10 Amazing Games With One Terrible Part


Most gamers keep a mental list of their favorite games they’ve ever played. But even the best games can have sections that are frustrating, out-of-place, or just plain bad. Those are the parts we focus on in this video.

Take @LegendofZelda. The Ocarina of Time sits near the top of many lists of the best games ever made, and for good reason — it’s phenomenal. Or at least it is until you reach the dreaded Water Temple, a dungeon that seems designed to chip away at players’ patience at every turn.

Then there are the @Darksouls games, which offer players ridiculous amounts of challenge, but also an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you overcome tricky parts. It all works great until you die and find yourself looking at a loading screen for several minutes before you can get back into the game and try again. Talk about demoralizing.

If you’ve played a recent @MarioKartEN game, you’re probably familiar with the high you feel when you’re about to cross the finish line in first place. It’s a great feeling that turns into a volcano of aggravation when a blue shell appears out of nowhere and blasts you into third place.

We discuss these unpopular parts in video games and a whole lot more in the video. Check it out to see if we include the one terrible part in your favorite games. If we didn’t, give us a shout in the comments to let us know.