10 Alternate Stories Of Disney Princesses In Other Countries


An artist named TT of the Tumblr blog Let There Be Doodles created artistic renditions of our favorite Disney princesses. Although Disney has broadened its diversity when it comes to their princess lineup, the artist wanted to celebrate different heritages and backgrounds with his new creations. A few of the princesses have been completely transformed in ways you’d never believe!

Cinderella’s European features were removed, and she was revamped into a Japanese geisha. Complete with a kimono, an obi tied around her waist, and traditional geisha makeup, we guarantee you’ve never seen Cinderella quite like this! And then there’s Megara from “Hercules” who’s transformed from a Greek beauty into an ancient Egyptian. We think the character is beautiful just the way she is, but seeing her wear the traditional Egyptian attire and jewelry is a huge difference. We’re definitely loving it!

One of the biggest makeovers comes from Princess Aurora. Her fair skin, blonde hair, and violet eyes are replaced with golden brown skin, dark eyes, and traditional Jamaican dreadlocks. Snow White is also revamped. The German character is revealed as a Spanish woman with olive skin and a flamenco-style dress. Seeing Snow White in this new light makes us wish Disney would actually release a brand new version of the film that includes the character’s new and improved look!

If you’d like to see more amazing photos of Disney princesses reimagined in other countries, like Kenya, Mexico and India, make sure to watch this video! Leave us a comment and let us know which Disney princess' transformation wowed you the most!