It’s easy to praise the video game hero. These are the mascots for companies, the characters that get the game covers, and the face of a franchise. The truth is that these characters cannot carry a whole franchise without the help of some sidekicks. Sidekicks are essential for the video game world and have been an integral part of gaming since it’s inception. Think of Luigi to Mario, Tails to Sonic, and Kirby’s collection of warriors. They help mix up the games, add new elements, and may even become a person’s favorite part of playing.

Staying second fiddle to the game’s stars can only last so long. This is why so many sidekicks have enjoyed success with their own franchises. This includes Diddy Kong, Knuckles, and Yoshi among others. There are some sidekicks who have played a supporting role for too long. It’s time that they get their own game and can showcase the reasons why they deserve to be a main event player. Which of the following ten sidekicks would you love to play your own game with? Many of them would go great on modern consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. The characters from franchises like Super Mario, Resident Evil, and Fallout would even do well with their own app or DLC game feature.