10 Amazing Easter Eggs In Recent Video Games


What do you do in your spare time? For people all over the world the answer to this question varies considerably. Reading, biking, working on the car, hanging out with friends – these are just a few examples of what we do in our free time. We forgot, however, one extremely popular activity that has only grown over the last several years. Of course, we’re talking about gaming. Whether on PC or one of a number of popular consoles, video games are a great way to escape reality for a few hours and actually stay in touch with friends thanks to in-game voice chat. Every year we look forward to a long list of titles that are to be released and we save up our money so we can get these games the moment they become available. In fact, given gaming is a $100 billion industry, it’s no surprise that console builders and software developers are constantly looking at ways to improve their offerings in an effort to tempt us to shell out more money.

Business aspects aside, the process of gaming provides people with a variety of things. It’s a distraction from life, it’s a way to hang out with friends virtually and it’s simply entertaining. In fact, one interesting way these games entertain us is through the hunt for Easter eggs. You know – those subtle jokes or hidden images and references to things outside of the game. Easter eggs have been around for a long time and even the newest games come with their fair share. There are whole groups of gamers who play games just to look for these hidden treasures. We guess that’s a good thing because if you’re like us we’re too busy running around like a chicken with their head cut off to notice these often subtle additions. Thanks to their hard work, we now present you with 10 Easter Eggs hidden in some of the most recent and popular video games.