10 Amazing Things We Wish Nintendo Would Bring Back


Nintendo has quite an impact on the gaming industry. They helped make the home console the norm, have ushered in all new generations of consoles, and are responsible for gaming franchises like Super Mario, Star Fox, and Pokemon. Through the years, some things have gotten lost in time and it’s about time that Nintendo brings them back to the forefront.

In Super Mario World 3D, players got introduced to a whole new Mario power-up known as the cat suit. This suit completely changed the way Mario traveled through levels and provided a fun alternative to other powers. One of Nintendo’s biggest busts was the Virtual Boy, but the only reason was that the technology was off by just a few decades. It’s time to bring it back and showcase some of the best Nintendo action in a VR style. After the success of the NES classic edition and the future release of the SNES classic edition, it’s time for Nintendo to release the N64 Classic Edition. The console could come packed with some of the system’s most popular games like Super Mario 64. Before there were selfies, Nintendo released the Game Boy Camera. The small device could not only take pictures, but it could print them as well. In Super Mario 64, it was awesome to stretch, play, and tug with Mario’s face. Adding that feature or creating a goofy app to bring it back on the Switch would be great. Other things that should be brought back are Goldeneye, Wii Sports, The Game Genie, Punch Out, and yes, the Nintendo Power glove!