10 Annoying Things Every Gamer Hates

Video games are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but what happens when a slew of small annoyances ruin the overall game?

This is TheGamer's list of 10 annoying things every gamer hates.


What annoys you the most about playing video games?

Are there any annoyances we missed that should be on this list?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Playing videos games is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Players have a variety of games to choose from in a multitude of genres. From slaying dragons in an MMORPG to fighting off enemy soldiers, there is a game on the market for everyone’s tastes. Everyone can agree that video games are just plain entertaining.

However, not all video game moments are exercises in relaxation. Every gamer has run across a moment in gaming which set their teeth on edge. While the entire point of video games is to have fun, it’s not always the case. No matter how much a gamer tries to keep their cool, there will always be one subtle thing attempting to test their patience when it comes to gaming. Most gamers can ignore these small annoyances, but even the best intentioned gamer can crack under pressure if they’re forced to deal with an annoyance multiple times. No one has that sort of patience and everyone has their own limitations and breaking point.

For most gamers, anything which causes them to lose the game like lag or a power outage will be an annoyance they simply can’t ignore. For others, it’s cheating on the part of others which causes them to lose their cool. Then, there are the people who clearly don’t understand you can’t simply pause an online game! Of course, there are also the developers with their microtransactions and constant updates. Any one of the above is enough to send any gamer, no matter how nice and easy going they are, over the edge.