reboot, Esmail will be basing his vision on the 2002 series. The original Battlestar Galactica was created by Glen A. Larson and launched in 1978 and starred Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch, and Lorne Greene. It was the most expensive series ever developed at the time, but the declining ratings meant that the series was canceled before its story was told.

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The reboot took many of the original's religious themes and expanded them even further with a much darker and serious tale. After the show completed its four seasons there was a pilot for Blood and Chrome which focused on a young William Adama and Caprica a prequel series taking place 58 years before the destruction of the 12 Colonies. Fans of the hit series are naturally anticipating what is in store for one of the most successful sci-fi franchises of all time. Thankfully, gaming sci-fi fans are covered with 10 games to play in the meantime.

10 EVE: Valkyrie VR

If there was ever videogame that was a love letter to the Battlestar Galactica series it is EVE: Valkyrie. The ships launch from the mothership’s corridor in exactly the same manner as the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series. Then, of course, there’s Battlestar’s Starbuck Katie Sackhoff voicing Ran Kavik.

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Valkyrie is one of the best VR experiences on the platform and the arcade-like controls are easy to pick up and play. Players really get a sense and feel of piloting a spaceship and watching and tracking enemy ships as they fly overhead is just like a space battle in Battlestar.

9 Star Wars: Battlefront: Rogue One VR Mission

The Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One VR Mission was a free mission added to Star Wars: Battlefront for the PlayStationVR. It was released in 2016 and is one of the most authentic and immersive Star Wars experiences ever created.

Even though it’s a pure Star Wars experience through and through, there’s no denying that Battlestar Galactica fans are often Star Wars fans too. Taking part in terrific space dogfights in an X-Wing - which more than resembles the Colonial Vipers from Battlestar - in VR is undeniably thrilling.

8 XCOM 2

XCOM 2 and its expansion War Of The Chosen was developed by Firaxis Games and released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. There’s more of a War of the Worlds feel to the XCOM games.

However, the remnants of the human race resisting overpowering force and fighting back from the brink of extinction is the very essence of the Battlestar series. The XCOM games are tactical turn-based games where the player takes on the role of a commander controlling squads of soldiers fighting against a superior alien force as well as managing resources away from the battlefield too.

7 Infinite Space

Infinite Space is a sci-fi JRPG on the Nintendo DS that was co-developed by Nier: Automata’s PlatinumGames and Nude Maker who is best known for its work on the Steel Battalion series. Infinite Space is space adventure with elements of ship designing, real-time tactical RPG mechanics, and space simulation.

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Despite its platform, the game’s story – which is split into two parts – is very deep and complex and takes inspiration from Arthur C. Clarke's novel Childhood’s End. In addition to the deep story, there’s a complex gameplay system at work too. It’s feature-packed with ship customization, fleet management, space exploration, and spaceship battles.

6 Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Battlestar Galactica is a space combat shooter that was released on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2003. Even though it came out the same year as the new rebooted series the game was based on the original 1978 classic series.

The game featured voice work from Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch reprising their roles as Starbuck and Apollo respectively. The game puts players in the cockpit of a Colonial Viper which is far more complex to control than the X-Wing in the Star Wars: Rogue Leader series. The battles against the Cylon Raiders and their squad leaders are always intense and require quick thinking and resource management.

5 Star Wars: Rogue Leader – Rogue Squadron II

Star Wars: Rogue Leader – Rogue Squadron II was released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. It is a space combat action game developed by Factor 5 and LucasArts and it put players in the roles of Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.

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Rogue Squadron is a much easier title to pick up than 2003’s Battlestar Galactica but it was still a very challenging title. However, controlling an X-Wing and participating in battles from the original Star Wars trilogy is an amazing feeling and with the exception of the Battlefront VR Mission it’s the closest videogames have ever got to recreating the original trilogy's iconic space battles.

4 Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is a 3D space-based strategy game based on the rebooted TV series. Aside from its setting Deadlock has many of the same risk-reward gameplay mechanics that are featured in the XCOM series.

Just like that series, players take on the role of a commander where managing the shipyard’s resources is just as important as the battles. The combat system also shares many of the same traits as the tabletop game Star Trek: Attack Wing. Deadlock received four DLC packs and the game’s story arc has continued with season 2 titled Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Resurrection.

3 Xenogears

xenogears PS1 game

Xenogears was released on the PlayStation in 1998 and was developed by the same team that worked on the Xenoblade series on the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Switch. It is a science fiction RPG that features many of the same religious themes and philosophies that are present in Battlestar Galactica.

One of the biggest themes in the Battlestar series is reincarnation and it’s used in a very similar context in Xenogears. Despite being over twenty years old Xenogears still has one of the deepest and most complex storylines ever seen in a game.

2 The Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect series developed by BioWare is one of the most ambitious space sagas developed in gaming. The series began on the Xbox 360 in 2007 as a timed exclusive but the series eventually made its way to the PlayStation 3 and PC by 2012.

Mass Effect takes inspiration from so many space opera sources like Star Wars, Star Trek and even Battlestar Galactica. However, the BioWare have created their own expansive sci-fi saga that very much deserves to be mentioned among its inspirations.

1 Xenosaga Trilogy

The Xenosaga trilogy was published by Namco but it was developed by the same team that created Xenogears. It is an incredibly ambitious science-fiction saga that the developers themselves coined as a spiritual successor to their first game.

There is an undeniable amount of similarities to the Battlestar Galactica series. There are heavy biblical and philosophical themes that are almost identical. The 12 Colonies featured in Battlestar are like the 12 Tribes of Israel, humanity is a dying civilization that is trying to fulfill a prophecy. There are several more intricacies that will appeal to Galactica fans but the complex storyline needs to be experienced as a whole from start to finish to fully understand it.

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