10 Amazing Video Games With The Worst Endings Ever


Video game endings are the rewards for a job well done. They are the goal every player is aiming for when it comes to the single player game. You grind your levels, memorize the boss’ patterns and moves and even go out of your way to find all the secrets to unlock the true ending. Let’s face it, players want to see the end of the game. They want to finish what they started and most are rewarded with a satisfying ending telling them “You have proven yourself. You deserve this.” It can fill a player with a sense of accomplishment and purpose making the journey all the more worthwhile.


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However, there are some games with endings where the player is completely robbed of any satisfaction. Some endings just give the player a simple end game screen and call it a day. While this can sometimes be good enough, it’s usually just sad. In more modern games, endings have been completely butchered whether it is because it made no sense, it was cliche or just downright insulted the player’s intelligence. A bad ending can ruin the entire game so, without further ado, here are 10 video games endings that were insulting to players. If you remember a game where the ending left a bad taste in your mouth, leave a comment. Don’t forget to give us a like so you can stay up to date on all the engaging and exciting videos from TheGamer.